Interview with Eric Massa

Interview with Eric Massa

By Glenn Beck - March 9, 2010

GLENN BECK, HOST: Joining me now: Congressman Eric Massa. He is congressman from New York.

How are you, sir?

FORMER REP. ERIC MASSA, D-N.Y.: Good to be here. And I'm not a congressman anymore. Let's be clear about it.

BECK: I think once a congressman, always a congressman. But -

MASSA: And can I just start off with something?

BECK: Sure.

MASSA: I wasn't forced out. I forced myself out. I failed. I didn't live up to my own codes. I own this. I take full and complete responsibility for my misbehavior. And goodness only knows what allegations they are going to throw at me. There's even new ones today and we'll talk about that. I own - I'm not blaming anybody.

BECK: OK. Let me start here, then.


BECK: Let's get this out. The new allegations came out about 90 minutes ago.

MASSA: That's right. Isn't it odd? Timed just with the program.

BECK: That usually happens. So, the new allegations - first, it was, you made an off-color remark or you hit on a guy at a wedding.

MASSA: I - I - so -

BECK: Explain that one first.

MASSA: OK. So, we're at a wedding, New Year's Eve. Everyone had too much to drink. There were 300 people there. I went with a bridesmaid, danced with her, sat down. I went back to my staff, all the bachelors.

They all make the remarks that you can imagine about you ought to do this, you ought to do that. I grabbed the guy and tousled his hair and say, I ought to do it to you. And there are other words and they're all out there. I gave a full and complete disclosure and I left because I realized the party was getting to a place that I shouldn't be at. And I did it.

Now, they're saying I groped a male staffer. Yes, I did. Not only did I grope him, I tickled him until he couldn't breathe and four guys jumped on top of me. It was my 50th birthday. It was kill the old guy.

You can take anything out of context. By the way, we all -

BECK: Was your wife at that one?

MASSA: No, it was a townhouse. We all lived together, all the bachelors and me, because nobody can afford in Washington, D.C., to pay the outrageous rents. My chief of staff had a conniption and said you can't live there. That's not congressional. So, I moved into my office.

But it's true. And here's the point, Glenn, no matter how, no matter what I say, it doesn't matter. If somebody on my staff was offended, was uncomfortable, thought I was inappropriate - I own that. That's why I resigned.

We all signed a code that I wrote, a code of ethics in January because we wanted to tighten the ship up. And I - we did!

BECK: No, no, it's not working. But anyway, go ahead.

MASSA: And we didn't - and we didn't - and I didn't live up to it.

What my attackers don't get - and trust me, this is a planned and calculated, we'll leak this, we'll leak that...

BECK: Let me - let me just stop you here. Let me say the same thing I said to Rod Blagojevich when he was on this program.

MASSA: OK. There's a comparison.

BECK: Yes. You've been looking me in the eye the whole time you've been talking to me. That requires - if you're lying - that requires a soulless person. Do you believe in God?

MASSA: Yes. Oh absolutely.


MASSA: Yes, I do believe in God. That's why I'm alive.

BECK: If you are lying, do you realize the damage that you're doing not just to you, but your sweet wife who I met beforehand - and she's - she is a sweet woman who believes you. Your children who are in college, who believe you.

MASSA: My parents.

BECK: But also the damage you're doing -

MASSA: My staff.

BECK: - but the damage you're doing to the country as well.

MASSA: That's why I resigned.

I mean, I don't know how else to put it. I own this misbehavior.

BECK: OK. But there's a difference between misbehavior and what they're accusing you of. Here, let me - let me -


BECK: Let me say this: Somebody says I groped male staffers, female staffers. You know, I was fondling a cat - whatever it is, I don't resign. I stand up and I say -

MASSA: Yes, you do.


MASSA: And here's why -

BECK: No, I don't.

MASSA: I do and here's why: Because it doesn't make any difference what my intentions were. It's how it's perceived by the individual who receives that action. And we set it up so that it could be completely -

BECK: Your name is at stake here.

MASSA: And that's -

BECK: No, no, no. Not just your name.

MASSA: Everybody's name.

BECK: Your children's name.

MASSA: That's right.

BECK: OK. So, there are - there's something called honor. You are a Navy guy.

MASSA: So the only other thing -

BECK: Honor.

MASSA: Glenn, the only thing I can do is slit my wrist and bleed out here.

