Thursday, March 31

Unaware of Spotlight, Terri Schiavo Dies - St. Petersburg Times
Report: Iraq Intelligence 'Dead Wrong' - CNN
Zimbabweans Voting in a Key Election for Parliament - New York Times
Zimbabwe's Opposition Hopeful - Christian Science Monitor
Syria Moves to Keep Control of Lebanon - Washington Post
Behind Diplomacy, Iran Sees a Fight Coming - Christian Science Monitor
22 Million Chinese Seek to Block Japan's Bid to Join U.N. Council - New York Times
German Unemployment Hits Postwar High - The Guardian
Some Question Annan's Viability at U.N. - New York Times
Koppel to Leave ABC News - Washington Post

Wednesday, March 30

Appeals Court Considers New Petition in the Schiavo Case - New York Times
Doctors Feed Pope by Nasal Tube - BBC
Annan Given Mixed Review - Los Angeles Times
Indonesians Hunt for Quake Victims - Washington Post
Delay Possible on Iraq Charter as Talks Falter - New York Times
Zimbabwe Prepares to Go to Polls - Times of London
Revolution Echoes Around Russia - Christian Science Monitor
U.N. Council Approves Penalties in Darfur - New York Times
Poll: Iran Not a Nuclear Threat - CNN
EU Backs Wolfowitz as World Bank Chief - The Guardian
Supreme Court Expands Title IX - Chicago Tribune
Johnnie Cochran Dead at 67 - Los Angeles Times

Tuesday, March 29

Hundreds of Indonesians Die in Major Earthquake - Washington Post
Husband Plans Autopsy For Schiavo - Tampa Tribune
Kyrgyz in Political Compromise - New York Times
Moscow Wary Following Upheaval in Kyrgyzstan - Boston Globe
Iraqi Troop Training: Signs of Progress - Christian Science Monitor
Panel's Report Assails C.I.A. for Failure on Iraq Weapons - New York Times
U.S. Says Rights Are Key to Relations - Washington Post
For Sudan Slaves, Freedom at a Cost - Los Angeles Times
Report: No Proof Annan Knew of Oil-for-Food Deal Bid - Associated Press
Oil Prices Spread to Grapes, TVs, Pizza - Christian Science Monitor
2nd Teen Is Linked to School Shooting - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Monday, March 28

Indian Ocean Quake Causes Panic - BBC
Schiavo Called Beyond Saving - Los Angeles Times
Pope Delivers a Silent Easter Blessing - Washington Post
Rivals' Struggle Locks Kyrgyzstan in Power Vacuum - Christian Science Monitor
Kyrgyz Political Stand-Off Eases - BBC
Iraq's Sunni Arabs Seek Their Voice - Los Angeles Times
Opposition Fears Zimbabwe Vote Is Already Lost - The Guardian
Parliament Vote Removes Another Obstacle to Gaza Pullout - New York Times
Texas Accuses Bush of Trampling Autonomy in Death Penalty Case - Washington Post
Egypt Reins in Democratic Voices - Christian Science Monitor
Schröder Calls on Companies to Create Jobs In Germany - New York Times
Jakarta Tenure Offers Glimpse of Wolfowitz - Washington Post

Saturday - Sunday, March 26 - 27

Fla. High Court Rejects Schindlers' Appeal - Washington Post
U.S. Is Set to Sell Jets to Pakistan; India Is Critical - New York Times
Taiwanese Hold Major Protest Against China - Associated Press
Rice Describes Plans To Spread Democracy - Washington Post
Pentagon Will Not Try 17 G.I.'s Implicated in Prisoners' Deaths - New York Times
Bush Banks on Stirring It Up With Wolfowitz Nomination - Los Angeles Times
Push for Wolfowitz Counterweight at World Bank - Financial Times
Grass-Roots Effort Aims to Upend Mugabe in Zimbabwe - New York Times
Past Arguments Don't Square With Current Iran Policy - Washington Post
New Details on F.B.I. Aid for Saudis After 9/11 - New York Times
Poll: Most Plan Easter Worship - Washington Times

Friday, March 25

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear the Schiavo Case - New York Times
Popular Uprising in Strategic Kyrgyzstan Topples Regime - Los Angeles Times
Kyrgyz Opposition Names New Acting President - Financial Times
Revolt Returns to ex-Soviet Sphere - Christian Science Monitor
U.N. Report Quotes Threat By Assad to Harm Hariri - Washington Post
World Divided on Ethics of Terri Schiavo Case - Christian Science Monitor
Vatican Focuses Debate Over the End of Life - Boston Globe
Pentagon Sees Aggressive Antidrug Effort in Afghanistan - New York Times
Car Bomber Kills Iraqi Commandos - BBC
Israeli Settlement Plan 'at Odds' With U.S. - Los Angeles Times
Inflation Flickers Again on Horizon - Christian Science Monitor
Security Council Votes to Send Peacekeepers to Sudan - Boston Globe
Grokster and StreamCast Face the Music - The Economist
Trading Places: Real Estate Instead of Dot-Coms - New York Times

