Statement Regarding Fox News Response to RCP Huckabee Article

Statement Regarding Fox News Response to RCP Huckabee Article

By RealClearPolitics - May 6, 2011

On Thursday, May 5, RealClearPolitics' national political reporter Erin McPike wrote a story about Mike Huckabee's "campaign-in-waiting"-a shadow organization that is only awaiting Huckabee's say-so. One complicating factor in the former Arkansas governor's planning, the story stated, is his contract with Fox News, which understandably doesn't want active political candidates on its payroll.

McPike reported:

"Republican operatives familiar with the deliberations at Fox News say that the network has told Huckabee he has until the end of the month to make up his mind about the race or he'll be cut off, just as Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum were when the then-contributors were still in the consideration phase."

In response to this story, Bill Shine, a Fox News vice president issued a statement saying, "There's no truth whatsoever to this report."

Notwithstanding Mr. Shine's claim to the contrary, the sentence Erin wrote is a fact. Erin was told exactly that by two Republican operatives with ties to Huckabee. I've seen the documentation myself. Furthermore, this information was confirmed for Erin by a contributor for Fox News. Lastly, the veracity of Erin's article was reconfirmed to me this morning by one of Erin's sources, who told me - and this is a direct quote, "It was a good article and accurate."

RealClearPolitics stands behind every single one of the 945 words in Erin McPike's story.

- Carl M. Cannon, Washington Editor, RealClearPolitics


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