I'm telling you, I was wrong. I was wrong. It's why I've -

BECK: Wait, wait. No. What you're saying to me is they took it wrong.

MASSA: No, I'm saying my behavior was wrong. My behavior was wrong. I should have -

BECK: What was wrong about it?

MASSA: I should have never allowed myself to be as familiar with my staff as I was. I never translated from my days in the Navy to being a congressman.

BECK: All right.

MASSA: But I did not - let me -

BECK: Tickle fights in the Navy. I've never been in the Navy. I don't know of tickle fights in the Navy.

MASSA: Let me show you something.

BECK: You're going to show me tickle fights?

MASSA: I'm going to show you more than tickle fights. That's a Crossing the Line ceremony.

BECK: Harry, can you get this?

MASSA: That's a Crossing the Line ceremony in 1983. If you were to take this out of context today -

BECK: I don't know if you can show this. Really - yes.

MASSA: Can you imagine transporting back to this today? It looks like an orgy in Caligula.

BECK: All right.

MASSA: And anybody who's been in the Navy knows it. And I am at fault. I owned it. I'm not - nobody forced me out. I made the decision.

BECK: Did you ever - did you ever touch anybody sexually?


BECK: Or grope anybody sexually?

MASSA: No. No, no, no.


MASSA: And there's a big difference.

BECK: There's a huge difference. And that's why -

MASSA: When you take things out of context in Washington, D.C., this is what the whole crux of this conversation is about. See, everybody loves an independent member of Congress - until you are one. And the minute you step out of the mold, then the whip starts cracking. And those are not my words. I was listening to it on this TV station today. And we'll talk about the particulars.

I got myself between a rock and a hard spot. And all of a sudden - I mean, think about this: Within 15 minutes of me deciding to leave, Politico published a full story on this, complete with anonymous sources and timelines that obviously had been in development for goodness only knows how long. Who knows where - don't you find that kind of odd?

BECK: No, I don't.

MASSA: Well, I do.

BECK: I think the reason - no, I don't because I have two unauthorized biographies coming out about me in the spring.

MASSA: I've never had that happen.

BECK: Yes. Well, I got two of them.

MASSA: And by the way -

BECK: I understand - I understand smear tactics.


BECK: I get smear tactics. And that's why I want you to say, because - look, as I said to Rod Blagojevich, if you can look at the American people and say, look, I did nothing wrong, I did nothing sexual or criminal -

MASSA: I didn't. I did nothing sexual. I did things that were wrong. I should not have allowed myself to be that familiar with my staff.

BECK: Got it. And you did nothing criminal?

MASSA: No, no, no.

BECK: OK. If you - if you say that and it comes out and, you know -
- whisper campaigns are whisper campaigns. But if it comes out, you're one of the most evil bastards I've ever met. If you - if you can say that and look at somebody in the eye and -

MASSA: So be it.


MASSA: At this point, people will be told to say anything about me.

BECK: How does that work exactly? What did you mean by that?

MASSA: Well, come on, let's be blunt.

I voted against - by the way, we actually agree on some things. And I have hundreds of friends who in the past 48 hours think I'm Beelzebub - think I'm the devil because I'm coming on the show.

BECK: Oh, I know that. I have several friends who think I'm the devil for having you on.

MASSA: And by the way, we don't - I don't view you - this is where I'm different - I don't view you as my enemy. I view you as political opponent, on some issues - by the way, not all. If you look at my voting record, you find - I mean, they actually said I was the most centrist member of Congress.

I voted against cap - oh yes.

BECK: Well, let me -

MASSA: I voted against cap -

BECK: I've seen Congress lately. That actually may be true but -

MASSA: Well, I voted against cap-and-trade. I voted against the financial services restructuring bill.

BECK: I mean, you are - you are also - I mean -

MASSA: And yes, we do disagree. I happen to believe that health care is an imminent crisis. It is. But I also believe what we're about to do will make it worse.

BECK: But you want a - when you're standing against health care, it's because you want a single-payer program.

MASSA: In my vision of what would be perfect - yes. We're never going to get there. You and I can debate this for eons. But here's a - by the way, here's a solution to that agreement. What's the common ground? In health care, the biggest imperative is: Fix those who cannot get insurance without changing the world for everyone else. So, let us buy into Medicare. I mean, there's common ground here. But that - it's not what this is about.


