NV Sen Poll: Reid Takes Lead

NV Sen Poll: Reid Takes Lead

By Kyle Trygstad - July 16, 2010

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (July 12-14, 625 LV, MoE +/- 4%) has taken a significant lead of Sharron Angle for the first time this year in Mason-Dixon polling, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which sponsored the poll.

Reid 44 (+3 vs. last poll, June 3)
Angle 37 (-7)
None 5
Und 10

Reid has opened up a 7-point lead -- while it's his most promising poll yet, he's still well under 50% and pollster Brad Coker tells the paper the race is still anyone's to win. Reid's lead is no doubt in part thanks to his aggressive media campaign, using TV and radio ads to portray Angle as an extreme, right-wing candidate.

"I wouldn't write her obituary just yet," Coker said. "Three and a half months is a lifetime, and at some point she's going to be able to start fighting back."

The LVRJ also reports Angle is coming off a strong fundraising quarter, topping Reid's own strong three-month haul. Angle reported raising $2.6 million to Reid's $2.4 million from April through June, though Reid still holds a significant cash-on-hand advantage ($9 million to $1.8 million).

RCP rates this race a Toss Up.

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