Sarah Palin: Deeply Threatening to the Left?

Sarah Palin: Deeply Threatening to the Left?

By Andrea Tantaros - September 2, 2008

The moment the McCain camp confirmed it had chosen Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as its choice for VP, conservatives, females and many mothers across the country rejoiced. She brought so many positives that I couldn't help but wonder how long it would take the left to dig for the negatives.

Shortly after the announcement a friend asked me "when do you think the weird, rural farmer's daughter rumors will start?

Apparently, not long after.

The Daily Kos (or as I like to call it, The Daily Gross) has stooped to a new low by repackaging a plot line from last season's "Desperate Housewives" and publishing it as a disgusting hit piece alleging Palin's special needs son is really her grandson. -- And that she pretended to be with child to cover up her teen daughter's underage pregnancy. Now, we've just learned Palin's teen daughter Bristol is pregnant, debunking this awful rumor, yet still igniting the attacks of angry liberal bloggers.

This could only mean there must be something about Sarah Palin that is deeply threatening to the left, a constituency that has long believed they have cornered the working mother market. Five kids? She should be at home begging Democrats for a handout. A husband in a union? He should be on the picket lines.

Liberals like to pretend they are tolerant and accepting of those who are different but when it comes to anyone not ensconced in their progressive, elitist dogma they mock and attack their lifestyle to inspire hate. But because governor Palin is endearing, authentic-and with this latest revelation-easy to identify with, she invokes panic in the left. Why else would they assail a very popular, promising lady and her children?

The key question here is: what is the extreme left trying to prove? How does this make Sarah Palin unfit to serve? And how exactly will this story look bad to voters? A mother stands behind her child. I can think of worse stories than "Palins Come Together to Support Teen Daughter." This is America. This is life. And this is private.

Ridiculing McCain's VP pick for her commitment to family, poking fun at her hobbies and pushing smear about her kids will only bite back. Remember there's a reason the naked protesters who ran up and down Eighth Avenue in New York City during the 2004 convention helped Republicans: they made liberals look cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

Perpetuating laughable legend and assailing the American family is akin to the in the buff boycotting. -It makes the lefties look desperate, unstable, paranoid and downright mean. And it will hurt the Democratic brand if it continues.

The back story here has nothing to do with Palin and her family but more to do with the extreme left. All Americans should take note: if liberals aren't going to show Governor Palin or her family any respect, voters shouldn't expect their policies to either.

Andrea Tantaros is a Republican political strategist.

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