Poll: More Say Obamacare Hurts Them Rather Than Helps

Poll: More Say Obamacare Hurts Them Rather Than Helps

By Adam O'Neal - October 8, 2014

Though the nation’s overall uninsured rate has dropped about five percentage points in the last year, Americans are still more likely to say the health care law hurt them rather than helped them, according to a new Gallup survey

Fifty-four percent of respondents say Obamacare has “not had an effect” on them or their family. But those who did notice a change more likely thought it was a negative one: 27 percent said the law hurt them, while 16 percent said it helped them. 

While a majority of every partisan group acknowledged that the law didn’t affect them, Republicans were the least likely to believe it helped. Just 4 percent said it did, compared to 27 percent of Democrats and 16 percent of independents.  

Some 40 percent of Republicans said the law hurt them, 13 percentage points more than independents and 25 percentage points more than Democrats. 

General attitudes about the law remain unchanged over the last year. Forty-six percent of Americans think the law will make the U.S. health care system worse in the long run. More than one-third think it will make things better, and 15 percent don’t believe the law will make much of a difference. 

Republicans and Democrats, while they clearly disagree about the overall effect of the law, generally agree that there will be some impact. Just 11 percent and 12 percent of Republicans and Democrats, respectively, think the law will not make a major difference in health care. 

The survey of 1,014 national adults was conducted Oct. 1-2 and has a margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points.

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