Saturday-Sunday, July 30-31

Terror Suspect Gives First Account of London Attack - Guardian
Third Terror Cell on Loose in London - Sunday Times
U.S. Steps Up Effort to Seal Iraq Border With New Base - Los Angeles Times
Iraq Constitution May Face Delays - Washington Post
Iran to Resume Nuclear Activity, Spokesman Says - New York Times
Huge Weapons Cache Seized in Afghanistan - Associated Press
Anti-Mubarak Protesters Are Beaten in Cairo - Arizona Republic/AP
At State, Rice Takes Control of Diplomacy - Washington Post
NASA Plans Return to Moon as Prelude to Mars Voyage - Baltimore Sun
Astronomers Find 10th Planet - Chicago Tribune

Friday, July 29

Security Costs Slow Iraq Reconstruction - Washington Post
U.S. Muslims Issue Anti-Terror Edict - Chicago Sun-Times/AP
7/21 Bombers Made Just One Mistake, London Police Chief Warns - Times of London
Major Operation Under Way in London Bomb Probe - CNN
The IRA Pledges a Farewell to Arms - Christian Science Monitor
Weary Marines Finish 3rd Tour in Iraq - USA Today
Changes Made to NIE Process - New York Times
Prominent Cleric From Yemen Is Sentenced to 75 Years - New York Times
Trump Says He'll Renovate the U.N. Quicker, Cheaper - USA Today
Discovery Is OK for Trip Home, NASA Says - Houston Chronicle

Thursday, July 28

Pakistan Connection Seen in Taliban's New Tactics - Los Angeles Times
Nine Men Arrested in South London Terror Raids - Times of London
Shuttle Program Halted Over Debris - Miami Herald
Discovery Docks with Space Station - CNN
Judge Decries U.S. Tactics, Sentences Terrorist Ressam to 22 Years - Seattle Times
U.S. General Discusses Iraq Pullout by 2006 - Associated Press
Ill-Equipped Soldiers Use Excess Force - Washington Times
Baathist Purge May Stall Hussein Trial - Christian Science Monitor
Mubarak Seeks to Win 5th Term - Washington Post
Iran's President Says Nuclear Work Will Resume - New York Times
North Korea Rejects U.S. Plan on Arms - Washington Post

Wednesday, July 27

Reports: London Bomb Suspect Arrested - MSNBC
Police Debate if London Plotters Were Suicide Bombers, or Dupes - New York Times
British Keep a Wary Eye on Pakistan - Christian Science Monitor
Blair: Not 'One Inch' to Terrorists - FOX News/AP
Rumsfeld in Surprise Visit to Iraq - Washington Post
Poll: 53% Say Not Mistake to Send Troops to Iraq - USA Today
Discovery Relaunches Shuttle Program - Los Angeles Times
Labor Seeks New Strategies - Wall Street Journal
Union Split: Sign of Decline or Revival? - Christian Science Monitor
Energy Bill Wouldn't Wean U.S. Off Oil Imports, Analysts Say - Washington Post
Chicago Developer Plans for a Higher Spire - USA Today

Tuesday, July 26

Two Rebel Unions Split from AFL-CIO - USA Today
Analysis: Ambitions Are Fueling Union Split - New York Times
Vanishing London Bombers and the Mystery 'Safe House' - Times of London
Suicide Bomber Identified in Egypt Attack - Associated Press
Dutch Film-Maker's Killer Gets Life - Guardian
Specter May Seek Probe of Guantanamo - Philadelphia Inquirer
Pakistan Claims al-Qaeda Command Destroyed - Financial Times
Taliban on the Run but Far from Vanquished - USA Today
Osama Plot: Sell Poison Cocaine in US - New York Post
Anti-Terror War Pushed to Africa - Washington Post
Terror Shifts Muslim Views - Christian Science Monitor
Illegal Entry by Non-Mexicans Rises - Christian Science Monitor
Discovery's Crew Ready for Launch - Miami Herald

