Fox News Marks 10 Years at the Top

Fox News Marks 10 Years at the Top

By RealClearPolitics - February 1, 2012

On Tuesday, Fox News Channel marked 10 consecutive years as the most-watched cable news network, according to ratings from Nielsen Media Research.

Fox, which launched 15 years ago, passed CNN in January 2002. Now, it holds a huge advantage over its competition. In 2011, according to Nielsen, Fox averaged more prime-time viewers than its two closest competitors combined. Fox averaged 1.86 million viewers, while MSNBC averaged 775,000, and CNN had 689,000. 

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), in an interview with Politico, said the network has "always been fair" to him.

“There’s a misconception that the only people who watch Fox are right-wing Republicans," he said. "They have a large audience, and it’s important to reach. How can we ever change people’s thinking if we don’t try to talk to them?”

In January, the top 13 cable news shows on television were all on Fox. The network averaged 1.94 million viewers in prime time last month, far ahead of CNN's 841,000 and MSNBC's 801,000. Fox News was also fifth among all cable networks last month, ranking behind only ESPN, USA, History and TBS.

"We are extremely proud of the phenomenal achievement created by the hard work and talent of the FOX News Channel employees and recognize how difficult it is for a cable network to sustain this level of dominance for a decade," Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes said in a statement.


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