Panel on Resolutions for Obama

Panel on Resolutions for Obama

FOX News Special Report With Brit Hume - December 26, 2008


SEN. BARACK OBAMA, (D) PRESIDENT-ELECT: We face challenges unlike any we have faced in generations. Daunting as the challenges we are inheriting may be, I'm convinced that our team and the American people are prepared to meet them.

It will take longer than any of us would like--years, not months. It will get worse before it gets better. But it will get better if we are willing to act boldly and swiftly. And that is what we will do when I am president of the United States.


BAIER: President-elect Obama talking about dealing with the economy in the new year. He has a lot of challenges to deal with in the new year.

We're back with our panel to talk about what his new year's resolution should really be. Start with Charles.

KRAUTHAMMER: Well, I'll start with a little history. When a Roman general conquered an enemy and returned home, he was offered a triumph, which was a parade in which he received the adulation and the cheers of the crowds. And in his chariot standing behind him was always a man who would whisper in his ear, you are only a mortal, reminding him that--

BAIER: And there we have the picture.

KRAUTHAMMER: --he was not a god.

And I think Obama would do well to hire a specialist whose only job is about two times a day to remind the man who said that he would heal the planet and make the oceans recede, that he, also, is not a god.

EASTON: That could be Michelle!

BAIER: Keep him in check, OK-Jeff?

BIRNBAUM: I think that Obama should -- I disagree just a slight bit. I think that he should - his resolution should be to dream big, to dream very big, but not to imagine that he could get everything that he dreams done at the same time.

I think that his resolution should be to have big dreams, but to have success sequentially, that he should decide his priorities one at a time.

One of the worst mistakes a new president makes is to try to do too much. The attention span in Washington is not that large, nor is the legislative funnel. It's not that wide. And so he should decide to do the economy, and then maybe healthcare, and then maybe the environment, but not all of them at once.

He should be very careful, because if he tries to do too much at the same time, he may end up failing at all of them.

BAIER: Although, don't you sense that they are trying to do a lot of things all at once after they get in office, the Obama team?

BIRNBAUM: The word being used by one top Democratic aide that I've spoken to was "legislative blitzkrieg" is what the Obama people are planning. And I think that that is, like the last time there was a blitzkrieg, ultimately it will fail unless he is very careful.

KRAUTHAMMER: A slightly unfortunate historical resonance.

BIRNBAUM: Yes, but the idea of a lot at once is what I mean by that.

KRAUTHAMMER: I would call it a surge!


BAIER: All right, Nina, your resolution?

EASTON: As he is doing all these grandiose things, I think he should make it a point to offend the left wing, the special interest groups of the left wing of the Democratic Party.

He has already done it one supporting the eavesdropping bill because of his concerns about national security. He did it again, having Rick Warren give the prayer during the inauguration.

And I think he could do it again. He could stand up to labor. And one of the first things he could do is let card check, which enables unions to very, very easily organize, let that die in the Senate. Because that's something that if it is passed, not only it goes to war with business, but it could also, I think, harm the economy in the long run. So I think that's one place.

And also in the fiscal stimulus, I think he's going to find there's a lot of places where he's going to need to stand up to those special interest groups on the left that supported him and financed a lot of pro Obama stuff during the election.

BAIER: Fred?

BARNES: I will leave the panel so I could take that job that Charles recommended, to whisper twice a day into Obama's ear-"You're not immortal."

What he needs to do is find--I think his resolution should be that he should find someone to save him from his liberal friends, who are in the cabinet now, who do want card check to go through, particularly his labor secretary, who would turn over the entire American workforce to organized labor, and his health and human services secretary, Tom Daschle who thinks that the Clinton healthcare plan was great but was just marketed poorly, and all these environmental people who don't care about the economy-they just want to deal with the distant threat of global warming.

He needs to be saved from them. Maybe Rahm Emanuel can do that.

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