Fading Gingrich to Roll Out Jobs Plan Tuesday

Fading Gingrich to Roll Out Jobs Plan Tuesday

By Erin McPike - September 5, 2011

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Newt Gingrich, once a towering force in Republican politics, is struggling to capture even small morsels of attention in the GOP presidential primary race.

He'll try to do so again Tuesday night when he unveils a jobs plan at a Tea Party rally in Pasadena, Calif.

Even Jon Huntsman, who is foundering at 1 percent in many national polls, has enjoyed a burst of national press coverage for the jobs plan he debuted last week, which earned a ringing endorsement from the Wall Street Journal’s conservative editorial board. In the preceding days, the Huntsman campaign leaked details of his proposals to spur job creation and the team spent several days capitalizing on the uptick in interest.

The former House speaker, however, offered only a passing mention that he would lay out the details of his own vision for job creation when he addressed the press after speaking at the First Principles Forum here on Monday.

There is a reason Gingrich is suffering from a lack of attention, and it’s a problem that the lower-polling Huntsman doesn’t have: campaign debt.

Asked how his fundraising is coming and if he’s close to paying down his debt, Gingrich said, “We’re very slowly, very gradually paying it down.”

He continued, “August was the best month we’ve had in five months” in terms of dollars raised. And he said he believes he'll be competitive with the other leading candidates in the race for donor dollars by January.

Huntsman and Gingrich have both suffered tumultuous campaign staff turnover, but Gingrich’s was worse: 16 senior staffers resigned from the campaign in June.

Erin McPike is a national political reporter for RealClearPolitics. She can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @ErinMcPike.

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