Obama Is the Anti-Reagan

Obama Is the Anti-Reagan

By Ralph Peters - February 22, 2011

In one of the most bizarre political gambits in our history, President Obama and his dwindling band of cheerleaders--nervously eyeing the big game in 2012--have been trying to cast an over-inflated community organizer as the reincarnation of the Gipper.

It ain't working.

No matter how often Obama drops President Reagan's name or how shamelessly his flaks attempt to link this shrinking, spineless president to the bold, visionary giant who turned a broken nation around, nobody's buying this preposterous propaganda.

Comparing Barack Obama to Ronald Reagan is like comparing Bernie Madoff to Warren Buffett: Hustling your clients isn't heroism, and fraud's not a formula for enduring success.

At a press conference last Tuesday, Obama couldn't restrain himself from invoking Reagan's name yet again, associating him with Tip O'Neill (another disgraceful linkage). But you only had to listen to that presser or read the transcript to grasp the immense distance between Obama/Hamlet, forever wringing his hands and wondering, "To be, or not to be?" and Reagan/Henry V embracing a battle the Washington court heralds insisted he could not win.

Asked about the tumult in the Middle East, Obama responded with gutless generalities.

Asked about the freedom demonstrations in Iran, he offered cautious, lawyerly support in terms that seemed chosen to avoid a law-suit.

Asked about Saudi Arabia, he stone-walled completely.

Asked about the potential threat to oil supplies, he ducked that question, too.

And when, late in the news conference, he finally uttered that terrible word "democracy," he spoke it as if handling a poisonous snake.

Compare that to Reagan's magnificent call: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

Obama couldn't even tear down Guantanamo, despite his blustering promises to do so. His response to the Cold War would have been unilateral disarmament.

Reagan took on destructive unions, international Marxists, secret police, murderous regimes and the consistently hostile watercress-sandwich salon culture of an in-bred domestic elite ("He's simply not our kind, darling...").

Obama took on Fox News. And lost.

Obama isn't another Ronald Reagan. He's Jimmy Carter Lite, a deer in the headlights of history, overwhelmed by international crises he doesn't understand and that don't make any sense in the politically correct world-view he brought to the Oval Office. This is a president who can't even stand up to Pakistan, let alone lead the free world through the present Valley of the Shadow.

In that same embarrassing press conference, Obama offered budget cuts that amounted to eliminating one latte per hedge-fund manager per year to reduce our national debt. He lacked the courage to take on a single entitlement program, to offer a single bold proposal, or to simply tell the truth about our cancerous financial situation. And he still blames George W. Bush for everything from excessive spending to the Black Death.

Reagan inherited a nation morally and financially gutted during the Carter years and turned it back into not just a shining city on a hill, but a gleaming country atop the summit of history. He rebuilt our economy, our military and our morale.

Obama is crippling our economy, misusing our military, and telling us we're bad people who appreciate neither the glories of Islam, the virtues of squandering trillions, or the boo-hoo-hoo, oh-so-awful difficulties of being president ("'s too hard!").

Nonetheless, get ready for Obama on horseback, wearing a ten-gallon hat and popping jelly beans.

It's "Mourning In America."

Family Security Matters Contributing Editor Ralph Peters is the author of the just-released historical novel Cain at Gettysburg. A retired Army officer and former enlisted man, he is Fox News’ Strategic Analyst and a regular contributor to

This piece first appeared at Family Security Matters.

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