EMILY's List Endorses Debbie Dingell

EMILY's List Endorses Debbie Dingell
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Debbie Dingell's candidacy to replace her retiring husband in the House of Representatives received a boost on Friday with the endorsement of EMILY's List.

In a statement from its president, Stephanie Shriock, the organization committed to electing pro-choice female Democrats touted Dingell as “a strong Democratic leader.” A onetime lobbyist for the automotive industry, she is a consultant for the American Automobile Policy Council and has long been a major figure in Washington, D.C., charitable endeavors.

Rep. John Dingell announced last month that he will step down at the end of this term, having served nearly 60 years in Congress. The Michigan congressman, whose father held the same seat for 22 years, is the country’s longest-serving lawmaker. As such, Debbie Dingell’s candidacy has been perceived as an attempt to continue the “Dingell dynasty.”

The 3 million-member EMILY’s List, which recruits and financially supports women candidates, is likely banking on Debbie Dingell continuing her husband’s voting record on abortion rights.  NARAL Pro-Choice America recently awarded him a 100 score for 2013 congressional votes related to the issue. 

EMILY’s List backed Dingell over another pro-choice female Democrat considering a run for the same seat, Michigan state Sen. Rebekah Warren. The former director of Michigan’s NARAL Pro-Choice affiliate, Warren drew 16 percent support in the race to Dingell’s 51 percent, according to a poll  released late last month by Inside Michigan Politics.

The longevity of the Dingell family’s hold on the district is telling, as John Dingell was first elected in 1955, only a year after his wife’s birth. They wed in 1981.

Jose R. Gonzalez is an intern for RealClearPolitics.


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