MASSA: I get it. You're holding up your hand.

BECK: Blood shooting out of my eyes.

OK. So, let's go back to the question on, why are you - you don't want fight. You don't want to stand and fight.


BECK: So, why are you here? Out of all the shows you could pick, why would you pick this one? Why are you here?

MASSA: I want the toughest, most unforgiving interviewer possible.

BECK: That would be Bill O'Reilly.

MASSA: He didn't call me.

BECK: He would - he'd put you in a meat grinder.



MASSA: This ain't exactly a Dunkin' Donuts fest.

BECK: Well, no - I appreciate that. We haven't even gotten started. Let me - let me tell your - tell me your story on - on Rahm Emanuel and the whole naked shower scene.

MASSA: I will. By the way, I'm not the only one. Can we talk timeline just for a second?

BECK: Sure.

MASSA: So, everyone says I'm changing my story. Eleven years ago, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. That's a medical fact.

BECK: OK. Hang on, before you show this. Play the Robert Gibbs audio here of what he said. Here it is.

MASSA: Where do we look?


ROBERT GIBBS, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Well, look, I think this whole story is ridiculous. I think the latest excuse is silly and ridiculous.

George, let's go through the - what we've heard from Congressman Massa. Last week, he - on Wednesday - was having a recurrence of cancer. On Thursday, he was guilty of using salty language. On Friday, we learned he's before the ethics committee to be investigated on charges of sexual harassment.

So, look, I think clearly that his actions appear to be in the appropriate venue in the ethics committee to look at.


MASSA: So, that's exactly how they set it up. Mr. Gibbs, this is an X-ray. That's me. I don't know if you can see it. That's a tumor. It goes across my liver, up through my lungs, all the way around my heart. And when they were done trying to cut it out, nuke it out with radiation and chemotherapy it out, it left so much scar tissue that when I walk outside now in cold weather and take a deep breath, it feels like someone is stabbing me.

I had a heck of a cancer scare in December. I took a bunch of CAT Scans. They don't know whether it's scar tissue or reoccurring tumors. My wife has been after me since day one, not only not to run for Congress, but not to stay in Congress. As have my doctors, because it's literally for me, it's 120-hour workweek.

And they want to dismiss this? OK, great. But the reality is, I didn't know anything, nobody from the ethics committee talked to me, not even yet. Not a word. Not one. Everything I know about it, I learned from Mr. Gibbs and from the Internet.

BECK: How long have they been investigated you?

MASSA: I don't know. I don't know that.

I took a trip to California about two weeks ago. How does this work? It's a star chamber and it's all supposed to be very confidential and never released to the public. That way they have these incredible powers to investigate and the tradeoff is, it's kept secret.

But they didn't even follow the procedures of secrecy because they started leaking things here and there. And that's how this works. It's the old way. It's the Potomac two-step.

BECK: All right. We're going to take a break and come back.


BECK: I want you to - I want you to start at the beginning.

MASSA: All right.

BECK: When your troubles began with the White House. And I want to go back, I want you to -

MASSA: That far back, that goes back about four years.

BECK: Hang on. I want you to keep in mind one thing: I made a promise on the first day of the show that I would not waste the time. My time is valuable -


BECK: - but my viewers - they don't have - I have to be here until 6:00.

MASSA: Take me where you want.

BECK: They don't.

MASSA: Take me where you want to go.

BECK: This is where I want you to go.


BECK: You tell me something that I don't know about corruption and you tell me what's going on.

MASSA: You want to wait until after the break or start now?

BECK: I want you to wait until after the break.


BECK: And you tell me - you show me how does the system work, what does the American people, what do they need to know?



Back in just a second.


BECK: These are the questions that I want you to ask yourself while you listen to the rest of this hour: Is there anything new - anything new that you're hearing today? Do you believe what he's saying about corruption and does it affect you? Last question is: Do you believe what he says about himself? And does it affect you?

We're back with former congressman from New York State, Eric Massa.

Let me just - let me just - I have to start here. This is from Roll Call - when was this, Sunday, March 5th, right?

MASSA: Right.

BECK: March 5th.

"Eric Massa's sudden decision to resign from Congress is a silver lining for Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It means she'll have to find one less vote for health care." Yada, yada, yada.

You say that you were leaving because of the cancer scare, then -

MASSA: No. I decided not to run again. I decided not -

BECK: You're not going to run again.

