Beyond Iowa, Santorum Faces a Daunting Challenge

Beyond Iowa, Santorum Faces a Daunting Challenge

By Steve Peoples - January 3, 2012

MANCHESTER, N.H. (NH) -- Regardless of how strong he finishes in Tuesday's caucuses, Rick Santorum will emerge from Iowa with very little money, virtually no national infrastructure and no clear path to his party's presidential nomination.

The former Pennsylvania senator, who is surging in pre-caucus Iowa surveys, cannot easily afford a rental car, never mind pollsters or television advertising. And Republicans in New Hampshire and beyond suggest there's simply not enough time for Santorum to mobilize the organization needed to become a major factor in the race for the White House.

Still, Santorum is commanding attention -- and hoping to ride a wave of momentum from Iowa.

"He's showing he can live off the ground, so to speak, and make a real competitive go of it," said Jamie Burnett, an unaligned, New Hampshire-based GOP strategist who said Santorum could fare well in New Hampshire's Jan. 10 primary. "A top-three finish in New Hampshire is a big deal. But I don't know that moral victories -- and that would be a moral victory -- would be enough at this point."

Looking past Iowa, a cash-strapped Santorum has a barebones staff in New Hampshire and South Carolina. And the campaign has given little thought to how it would compete in Florida, a big state in which candidates typically rely on television advertising to connect with voters.

The situation Santorum finds himself in today is reminiscent of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. He won the Iowa caucus in 2008 with a similar appeal to religious conservatives only to run out of money and energy for the subsequent state contests.

Four years later, Santorum has been an afterthought in the GOP nomination contest for months. Until last week, he was stuck in the low single digits in most polls. But in a campaign that's seen several Mitt Romney alternatives rise and fall, Santorum appears to be rising in Iowa, an apparent beneficiary of Newt Gingrich's decline after his brief turn with front-runner status.

An outspoken social conservative, Santorum has been out of politics since losing his Senate seat from Pennsylvania in 2006. And while he was a frequent New Hampshire visitor early in the year, he's recently been camped out in Iowa, where social conservatives wield significant influence over the Republican caucus.

But campaign manager Mike Biundo says Santorum will compete aggressively in New Hampshire and the subsequent early-voting states. Other presidential contenders -- namely Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and Texas Gov. Rick Perry -- are bypassing the more moderate New Hampshire and heading straight to South Carolina.

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