Obama Speeches

Obama Speeches

Senator Barack Obama - August 15, 2008



November 4: Change Has Come to America

November 3: Obama's Remarks in Jacksonville

November 2: Obama Campaigns in Columbus


October 30: Obama Rallies Columbia, Missouri

October 28: Obama on the Stump in Chester, Pennsylvania

October 27: One Week Away from Change in America

October 26: Obama Rallies Enormous Crowd in Denver

October 23: Obama's Economic Speech in Indianapolis

October 22: Obama's Statement on National Security

October 21: Obama's Speech on Economic Competitiveness

October 20: Obama's Speech in Tampa

October 17: Obama's Speech in Roanoke

October 16: Obama's Remarks at the Al Smith Dinner

October 16: Obama's Remarks in Londonderry, New Hampshire

October 13: "A Rescue Plan for the Middle Class"

October 10: Obama Says "Now is Not the Time for Fear"

October 9: Obama Criticizes McCain's Mortgage Plan

October 8: Obama in Indianapolis

October 5: Obama Says McCain Wants to Distract from Issues

October 3: Obama's Remarks in Abington, PA

October 1: Obama Promises Presidential Review of Rescue Plan


September 30: Obama's Remarks on the Economic Crisis

September 29: Obama Urges Economic Calm

September 25: Obama on the White House Meeting

September 25: Obama's Remarks to the Clinton Global Initiative

September 24: Statement on the Economy, Debate

September 22: "The Change We Need in Washington"

September 19: Obama's Remarks on the Economy

September 18: Obama's Remarks in New Mexico

September 17: Obama's Remarks in Elko, Nevada

September 16: Confronting An Economic Crisis

September 12: Obama's Remarks in Dover, New Hampshire

September 10: Remarks to the Hispanic Congressional Caucus Institute Gala

September 9: A 21st Century Education

September 6: Obama's Speech to the AARP Convention


August 28: "The American Promise"

August 23: Obama's Introduction of Joe Biden

August 19: Obama's Remarks to the VFW Convention

August 11: Obama's Statement on Georgia

August 6: Obama's Energy Townhall in Elkhart, Indiana

August 5: Obama Energy Townhall in Youngstown

August 4: New Energy for America

August 2: Obama's Speech to Urban League

August 1: Obama Townhall on the Economy


July 31: Obama's Townhall on Energy

July 30: Obama's Remarks on the Economy

July 24: Obama in Berlin: "A World That Stands as One"

July 14: Obama's Address to the NAACP

July 13: Obama's Remarks to La Raza

July 13: Obama's Remarks to the American Federation of Teachers

July 11: "A Secure Energy Future"

July 10: Women's Economic Security Townhall

July 10: Obama's Remarks at Obama-Clinton Fundraiser

July 8: Obama's Speech to LULAC

July 7: "Agenda for Middle-Class Success"

July 2: "A New Era of Service"

July 1: Obama's Speech on Faith Based Organizations


June 30: The America We Love

June 28: Obama's Remarks to NALEO

June 26: Obama's Remarks on Economic Competitiveness

June 24: "A Serious Energy Policy for Our Future"

June 23: Obama's Remarks to Working Women

June 21: "A Metropolitan Strategy for America's Future"

June 17: Obama's Remarks on College Affordability

June 16: Obama on Renewing American Competitiveness

June 15: Obama's Speech on Fatherhood

June 13: Obama's Remarks on Retirement Security

June 12: Tax Relief for the Middle Class

June 9: "Change that Works for You"

June 4: Obama's Remarks to AIPAC

June 4: "A Defining Moment for Our Nation"

June 2: Obama's Remarks in Troy, Michigan

June 1: Obama Takes Questions on Leaving Trinity


May 28: Obama Says He Will Be the Nominee

May 27: Obama Lays Out His Housing Plan

May 26: Obama's Memorial Day Remarks

May 23: "Renewing U.S. Leadership in the Americas"

May 22: Obama Criticizes McCain on Veterans Bill

May 21: "Forging a New Future for America"

May 18: Obama's Remarks on Retirementl Security

May 14: Edwards Endorses Obama

May 14: Obama's Remarks on Manufacturing in Michigan

May 12: Obama Speaks in West Virginia about Veterans

May 9: Obama Talks Economics in Oregon

May 6: Obama's North Carolina Victory Speech


April 29: Obama's Press Conference on Rev. Jeremiah Wright

April 25: Obama's Press Conference on Energy

April 21: Obama on the "Daily Show"

April 15: Obama Speaks to Building Trades Legislative Conference

April 14: Obama to the Alliance for American Manufacturing

April 14: Obama's Remarks at the Associated Press' Annual Meeting

April 13: Obama at the Compassion Forum

April 10: Obama's Remarks in Gary, Indiana

April 4: "Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."

April 2: Obama's Remarks to the AFL-CIO


March 27: "Renewing the American Economy"

March 19: "The World Beyond Iraq"

March 18: "A More Perfect Union"

March 14: "On My Faith and My Church"

March 12: Obama on National Security

March 4: Obama's March 4 Primary Night Speech


February 24: Obama's Economic Remarks in Lorain, Ohio

February 19: Obama's Wisconsin Primary Victory Speech

February 12: Obama's Potomac Primary Night Speech

February 9: Obama's Speech to the Virginia Jefferson-Jackson Dinner


January 26: Obama's South Carolina Victory Speech

Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America.

Senator Barack Obama


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