Pro-Palin Film Expands Release

Pro-Palin Film Expands Release

By Scott Conroy - July 19, 2011

"The Undefeated," a documentary extolling former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's record in office, will expand its limited theatrical release to five new cities this weekend and will be shown in additional theaters in two other cities where it was previously released.

The film, which was rushed to theaters with the help of a limited social media marketing campaign, averaged over $6,500 per screen in its opening weekend in AMC theaters in 10 cities across the country.

ARC Entertainment, the distributor, cited sold-out screenings and a stronger than expected opening -- particularly in Orange County, Calif., and Phoenix, where per-screen averages topped $11,000 -- as the basis for expanding "The Undefeated" to new markets including Tucson, Ariz; West Palm Beach, Fla., Milwaukee; Charlotte, N.C.; and Ontario, Calif.

Filmmaker Steven K. Bannon told RCP that the film, designed in part as a rallying cry for a prospective Palin presidential campaign, had generated responses among audiences nationwide similar to the one seen last month in Pella, Iowa, where Palin and her husband, Todd, attended the premiere in the nation's first voting state.

"We had field reports, and 80 percent of the reactions at the end of the film were standing ovations at the intensity level of what we saw in Pella," Bannon said.

ARC Entertainment announced that the film will also expand this weekend to additional theaters in Atlanta and Phoenix and will continue to be shown in Dallas, Houston, Denver, Orlando, Fla.; and Orange County, Calif. -- all cities in which it debuted last weekend.

Bannon said that he intends eventually to bring the film to every market in the country by using an increasingly aggressive distribution strategy that will include streaming video, on-demand access, and a DVD release.

"We have been inundated with requests from around the country to have the film play in their market," ARC Entertainment CEO Trevor Drinkwater said in a press release. "Our expansion plan is being methodically analyzed and managed to allow the film to be viewed by the widest audience in the most effective manner."


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