RealClearPolitics Posting Policies

RealClearPolitics Posting Policies

RealClearPolitics Comments - July 30, 2008


RealClearPolitics does not endorse the content of the forums.

Use of information obtained in the forums is at the risk of the user.

RealClearPolitics reserves the right to remove content from the forums.

RealClearPolitics also reserves the right to take away a user's posting privileges.

Posting Rules

Users are responsible for the content that they post.

Users cannot post content that violates the copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property right of any third party.

Users cannot post content that violates a person's privacy, or content that is obscene, abusive, or inappropriate.

Users cannot engage in commercial activity in their posts.

Users cannot embed video, audio and graphics. The forums are for text discussions only.

Links are permitted.

Users cannot post in all capital letters.

Members of the Community

RealClearPolitics encourages forum participants to use the "Report Abuse" function when they believe they have found a post to be in violation of these rules.

RealClearPolitics appreciates the help of readers monitoring the forums.

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