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George Allen on "Hannity & Colmes"

Hannity & Colmes

COLMES: Senator John McCain had a busy Memorial Day weekend. The presumptive Republican nominee invited three prominent Republicans to his Arizona ranch leaving to speculating if one of these men would be McCain's vice president pick.

Joining us now, McCain supporter, former Virginia governor, George Allen.

Governor, Senator, Senator-Governor, were you on the list?

GEORGE ALLEN, MCCAIN SUPPORTER: I wasn't on the list. I was doing things with my family and other things in Virginia. And all of us are remembering those who gave their lives for our freedoms.

COLMES: Sure. Sure. Absolutely. We all honor all those families and all those who sacrificed today.

What do you make of the guest list and McCain's denials that it has anything to do with, you know, looking at who might be the VP nominee?

ALLEN: Well, the McCain campaign and I believe John saying this is -- these are acquaintances he made on the campaign trail. They are also friends. They are all together. There's only one spokesperson for the McCain campaign on this issue of vice president and that is John McCain. So.

COLMES: But it just so happens the only people there were people whose names happen to be in contention. Mike Huckabee was invited, didn't go. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, invited. I understand he had a wedding to go to. What an interesting guest list. Just happened to be the people who -- whose names are in contention, right?

ALLEN: Yes, and there are a lot of names in contention. All three of those individuals -- Governor Jindal just an outstanding governor. I love the initiatives he's putting forward for Louisiana. Mitt Romney is a good quality individual. He's been very successful in the.


ALLEN: . in the private sector. And so, all of those folks, who are there, are.

COLMES: Who would be the best.

ALLEN: . are friends or acquaintances.

COLMES: Who would be -- and happen to be a timely -- a timely barbecue. Who do you think would be the best choice among those being mentioned or perhaps not mentioned that you would like to see on the ticket?

ALLEN: That's up to John McCain. John McCain has this fortunate aspect of who he chooses as vice president compared to Senator Obama. John McCain already has the experience, the judgment, and the proven leadership. So he doesn't need to pick a vice presidential candidate to bring that sort of credibility to the ticket as would Senator Obama.

Clearly, John McCain is going to have someone as vice president who is he compatible with, who shares his vision for America. It would be helpful, obviously, if they are credible common sense conservative.


ALLEN: . with a good record. And you know what, other than remembering those who have served our country, the conversation that I hear whether it's at an American Legion Post in the Fredericksburg area or anywhere else is gas prices. And while our markets were shut down today, the price of gasoline has gone -- the price of oil has gone up to $133 a barrel.

And for American energy security and for our prosperity and competitiveness, or for health care ideas or others, John McCain probably is going to want to have somebody who can help advocate his shared values and views for the security of this country and our competitiveness, whether it's taxes, regulations, energy, health care, or a variety of other important issues.

LOWRY: Hey, Senator, it's Rich Lowry. Thanks so much for being with us on this holiday.

ALLEN: Great to be with you, Rich.

LOWRY: You know, there's a debate in the political class about what McCain needs in his vice president. Some people think he needs to pick who will further satisfy the conservative Republican -- the conservative base of the Republican Party. And then there are others who think he needs someone more interesting, outside the box, if you will, who has more credibility with independents and Democrats. What do you think?

ALLEN: I think it's back to what I said to Alan. And that is the person - - John McCain is going to have someone, I know that he's compatible with, who shares his vision for the country. You and I have pretty much the same philosophy and we'd like to see, and I think many Republicans, a common sense conservative who has a proven record on a variety of issues, whether it's law enforcement issues, protecting the rights of law-abiding citizen with guns, that's one issue that matters.

The life issue. Somebody who will advise him well on judges, because that's going to be important. And tax regulatory matters, energy, health care.

And, in fact, John McCain's health care initiative is one that I think is very important where families and individuals make the choices, rather than the government. And it would be good to have those who have been advocating these sort of ideas. And so, we'll see who he picks.

But the point is, John McCain's strength is what you look for first and foremost, especially in a time of war, in a president, is can that person on day one be commander in chief? And there is no question that John McCain has the judgment, the experience, the character, and capabilities to be commander in chief.

LOWRY: Senator, let's.

ALLEN: And so the vice president ends up enhancing that effort, as opposed to, I think, where Senator Obama comes in, he's going to have to pick someone to make up for what he is lacking and there's right much.

LOWRY: Senator, really quickly, speaking of Obama and the VP speculation, a lot of Virginians popping up on his list, Jim Webb, Governor Kaine.

Is Virginia going to be in play this year? Quickly, we have about 20 seconds.

ALLEN: You take nothing for granted and Virginia is a much more competitive state. There will be a lot more competitive states. Virginia could be one of them. Ohio, obviously, West Virginia, and Florida. But I think we'll get the tax-paying people on our side.

LOWRY: All right.

ALLEN: Thanks, Rich.

LOWRY: Senator, thanks so much for being with us. Take care.

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