Monday, February 28, 2005

Million Dollar Baby Is the Undisputed Champ - USA Today
Car Bomb Kills More Than 100 in Iraq - Washington Post
Syria Turns Over a Top Insurgent, Iraqis Say - New York Times
Israel Seeks Censure from U.N. on Strike - Washington Times

Federated to Buy May for $11B - Cincinnati Enquirer

Bush Weighs Offers To Iran - Washington Post
Egyptians Doubtful of a Free Election - Los Angeles Times
Shiites See an Opening in Saudi Arabia - Washington Post

Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan Vote, and Observers See Trouble - New York Times
After Transition, NBC Still 1st in Ratings - New York Times

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Lacking Details, U.S. Is Cautious on Egypt's Plan for Open Vote - New York Times
Iran's Nuclear Program Traced to 1987 Meeting - Washington Post
Russia-Iran Nuclear Deal Signed - BBC
Half-Brother of Saddam Hussein Captured - Washington Post

Gang-Busting Chicago Cop Now Hunts for Insurgents - Chicago Tribune

Sharon Says Diplomatic Progress Hinges on Palestinian Action - New York Times

A High-Risk Nuclear Stakeout - Los Angeles Times

Afghans Accuse U.S. of Secret Spraying to Kill Poppies - New York Times
Pope Asks for Prayers, Waves From Window - Washington Post

Police Arrest Suspect in BTK Serial Killings - Wichita Eagle

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Suicide Bomber Kills 4 in Tel Aviv - Washington Post
Seven Held Over Tel Aviv Bombing - BBC
9 U.N. Peacekeepers in Congo Killed by Militia Fighters - New York Times
Repairing Ties With U.S. Is Key, U.N. Officials Say - Washington Post
U.N. Probes Beyond Congo - Washington Times

Mubarak Pushes Egypt to Conduct Freer Elelections - New York Times
Togo's Leader Agrees to Quit - Los Angeles Times
China's Quiet Rise Casts Wide Shadow - Washington Post

Vatican Is Upbeat on Pope's Condition - Boston Globe
Schiavo's Tube to Be Removed on March 18 - Orlando Sentinel

Friday, February 25, 2005

Bush Democracy Vows May Take Time to Bear Fruit - Los Angeles Times
Bush Gently Prods Putin on Democracy - Washington Post
Putin Says Russia Bound to Democracy - Boston Globe
Slovakia Leader Hits Media on Bush Slant - Washington Times
Ailing Pope Rushed Back to Hospital - Chicago Tribune
U.S. Moves To Preserve Iraq Coalition - Washington Post

Syria Vows to Quit Lebanon but Declines to Say When - New York Times

Canada Rejects Missile Shield Plan - Washington Post
Nicaragua Lagging on Pledge to Scrap Portable Missiles - New York Times
Argentina Prepares to Shed Its Debt, Reenter Fiscal Markets - Los Angeles Times
Paris Minister Quits in Scandal Over His Apartment - New York Times

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bush Expected to Press Putin on Rollback of Reforms - New York Times

U.S.-Russia Pact Aimed at Nuclear Terrorism - Washington Post

China Offers More Than Weapons Sales - New York Times
Terri Schiavo Stay Extended by 48 Hours - Orlando Sentinel
Palestinian MPs Back New Cabinet - BBC
Saudi Vote Stirs New Enthusiasm - Washington Post
Killings in Kashmir Rattling Candidates - Chicago Tribune
In India, Sex Trade Fuels HIV's Spread - USA Today
Dollar a Source of Tension - Dallas Morning News
Allawi Will Make Longshot Bid to Keep His Job - Los Angeles Times

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bush Says United Front Is Essential to Curb Iran - New York Times
Bush Tries To Allay E.U. Worry Over Iran - Washington Post
Bush Says Europe Should Not Lift Its China Arms Embargo - New York Times

Iraqi Shi'ites Pick Nominee, Look for Wide Support - Boston Globe
U.S.' Prewar Visions Get Further Out of Focus - Los Angeles Times
Virginia Man Charged in Plot to Kill Bush - Baltimore Sun
Harvard Is Split on Summers - Washington Post
Schiavo's Parents Win Another Day - Orlando Sentinel
Justices Enter Assisted-Suicide Fight - The Oregonian
Canadians Want U.S. to Pay for Beef Ban - Seattle Times