MASSA: That's right. And then all of this blew up and I held myself accountable and resigned.

Two different things. One happened before the other.

But that - but that - as soon as I read that article, people doing the math here are a lot smarter than me. When I heard people say that we're going to pass this health care bill no matter what, it makes no - that was on the TV today. My vote has been a consistent no against this health care vote, consistently.

BECK: OK. I'm - OK, I want to get in some of the other stuff.


BECK: But I have to tell you, I - in my wildest dreams, your honor is at stake. I just don't - I can't buy the fact that over tickle fights you would step back -

MASSA: No, it's not tickle fights. It was inappropriate language. It was the fact that somebody -

BECK: Have you watched HBO? Have you ever watch "The Sopranos"?

MASSA: That's not the standard that I and we are supposed to hold up in Congress.

BECK: Have you met Charlie Rangel?

MASSA: Yes, I've met Charlie Rangel. But that -


MASSA: - that's him, not me. I can't talk to that.

BECK: OK. All right. So -

MASSA: By the way, I don't have a half a million dollars to subject my family to this and buy lawyers. I don't have that. I want to do this interview, one more and then go away.

I don't want to change the world. I'm not campaigning for re-election. I'm not -

BECK: So, then what is your - what is your - what is your motive for being on here? Because I said to you yesterday, you said, everything, everything -

MASSA: Has been taken from me.

BECK: - taken from me.

MASSA: Everything.

BECK: And I said, then you have nothing to lose.

MASSA: That's right.

BECK: Then you can make a real impact. If you don't want to change the world, why are you here?

MASSA: Because it's important for me, in a logical conversation and not sound bites to tell my story and then I'm done.

BECK: OK. So, tell me the story. Tell me the story - this is what -

MASSA: Here's the story.

BECK: - they said about - do we have the Rahm Emanuel didn't happen? There's something -

MASSA: Oh, he's saying it didn't happen?

BECK: Yes. They said - the White House said - you didn't know this?

MASSA: No, I didn't know this.

BECK: The White House said that none of this happened. Do we have the sound bite or is it only a statement? Just the statement that the White House said it didn't happen, there was no naked encounter. There was nothing in the shower.

MASSA: That is not true.

BECK: Were there any witnesses?

MASSA: I have no idea. I wasn't looking around.

BECK: Tell me - tell me what happened.

MASSA: I was - I was in my first two months. I was in a battle about the budget. Rahm was angry at me. He poked his finger in my chest while I was taking a shower. It's exactly - I mean, I've gone through this on the radio show. Not only did it happen, I'll never forget it.

Rahm Emanuel hates me. He doesn't like me. I get it.

But this is not about him and frankly it's not about me. It's about something that's so much bigger than that that I've - I learned in just a year. And that is, you can either go along and get along, or you can literally be bought and sold legally.

BECK: OK. So, why would you abandon a system where - you love your country? You served your country.

MASSA: Twenty-four years in Europe - my best friend died in front of me.

BECK: Right. You were willing to die for your country.

MASSA: That's correct.

BECK: You're saying now that we have developed a system and I agree with you.

MASSA: And it's legal and I can't change it in Congress. I can't change it as a member of Congress. There's no way possible.

BECK: How does it ever change?

MASSA: I don't know that answer. It literally keeps me awake at night. Glenn, I have had people come to me, union leaders - and I'm a union guy and I know you're not - who have come to me and said, if you don't support this health care bill, we are not going to contribute to your campaign.

Glenn, that's a bribe.

BECK: No, it's not.

MASSA: Well, I think it is.

BECK: It's lobbying money. Look, I agree with you that there's too much money.

MASSA: Well, what's the difference?

BECK: You tell me, you were in Congress.

MASSA: And that's why - and that's why I'm telling you, it's legalized, the system is so broken.

Congressmen spend between five and seven hours a day on the phone, begging for money. And, by the way, when you are a freshman, you have to fill out sheets of everybody you call and how much money per hour, and they have coaches to teach how to get more money from each one of your phone calls and who to call and what data points they have on them to tickle them, to make them more apt to give you money.

It is out-of-control and it's legalized.

And this is - and it's not just Democrats. It's the whole shmizol (ph). And it's not just the House, it's the Senate. And by the way - by the way, it's the executive branch, too, because they have to raise, what, $30 million? Next time, it will be $50 million, $100 million to run for office?

