Palin Video Features Unlikely Sources of Praise

Palin Video Features Unlikely Sources of Praise

By Scott Conroy - March 27, 2013

“Don’t believe the media! Ignore the pundits! Fire the elites!”

Such rallying cries have long expressed the sentiments that energize Sarah Palin and her supporters. And that’s why a new video, which the former Alaska governor’s political action committee released on Wednesday, might seem paradoxical.

The 2-minute-17-second advertisement for SarahPAC is dominated by some of the very same cable TV pundits and news organizations that Palin often decries in absolute terms -- only here they appear to heap praise on her.

“When somebody’s going to hold Republicans in Congress accountable, it’s going to be Sarah Palin,” enthuses CNN’s Gloria Borger.

Jeff Zeleny -- formerly a reporter for The New York Times and now at ABC News -- is shown saying of the 2008 vice presidential nominee, “It’s definitely true that she can be effective in endorsing candidates.”

Even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews gets in on the act. “The bottom line is still: She has clout,” the liberal commentator says.

The video also includes footage of public figures regarded as far more friendly to Palin. Newly minted Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, for instance, raves about how she is “fearless, she is principled, [and] she can pick winners.”

Cruz’s accolades come as no surprise. Admiration from The Daily Beast, on the other hand, is a different story. “The Power of the Palin Endorsement,” reads a headline from the news and opinion website founded by Tina Brown.

The video’s overarching tone has been seen before, as SarahPAC previously released similar ads featuring praise for Palin from unlikely sources.

In an indication of Palin’s relatively scarce public presence over the past year (in January, she officially parted ways with Fox News), much of the ad’s footage of Palin is from 2011 -- when she was still flirting with running for president.

But Palin is also shown delivering her speech earlier this month at CPAC, where she had a familiar message for her supporters: “Don’t let the big consultants, the big moneymen, and the big, bad media scare you off.” 


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