Scientists See Signs of Frozen Sea Near Mars' Equator - Chicago Tribune

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bush Seeks to Mend Transatlantic Rift - Washington Post
Bush Says Russia Must Make Good on Democracy - New York Times
Bush Praises Modest Pledge From NATO on Training Iraqi Forces - New York Times
Shiite Coalition Names Jafari as PM Candidate - Washington Post
Coalition Combat Deaths Falling in Iraq - Philadelphia Inquirer
Israel Frees 500 Palestinians, Triggering Range of Emotions - Los Angeles Times
Three Little Words Matter to N. Korea - Washington Post
N. Korea Hints It Could Return to Nuclear Talks - Los Angeles Times
Syria Pledges Pullout Again Amid Protests by Lebanese - New York Times

U.S. Aid Funneled to Castro Opponents - Chicago Tribune
Powerful Quake Jolts Iran; Hundreds Die in Early Toll - New York Times

Monday, February 21, 2005

Bush Calls on Europe to Support U.S. in Aid for Iraq - New York Times
Bush Speech to Endorse Strong, United Europe - Los Angeles Times
Marines, Iraqi Forces Launch Offensive in Ramadi - Washington Post
Violent Attacks, Intimidation Trump Rebuilding in Iraq - Los Angeles Times
U.N. Official Quits in Harassment Case - Washinigton Post
Cabinet in Israel Ratifies Pullout From Gaza Strip - New York Times
Israel Pushes U.S. on Iran Nuke Solution - Washington Times
African Nations to Step Up Pressure on New Togo Ruler
- New York Times
Army Having Difficulty Meeting Goals In Recruiting - Washington Post
Military Offering More, and Bigger, Bonuses - USA Today

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Talk With Putin Will Test Bush's Inaugural Pledges - Washinigton Post
Europe United Is Good, Isn't It? - New York Times
Suicide Bombers Aim at a Shiite Holy Day in Iraq - New York Times
Italians March for Abducted Reporter's Release - Los Angeles Times
Israeli Cabinet Backs Gaza Plan - BBC
China Denounces United States-Japan Agreement on Taiwan - New York Times
U.S. and Japan Declare Concern Over North Korea
- New York Times
As Tensions With US Grow, Iran Heightens War Readiness - Boston Globe
Deep Roots Hold Syrian Influence in Lebanon - Los Angeles Times
Mexican Zetas Extending Violence Into North Texas - Dallas Morning News

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Russia Vows to Help Iran Develop Nuclear Energy - Washinigton Post
Senators Seek to Sanction Russia - Washington Times
Bush Seeks to Begin a Thaw in a Europe Still Cool to Him - New York Times
Bush Enlists Europe to Isolate Iran, Syria - Boston Globe
Senator Says U.N. Is Delaying 'Oil-for-Food' Probe - Los Angeles Times
U.N. Official Rejects Calls to Step Down Under Fire - New York Times
Syria Likely to Defy Calls For Pullout From Lebanon
- Washington Post

Israel Gears Up for Burst of Far-Right Anger at Pullout - New York Times
Afghans Face a Rocky Road to Next Vote - Washington Post
Bishops Say Abuse Accusers Top 1,000 - Boston Globe

Friday, February 18, 2005

Negroponte Needs President's Support as He Negotiates Bureaucracy - Washington Post

Spy Chief Faces Huge Burdens, Meager Authority - Los Angeles Times
Japan to Join U.S. Policy on Taiwan - Washington Post
Israel Halts Razing Policy - Chicago Tribune
Rebel Attacks in Baghdad Kill at Least 19 and Hurt 43 - New York Times
Iraq Must Unify Or Face 'Disaster,' Premier Warns - Washinigton Post
Iraqi Kurds Detail Demands for a Degree of Autonomy - New York Times

Putin: Iran Not Developing Nukes - CNN
Ex-Soviet States Look to Moscow - Boston Globe
Afghan Photos Sparked Inquiry - Los Angeles Times

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Bush Names Iraq Envoy as Nation's 1st Intelligence Chief - New York Times

Rice Moves to Name Senior Advisers - Boston Globe
War Helps Recruit Terrorists, Hill Told - Washington Post

