Friday, September 30

California Wildfire Still Out of Control; Most Homes Spared So Far - Los Angeles Times

Misinformation Slowed Federal Response to Katrina - Wall Street Journal
‘N.Y. Times' Reporter to Testify Over CIA Leak - USA Today/AP
News Analysis: Political Winds Blowing Against Schröder - International Herald Tribune
On World Stage, France's Role Is Audience Favorite - Christian Science Monitor

European Union Still Split on Turks - New York Times
In Iraq, Coordinated Bombings Kill 105 - Los Angeles Times
Uzbeks Stop Working With U.S. Against Terrorism - Washington Post
Judge Orders Release of More Prison Abuse Photos - New York Times
Bird Flu 'Could Kill 150M People' - BBC

Thursday, September 29

Bush Hails Terrorist's Death, Expects Pre-Election Violence - Washington Times
Fear Exceeded Crime's Reality in New Orleans
- New York Times
Katrina Exodus Reaches All States - USA Today
Gov. Blanco Gets No Katrina Questions - Washington Times
Pataki Yanks Ground Zero Museum - Newsday
Southern Calif. Wildfire Prompts Evacuations - MSNBC/AP
George Ryan on Trial: Battle Lines Are Drawn - Chicago Tribune
Koizumi's Revolution Gains Momentum in Japan - Christian Science Monitor
Germany's CDU-SPD Talks Bring Grand Coalition Closer - Financial Times
Tory Duo Launch Bids for Conservative Leadership - Times of London
Questions Raised by Ease of Cuban's Entry Into U.S. - Chicago Tribune

Wednesday, September 28

Brown Blames Louisiana Leaders for Katrina Failures - USA Today
New Orleans Police Superintendent Resigns - CNN/AP
Media, Blushing, Takes a Second Look at Katrina - Washington Times
US Is Logging Gains Against Al Qaeda in Iraq - Christian Science Monitor
Killing Called Setback for Insurgency in Iraq - Los Angeles Times
Blair Vows He Will Keep Troops in Iraq - New York Times
Blair Signals Determination to Serve Four More Years - Financial Times
Putin Says He Won't Seek 3rd Term - Washington Post
Japan's Reforming Prime Minister Tells of His Great Political Gamble - Times of London
In a First, Camera Catches Live Giant Squid - Washington Post

Tuesday, September 27

Bush Taps into Oil Reserves and Urges Conservation - Financial Times
President Seeks to Federalize Emergencies - Washington Times
Katrina Takes a Toll on Truth, News Accuracy - Los Angeles Times
Zarqawi's Number Two 'Shot Dead' - BBC
U.S. Wants Pakistan to Do More - Los Angeles Times
Sharon Survives Effort by Rival to Hasten Vote - New York Times
China Tightens Grip on Internet - Wall Street Journal
Rice to Visit Haiti to Show Support of Nov. Elections - USA Today
In Polish Coalition, an Uneasy Partnership - International Herald Tribune
In Ukraine, Old Whiff of Scandal in New Regime - Chicago Tribune

Monday, September 26

Hurricane Rita Spares Cities, Devastates Rural Areas - Washington Post
Focus Turns to Recovery - USA Today
Bush Offers Pentagon as 'Lead Agency' in Disasters - Washington Times

Early Estimates of Storm's Cost Are Just a Fraction of Katrina's - New York Times
Former Communists Lose Vote in Poland - Daily Telegraph
Sharon Hits Back at Hamas as He Faces Fight on Home Front - Times of London
Generals Reassess Enemy in Iraq - Washington Times
The 'Myth' of Iraq's Foreign Fighters - Christian Science Monitor
Missteps Hamper Iraqi Oil Recovery - Los Angeles Times

IRA Disarms, Fulfilling Vow Made in July, Official Says - Washington Post

Saturday-Sunday, September 24-25

Rita's Wrath Less Than Feared - Washington Post
Oil Industry Dodges Bullet - USA Today/AP
Israel Launches Air Raids in Gaza - Boston Globe

Report: Britain to Pull Troops from Iraq - The Observer
Blair Denies Report of Iraq Withdrawal - BBC
Brown - I Won't Betray Blair Legacy - Sunday Times

Nuclear Agency Votes to Report Iran to U.N. Security Council - New York Times
EU Starts War on Red Tape - International Herald Tribune
Cheney Knee Surgery a Success, Aide Says - Chicago Sun-Times/AP

Hillary Comes Out Against Freedom Center - New York Post

Friday, September 23

Rita Changes Course, May Spare Houston Area - MSNBC | Tracking Map
Roads Jammed as Thousands Flee Rita - Washington Post
Top Shiite Cleric Backs Iraqi Constitution - FOX News/AP
Saudi Minister Warns U.S. Iraq May Face Disintegration - New York Times