BECK: Tell me how the system - tell me how the system works. Tell me - you know, because you're alleging, you know, bribery here with unions. That's not bribery. That is legalized bribery.


MASSA: Well, OK. Then let me -

BECK: Show me.

MASSA: It's legalized bribery.

BECK: OK. So, show me something because you have -

MASSA: And it's not just unions. It's the chamber of commerce. It's industry. It's individuals.


MASSA: This is a guy who is a big supporter of mine at one time: "I was one of your most ardent supporters. By my reckoning, I contributed $625 to your last campaign. However, I'm not helping you - you voted with the Republicans. That means voting you - when I was one of your ardent supporters. I believed you were a Democrat. That means voting with members of your party. But you voted with the Republicans. I thought you were a Democrat."

So, this guy is saying I have to vote exactly as he wants me to vote, because he gave me $625.

BECK: But -

MASSA: You don't find that offensive?

BECK: Of course, I do.

MASSA: Well?

BECK: But I - but I cannot put it together in my head.

You believe these things. You're trying to convince me you believe these things.

MASSA: Yes. And I can't change it -

BECK: Do you realize - do you realize -

MASSA: - as a member of Congress.

BECK: Bull crap.

MASSA: I can't, especially -

BECK: Bull crap, sir.

MASSA: No, it's not -

BECK: Listen to me.

MASSA: Here's why, Glenn -

BECK: Do you realize what some of us - do you realize what some of us are doing? We're not in elected office. Do you realize my family is at stake? Do you realize - excuse me, sir.

MASSA: So is mine.

BECK: Excuse me for a second, sir.

My family is at stake. You've got a little scandal with your children in college. I've got one for all time now, because I'm not going to resign. I'm not going to back down.

I have come to a place to where I believe, at some point, the system will destroy me. That's OK, because I'm going to do what I can to pass on a better America for tomorrow.

So I don't understand the white flag. It doesn't make sense to me.

MASSA: For 30 years, I've been doing it. I can't fight this. I can't fight cancer. I can't fight the White House. I can't fight the Democratic Party. I can't fight the Republicans. I can't fight anymore. I don't have it anymore.

I don't have the life's energy to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning, and work until midnight, spend five hours on the phone begging money. I have completely abandoned my family for five years.

BECK: OK. Then, when we come back -

MASSA: That's why I'm doing what I'm doing.

BECK: OK. Then, when we come back, make a difference for the next half hour.

MASSA: All right.

BECK: Tell America - name names. Tell America what you know that we don't know. What do you know that we need to know?

Back in just a second.


BECK: Hello, America.

We're back with former Congressman from New York, Eric Massa. This is an interview that nobody really wanted to happen. I got a lot of heat for it. He got a lot of heat for it. We disagree on just about everything.

When it comes to his character, you're going to have to decide. He has going to have to decide. You know, right now, we've got these accusations. Let's see what happens. He claims nothing happened. It's up to you to decide, I guess, if we're going to try this in a court of public opinion, which I think is un-American. But the other part of it is corruption.

Do you believe what he says about corruption, that the system is broke, et cetera, et cetera? If it's true what he claims about Rahm Emanuel - what was it, Joe? Four different charges Rahm Emanuel could be brought up on? I think - I talked to the judge before we went on the air. There are four different criminal charges that he could be brought up on.

He told us, if you just joined us a minute ago that, I'm tired. I fought for 30 years. I can't fight it anymore. He has cancer. He's moving on. So I said, that's fine. There are others that are wanting to fight. Tell us what you know. Make a difference now. Pick up a shovel and show us where to throw the dirt.

MASSA: Sir, the most important thing that people can do is to get involved.

BECK: No, no, no.

MASSA: Involved -

BECK: You're in - no, no.

MASSA: OK, go ahead.

BECK: Please don't be a commercial.

MASSA: All right.

BECK: Everybody knows that.

MASSA: All right.

BECK: People - you're in. You claim that the system is corrupt. I agree with you.

MASSA: Demand we do one thing in Congress and that's change campaign finance reform, because nothing else matters until we do that. Until we do that, nothing will change.

That's my - that to me is the number one issue facing America today. It really is. We won't change jobs. We won't change anything until that is changed. You called it legal. I have been stunned by how -

BECK: I just talked to you in the break and I just said to you, does anybody in Washington understand our financial situation?