General Says New War Could Strain Military - USA Today
No Stated Timetable, but Plenty of Goals in Iraq - Washington Post
Syria, Iran Form 'United Front' - Washington Times
Allies Resisting as U.S. Pushes Terror Label for Hezbollah - New York Times

Israeli Lawmakers OK Gaza Withdrawal Plan - Los Angeles Times
U.S. Envoy to Japan Assails North Korea's Arms Program - New York Times
IAEA Digs Into Past Of Iranian Program - Washinigton Post
NHL Season Canceled - USA Today

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

U.S. Recalls Its Envoy in Syria, Linking Nation to Beirut Blast - New York Times

Lebanese Warn Of Parallels to 1970s Volatility - Washington Post
Shi'ite List Picks al-Jaafari to Be Iraq's Prime Minister - Washington Times
Key Sunni Arab Group Predicates Its Participation on Troops' Leaving - Los Angeles Times

Four Senior Taliban Leaders Accept Amnesty - Washington Post
Israel, Palestinians Coordinating Gaza Pullout - Chicago Tribune
IAEA Head Disputes Claims on Iran Arms - Washington Post
U.S. Official Says North Korea Could Be Bluffing on Nuclear Arms - New York Times
Kyoto Treaty Takes Effect Today - Washington Post
Jailing of Reporters in C.I.A. Leak Case Is Upheld by Judges - New York Times

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Rice Sends Team to Assess Iraq Transition - Washington Post
US Hints at a Lesser Role as Iraq Ponders Leaders - Boston Globe
Top Iraq Rebels Elude Intensified U.S. Raids - Washington Post
Senate Strengthens Oil-for-Food Case on Annan's Son - Washington Times
10,000 Peacekeepers Sought by U.S. for Southern Sudan - New York Times

Charm, Fear May Help China Lure N. Korea Back to Arms Talks - Los Angeles Times
China Pressure on N. Korea Unlikely to Go Beyond Talk - USA Today
U.S. Urges Nations Not to Reward N. Korea - Washington Post
Arms Buying by Venezuela Worries U.S. - New York Times
Coordinated Blasts in Philippines Kill Seven, Wound More Than 100 - Los Angeles Times
Lebanese Army on Alert as Ex-Premier Is Mourned - New York Times

Monday, February 14, 2005

Shi'ite Muslims, Kurds Big Winners in Iraq Vote - Boston Globe
Results Test U.S. Vision - Washington Post
Split Verdict Sets Stage for Weak Government - New York Times
Shiites Walk Softly in New Landscape - Los Angeles Times
Verizon Announces MCI Acquisition - Washington Post
Abbas Declares War With Israel Effectively Over - New York Times
Car Bomb Kills Lebanon's Former Prime Minister - BBC
Senator Urges White House to Join Talks on Iran - Los Angeles Times
U.S. Is Shaping Plan to Pressure North Koreans - New York Times
Ray Charles Wins Album, Record of the Year at Grammys - CNN

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Shiites Win Most Votes in Iraq, Election Results Show - CNN
Postelection Optimism Ebbing in Iraq - Los Angeles Times
U.S. Uses Drones to Probe Iran For Arms - Washington Post
Chinese News Media Critical of North Korea - New York Times
'New' Rumsfeld Is Seeking Stronger Ties With Europe - New York Times
Hamas Agrees to Cease Attacks - Los Angeles Times
Israel Agrees to Free 500 Palestinian Prisoners - New York Times
Nepalese Respond Tepidly to Crackdown - Washington Post
With Dollar Falling, Foreign Buyers Pursue US Firms - Boston Globe

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Japan Urges North Korea to Rejoin Disarmament Talks - New York Times
Iraq's Hard-Line Shi'ites Vow to Resist US Agenda - Boston Globe
Rumsfeld Urges Unity in Terror War - BBC
Iraqi Insurgents Step Up Attacks After Elections - New York Times
Saudi Vote Hands Reformers a Setback - Chicago Tribune
Saudis Reach Out in War on Terror - Chicago Tribune
Venezuela Hits U.S. 'Impertinence' - Washington Times
Rare and Aggressive H.I.V. Reported in New York - New York Times
CIA Operation in Iran Failed When Spies Were Exposed - Los Angeles Times
Mounting Discontent in Russia Spills Into Streets - New York Times
Explicit Photos Fan U.N. Sex Scandal - Los Angeles Times
Canseco's Little 'Blacklist' Book - San Francisco Chronicle

