Report: Bachmann Set To Announce 2012 Run By June

Report: Bachmann Set To Announce 2012 Run By June

By Scott Conroy - March 24, 2011

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann will announce that she is forming a presidential exploratory committee by early June, CNN reports.

"The Congresswoman is grateful for all the encouragement she's received," Bachmann communications director Doug Sachtleben said in a statement to RealClearPolitics. "She will make a decision about 2012 this summer. There is a natural timeline to these events, and they will run their course."

Bachmann has been ramping up her political operation in recent weeks and has embarked on a busy travel schedule to the nation's first voting states.

On Wednesday, Bachmann embarked on a four-day visit to Iowa where she told The Des Moines Register that she plans to participate in the pivotal Ames Straw Poll in August, if she decides to mount a campaign.

Though her name was rarely, if ever, mentioned on the long list of potential Republican candidates before January, Bachmann has since become increasingly candid about her interest in running for president.

The founder of the House Tea Party caucus, who is one of the Republican Party's most prolific fundraisers, has generated significant early buzz in the GOP, particularly in Iowa.

Several activists in the nation's first voting state have expressed hope that Bachmann might fill a void among grassroots conservatives, many of whom have been waiting for a candidate to enter the race who combines Bachmann's staunchly conservative record, charisma on the stump, and take-no-prisoners approach to confronting the Democratic agenda.

Bachmann's entry into the race would likely spell a certain amount of trouble for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who continues to mull a White House run but would occupy a similar political niche, if she were to enter the race.

Next month, Bachmann is scheduled to make her second visit this year to South Carolina-another early voting state where social conservatives hold significant sway over a Republican primary that could prove critical to the congresswoman's White House hopes.

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