Roundtable on ACORN and Voter Fraud

Roundtable on ACORN and Voter Fraud

FOX News Special Report With Brit Hume - October 10, 2008

MCCAIN: We allow people who do not deserve it to vote, or other abuses of our system, then obviously it's a direct threat to the fundamentals of democracy.

Yes, we need a full and complete and thorough investigation of these allegations, which seem to be widespread, and they need to be immediate.

BRIAN KETTENRING, ACORN SPOKESMAN: Current strategy seems to be from the right to create, to manufacture a so-called crisis of voter fraud-- frankly, they're having some success--and then to solve that crisis through measures that are about constricting the electorate, narrowing the electorate, keeping people from being able to vote.


BAIER: Well, there you heard from a spokesman from ACORN, and before that, of course, Senator McCain talking about this group. ACORN is the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

There you see a map where there are voter fraud investigations or questions about the activities of ACORN in 13 different states. Nevada, for example, has forms for the starting lineup of the Dallas cowboys, and there are specific examples all over the place.

Let's talk about this group, ACORN, what's happening with these investigations. We're back with the panel. Charles, is this a big deal? It seems like the number of investigations and intensity over it are increasing quickly.

KRAUTHAMMER: It is. It is happening a lot of places. In Nevada, that you mentioned, it is the Democratic secretary of state who is looking into this.

There is a report in Connecticut of a registration of a seven-year-old girl. There is a report in Cleveland of a guy who said he was are registered 72 times. And what I like is at the end he said having registered how many times, I may actually go out and vote.

This has happened before with ACORN, and the question is how closely associated with Obama is it? And we know he was once the general counsel of ACORN in Illinois way back when.

And we know that in the primary season in Ohio he hired an organization called "Citizens Service, Inc," a private organization. He gave it over $800,000 to do political work.

It turns out that the board of directors of that and the local ACORN is identical, so essentially it was a front.

So it is an organization with very close ties and is obviously engaging in a lot of places in what looks like fraud, and I think the Obama campaign has to answer to this.

BAIER: Will this, Mort, have a blowback on the Obama campaign as the investigations really pick up steam?

KONDRAKE: Well, I think the connections, the specific connections through Ohio to the Obama campaign are thin, that what ACORN is doing all over the country certainly deserves investigation.

I mean, and they have had various officials of ACORN have been indicted for things, have charged them for various voter fraud incidents, and so on. So there's definitely smoke there.

Now, whether the smoke goes back to a fire that exists within the Obama campaign is another matter, which merits investigation.

You know, if there were any investigative reporters who care to do it, it should be done.

BAIER: You know, Fred, in Lake County, Indiana, so far of the 5,000 applications ACORN turned in, 2,100 so far have been identified as bad-- registered to dead people, registered to someone who lives in a fast food place or shop.

So are we looking at Tallahassee again after this election, if it's very close in some of these states? Are we looking at a bunch of these places really being lawyered?

BARNES: It could be a situation--they do learn this in Chicago politics. They're quite famous for that.

But if it is a chose election and you are looking for challenges of voters that made challenges that would continue after the election and raise doubts about it if it's close.

Now, you heard the response from the ACORN guy. That's what they always say. Anytime anybody catches them signing up Tony Romo and Dallas Cowboys out in Las Vegas, it's voter suppression. That's what they're-- whether they're Democrats, voter registrars, or Republicans. It's always voter suppression.

And, look, I mean, the evidence is clear it would be nice for the Obama campaign, for Barack Obama himself to disassociate himself from ACORN, to denounce ACORN, and for other Democrats as well. They have never done that.

BAIER: The secretary of state of Nevada, by the way, says Tony Romo is not registered to vote in the state. They've checked.

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