Thursday, March 24

Schiavo's Parents Appeal to the Supreme Court on Feeding Tube - New York Times
U.S., Canada, Mexico Vow New Cooperation - Associated Press
Mexico Accused of Abusing its Illegals - Washington Times
In Iraq With 'Reservists That Fight' - Christian Science Monitor
Signs of Danger Were Missed in a Troubled Teenager's Life - New York Times
Report Emphasizes Shortfall in Medicare - Washington Post
Protesters Oust Kyrgyz Government - BBC
14 Die in Blast at BP Oil Refinery in Texas - New York Times
Overnight Search Turns Up No More Victims of Refinery Blast - Houston Chronicle
Blast Won't Necessarily Curtail Gasoline Production - Houston Chronicle
France Offers U.S. a Dilemma on Sudan - Associated Press
Title IX Web Surveys Criticized by NCAA - Washington Post
U.S.-Backed Iraqis Raid Camp and Report Killing 80 Insurgents - New York Times
Wolfowitz Draws Nearer to World Bank Post - Washington Post
India Alters Law on Drug Patents - New York Times

Wednesday, March 23

Full Court of Appeals Turns Down Schiavo Case - New York Times
European Union Said to Keep Embargo on Arms to China - New York Times
Rice Trip Message on N. Korea, Taiwan - Christian Science Monitor
Cheney Defends Bush Appointments - Washington Post
Shooting Rampage by Student Leaves 10 Dead on Reservation - New York Times
North America's Bonds of Choice - Christian Science Monitor
Consumer Prices Increase, Adding to Concerns on Inflation - New York Times
Online Advertising Growing Fast, Might Soon Pass Mag Ads - Investor's Business Daily
Bush Unveils New Pact With Mexico and Canada - New York Times
Sunnis Now Want to Join Iraq Politics - Christian Science Monitor
Wave of Corruption Tarnishes China's Extraordinary Growth - New York Times

Tuesday, March 22

Annan Unveils U.N. Reform Plan, Sets Timer for Debate - Los Angeles Times
European Union Said to Keep Embargo on Arms to China - New York Times
Court Declines 'Recess Appointment' Challenge - Christian Science Monitor
New EPA Mercury Rule Omits Conflicting Data - Washington Post
Shooting Rampage by Student Leaves 10 Dead on Reservation - New York Times
Dollar Drifts Ahead of Fed Announcement - Financial Times
Despite 'Road Map,' Israel Approves Expansion of West Bank Settlement - Boston Globe
After 5 Months' Absence, Rehnquist Is Back in Court - New York Times
Decision to Go to War in Iraq Defines Bush Presidency - Boston Globe
Top Shiite Cleric Urges Iraqis to Form Coalition - New York Times
In Zimbabwe, People Power Fails to Ignite - Christian Science Monitor
Wave of Corruption Tarnishes China's Extraordinary Growth - New York Times

Monday, March 21

There Are Signs the Tide May Be Turning on Iraq's Street of Fear - New York Times
Feeding Tube Case Heads to U.S. Court - Boston Globe
U.S.-Mexican Border as a Terror Risk - Christian Science Monitor
John Paul Is Silent On Palm Sunday - Washington Post
Pakistani's Black Market May Sell Nuclear Secrets - New York Times
Turkey, US Relations Hit New Rough Spot - Christian Science Monitor
US Joins Old Foes to Build New Iraqi Army - Los Angeles Times
Annan to Offer Plans for Change in U.N. Structure - New York Times
Rice Warns Europe on Arms Sales - Washington Times
Pakistani's Black Market May Sell Nuclear Secrets - New York Times
John Z. DeLorean: Maker of Futuristic Car Lived Fast Life - Los Angeles Times

Saturday - Sunday, March 19 - 21

Rice Arrives to a Tense North Asia - Christian Science Monitor
Japanese Claim Touches Nerve in South Korea - Washington Post
Congress Ready to Approve Bill in Schiavo Case - New York Times
Bush to Sign Bill to Save Schiavo - Baltimore Sun and Orlando Sentinel
Schiavo Tube Could Be Back in Monday - St. Petersburg Times
Patchwork of Progress and Perils in Iraq - Christian Science Monitor
Can the Spread of Nuclear Weapons Make Us Safer? - Boston Globe
Rice Puts Japan At Center of New U.S. Vision of Asia - Washington Post
Africa to World: We Can Handle War Justice Ourselves - Christian Science Monitor