BECK: OK. You believe it's unbelievably bad?

MASSA: Yes, worse than that.

BECK: Yes. OK. So now, with what you're saying to me, this is the image that I got in my head. As you are saying, we've got to change campaign finance reform or nothing will change.

Here is the image that's in my head.

MASSA: All right.

BECK: The World Trade Center is on fire. You're a fireman coming out and I'm standing there and saying, "What do I do?"

And you say to me, "You've got to get better 911 service in the helmets of our firefighters." The building is going to come down before we can do that. What - help me. You've been in the building. You're there.

MASSA: Yes, I have.

BECK: What's happening? Tell me something about the unions and how the unions are working or any - I don't care. Any kind of corruption. Tell me about - what is the White House doing?

MASSA: Glenn, it's not just unions. It's every special interest -

BECK: I got it.

MASSA: Calls their member of Congress and says on each particular piece of legislation, "You vote this way." Now, remember - let's focus on health care for a second. Just four months ago, the same people who were yelling at me to vote for the Senate health care bill, four months ago, were yelling me not to support the Senate health care bill.

And then, three weeks before that, remember the summer of discontent? I gave 80 town hall meetings - eighty. That's by a factor of three more than anyone else. I carried a copy of HR-3200 everywhere I went. Overnight, we were told to throw that away.

And we were handed - here is HR-3296. And a couple weeks later, that got thrown away. And a couple weeks later it was - now we're going to lower the age of Medicare to 55. No, no, no. Don't do that.

No, it's out of control.

BECK: Who is responsible?

MASSA: I think it's the leadership of both parties because it goes beyond Democrats and Republicans.

BECK: Are there - is there arm-twisting going on?

MASSA: Oh, there's going to be so much arm-twisting going on before the House of Representatives. You'd better get a full squad of doctors to set the broken bones.

BECK: You, at one point, said to me that you were -

MASSA: And that's not me saying it. That was on the news today.

BECK: You're not - my first question is, is there anything new to your charges?

MASSA: I mean, people say that I'm making this stuff up. I'm just telling you what I learned in 14 months in the United States Congress - by the way, a Congress I deeply love.

And people say, well, you can't indict the Democratic Party by saying something that's negative. It's my job, if I believe in the principles of the Democratic Party, to say when we're not adhering to them.
That's what -

BECK: I haven't heard anything. I've heard generalities.

MASSA: I don't know what you want me to say - I don't have a specific legislation.

BECK: Let's take a break.


BECK: Let's go back to - I mean we have Rahm Emanuel but maybe we start there. What specifically did he do? And why isn't there anything - I mean there is actionable stuff there. So why wouldn't we follow that?

Let's start at tell me about -

MASSA: Because it's going to come down -

BECK: Specific arm-twisting. If there has been specific arm-twisting. We have to take a break.

MASSA: We'll talk about cap-and-trade.

BECK: Hang on.


BECK: Former New York State Congressman Eric Massa is with us. And we've kind of had - this has been an interesting hour. But I'm a little frustrated now, because I think the American people, as we were talking in the break - the American people are tired as well, because they hired a bunch of people to do the job and look after things and we see what is happening. The house is burning down and firemen keep running out but they won't say, "Over here, bring a hose over here." We're standing with hoses. We want to help.

Is there - I mean, I don't want to be a defender of the White House here, but I have to be. Is there anything specific - because you've talked to me. You've talked on the radio. You've talked to me personally yesterday on the phone. You have talked about corruption. But we all complain about corruption. Is there anything specific that you have?

MASSA: Well, I don't know how to answer specifically because my arm has been twisted 17 times to Sunday. You asked me -

BECK: By whom?

MASSA: By every - it's called whipping. It's an institutional process. There is a state whip, a regional whip, a caucus whip, right up to the Speaker of the House on our side. And the Republicans have the exact same side. That's why the Republicans have been very successful in voting en bloc.

So you want something specific, Glenn? You tell your voters to forget about political party, Republicans and Democrats. And tell them to call their Congressman and say, "Listen, if you vote against this health care bill, we will return you to Congress and we'll give you the backbone to do what you think is right, regardless of political party. Regardless."

Here is another specific thing. Stop calling fellow Americans names.

BECK: Stop what?

