Palin to Visit S.C. as Part of Early-State Trifecta

By Scott Conroy - June 1, 2011

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Despite the obviously political nature of her travel agenda, Palin aides emphasize that her trip was primarily designed to test whether a months-long campaign could work logistically for the former governor's large family. If members of Palin's family are not completely on board with a campaign, sources say, she will not run.

"I honestly don't look at states according to when their primaries are," Palin said in the interview. "To me, an American is an American, no matter what their primary election dates are."

After dining with Donald Trump in New York on Tuesday night, Palin will tour Ellis Island on Wednesday before making her way to New England. She is expected to visit Boston en route to the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire later this week.

On Tuesday, Palin came out emphatically against the ethanol subsidies that have long been sacrosanct in presidential politics, and in the interview with RCP and CNN, she suggested that she intends to go out of her way not to be perceived as pandering to early-state voters.

"They're special but not just because they have a certain date of a primary election," Palin said of New Hampshire's famously proud voters. "They're special because they are Americans. And obviously they want jobs; they want safety in their communities; they want strong national defense; they want the same things that everybody else wants."

Palin paused for a second before adding the kicker.

"I guess that's that non-politician in me," she said.

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