Monday, July 25

Egypt Rallies Against Terror - San Francisco Chronicle
British Pursue Link Between 2 Sets of Bombers - Washington Post
Armed Police Deploy as London Steps Up Hunt for Bombers - Times of London
Suicide Bombings Bring Urgency to Police in U.S. - New York Times
China Says Revaluation an ‘Initial Adjustment' - Financial Times
Zimbabwe's Future: Made in China - International Herald Tribune/NYT
N. Korea Talks May Be a Last Chance - Los Angeles Times
Guard Recruits Fall Off Steeply - Washington Times
Energy Beam Weapon May Lower Iraq Civilian Deaths - USA Today
The Rise of a Jihadi Suicide Culture - Christian Science Monitor

Saturday - Sunday, July 23- 24

Death Toll Rises to at Least 90 in Bombings at Egyptian Resort - New York Times
Dozens Held in Egyptian Terror Blasts - Washington Times
Al Qaeda Suspected in UK, Egypt Attacks - Washington Post
London Police Shot Wrong Man - Times of London
Chief Apologises For Shooting - Guardian
Legal Issues Being Raised on Searches in NY Subways - New York Times
White House Aims to Block Legislation on Detainees - Washington Post
Rice Urges Israel to Keep Gaza Open After Pullout - Los Angeles Times
Sunnis to Rejoin Iraqi Constitutional Committee - Los Angeles Times
Lance Armstrong Wins Tour de France - FOX News/AP

Friday, July 22

Police Kill Man on Subway Station Near Site of Terror Attack - Baltimore Sun/AP
4 Blasts Reminiscent of 7/7 Attacks - Washington Post
London Police Ask for Tough New Powers - Guardian
NY Transit Riders Face Unprecedented Random Bag Searches - Newsday
China No Longer to Peg Currency Only to Dollar - New York Times
US Treasury Welcomes Currency Reform - Financial Times
Companies See Little Impact From Costlier Yuan -- For Now - Wall Street Journal
Sudanese Guards Rough Up U.S. Aides and Reporter as Rice Visits - New York Times
Rice Makes Surprise Stop in Beirut - Washington Post
The Sidewalks Where Terror Breeds - Christian Science Monitor

Thursday, July 21

London Attacked Again; Police Confirm 4 Blasts - MSNBC
Blair Takes on Islamic Extremism - Washington Times
Top al-Qaeda Briton Called Tube Bombers Before 7/7 Attack - Times of London
China Revalues Yuan by 2.1 Percent - Bloomberg
Greenspan Upbeat on Economy, Warns on Housing Market - Washington Post
Iraqis Not Ready to Fight Rebels on Their Own, U.S. Says - New York Times
Sunnis Boycott Panel Drafting Charter for Iraq - New York Times
Padilla Demands To Be Charged - Chicago Sun-Times/AP
Bush Pledges 'Unprecedented' Spending on Security in U.S. - International Herald Tribune
NASA Sets Shuttle Launch for Tuesday - Orlando Sentinel

Wednesday, July 20

Pentagon Says China Seeks to Extend Military Reach - Los Angeles Times
Bush Officials Defend India Nuclear Deal - Washington Post
Why US Is Shifting Nuclear Stand with India - Christian Science Monitor
Bid by Chevron in Big Oil Deal Thwarts China - New York Times
In UK, Ban on Preparing, Inciting or Glorifying Violence - Financial Times
Pakistan Police Raids Detain 200 - BBC
Merkel Joins with Sarkozy to Back Change in Europe - International Herald Tribune
U.S. to Oppose Reporters' Shield Law - Los Angeles Times
Dissidents Threaten Labor Convention Boycott - New York Times
Israeli Withdrawal Unshakable, Says Envoy to U.S. - San Francisco Chronicle
Two Sunni Members Of Constitution Panel Are Slain in Baghdad - Washington Post