Friday, February 11, 2005

North Korea Ups the Ante - Washington Post
U.S. Rejects North Korea Demand for Direct Nuclear Talks - New York Times
Abbas Fires 4 Commanders After Attacks on Settlements - Los Angeles Times
Attacks Kill at Least 21 in Iraqi Shiite Areas - CNN
Rumsfeld Visits Iraq to Assess Its Military and Police Forces - New York Times
Carter Ends Silence, Praises Iraqi Voting - Washington Times
Historic Election for Saudi Men Goes Smoothly - Chicago Tribune
Iranian Exiles Protest Tehran and Its Nuclear Agenda - Los Angeles Times
Rice on Mission to Transform the World - Philadelphia Inquirer
Rights Lawyer Convicted of Helping Terrorists - New York Times

Thursday, February 10, 2005

North Korea Says It Has Nuclear Weapons and Rejects Talks - New York Times
North Korea's Statement Puts China in a Quandary - New York Times
Russian Arms Sale to Chavez Irks U.S. - Washington Times
Saudis Gingerly Experiment With Democracy - Los Angeles Times
Rice, Rumsfeld Make Overtures to NATO - Washington Post
Tsunami Aid Hike Sought by Bush - Philadelphia Inquirer
US, Iraqis Woo Groups That Boycotted Election - Boston Globe
At Mideast Summit, a Step, Not a Leap - Philadelphia Inquirer
9/11 Report Cites Many Warnings About Hijackings - New York Times
Prince Charles to Marry Camilla - BBC

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Urging New Path, Sharon and Abbas Declare Truce - New York Times
Same Beginning, New Ending? - Los Angeles Times
To Judge by Media Coverage, Talks Seemed Less Than Weighty - New York Times
Rice Rebukes European Leaders on Iran - Washington Post
Dutch Study Feeds Debate on Child Euthanasia - Chicago Tribune
Concern on North Korea Brings U.S. Pressure - New York Times
Chief Executive of Hewlett-Packard Ends Rocky Tenure - San Francisco Chronicle
Ballot Strength Leads Kurds to Press a Role as Deal Makers - New York Times
Vatican Tries to Curb U.S. `Divorce Mentality' - Chicago Tribune
Sudan Pact Complicates Ending Darfur Conflict - Los Angeles Times

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Abbas and Sharon Pledge to Halt Attacks - New York Times
Rice, in Paris, Calls for 'New Chapter' in U.S.-Euro Alliance - Washington Post
2 Koreas Forge Economic Ties to Ease Tensions - New York Times
Togo Protests Over Power Transfer - BBC
Russia Faces Chechen Cease-Fire Bid - Los Angeles Times
Syria to Buy From Israel-Occupied Golan Heights - New York Times
Saudis Get Civics Lessons In Advance of Local Vote - Washington Post
Rebels Step Up Bloody Push Against Iraqi Forces - New York Times
U.N. Suspends 2 in Oil-for-Food Scandal - CNN
Jury Convicts Shanley of Raping Child - Boston Globe

Monday, February 7, 2005

Patriots Beat Eagles for Third Super Bowl Victory in Four Years - Boston Globe
Findings Show Magnitude of Tsunami Threat Underestimated - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Iraqis Cite Shift in Attitudes Since Vote - Washington Post
Cheney, Rumsfeld Discount Risk of Iran-Style Rule - New York Times
Kurds Gain in Iraq Vote Count; Rebel Attacks in 2 Cities Kill 29 - New York Times
Rice Wades Into Mideast Peace Process - Washington Post
Ex-Leader: Iran, U.S. Can Agree - USA Today
Arrest of Fox Aide Deepens Probe of Mexico Drug Spying - Chicago Tribune
China Discloses Prisoner Details - Washington Post
Thai Premier Claims Win as Votes Are Counted; Rival Concedes - New York Times

