McCain Speeches

McCain Speeches

Sen. John McCain - August 15, 2008

November 2008

November 4: McCain's Concession Speech

November 3: McCain's Midnight Rally in Miami

October 2008

October 29: McCain's National Security Remarks in Tampa

October 28: McCain on the Stump in Hershey

October 27: Redistributing Wealth vs. Creating Wealth

October 24: McCain's Economic Remarks in DenverOctober 22: McCain's Speech in Goffstown, New Hampshire

October 20: McCain's Speech in Belton, Missouri

October 17: McCain's Speech in Miami

October 16: McCain at the Al Smith Dinner

October 16: McCain's Speech in Downingtown, Pennsylvania

October 14: McCain's "Pension and Family Security Plan"

October 13: McCain's Speech in Virginia Beach

October 10: McCain Proposes 401(k) Rule Changes

October 8: McCain Discusses Mortgage Plan in Bethlehem, PA

October 6: McCain Attacks Obama in Albuquerque Speech

October 1: McCain's Remarks on the Economy


September 30: McCain's Remarks on the Economic Crisis

September 29: McCain on the Bailout Bill Failure

September 25: McCain at the Clinton Global Initiative

September 24: America Faces an Historic Crisis

September 22: McCain's Speech to the Irish-American Presidential Forum

September 19: McCain's Economic Speech in Green Bay

September 18: McCain's Remarks in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

September 17: McCain's Michigan Auto Plant Statement

September 16: McCain's Economic Speech in Tampa

September 13: McCain's September 13 Radio Address

September 4: John McCain's Acceptance Speech to the RNC


August 11: McCain's Statement on Georgia

August 7: McCain's Economic Speech in Lima, Ohio

August 6: McCain Calls for Economic Surge

August 2: McCain's Weekly Radio Address

August 1: McCain at the National Urban League

John McCain, a U.S. Senator from Arizona, is the Republican presidential nominee.

Sen. John McCain


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