Tuesday, July 19

U.S., India May Share Nuclear Technology - Washington Post
India Praises 'Historic' US Deal - BBC
London Bombers 'Met Chief Plotter' in Karachi - Times of London
Police Handed Extension to Question Bomb Suspect - Daily Telegraph
Parties Back Clarke on Anti-Terror Laws - Guardian
Blair Meets UK Muslim Leaders - CNN
Justice Dept. Seeks to Pursue Tobacco Profits - Washington Post
U.S. Criticized on Iraq Rebuilding - Los Angeles Times
Iraqis Race to Finish Constitution - Christian Science Monitor
German High Court Blocks Qaeda Suspect's Extradition - New York Times
Israeli Protesters Marching to Gaza - Boston Globe

Monday, July 18

Iraqi Town Left Devastated by Attack - Los Angeles Times
Soldiers Re-Enlist Beyond U.S. Goal - USA Today
Sleuths Find UN Oil-For-Food Stash - New York Post
A Time for Soul-Searching in British Mosques - USA Today
Gov't Rejects Report Claiming Iraq Link - Times of London
Three UK Bombers Visited Pakistan - BBC
What a Merkel Victory Would Mean to Europe - International Herald Tribune
GOP Chairmen Face Off on Global Warming - Washington Post
New York Medicaid Fraud May Reach Into Billions - New York Times
Unocal Deal Tests US Stance Toward China - Christian Science Monitor

Sunday, July 17

London Bombers Caught Together on Camera - Sunday Telegraph
Blair Says 'Evil Ideology' Must Be Faced Directly - New York Times
Bombing At Mosque Kills At Least 98 In Iraq - Washington Post
Iraq Brings First Charges Against Saddam Hussein - CNN
Can the Sunnis Count? - New York Times
Abbas Urges Palestinian Adherence to Cease-Fire - Los Angeles Times
Missile Defense in Place in Alaska, but Will It Work? - Seattle Times
Chavez Military Moves Eyed - Boston Globe
Taliban Hangs Pro-Government Chief in South Afghanistan - Los Angeles Times
Cheney Completes Annual Physical - Washington Post/AP

Saturday, July 16

UK Bomb Probe Widens to Egypt, Pakistan - Financial Times
Blair Decries Extremists''Evil Ideology' - Associated Press
U.S. Says Syria Is Trying To Strangle Lebanon - Washington Post
Ruling Lets U.S. Restart Trials at Guantánamo - New York Times
Prosecution Under Suspicion in Inquiry of Russian Ex-Premier - Los Angeles Times
Israel Kills 6 in Strikes on Hamas - Los Angeles Times
Hurricane Emily Menaces Jamaica - CNN
Potter Book Eyes Sales Record - Washington Post
`The Game Is Better Because of Jack' - Chicago Tribune

Friday, July 15

A Man on a Mission of Death - Daily Telegraph
London Suspect Caught in Cairo - FOX News
Muslims 'Must Tackle Enemy in Their Midst' - Times of London
Support for Bin Laden, Violence Down Among Muslims, Poll Says - Washington Post
Suicide Bombs Rock Baghdad - BBC
Chinese General Threatens Use of A-Bombs if U.S. Intrudes - New York Times
Chirac, on Bastille Day, Lists the Ways France Bests England - International Herald Trib
Chavez Touts `21st Century Socialism' - Chicago Tribune
US Expects Chinese Currency Revaluation - Financial Times
Younger Students Excel in Reading - USA Today

Thursday, July 14

London Falls Silent In Tribute to Victims - Times of London
British Seeking 5th Man, Thought to Be Ringleader - New York Times
No Gitmo Torture, Senate Panel Told - Washington Times
Abu Ghraib Tactics Were First Used at Guantanamo - Washington Post
Ebbers Sentented To 25 Years in Prison - Tampa Tribune
Faulty Sensor Foils Shuttle Launch - USA Today
Homeland Security Chief Announces Overhaul - New York Times
Immigration Overhaul Seen as Key to Domestic Security - Los Angeles Times
The Real First Responders: Citizens? - Christian Science Monitor
Time Reporter Testifies About Contacts With Rove - Washington Post

