Ohio Strategist to Take Key Role in National Coal Efforts

Ohio Strategist to Take Key Role in National Coal Efforts

By Erin McPike - February 11, 2011

If energy legislation gets a serious spot on the agenda for Congress this summer - and it might with gas prices now above $3 per gallon - expect Ohio's politicians to play starring roles in the debate, particularly because strategists expect the Obama administration to focus its energy efforts on Ohio's needs given the state's importance in the 2012 election.

And with that developing dynamic, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity announced this week that Ohio native Bob Paduchik joined the non-partisan organization as senior vice president for state affairs and outreach.

Paduchik's claim to political fame is rooted in President Bush's re-election victory in 2004, when he ran the critical Ohio campaign for the GOP. In the past campaign cycle, he managed Republican Sen. Rob Portman's victory in the state.

Steve Miller, the organization's president and CEO, noted the importance of Paduchik's Ohio roots in a statement announcing the hire.

"His leadership and expertise will be critical to our issue awareness campaign in key states like Ohio and all across America," he said of the Republican strategist.

Paduchik's official government experience includes a stint at the Department of Energy as a Bush administration appointee.

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