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CO-7: Does Perlmutter Have Any Views on the Economy and Jobs?

By Ross Kaminsky

There is a striking difference between the information on Rick O'Donnell's web site and Ed Perlmutter's site:

As I look through the issues discussions by the candidates for the ultra-targeted race in Colorado's 7th Congressional District, I see the following economic issue discussions by O'Donnell:

Fix Social Security
Stop Deficit Spending
Jobs and the Economy
Tax Reform

In each category, O'Donnell lays out specific ideas for dealing with problems, and shows a clear understanding of government and basic economics. Rick also seems to understand that the best thing government can do to create a strong economy is to enforce a few basic rules and otherwise get out of the way. He also understands that tax hikes are a wet blanket on job growth and prosperity.

Each issue category has many bullet points and paragraphs getting into the subject in detail, showing O'Donnell's real expertise and experience in dealing with and thinking about such things. I'm not saying I agree with everything Rick suggests. But on balance, he has truly sensible and practical policy suggestions, based on real-world understanding and his own principles rather than being on the leash of a union master like his opponent.

Perlmutter's issues page on the other hand should be an embarrassment to him...and to anyone who votes for him.

Not only is there very little depth or detail on any issue, but there is essentially NO discussion of the economy or jobs, and only a minimal (and not credible) claim of his desire to curb spending by Congress. This coming from a guy who is raising almost all his money from unions and lawyers.

Indeed, the list of Perlmutter's endorsements is a who's who of groups who do everything they can to cause government to raise taxes and regulation in order to direct money to those groups or reduce competition against them. These groups include the AFL-CIO, the Municipal Employees Union, the Postal Workers Union, and the Service Employees Union (one of the leaders in the fight to give Social Security and amnesty to illegal aliens). And then of course, there's the endorsement from the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association.

Reading Perlmutter's endorsement list, it becomes clear why he doesn't talk about jobs or the economy. He is and will be owned by groups whose interest is not free markets and fair competition. They are groups who will use the more-than-willing Perlmutter to tax Americans in order to line their own wallets. John Sweeney, the head of the AFL-CIO is a self-avowed Socialist and member of the Democratic Socialists of America, with ties to the Communist Party (what little there is of it.)

Is this who you want your Congressman beholden to?

If I were Perlmutter I wouldn't write anything about the economy either. If he did, it would either be socialist hogwash which would cost him votes or he would have to go against everything he writes. My guess is that he simply doesn't understand economics enough to write a coherent position piece, and that if he understands anything it is that his masters oppose free markets and limited government so he'd best not write about such things.

Anybody who cares about economic prosperity should shudder at the prospect of Perlmutter in Congress. Unless you are a union member whose primary motivation for voting for a candidate is to use government to take other people's money and put it in your union's pocket, you must vote for Rick O'Donnell.

Union leaders, socialists, and trial lawyers may be pleased if Perlmutter becomes a Congressman. The rest of us will have years to regret it.

Ross Kaminsky blogs at

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