Wednesday, July 13

4 From Britain Carried Out Terror Blasts, Police Say - New York Times
Profiles of the London Four - Daily Telegraph
Dossier on al-Qaeda Recruits Leaked - Times of London
Suicide Attack by Palestinian Teen Kills Three, Hurts 50 at Israeli Mall - Phil. Inquirer
Official Admits Errors in Iraq - Washington Post
'Americans with You,' Bush Assures Britons - International Herald Tribune
S. Korea Offers Energy to North - Los Angeles Times
Shiites Bring Rigid Piety to Iraq's South - Christian Science Monitor
27 People, Many Children, Killed by Bomber in Baghdad - New York Times
Weather Threatens Shuttle Discovery's Launch - CNN

Tuesday, July 12

Controlled Explosion at Home Raided by Anti-Terror Police - Times of London
British Politicians Unite Behind Blair - Washington Post
Military-Quality Explosives Suspected in London Blasts - New York Times
Blair May Speed up Tightening of Terror Laws - Financial Times
Oil-for-Food Program Official Investigated - Reuters
Bombs Planner Fled Britain Early, Police Say - Washington Times
S. Korea Gives North an Aid Package - Los Angeles Times
Blast in Lebanon Wounds Deputy Prime Minister - Associated Press
U.S. Lifts Ban on Troops Entering London - Daily Mail
Europe Unprepared For New Islamist Threat - Washington Times
Israel to Pass U.S. as Biggest Jewish Community - Reuters
Rice Visits a Thai Village Where the Tsunami's Scars Run Deep - Los Angeles Times

Monday, July 11

For Liberals, High Stakes at High Court - Washington Post
High Court Fight Could Heat Up Senate's Summer - Los Angeles Times
U.K. Memo Cites Plans For Troop Reduction - Washington Post
Prisoners Escape U.S. Afghan Base - BBC
Body of Last Missing SEAL Recovered - Associated Press
U.S. Lacks Outline of Terror Threat - Dallas Morning News
Iraqi Suicide Bomber Began With a Diatribe - Los Angeles Times
With No Leads, British Consult Allies on Blasts - New York Times
China June Trade Surplus Swells Five-Fold - Reuters
U.S. Open To Ties With North Korea - Washington Times
Terror Alert Highest Ever as Police Fear New Attack - Times of London
N. Korea Takes Pride in Arsenal - Los Angeles Times
Israeli Cabinet OKs Wall Despite Dissent - Associated Press
Revolutionary Bakiyev Wins Kyrgyz Poll by Landslide - Reuters

Sunday, July 10

North Koreans Agree to Resume Nuclear Talks - New York Times
Leaked No 10 Dossier Reveals Al-Qaeda’s British Recruits - Sunday Times
Nuclear Arsenal On Table After Boycott - Washington Post
Arab Newspaper Slams Muslims For Aiding Terror - Sunday Telegraph
For a Decade, London Thrived as a Busy Crossroads of Terror - New York Times
Facing a Nuclear North Korea - American Enterprise Institute
'Foreign Terrorist Cell' Was Behind London Bombings - Sunday Telegraph
Mastermind of Madrid is Key Figure - Sunday Times
British Police Revise Time Span of Subway Blasts - New York Times
In London, Islamic Radicals Found a Haven - Washington Post
Karimov Mulls Fate of U.S. Military Presence - Associated Press
Uzbek Unrest Threatens Russia - Washington Times
SEAL Was Executed, Purported Militant Says - Los Angeles Times

Saturday, July 9

Resolute G-8 Leaders Unveil African Aid - Associated Press
London Placed on Highest State of Alert - Financial Times
London Death Toll Rises Past 50 - Washington Times
Italy to Start Iraq Troop Pullout in Fall - Associated Press
Unemployment at Lowest Level in 4 Years - Reuters
London's Islamists Unusually Mum - Washington Times
Rice Has No Plans to Improve Offer to North Korea in Arms Talks - New York Times
Ex-Rebel Welcomed in Khartoum - Associated Press