Friday, March 18

Congress Moves to Halt Feeding Tube Removal in Florida - New York Times
Baseball Has A Day of Reckoning In Congress - Washington Post
Murphy: No Talks Until IRA Crime Ends - The Guardian

Militants Extend Mideast Cease-Fire - Chicago Tribune
Bush Invites Sharon to Western White House - Fox News/AP
Patchwork of Progress and Perils in Iraq - Christian Science Monitor
Britain 'Could Send More Troops to Iraq' - Daily Telegraph
Questions Are Left by C.I.A. Chief on the Use of Torture - New York Times
Ukraine Admits Missiles Sold to Iran and China - Daily Telegraph
Diplomat Was Architect of U.S. Cold War Policy - Los Angeles Times

Thursday March 17, 2005

Wolfowitz To Head World Bank - Times of London
European Leaders Grudgingly Accept Appointment - International Herald Tribune
Iraqis Mark Historic Day 1 of Parliament - Chicago Tribune
Families' Lives Measure Pace of Progress in Iraq - USA Today
The Rise of Rice and a New 'Realism' - Christian Science Monitor
Security Chief Signals a Shift in Approach to Terror - New York Times
Oil's Rise Shows No Sign of Slowing - Los Angeles Times
McCartneys seek Bush's help at White House - Guardian

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bush Throws Support Behind Wolfowitz for World Bank Post - New York Times
Mideast Events Lifting World's View of Bush - Boston Globe
2 Years After Invasion, Poll Data Mixed - Washington Post
Iraqi Assembly Convenes Against Backdrop of Explosions - New York Times

Italy to Pull Out Troops from Iraq in September - Washington Times
Rice Seeks Details on Pakistani's Nuclear Help to Iran - New York Times
Fraud Verdict Is Ominous for Toppled CEOs - Los Angeles Times
Harvard Faculty Gives Summers Vote of No Confidence - Boston Globe

Many Scientists Fear Bird Flu Cases Exceed Data - Los Angeles Times
Bush Sees Hezbollah in Politics - Los Angeles Times
U.S. Report Lists Possibilities for Terrorist Attacks and Likely Toll - New York Times

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Million Lebanese Stage Massive Retort to Terrorists - New York Sun
Rallies Highlight Rifts in Lebanon - Washington Post
Rice Reshaping Foreign Policy - Los Angeles Times
Bush Seeks to Ban Some Nations From All Nuclear Technology - New York Times
In Struggle to Be Heard, Rural Chinese Pack Beijing - Boston Globe
Chavez Casts Himself as the Anti-Bush - Washington Post
Sinn Fein Leader Plays Down Snubs From Bush and Kennedy - New York Times

2 With Ties To Hussein In Custody, Iraq Says - Washington Post
Halliburton Overcharged More Than $100 Million, Report Says - Los Angeles Times
California Judge Strikes Down Ban on Same-Sex Marriage - San Francisco Chronicle

Monday, March 14, 2005

Nearly One Million Gather for Anti-Syria Rally in Beirut - BBC
China Puts Threat to Taiwan Into Law - Washington Post
U.S. Is Displeased With China's 'Taiwan' Bill - New York Times

Israel Delays Action on Settler Outposts - Boston Globe

Kurds' Return to City Shakes Politics in Iraq - New York Times
U.N. Reaches Out to Win Back Middle America - Washington Times

As British Election Nears, Blair Favored--but Barely - Chicago Tribune
Pope Leaves Hospital as Faithful Cheer - Washington Post

Disney Names One of Its Own as New Chief - Los Angeles Times

Government Report on U.S. Aviation Warns of Security Holes - New York Times
Hostage's Cool Compassion Disarmed Atlanta Fugitive - Atlanta JC

Sunday, March 13, 2005

At Least 8 Are Dead in Wisconsin Shootings - Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Egypt Frees An Aspiring Candidate - Washington Post

Syria Gives Timetable on Leaving Lebanon - Boston Globe
Looting at Weapons Plants Was Systematic, Iraqi Says - New York Times
Irritated Iraqis Wait for Change - Los Angeles Times
Hamas Will Take Part in Vote for a Palestinian Legislature - New York Times
The Deal to Disarm Kadafi - Los Angeles Times
U.N. Faces More Accusations of Sexual Misconduct - Washington Post
Europeans Investigate CIA Role in Abductions - Washington Post
Interim Leader Named to Take Over in Hong Kong - Los Angeles Times