MASSA: Calling fellow Americans names, pejorative, insulting - socialist, communist, whatever the case may be, colorful names designed to emote emotion. I get it.

BECK: Progressives?

MASSA: But I'm asking you and everybody if you remember the Tea Party movement, which I respect because I'm a fiscal conservative. I always have been. You can be a progressive and be a fiscal conservative.

I know we're going to have an argument, but you can be. But you can't show up at a Tea Party rally and claim that the entire budget deficit happened this year.

BECK: Nobody on this program is - again, you haven't gone - you haven't gotten -

MASSA: Specific. Yes, it is a specific. I said call your Congressman regardless if you are a Republican, support a Democrat who will stand up and say, "I don't want to support this legislation."

BECK: OK. All right. Let me try - let's just wrap this up because we have to take a break. When we come back, I just - I want to talk to you about the future and what is coming your way.


Whether you've done anything or not done anything, whether you're telling the truth or not telling the truth, an avalanche is coming your way. So let's talk about that in your life, next.


BECK: We are back with former New York State Congressman Eric Massa. He says this interview will happen and he will do one more and that will be it.

We have found out a few things this hour. First, you said that you were forced out or that's what I heard, that you were forced out. You say that's not true.

MASSA: I take full responsibility for my own actions.

BECK: OK. But you say that you didn't do anything criminal.

MASSA: No, absolutely not.

BECK: You didn't do anything sexually inappropriate?


BECK: OK. But you were inappropriate with staff members with language, et cetera, et cetera, but nothing sexual in nature.

MASSA: That's correct.

BECK: Is there another shoe that is going to drop? Is there anything -

MASSA: There - people, at this point, will say anything about me, and that's fine. I don't have an axe to grind. I'm not trying to change the world. I want to tell my story. I got to go deal with some serious medical conversations. I've got to unite with my family. And I've got get on with my life.

BECK: Are there - are there Tiger Woods phone calls that are going to happen, text messages?

MASSA: No. I'm sure there are text messages because we bantered back and forth all the time.

BECK: All right. You say that Rahm Emanuel - Rahm Emanuel said that the shower thing - or the White House says that the shower thing never happened. You're saying that he lied or the White House is lying.

MASSA: It did. It happened.

BECK: It happened? Did he threaten, harass or intimidate you?

MASSA: He made it very clear that I'd better vote with the president.

BECK: Did he do it in a threatening or intimidating or harassing way?

MASSA: Well, I wasn't intimidated because, you know - do I look like someone is going to intimidate? So I did not - I actually took it to be more humorous, like, you have got to be kidding me.


MASSA: But then again, he and I are not friends. By the way - and I owe him an apology. I do, because on my radio show, I went over the top. I said he would tie his kids to the railroad to the get a vote.

He wouldn't do that. He'd tie my kids to the railroad to get a vote, but maybe not his. And so, in hyperbole, I was guilty. I went over the top. Enough said on that.

BECK: America, I've got to shoot straight with you: I think I've wasted your time. I think this is the first time I have wasted an hour of your time. And I apologize for that. Because I think we could have spent a lot less time with you backtracking a lot. You're lot -

MASSA: I'm not backtracking. I'm telling you what happened.


BECK: On corruption and you don't really have anything except what I say. You're now apologizing to Rahm Emanuel -

MASSA: That was sarcastic, Glenn.


MASSA: Did you get that?

BECK: I didn't. No, I didn't.

MASSA: I said he would tie my children to the railroad tracks.

BECK: OK. All right. OK.

MASSA: Listen, Rahm Emanuel is very good at making enemies and he's not very good at making friends. And that's one of the reasons why this administration is having such a hard time getting things done because what has to be done now deals a lot with open dialogue and consensus building and compromise.

And you can't compromise when someone is coming at you with a finger in your chest. You simply can't do that. There is no compromise. It's my way or the highway.

I once had someone tell me, "You've got to vote with the president. This is the president's first piece of legislation." And I said I - the president didn't vote for me.

BECK: Congressman - former Congressman.

MASSA: Eric.

BECK: Thank you very much.

MASSA: Thank you.

BECK: My best to you and your sweet wife and your children.

Back in a second.


BECK: This is why I said I'm sorry I've wasted your time. We learned a lot, I think. But what we learned, I don't think, affects you at all.

From New York, good night, America.


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