Interview with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

Interview with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

By John King, USA - April 25, 2012

KING: As the Supreme Court heard arguments today over Arizona's controversial immigration law, protesters on both sides of the issue were gathered outside an as well as onlookers and reporters. It's a contentious issue, especially with those who hold immigration reform close to heart.

A Quinnipiac poll out this week shows while Americans support the Arizona bill, it's also known as sb-1070, Hispanics in particular are split, and the Republican party knows it needs to do much better among Hispanic voters for a victory come November.

Let's discuss the Supreme Court arguments and the politics of immigration with the governor at the senator of it all, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer joins us today.

And governor, you were there for the arguments today. You have been optimistic the Supreme Court would say your law is valid. What struck you most today?

GOV. JAN BREWER (R), ARIZONA: Well, I just left the courtroom very encouraged. I thought it went very, very well. I think that Mr. Clement did a fabulous job in presenting our case. And right off the bat, I was very grateful that chief justice Roberts asked the government whether this piece of legislation and this hearing, if it was about racial profiling and the government answered, absolutely not.

So, for all those people throughout our country that keep wanting to say that this is a piece of legislation that's about racial profiling, I think it was pretty much discounted today. That made me feels good, because we've heard that over and over. And so that was very much appreciated by me and I hope by everyone. So now that's sort of ended that debate.

KING: I want to ask you about the political fallout. Even in your state, governor, of Arizona, a state that Republicans have carried consistently in presidential elections, President Obama is ahead right now over governor Romney, or at least in a dead heat. The latest poll showing it Obama, 42, Romney, 40. And if you look at this poll among Latinos, Hispanics, in the state of Arizona, Obama, 64. Romney, 25.

Governor, I could show you national numbers like that as well. Many people say the national immigration debate, and that exacerbated by Arizona and laws like it are killing the Republican parties politically. Is that true?

BREWER: Well, I think it's unfortunate that we see polls like that. You know, are the polls true? I would imagine that they're as true as polls can be. The Obama administration, the Democratic Party, of course, has been playing to the Democrats with scare tactics in regards to what the Republicans are going to do and what they won't do.

But, let me remind everybody that he's been president now going on almost four years. He has a time for two years that he could have accomplished and he could have done anything that he wanted to do, with the house and the Senate and him. And he didn't get it done.

So you know, I think that the federal government, the Democrats, and the President Obama are selling a lot of hope and change, but no delivery of any of those promises.

KING: You say you're confident you're going to win at the Supreme Court. Governor, if you lose, would you just accept that as the last word, or would you ask the legislator to read what the Supreme Court says you can and can't do and try and do it again?

BREWER: I don't think I would have to ask the legislator. I think they would, of course, read it and understand it and determine what they want to do. I certainly would talk to my legal counsel and see what our other avenues of approach would be. But, you know, I'll cross that bridge when we get there and, who knows, you know, I don't think we were going to have to do that.

KING: Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona, appreciate your time tonight.

BREWER: Thank you, John. 

John King, USA

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