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Panel Discusses Obama Moving to the Middle

FOX News Special Report With Brit Hume


OBAMA: I was raised by a single mom and my grandparents. We didn't have much money.

But they taught me values straight from the Kansas heartland where they grew up on accountability and self-reliance, love of country, working hard without making excuses, treating your neighbor as you'd like to be treated--what guided me as I worked my way up, taking jobs and loans to make it through college.


HUME: So, folks, there he is--Kansas values, love of country, hard work, self-reliance. What's not to like about Barack Obama? And is there movement in his political profile that we sense in all of this, and in perhaps in some of what he has been saying lately--Fred?

BARNES: I think we're going to see a little, but very, very little. That ad was fluff--nice ad.

HUME: I know, but it was the only one we could find. It was a visual element.

He's not going to support the fight to compromise.

BARNES: I know, this is a visual medium on television.

That's one thing--he's going to have an amendment that would deny the telecoms immunity, but it will lost, and then he will vote for the thing.

HUME: This is about the spying on terrorists, electronic eavesdropping.

BARNES: It is, yes. But, look, a Republican I was talking to today said the Democratic Party now is a conspiracy of interest groups to seize power.

In any case, all these interest groups are backing Obama. And I don't think they're going to give him much flexibility whatsoever. Will the environmentalists allow him to say I'm for oil drilling offshore, or any new place? Are lefties going to allow him after his trip to Iraq to move away from his position about withdrawing troops?

HUME: You don't think he will come back and talk about how he is going to confer with the generals before he does anything?

BARNES: He will say that, but is that going to actually change his position on what he said? I don't think he will do that in any substantial way.

Think of the labor. Is he going to buck them on anything--on trade, for instance? I don't think so. I mean--

HUME: So you're view is he ain't moving to the center.

BARNES: I think he would like to move to the center. I don't think they will let him move much.

KONDRACKE: Some of it's atmospherics, but he had an interview with Nina Easton of "Fortune" magazine and FOX News Channel that his rhetoric about NAFTA was overheated.

HUME: Right.

KONDRACKE: I'm not exactly clear on what he is going to do vis- a-vis NAFTA, but he says he's pro-growth and pro-business. He did hire Jason Fuhrman --

HUME: Who is he?

KONDRACKE: Just a second, I'm going to tell you. He was the leader, the Executive Director of something called "The Hamilton Project," which the centrist Democratic economic group which the labor union detest because it's pro free trade.

And in this interview with Nina Easton, as well, he said he might lower corporate taxes overall.

BARNES: He said he would consider it.


BARNES: He is also unspecific.

HUME: Let him finish.

KONDRACKE: I think that the test is Iraq. He goes to Iraq and he acknowledges not only that there is military progress, but that there is political progress, and that he will slow down, if necessary, the withdrawal--that is the sign.

KRAUTHAMMER: He is moving to the center on everything cleverly and relentlessly, and he knows it.

HUME: You think he really is moving?

KRAUTHAMMER: Absolutely. Look what he did on the eavesdropping and campaign finance reform.

HUME: Was that a move to the cents, or is that just a political expedient.

KRAUTHAMMER: Ideologically, it exposed him to attacks on the left. And what happened? The press rolled over. You hardly heard any criticism of editorialists who for years have been talking about this issue. On eavesdropping, there was hardly a murmur.

The reason is he has the press in his pocket. I mean, this is a guy who threw grandma under the bus in a speech in Philadelphia, comparing her to -- making her the moral equivalent of Jeremiah Wright, and was hailed as the second coming of Abraham Lincoln.

He is not going to lose the press, and he's not going to lose the left. They are irate by the last eight years. Their motive in this election is revenge--revenge against Bush, revenge for the Florida recount, revenge over swift boating, revenge for all kinds of injuries imagined or over the last eight years.

They will follow Obama even if he put flag pins on the lapels of his children. These guys are committed, and they're going to want to win.

HUME: So you think--

KRAUTHAMMER: He is moving, and he will on Iraq. I predict--

HUME: You think he will, and you think--

BARNES: I think it will be all this unspecific stuff--I won't unilaterally reopen NAFTA. Well, he couldn't unilaterally reopen it anyway!

HUME: Good discussion, more on this later. That's it for the panel, though, for today.

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