Minuteman Border Patrol Raises Opposition in Texas - Washington Times
German Party Leaders Agree to More Talks - Financial Times

News Analysis: Following the Trajectory of the Candidate Merkel - Intl Herald Trib/NYT
Facing Opposition, U.S. and E.U. Backpedal on Iran Action - Washington Post

West Presses to Rebuke Iran, Despite Russian Dissent - New York Times
Rule May Restrict Gay Men from Catholic Seminaries - USA Today
A Foreign Classroom for a Freshman Senator - Chicago Tribune

Thursday, September 22

Texas Braces For Hurricane Rita - Washington Post | Tracking Map
‘Scared to Death,' Thousands Flee Coast - USA Today
18 Oil Refineries Lie In Storm's Path - Times of London
Disabled Airliner Creates a 3-Hour Drama in Skies - Los Angeles Times
Iraqi Forces Show Signs Of Progress In Offensive - Washington Post

Iraq's Democracy Dilemma - Christian Science Monitor
Jordan's King Reaches Out to Jews, Hits Radical Islam - Washington Times

Weldon Accuses Pentagon of Stifling Pre-9/11 Findings
- Philadelphia Inquirer
Lawmakers Oppose Federal Money for Current Ground Zero Plans - Newsday/AP

Warnings of Decline in Growth Within EU - International Herald Tribune

EU Drops Hardline Stance on Iran - BBC
Analysis: Iran Makes North Korea Look Easy - Los Angeles Times

Wednesday, September 21

Hurricane Rita Upgraded to Category 4 - CNN
New Orleans Facing More Flooding by Rita - Associated Press
Democrats Say Relief Effort Needs Independent Inquiry - New York Times
In Iraq, Sadr Militia's New Muscle in South - Christian Science Monitor
Nations Seek to Hold North Korea to Text of Agreement - Washington Post
Iran Warns Against Referral of Nuclear Issue to the U.N. - New York Times

US Uses 'Libya Model' to Boost Pressure on Syria - Christian Science Monitor

In Germany Merkel Gets Boost in Bid for Power - International Herald Tribune
Fed Raises Interest Rate to Highest in 4 Years - USA Today
Crude Oil Prices Jump to $67 a Barrel - ABC News/AP
Simon Wiesenthal: Nazi Hunter Loyal to the Dead - Los Angeles Times

Tuesday, September 20

N. Korea Sets Condition on Nuclear Pact - Los Angeles Times
Long Process Looms On Nuclear Accord - Washington Post
Who Will Take Germany's Top Office?
- Christian Science Monitor
Feeling Some Heat, Merkel Fights for Top Job - International Herald Tribune
Officials Butt Heads, New Orleans Halts Reentry - Washington Post
Southern Florida, Gulf Coast Keeping Watch on Rita - CNN | 5 Day Forecast Map
NASA Planning Return to Moon Within 13 Years - New York Times
Afghan Turnout Is Put at 50% - Los Angeles Times

July 7 Bombers Rehearsed Suicide Attacks - Times of London
Is Pakistan Doing its Part in the War on Terrorism? - USA Today

Monday, September 19

N Korea to 'Give Up Nuclear Aims' - BBC | Text of Joint Statement
Iran Bids to Redefine Nuclear Limits
- Christian Science Monitor
U.S. and Allies Seek Iran Resolution at U.N. - New York Times
Analysis: Iran's Hardline Rhetoric - Washington Post
Divided German Voters Leave New Leadership Uncertain - Washington Post
Germany Slides into Political Chaos - Financial Times
Millions of Afghans Ignore Threats to Vote for Parliament - USA Today
Election A Crucial Step Toward Democracy in Afghanistan - Christian Science Monitor
U.S. Asks Nagin to Halt Return - Washington Times

U.S. Claims Success in Iraq Despite Onslaught - Washington Post

Saturday-Sunday, September 17-18

Afghans Go to Polls in Historic Vote - Boston Globe
Germany Votes in Close Election - BBC
Business Owners Start to Return to New Orleans - New York Times
Red Tape, Lapses in Planning Stall Relief Effort - Washington Post
New Orleans Mayor Defends Return Plan - Associated Press
2 Killed, Scores Hurt as Metra Train Derails - Chicago Tribune

Cheney to Have Aneurysm Surgery - Los Angeles Times

Iraq's Costs Worry Americans, Poll Indicates - New York Times

Iran Lashes Out on Nuclear Issue - Washington Post

Friday, September 16

Bush: New Orleans "Will Rise Again" - USA Today
Poll: Some of the Uprooted Won't Go Home Again - Washington Post
Iraq Mosque Struck by Car Bomber - BBC
US Tempers Its View of Victory in Iraq - Christian Science Monitor

