Democrats Deal the Race Card

Democrats Deal the Race Card

By Jack Kelly - November 2, 2014

Democrats and their allies in the news media foment race hatred for political gain.

The St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri, has been wracked by violence since Aug. 9, when Officer Darren Wilson, who is white, shot Michael Brown, 18, who was black. A mob sought “justice for Mike Brown,” with some looting area businesses.

Many journalists accepted as Gospel the account of the shooting by Mr. Brown’s accomplice in a convenience store robbery shortly before it. “The rush to condemn Wilson’s conduct and the gallop to martyr Brown may have set land-speed records,” wrote Jonah Goldberg of National Review.

Mr. Brown had his hands up, was moving away from Officer Wilson when he was shot, said Dorian Johnson, 22.

Race hustlers flocked to Ferguson, confident their rants would appear on the evening news. After death threats were made against Officer Wilson, CNN broadcast the location of his home.

Mr. Johnson told a different story to the grand jury, a St. Louis radio station reported. An autopsy performed at the request of Mr. Brown’s family contradicted his assertion Mr. Brown was shot in the back.

The depiction of Michael Brown as a “gentle giant” (he was 6 feet 4 inches tall, weighed 292 pounds) took a hit when police released a video of him bullying an employee in the store from which he stole a $48.99 box of Swisher Sweet cigars.

Despite these revelations, prominent Democrats and many journalists clung to the narrative Michael Brown was shot in cold blood. The inquest had just begun when Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon all but demanded Officer Wilson be indicted. Attorney General Eric Holder expressed sympathy for the protesters and opened a civil rights investigation of the Ferguson police department. Now the narrative has been torched by leaks from the grand jury.

The official autopsy, published by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Oct. 22, indicates Mr. Brown was shot at extremely close range and didn’t have his hands raised. He may have been reaching for Officer Wilson’s gun, said experts consulted by the newspaper. The autopsy found material “consistent with products that are discharged from the barrel of a firearm” on Mr. Brown’s thumb.

Other physical evidence also supports Officer Wilson’s account of the shooting, reported The Washington Post. So does the testimony of “seven or eight African-American eyewitnesses.” But, the Post’s sources said, “None have spoken publicly out of fear for their safety.”

Ponder that. These black residents of Ferguson won’t say what they saw in public for fear of a mob comprised mostly of outsiders, a mob feted by prominent Democrats and national journalists.

Violent crime is mostly intra-racial. In 2011, 83 percent of white homicide victims were murdered by other whites, 91 percent of black victims were killed by other blacks, according to FBI data.

White-on-black violence is rare. Blacks are about 25 times more likely to commit violent crimes against whites than vice versa, according to various studies.

When violence is black on black, news media often pay little attention; even less when it is black on white. These media paint a misleading — and incendiary — portrait of violence in America.

The Ferguson grand jury will conclude its investigation soon. Evidence was leaked so it won’t be a surprise if no charges are filed against Officer Wilson. Authorities expect violence when a formal announcement is made, because the mob doesn’t care what the truth is.

Neither do a lot of Democrats. Women, Hispanics and millennials have soured on them, polls indicate, so they play the race card.

“If you want to prevent another Ferguson …vote Democrat,” said the Georgia Democratic Party in a mailing to African-Americans.

A mailing to blacks in North Carolina features a photo of a lynching. An ad by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s PAC falsely and preposterously links Sen. Kay Hagan’s GOP opponent to the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida because he supports a “stand-your-ground” law.

This isn’t just desperate, dishonest and despicable. It’s evil. 

Jack Kelly is a columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and The Blade of Toledo, Ohio.

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