Democrats Also Need a Presidential Primary in 2012

By Froma Harrop - August 2, 2011

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House Speaker Boehner couldn't go back to his caucus members and tell them: "We fought like tigers with an intransigent White House. We did well, considering what we were up against." But he couldn't say that because they were up against Jell-O.

Obama can take credit for some major achievements. His auto industry bailout saved the industrial Midwest from collapse. The financial industry reforms will begin to force at least some discipline on Wall Street. And the health care law will ensure coverage for all Americans while reducing deficits in the long-term. But Obama's successes are undermined by his inability to vigorously sell them, even to a receptive mainstream.

Recall the summer of idiocy, when Obama sat mute amid moronic charges that Democrats were establishing "death panels." A Democratic president with his party holding majorities in both houses of Congress could have quickly whipped health care reform into law. But Obama let it fester for month after month of phony negotiations.

Republicans are ultimately going to take the rap over this debt-ceiling outrage. The full faith and credit of the United States is not a matter over which reasonable people may disagree, and the larger public knows that in its heart.

But Democrats would do themselves a huge favor if they had a living, breathing leader as their presidential candidate in 2012. Won't someone step up?

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