Iran Hints at Nuclear Initiative - Los Angeles Times
Sharon Tells U.N. It's Time for Palestinian Peace Steps - New York Times
Clinton Gathers World Leaders - Washington Post
Schröder Assails His Foe's Tax Proposals - International Herald Tribune
Record Jobless Rate Haunts Germany - Washington Post

Koizumi’s Landslide Victory Concerns the Public - Financial Times

Thursday, September 15

Bush to Request More Aid Funding - Washington Post
Ex-FEMA Chief Tells of Frustration and Chaos - New York Times
Ophelia Lashes N.C. with Winds, Rains - Charlotte Observer | Tracking Map
Bush, Annan Tout the Role of the U.N. - Los Angeles Times

This Year, Bush Takes a Different Tone With the U.N. - Washington Post

Federal Judge Rules Against Pledge of Allegiance - USA Today
Northwest, Delta File for Bankruptcy Protection - Boston Globe
Merkel Gets Personal, Offers 8-Point Plan to Revive Germany - Intl Herald Tribune

New Generation of Afghan Voters Is Finding Its Voice - New York Times

Galloway v. Hitchens: Round Two - The Times

Wednesday, September 14

Bush Takes Responsibility For Failures Of Response - Washington Post
Owners of Nursing Home Charged in Deaths of 34 - New York Times
New Orleans' Port, Airport Now Reopened - Washington Times
Ophelia Slides Along North Carolina Coast - Raleigh News & Observer
Wave of Violence in Iraq Kills More Than 100 - CNN
Bush Juggles Problems at Home, Abroad - Chicago Tribune
U.N. Scales Back Plan of Action - Washington Post

North Korea Talks Resume, Still in a Standoff - New York Times
No-Frills Candidate Aims For Germany's Top Spot - Washington Post

Extent of L.A. Blackout Gave DWP Chief a Jolt - Los Angeles Times

Tuesday, September 13

After Days of Criticism, FEMA Director Resigns - New York Times

A Major Test for FEMA And Its Contracting Crew - Washington Post
Much Wider Damage to Levees Is Disclosed - Los Angeles Times

40 Insurgents Killed During Day 3 of Tal Afar Offensive - USA Today

Talabani Says Iraqis Could Replace Many U.S. Troops - Washington Post

Karzai Urges Terror Fight Rethink - BBC
Schröder's Surge Forces Challengers to Shift Campaign - Daily Telegraph
Anger in Europe's Streets Over Fuel - International Herald Tribune
How the US Wants the United Nations to Reform - Christian Science Monitor

Monday, September 12

President Makes His 3rd Visit to Gulf Coast - Washington Post
Hopes Rise as Water Recedes in New Orleans - USA Today
Why Levee Breaches In New Orleans Were Late-Breaking News - Wall Street Journal

Japan's Koizumi Crushes His Election Enemies - The Times

Gazans Burn Synagogues in Israeli Soldiers' Wake - Los Angeles Times

Bolton Dives Right Into Effort to Change U.N. - USA Today

U.S. and Iraqi Forces Continue Tall Afar Offensive - Washington Post
New Al Qaeda Tape Hints at Frustration - Christian Science Monitor
Moved by 9/11, Some Americans Changed Their Lives - Christian Science Monitor

Saturday-Sunday, September 10-11

Nation Pauses to Remember - Chicago Tribune
Chronology of Errors: How a Disaster Spread - Boston Globe
Breakdowns Marked Path From Hurricane to Anarchy - New York Times
FEMA Director Replaced as Head Of Relief Effort - Washington Post
Colin Powell on Iraq, Race, and Hurricane Relief - ABC News
Joint Force Targets Town Near Syria Border - Los Angeles Times

Court Backs Bush on Padilla Case - Boston Globe
Tape Released: American al Qaeda Member Warns of Attacks - ABC News
It's a Landslide for Koizumi in Japan - International Herald Tribune/NYT

Yahoo Says It Gave China Internet Data - Washington Post
Blair Urged to Scrap Holocaust Day - Sunday Times

Friday, September 9

In New Orleans, Troops Escalate Urgency of Evacuation - Washington Post
Crews Roust Holdouts, Brace for the Body Count - Los Angeles Times
Cost of Recovery Surges, as Do Bids to Join in Effort - New York Times
Gauging Katrina's Economic Impact - Wall Street Journal
Berger Fined for Taking Papers - Washington Times

Chirac 'to Miss' UN World Summit - BBC
Merkel Camp Jittery as Polls Shift - International Herald Tribune
Mubarak Wins Egypt Election, Controversy Swirls - Washington Post
China Says North Korea Nuclear Talks Will Resume Tuesday - New York Times
After Four Years, First Signs of Renewal at Ground Zero - Christian Science Monitor