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Suspect in Courthouse Slayings Is Captured - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Rice Plans No Apology to North Korea - Washington Times

Europe and U.S. Agree on Carrot-and-Stick Approach to Iran - New York Times
Iran Rejects US Nuclear Incentive - BBC
U.S., Allies May Have to Wait Out Iran Elections - Washington Post
U.N. Envoy in Syria to Press for a Pullout - Los Angeles Times
Over Bitter Opposition, Antiterrorism Bill Passes in Britain - New York Times

Spain Pays Silent Homage To Victims of Train Bombs - Washington Post
A Case Study in Postwar Chaos - Los Angeles Times

Army Details Scale of Abuse of Prisoners in an Afghan Jail - New York Times

Friday, March 11, 2005

U.S. and European Allies Agree on Steps in Iran Dispute - New York Times
Top U.N. Envoy to Present Syria With Ultimatum - Washington Post
Lebanese Prime Minister Pledges to Build Unity - Los Angeles Times

Kurds, Shi'ites Agree on Power-Sharing Deal - Boston Globe
Iraq War Compels Pentagon to Rethink Big-Picture Strategy - Los Angeles Times
Israeli Troops Kill Militant in W. Bank Raid - Chicago Tribune

Rice Offers Words of Friendship in Mexico - Washington Post
Chechen Rebels Name Religious Figure to Replace Slain Leader - New York Times
U.S. Doctors Treated Yushchenko - Washington Post
Top Cop Says Evidence, Suicide Notes Solve Lefkow Slayings - Chicago Tribune

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Iran 'Given Pakistan Centrifuges' - BBC

U.S. Called Ready to See Hezbollah in Lebanon Role - New York Times
U.N. Envoy to Seek Syria Pullout Plan - Washington Times
Pro-Syria Premier May Be Reinstated - Los Angeles Times
Egyptian Diplomat Rebuts Bush's Views on Mideast - Washington Post
New Interrogation Rules Set for Detainees in Iraq - New York Times
39 Bodies Discovered at Remote Sites in Iraq - Washington Post
Hong Kong's Embattled Leader Steps Down - New York Times

U.S. Quits Pact Used in Capital Cases - Washington Post

Pentagon Sees Missile-Defense Progress - Washington Times

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

For Bush, a Taste of Vindication in Mideast - New York Times
Bush Calls Democracy Terror's Antidote - Washington Post
Bush Foes Admit Benefits of Iraq Policy - Washington Times
Italy Calls Shooting an Accident - Washington Post
Data Is Lacking on Iran's Arms, U.S. Panel Says - New York Times
Israeli Officials Said to Aid Settler Outposts - Boston Globe

Russians Kill Chechen Separatist Leader in His Hide-Out - New York Times
Bolivian President Hangs On but Fails to Secure Promises - Los Angeles Times
Clinton to Have Follow-Up Surgery - USA Today
Big Burst from St. Helens - Seattle Times

Trump Dumps Lofty Goal for Tower's Spire - Chicago Tribune

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Huge Pro-Syrian Protest Fills Square and Streets in Beirut - New York Times
Violence and Political Doubts Persist in Iraq - Los Angeles Times
Italy Didn't Plan Safe Escape for Hostage - Washington Times
Rebel Attacks Down Sharply in Afghanistan, U.S. General Says - New York Times
Mideast Strides Lift Bush, But Challenges Remain - Washington Post
Moldova Appears Poised to Turn West - Los Angeles Times
China Sends Warning to Taiwan With Anti-Secession Law - Washington Post
Terror Suspects Buying Firearms, U.S. Report Finds - New York Times
NASA Sets Out Details for its New Spacecraft - Philadelphia Inquirer

Boeing Chief Forced Out - Chicago Tribune

Monday, March 7, 2005

Developments in Mideast Soften Criticism in Congress - Los Angeles Times
Syria, Lebanon Agree to Troop Pullback - CNN
Hezbollah to Protest U.S. Stance On Lebanon - Washington Post
China Doubts U.S. Data on North Korean Nuclear Work - New York Times
As Vote Nears, Hope of Change in Zimbabwe - Boston Globe

Shootings by U.S. at Iraq Checkpoints Questioned - Washington Post
Deadline Set for 1st Session of Government in Iraq - Chicago Tribune
Pakistanis Pursue Qaeda Forces in Offensive on Afghan Border - New York Times

