Reid to Reimburse Campaign $31K Paid to Kin for Gifts

Reid to Reimburse Campaign $31K Paid to Kin for Gifts
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After additional reporting found that Harry Reid’s campaign paid his granddaughter’s company approximately $31,000 for jewelry, the Senate majority leader said he will repay the full sum, but he pushed back against journalists probing into his family’s affairs. 

On Wednesday, Nevada political reporter Jon Ralston discovered that Reid’s campaign had paid out an additional $14,000 to Ryan Elisabeth Reid’s jewelry company for “holiday gifts” for staff and campaign donors. Originally, the total was thought to be approximately $17,000. 

“I believe my granddaughter is a very talented individual and I admire her work tremendously, but I've decided that it would be best to pay for her work out of my own pocket,” the five-term Nevada lawmaker said in a statement. “My office is reviewing our records to ensure that we reimburse my campaign for the full amount.” 

Reid also bristled at what he labeled “negative, unwanted attention” on his granddaughter. “At this point, I only wish that my granddaughter be spared from further attacks, harassing visits and phone calls, and other kinds of unwanted attention.” 

He added, “At every step of this process, my actions and those of my campaign have been in full compliance with the law.” While Reid indeed appears to have complied with the letter of campaign finance laws, many perceived his payment to his granddaughter’s company as favoritism.  

Yesterday, RCP reported that several Reid campaign donors from Nevada were also listed as donors to his granddaughter’s Brooklyn-based theater troupe. Several of the foundations later said they did not donate to the group. 

Adam O'Neal is a political reporter for RealClearPolitics. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @RealClearAdam.

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