Sunday, February 6, 2005

A Tsunami Generation Rebuilds - Boston Globe
Thai PM Heads for Landslide Win - BBC
Saudis Confront Extremist Ideologies - Washington Post
Leading Shiite Clerics Pushing Islamic Constitution in Iraq - New York Times
Sistani Takes Center Stage - Los Angeles Times
U.S. Plans New Approach In Return to Mideast Role - Washington Post
Rice Chides Russia on Quieting Dissent but Rejects Penalty - New York Times
Wreckage of Afghan Jet Found on Peak - Los Angeles Times
Afghans Report Decline of Poppy Crop - Washington Post
Pope's Illness a Powerful Symbol - Boston Globe
Abundant Energy Fuels Alberta's Growth in Influence - New York Times

Saturday, February 5, 2005

Shiite Bloc Maintains Lead, but Iraq's North Has Yet to Be Tallied - New York Times
Sunnis Reconsider Their Role in Iraq - Washington Post
Germany Willing to Aid in Rebuilding of Iraq - Philadelphia Inquirer
Iraqi Police Use Kidnappers' Videos to Fight Crime - New York Times
G7 Backs Africa Debt Relief Plan - BBC
Examining the Intelligence on Iran - Los Angeles Times
Court Rejects Tobacco Penalty - Washington Post
Abbas, Sharon Hope to Avoid Repeating Past - Los Angeles Times
104 Are Lost in Crash of Afghan Plane - New York Times
Japan Says Man Died of Mad Cow Disease - Washington Post

Friday, February 4, 2005

Volcker Probe Finds 'Tainted' Deals in 'Oil-for-Food' Program - Los Angeles Times
Annan Vows Action on Iraq Report - BBC
Shiite Alliance Takes Big Lead as Votes Are Counted in Iraq - New York Times
U.S. to Pull 15,000 Troops Out of Iraq - Washington Post
Rice Says U.S. Attack on Iran 'Not on the Agenda' - New York Times
Speech Sparks Hope for Talks on N. Korea - Los Angeles Times
U.S. Tourists Cautioned About Jaunts to Mexico - USA Today
Israel Affirms Summit Proposals - Washington Post
9 High School Students Admit to Using Steroids - Dallas Morning News
Thailand's PM Rides Crest of Tsunami Disaster - USA Today
Harvard Aims to Spur Advancement of Women - Boston Globe

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Oil-For-Food Program 'Undermined' U.N. - Washington Post

In a Second-Floor Room, Iraq's Vote Slowly Unfolds - Los Angeles Times
Low Voting Rate Risks Isolation for Sunni Iraqis - New York Times
Sunni Group Says it Will Respect Vote it Boycotted - Chicago Tribune
Spate of Deadly Attacks Ends Post-Election Lull in Iraq - Washington Post

Rice Heads to UK for Blair Talks - BBC
Nuclear Evidence Could Point To Pakistan - Washington Post

Israel to Pull Back in Some West Bank Cities - New York Times
Schieffer to Host 'CBS Evening News' - Washington Times

Apparent Gas Leak Kills Prime Minister of Georgia - New York Times

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Tests Said to Tie Deal on Uranium to North Korea - New York Times
Iraq President Says U.S. Troops Must Stay - Philadelphia Inquirer
Parties Say Violations Hurt Sunni Turnout in Iraq Vote - Boston Globe
Iraqis Who Died While Daring to Vote Are Mourned as Martyrs - New York Times

Naysayers Tight-Lipped Since Success of Iraq Vote - Washington Times
Russia Keeping Busy in Affairs of the Mideast - Los Angeles Times
Abbas, Sharon to Meet in Egypt - Washington Post

U.N. Report on Sudan Draws Mixed Reaction - Washington Post

Spain's Basque Extremists Appear Vulnerable to Oblivion - San Francisco Chronicle
Fed Increases Key Rate to 2.5% - Los Angeles Times
Pope's Condition Stabilizes, Vatican Says - New York Times

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Iraqis Begin Tabulating Results of Milestone Election - New York Times
Urgent Tasks Loom After Iraq Polling - Boston Globe
Iraqi Kurds See Chance to Press for Statehood - Los Angeles Times
Pentagon to Raise Death Benefits for Combat Victims' Survivors - Washington Post

Major Networks Missed Joy in Iraq - Washington Times
U.N. Panel Finds No Genocide in Darfur, Urges Tribunals - Washington Post

Iran Open to Ties with U.S. - USA Today
EU Sanctions Lifted in Cuba - Miami Herald
King Sacks Government, Assuming Power in Nepal - New York Times

Rights of Gitmo Prisoners Upheld - Washington Times

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