Missing Teen's Mom Apologizes For Comments - CNN
Ethiopian Expats Slam Action Against Dissenters - Washington Times
Diplomats Urged to Stay, Despite Killing - Associated Press
Allies of Philippine President Call on Her to Step Down - New York Times

Friday, July 8

Britain 'Defiant' as Bombers Kill 52 in Attack on the Heart of London - Times of London
An 'Inevitable' Attack Surprises Just the Same - New York Times
Chirac Claims Win Over U.S. on Kyoto - Washington Times
Bombs Held Less Than 10 Lbs. of Explosives - Associated Press
Blasts Overshadow Business at G-8 Conference - Los Angeles Times
U.K. Officials Face Big Task in Bombings - Associated Press
Unknown Number of Victims in Tunnel - London Evening Standard
Timers Used in Blasts, Police Say; Parallels to Madrid Are Found - New York Times
Threat Level Increased to 'High' for U.S. Mass Transit - Washington Times
Iraq Takes Blame for '80s War as Nations Renew Ties - Associated Press
Army Finds Few Lapses in Health Care of Prisoners - New York Times
Muslim Council Condemns 'Evil Deeds' in Britain - Washington Times
SEAL Will be Executed, Taliban Says - Associated Press

Thursday, July 7

London Rocked By Terror Attacks - BBC
Four London Blasts Kill at Least 40, Injure 300 - Associated Press
Al-Qaida Claims Responsibilty for Explosions in British Capital - Der Spiegel
Iraqi Diplomat Slams U.N. For Misuse of Funds - Washington Times
Global Stocks, U.K. Pound Slump on London Blasts; Bonds Advance - Bloomberg
Bush Urges Americans to Be Extra Vigilant - Associated Press
Tony Blair: It’s Terrorism - Financial Times
Al-Qaida Claims Killing of Egyptian Envoy - Associated Press
Egypt Puts Off Reformer's Trial, Letting Him Run Against Mubarak - New York Times
G8 Condemns 'Barbaric' London Attacks - Reuters
Netanyahu Changed Plans Due to Terror Warning - Associated Press
East Europe Eyes Soviet-Era Abuses - Washington Times
A Bad Hair Week Gets Really Bad For Chirac - Reuters
N.Y. Times Reporter Jailed - Washington Post
'Time' Reporter to Testify - USA Today

Wednesday, July 6

London Awarded 2012 Olympic Games - Associated Press
Military Expands Homeland Efforts - Washington Post
3,192 Terror Attacks in '04, Tally Says - Chicago Sun-Times
Disappointment In New York, But No Surprise - Associated Press
Syria Seen Stepping Up Aid to Iraq-Bound Insurgents - Washington Times
Bush, Blair Head to G8 With Conflicting Agendas - USA Today
Appalled at Beating of Protesters, Egypt's Opposition Leaps to Action - Washington Post
Leaders to Begin Arriving at G-8 Summit - Associated Press
Compromise Within Reach At G8 - CBS
G8 Protesters to March on Gleneagles - Guardian
Reality Ruins 'Live 8' Boasts - Washington Times
2 Muslim Diplomats Attacked In Baghdad - Washington Post
Chemical Plants Pose Risk to Communities - Associated Press
From Filmmaker in Los Angeles to Iraq Detainee - New York Times
Ala. Mother's Comments Anger Some Arubans - Associated Press

Tuesday, July 5

Pentagon Weighs Strategy Change to Deter Terror - New York Times
Bush Cool to Blair on Climate - Los Angeles Times
Tropical Storm Cindy Heads Toward La. - Associated Press
G.I.'s Recover Bodies of 2 on Seal Team in Afghanistan - New York Times
Chirac: 'The Only Thing the British Have Ever Given European Farming is Mad Cow' - DT
China Tells Congress To Back Off Businesses - Washington Post
Iraqi Leader: No Talks With Killers - Washington Times
Sunni Group in Iraq Urges Members to Vote - New York Times
Iraqi Barbers Face Unkindest Cut of All, Targeting by Terrorists - Agence France Presse
West Bank Plan Eyes Jordanians on Patrol - Washington Times
Raids Net 100 Terror Suspects in Capital - Associated Press

