Now What?

By Oliver North - May 13, 2011

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In Baghdad, radical Shiite factions are claiming the U.S. has no further need of a military presence in Iraq. And in Pakistan, those who have cooperated with American and military officials in the past are finding it more difficult to do so.

Though al-Qaida and the Taliban have both acknowledged that bin Laden is dead, Imams are seizing the moment to encourage their followers that this means the U.S. will "soon be leaving the lands of the prophet."

Nothing could be more pleasing to the theocrats in Tehran and those who want to bring down governments in the region deemed to be "insufficiently Islamic." For those of us concerned about the prospect of Pakistan's nuclear weapons falling into the wrong hands or the regime in Tehran acquiring such a capability, the Obama administration's victory lap, and its nonstop hemorrhaging of information from the "treasure trove of intelligence collected in Abbottabad," could well prove disastrous.

The mission that resulted in bin Laden's death would have been significantly more difficult -- if not impossible -- without U.S. bases in Afghanistan. The theocrats ruling in Tehran, and those who hate us in Pakistan, know the American military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan poses a threat to an Iranian nuclear weapons program and "loose nukes" in Islamabad.

Sadly, all this "get out and get out now" talk is happening just as competent and capable Afghan National Security Forces are taking to the field. Though few in the mainstream media have been paying attention, our FOX News "War Stories Special Report" clearly shows how the recruiting, training, mentoring and partnering programs set in motion by Petraeus and Lt. Gen. William Caldwell are succeeding. So, too, are efforts by special agents of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, NATO Special Operators and their Afghan counterparts to cut off the flow of funds to the Taliban and staunch official corruption.

For an inside "boots on the ground' perspective on how to win a war -- and a "white knuckle ride" along with the eyewitness participants who are fighting it -- this documentary is true "reality television." It's doubtful that Sen. John Kerry will be watching. He apparently never met a war he didn't want to lose.


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