Bolivian President Says He'll Resign - Los Angeles Times
Unpaid Aid Pledges Endanger Sudan Peace Pact, U.N. Says - New York Times

Sunday, March 6, 2005

Syria Pullback 'Starts on Monday' - BBC
U.S. Rejects Syria's Withdrawal Plan for Lebanon - Washington Post
Iraqi Army Takes 1st Step Toward Relieving GIs - Chicago Tribune
In Iraq, a Case Without Precedent - Los Angeles Times
Drawn-Out Talks on Assembly Upset Iraqis - Washington Post
Ukraine's Security Chief Says Ex-Official Killed Himself - New York Times
Bush, EU Allies Take New Angle on Iran Nuclear Ambitions - Boston Globe

Mideast Faces a Quandary: Is a Halt in Killings a Truce? - New York Times
U.S. Targets Spy Services Abroad - Washington Times

China Leader Mixes Rhetoric on Taiwan - New York Times

Saturday, March 5, 2005

Syria Announces Gradual Lebanon Pullback - Washington Post
Two Legislators Withdraw From Fragile Shiite Coalition - New York Times
U.S. Fires on Freed Italian Hostage - Washington Post
Construction Projects Outpace Rebels' Attacks in Iraq - Washington Times
London Mayor Assails Israeli Leader - Los Angeles Times
Unexpected Whiff of Freedom Proves Bracing for the Mideast - New York Times
Taiwan in Focus as Chinese Legislators Gather - Boston Globe

Job Growth Rises, to Delight of Investors - New York Times
$50,000 Lefkow Reward Offered - Chicago Tribune
Bonds Says There Are Far Worse Things Than Steroids - San Francisco Chronicle

Friday, March 4, 2005

Saudis Join Call for Syrian Force to Quit Lebanon - New York Times
Ukrainian Ex-Minister Found Dead - BBC
N. Korea Lists Conditions for Negotiations - Los Angeles Times
American Jails in Iraq Are Bursting With Detainees - New York Times
Simple Changes Urged to Save Newborns - Boston Globe
In Rebuilding Sudan, Birth Often Brings Suffering and Death - Washington Post
Ambassador Denies Sudan Backed Atrocities - USA Today
U.S.-Canada Relations Seen Growing Chilly - Washington Post
Bain Group Offers $3.3b for the 30-Team NHL - Boston Globe

Martha Is Now a Free Woman - Philadelphia Inquirer

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Bush Renews Demand on Syria - Washington Times
Syria Under Pressure: Worse Trouble May Lie Ahead - New York Times
China Says U.S. Has Double Standard on Rights - Washington Post
Shiites, Kurds Vow to Work Together
- Chicago Tribune
Sharon Rejects Referendum on Gaza Strip Withdrawal Plan - New York Times
More Trauma Likely in Gaza Reburial Plan - Boston Globe
U.S. Appears Poised to Support European Incentives for Iran - Los Angeles Times
Afghan Militia Chief Gets Top Post - Washington Post
For Some Central Europeans, US Losing Luster - Boston Globe

N. Korea, Without the Rancor - Los Angeles Times

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

High Court Bans Juvenile Execution - Dallas Morning News
Court Enters Debate Over Display of Commandments - USA Today
2 Members of Hussein Tribunal Are Assassinated in Baghdad - New York Times
Iraqi TV Targets Insurgents - Los Angeles Times
U.S., France Tell Syria To Leave Lebanon - Washington Post
Iran Nuclear Plans Under Pressure - BBC
A Step Forward for Palestinian State - Boston Globe
Saudi Shiites, Long Kept Down, Look to Iraq and Assert Rights - New York Times
US Role Questioned in Mideast Changes - Boston Globe

U.S. Lawmakers Warn Europe on Arms Sales to China - New York Times

Leftist Sworn In as Uruguay Leader - Los Angeles Times

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Lebanese Premier Resigns As Street Protest Heats Up - Washington Post
Struggle Looms Over Role of Syria in Lebanon - New York Times
Bin Laden Urges Zarqawi to Attack Inside America - Washington Times

Hussein-Era Officials Face Trials in Atrocities - Philadelphia Inquirer
US Sounds Alarm on Human Rights - Boston Globe

Rice Praises Restraint After Blast in Israel - Chicago Tribune
Palestinians Agree Steps Forward - BBC
U.S. Weighs Change of Tactics to Discourage Iran's Nuclear Aims - Los Angeles Times
Freedom 'on the March,' White House Declares - Washington Times
Winds of Change Stir in Mideast, but Their Direction Is Unclear - Los Angeles Times

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