Huntsman's Campaign-in-Waiting Unveils Early Messaging

Huntsman's Campaign-in-Waiting Unveils Early Messaging

By Erin McPike - February 22, 2011

Jon Huntsman, the U.S. Ambassador to China and former Utah governor, has a presidential campaign operation up and running and waiting for his return, even though he's not quite connected to it yet.

The group, Horizon PAC, just launched a website that reveals what is on the way from Huntsman's likely campaign. The message: a future of conservatism that is devoid of politics as usual.

A spokesman for the so-called campaign-in-waiting noted, "You won't see the same tired tropes and images that are the hallmark every other PAC website."

In fact, the front page of the website doesn't even have a photo. It's headlined: "Maybe Someday" and carries a series of flashing subtitles, including, "America can do so much better;" "What happened to actual, lasting solutions for problems?" "We'll find a new generation of conservative leaders;" and "America can flourish. Someday could be today."

There are just a few pages populated on the site that delve further into those ideas. The prose on the pages reflects a distaste for typical politicians and gridlock in Washington. No specific politicians or political offices are named.

In addition to the new website, the organization has hired both Al Shofe, a Minnesotan, as congressional liaison and Craig Engle, of the Arent Fox Political Law Group, as legal counsel.

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