Hillary Clinton Makes a Playlist

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The second-oldest presidential candidate (third-oldest if Joe Biden gets in) is no fuddy-duddy: She now has a campaign playlist.

“The Official Hillary 2016 Playlist” became available to all Spotify subscribers minutes before her official presidential campaign re-launch Saturday in New York City. It has 14 pop songs, lasts 51 minutes, had 1,981 followers as of late Monday afternoon, and features some of the most popular 21st century artists.

Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Sarah Bar, and Gym Class Heroes are just a few of the millennial artists Clinton’s team chose to include. Jennifer Lopez’s “Let’s Get Loud,” released in 1999, is the oldest song on the list.

Spotify was fully aware of the Clinton plans before the Saturday release and even helped campaign team set up the account, a Spotify spokesperson explained in an email to RealClearPolitics.

Clinton is not the first politician to create a public playlist, though. Barack Obama has had multiple lists, including one for his 2012 campaign, “Obama-Biden Listen,” and his “Official Inauguration Playlist.” Mitt Romney had a 2012 playlist titled “On the Road.” Michelle Obama even has her own workout playlist.

Marco Rubio made “What I’m Currently Listening To,” a public playlist, in early February, but has yet to release a campaign version.

Though hopeful, Spotify is unsure if other candidates are working on their own campaign playlists.

“It's simple and easy to set up a profile, and we urge all candidates to do it. … We certainly hope [the candidates create a playlist], but we have nothing to share at the moment,” the Spotify spokesperson wrote.

Many of the artists featured on “The Official Hillary 2016 Playlist” make frequent appearances on Billboard charts. Taylor Swift’s songs would fit Clinton’s theme of championing girl power, but she is one of several artists to pull her music from Spotify due to compensation frustrations.

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