Monday, July 4

Second Navy Seal Is Found in Eastern Afghanistan - New York Times
Bush Tries to Remake Image as Team Player at G8 - Los Angeles Times
Egypt's Top Diplomat in Iraq Presumed Abducted in Baghdad - Washington Post
Iran Sees Smears From U.S., Israel and Warns Europe - Associated Press
PRI Wins Governorship of Mexico's Most Populous State - Los Angeles Times
Albanian Elections Raise Hopes of Ties With Europe - Associated Press
Muslim Nations Face Rising Threat of AIDS - Agence France-Press
Mission Accomplished: Probe Hits Comet - Associated Press
A Pakistani Cricket Star's Turn to Islamicism - Washington Post
Dozens Arrested on Cockfighting Charges in S.C. - Associated Press

Sunday, July 3

A Shiite Town That Bled Under Hussein Hails His Trial - New York Times
Saddam Seeks Trial Outside Iraq - Times of London
China Aims Spy Network at Trade Secrets in Europe - Sunday Telegraph
Bid Stops Here: New York Set for a Final Olympic Dash - New York Times
Murders Foreshadow South African Land War - Sunday Telegraph
Hamas Weighs Abbas' Offer to Join Cabinet - Associated Press
British-Based Airline Fuelled Congo Terror - Times of London
U.S. Planes Bomb Suspected Taliban Mountain Base - Associated Press
Albania Prepares to Vote Amid Accusations of Fraud and Intimidation - New York Times
Iranian Leader Accused in Killing of Kurds - Associated Press
Historic Rock Concerts Put Spotlight on Poverty - Reuters

Saturday, July 2

Iranian Leader Denies He Took Embassy Hostages - New York Times
G8 Officials in Last-Ditch Bid on Africa, Climate
- Reuters
Overpopulation Seen Spawning Terrorism - Washington Times
Abbas Seeks Cabinet Post for Hamas - Los Angeles Times
Legacy of Embassy Seizure Fades - Associated Press
Uzbek Opposition Asks U.S. to Push For Inquiry - Washington Times
N. Korea Mobilizes Millions on Farms Amid Talk of Food Crisis - Los Angeles Times
Mexico's Fox Says Postage Stamp is Not Racist - Associated Press
Chiapas Exodus Reflects on Zapatista Rule - Los Angeles Times
Kurds, Emboldened by Lebanon, Rise Up in Tense Syria - New York Times
India's Hindu Opposition Party Torn By Internal Strife - Washington Times
Italian Leader Chastises U.S. in Kidnapping Case in Milan - International Herald Tribune

Friday, July 1

16 Bodies Recovered From Helicopter Crash - Washington Post
U.S. Demands Iran Answers for Ahmadinejad's Role in 1979 - Washington Times
Taser Sues USA Today for Libel - Reuters
Italy Denies Knowing of Any CIA Kidnapping - Washington Times
Contractors Treated Like the Enemy - Fox News
Shuttle Set for July 13 Launch, NASA Says - Washington Post
Senator Wants FBI to Do More in Aruba - Fox News
Baghdad's Mayor Bemoans Crumbling Capital, Threatens Resignation - Associated Press
Schröder Gets His Wish for Early Election, by Losing Key Vote - New York Times
Annan Remains a Focus of the Oil for Food Probe - Washington Times
Several Squatters Die as Zimbabwe Police Destroy Camp - New York Times
As Usual, Rumsfeld Stares Down the Storm - Los Angeles Times
U.S. Freezes Assets of Two Senior Syrian Officials - New York Times
How Iran's Reformers Lost Their Way - Christian Science Monitor
Army to Use Fewer National Guard Troops in Iraq - Washington Post

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