Thursday, September 8

Forced Evacuation of a Battered New Orleans Begins - New York Times
Concerns Grow About Toxic Floodwaters - Associated Press
Bush Requests $51.8 Billion More for Relief - Washington Post
`Chief' Is Laid to Rest - Chicago Tribune
First Multicandidate Race Draws Egyptian Voters - New York Times
I Won't Quit, Vows UN Chief - Daily Telegraph
Iraq's Sunnis Register to Vote in Droves - Washington Post

Bush Calls for US Refiners to Boost Fuel Output - Financial Times
Ukraine President Yushchenko Fires Government - CNN
Schröder and Putin Cementing Relationship - International Herald Tribune

Wednesday, September 7

Public Mourns Chief Justice - Washington Post
Flooding Recedes in New Orleans; U.S. Inquiry Is Set - New York Times
New Orleans Mayor Approves Forced Removal - FOX News
Disease Fear Rises - Boston Globe
U.S. Forces Give Iraqis Full Control Of Najaf - Washington Post

Egypt Votes in Landmark Election - BBC
US Economy Takes Big Hit - Christian Science Monitor
Donations at $500 Million, and Climbing - Los Angeles Times

Oil-For-Food Probe: UN Needs Overhaul to Stop Fraud - Washington Post

Tuesday, September 6

Levee Patched; Pumps Begin Removing Water - CNN
‘Destroyed' City Clears Out - USA Today
Hundreds Refuse to Evacuate - Los Angeles Times
Senators ‘to Demand Answers' on Slow Action - USA Today

OECD Calls Oil Price Rise ‘Major Economic Shock’ - Financial Times
Katrina Forces Investors To Rethink Fall Strategies - Wall Street Journal
Zarqawi Asserts Control Over Town Near Syrian Border - Washington Post
Voters Reverse Islamists' Rise in Pakistani Politics - Christian Science Monitor
Who'll Watch Egypt's Historic Vote? - Christian Science Monitor
Life Without Mubarak? Unimaginable - Los Angeles Times
Experts Find Reduced Effects of Chernobyl - New York Times/IHT

Monday, September 5

The Rehnquist Legacy - Washington Post
Recovery Teams Go House to House in New Orleans - CNN
Bush Heading Back to Gulf Coast - MSNBC/AP

Housing Boom May Continue After Storm, Experts Say - New York Times
All 117 on Board Die in Indonesian Plane Crash - Daily Telegraph
Iraq May Forgo Multiple Trials if Hussein Is Convicted in First - Washington Post
EU Presses on After Charter Vote - International Herald Tribune
The Schröder-Merkel Debate: Experts Say Conservative Still Leads the Chancellor - NYT
Polls Show Japan's LDP Heading for Victory - Financial Times

Saturday - Sunday, September 3 - 4

Chief Justice Rehnquist Dies at 80 - New York Times
New Orleans Turns Attention to Its Dead - MSNBC/AP
Wounded City Buoyed by Troops' Response - Boston Globe
Storm Exposed Disarray at the Top | Blame Shifts to State and Local Officials - Wash Post
Bush Stunned by Condition of N.O. - New Orleans Times-Picayune
Pumping May Take Months - New York Times
Paris Hit by Third Deadly Blaze - BBC
Chirac Hospitalized but Condition 'Very Satisfactory' - Associated Press
In Germany, Merkel Boldly Rises from Communist Ashes - International Herald Tribune
How Kadafi Went From Foe to Ally - Los Angeles Times

Friday, September 2

New Orleans a City of Despair and Lawlessness - Washington Post
Government Saw Flood Risk, Not Levee Failure - New York Times
Bush Recruits His Father, Clinton for Fundraising - USA Today
Private Donations May Reach a Billion Dollars - Christian Science Monitor
Poll: Gas Prices Affecting Habits - CBS News
Israel and Pakistan Make 'a Huge Breakthrough' - International Herald Tribune/NYT
Al-Qaeda Lays Claim to July 7 London Attacks - Financial Times
Video: 'We Are at War: I am a Soldier' - Daily Telegraph
3 More Recall 2000 Chart on Atta - Washington Times
Iraq Buries Stampede Dead as Politicians Point Fingers - Christian Science Monitor
Boeing Machinists Vote to Go on Strike Today - Los Angeles Times

Thursday, September 1

In New Orleans, a Desperate Exodus - Washington Post
By Land, Sea and Air, Federal Government's Relief Efforts Begin - USA Today
Water May Linger for Months - Los Angeles Times
950 Die in Stampede on Baghdad Bridge - New York Times
Bolton Voices Opposition to U.N. Proposals - Washington Post
Schröder Attacks Opposition’s ‘Cold’ Vision for German Society - Financial Times
Twins Vie to Take Over Leadership of Poland - International Herald Tribune
Jailed Russian Tycoon Plans to Run for Parliament - Los Angeles Times
Chimp Genome Could Reveal Human Secrets - Boston Globe
Pakistan-Israel in Landmark Talks - BBC

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