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Oliver North on London Terror Plot

Hannity & Colmes

COLMES: On the heels of the failed car bombings in London and the fiery car crash in Glasgow, police in England discovered a network of Islamic extremists planning terror attacks on the Internet. One plot involved a group of 45 doctors bringing jihad against America. Potential targets included a naval base and the Capitol building. The three man who ran the terror Web site were arrested today, and while no link has been found between them and the eight doctors that are now in custody, is the Internet the new recruiting tool of Al Qaeda? And are the recruits educated professionals?

Joining us now is the host of "War Stories," Oliver North. Welcome back, Ollie.

OLLIE NORTH, HOST OF "WAR STORIES": Good to be back with you, Alan. By the way, I brought my helmet with me.

COLMES: You're afraid you need it in our debate?

NORTH: No, because I know you're going to need it.

COLMES: Thank you very much.

NORTH: Hang onto that. You're going to need it.

COLMES: I'm going to put this on eBay and get a lot of money from it.

NORTH: I thought actually you were going to talk to me about my haircut. Esa Saliba (ph), West Dover Barbershop is my barber. He charges a lot less than John Edwards' guy.

COLMES: Yes, for that plug, you got a freebie, probably. So anyway, look, let's talk about this terror plot and how vulnerable the United States -- they didn't raise the terror alert. You have Chertoff saying, "We have no incidents or no indication there's anymore vulnerability." So why would they be saying those things if we are, indeed, more vulnerable?

NORTH: Well, look it. We've been vulnerable for a long time even before 9/11. The Internet has been used as a tool for recruiting and encouraging terrorism since before 9/11. That's an important distinction.

Number two, the Suli plot (ph) that you just described on the air is actually three years old. All those computer records go back three years. Those three characters just pled guilty to being involved in enticing and encouraging people to join terrorist groups.

And it is professionals, and that's why we're vulnerable, because we're looking for people who are deprived, depressed, you know, uneducated, the lower strata of society. That's what the liberals keep saying.


COLMES: It's not just the liberals saying that.

NORTH: It is the liberals.

COLMES: You want to blame everything on the liberals.

NORTH: No, I want to blame things on terrorism, where it really comes from, and that is radical Islam. And that's what we're really at war against.

COLMES: It's not real Islam, because to say that is to go after a religion. It's not Islam. It's people who are misusing Islam for their own purposes and calling something Islam which really isn't Islam.

NORTH: How much time have you spent reading the Koran and the Haditha (ph)?

COLMES: I actually have read many parts of the Koran, many of which are peaceful passages, just like the Bible has many things in it.

NORTH: Many of which are not. And the reality of it is, you've got radical imams, ayatollahs, sheikhs, and folks out there encouraging people like these doctors to join radical Islamic groups and become part of the jihad that's being waged against us, not just us in here America, but us in the West.


COLMES: I'm glad we're going after these guys. We clearly have to do our due diligence, but to say it's Islam or this is truly what Islam is, when we don't know that these doctors are acting in the name of Islam. Go ahead.

NORTH: I suggest you tell our audience right now the names of three moderate Islamic leaders who have stood up and denounced what was tried in both London and Glasgow.

COLMES: Well, as a matter of fact, the biggest Muslim group in England did get up and say, "This shouldn't be happening. We want to help. We want to apprehend these people." A number of groups have said it in the United States. CAIR has said it. A number of Muslim groups -- and I just named two -- that have stood up and said, "We should go after these groups."

NORTH: And we should. And we should go after the radical leaders that entice people to join these kinds of groups and go out and blow themselves up, whether they're doctors or engineers. You know, people forget that the leaders of the plot against us on 9/11 were all very well- educated, professional men. Some of them were engineers, like the guy that actually organized the whole plot. The leader of the gang that got aboard the airplanes on 9/11, those 19 guys, very well-educated, many of them here in the West. And so Khalid Sheikh Mohammed went to college here in the United States to become an engineer.

HANRETTY: And, you know, Alan might not want to admit it, but if you ask any of these terrorists if they're members of Islam, they will absolutely say yes. So you might not want to call it Islam, but they think they're members of Islam, and there's no denying that there is a radical segment of this religion.

NORTH: Absolutely no doubt about it, Karen. And the worst part of it is, we're somewhere have blinders to this whole thing. You know, the other day when the president spoke, yesterday, Independence Day, spoke out in Martinsburg, West Virginia, not far from where I live, to an Air National Guard unit. He said, "These people want to repeat to what they did to us on 9/11." He's absolutely right.

The problem is, we don't know who "these people" are, and we very often miss the definition by looking after and providing excuses. You know, the war in Iraq is the excuse this week. Well, we weren't at war in Iraq on 9/11. And so what we're offering them is a reason to get, "Oh, gosh, this is why our grievance has to be heard. It's not heard the right way. We need to go blow you up."

HANRETTY: So what do we do, when we have people who are doctors, very well-educated people, who are buying into this radical, deadly propaganda? What is the hope of reaching more impoverished people in the Middle East, who might be more susceptible to this sort of rhetoric?

NORTH: One of the things that we might do is take a page out of what the Brits are now doing and that's making it a little bit more scrutiny on the people who immigrate into the United Kingdom, whether they be professional doctors, engineers, whatever. And that's now begun in England as a consequence of what happened both in London and up in Glasgow.

HANRETTY: And are we doing that in the United States?

NORTH: Well, of course not. We can't even find a way to close our own borders to people who don't want to even get a visa to get here, so we've got a serious problem in not knowing who's here, not knowing why they came here. Same thing with the folks that were here on 9/11.

HANRETTY: And people like Alan don't even want us to really talk about who they are and the...


COLMES: That's not true. Wait a minute. Don't say that. That's not accurate.

NORTH: Apparently you don't want to do anything about closing the borders, either. I'm just questioning.

COLMES: This is not an immigration issue.

NORTH: Of course it is.

COLMES: These people are in the country legally, Ollie. These are not people who came into the country illegally. The 9/11 terrorists were in the country legally.

NORTH: That's precisely my point. How easy it for someone who's been inculcated with radical Islam, intent on coming here to blow himself up, trying to kill you to get here?

COLMES: They didn't come here to blow themselves up. They came here initially legally and overstayed their visas, and most terrorism is homegrown. It's not people coming over the Mexican border.

HANRETTY: But what motivates them? You won't even talk about what motivates them. We're not allowed to talk about that.

COLMES: Who says that? Who says we're not allowed to talk about it?

NORTH: All 19 who came here on 9/11 came here from other countries. They were not homegrown. We've got some homegrown problems right here in New Jersey that were just picked up a few weeks ago, some others down in Virginia, and you've had some up in upstate New York. The bottom line of it is, what they're now finding in England is you've got a mix of both, and they're professionals. They're not amateurs.

COLMES: And what motivates them isn't that we're free necessarily. It's that we are in a part of the world we should not be involved in.

HANRETTY: Oh, so it's our fault? That's exactly what we need.


HANRETTY: That's a great way to end it. And Alan blames America.

COLMES: I'm not blaming America.

HANRETTY: You are blaming America.

COLMES: Michael Scheuer of the CIA, both Bush's and Clinton's CIA, says that's the reason and that's one of the main reasons for terrorism. We've got to run.

NORTH: Alan, were we in Iraq in 9/11?

COLMES: No, we were not.

NORTH: Thank you.

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