Friday, December 31, 2004

In Asia, Growing Desperation - Boston Globe
U.S. Joins U.N. in Sorting Out How to Distribute Donations - Washington Post
For Indonesia's Leader, a Critical Test - Washington Post
Iraqi Militants Threaten Voters - BBC
FBI to Probe Mystery Lasers Aimed at Planes - Los Angeles Times
Abbas Gets Strong Support From Palestinian Militant Leader - New York Times
Musharraf Defends Role as Army Chief - Los Angeles Times
Scores Die in Argentina Club Fire - BBC
Yankees Acquire Randy Johnson in Trade - New York Times

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tsunami Toll Surpasses 114,000 as Leaders Vow Aid - New York Times
Extent of Need Could Strain Aid Efforts - Washington Post
Ukraine Premier Won't Accept Defeat - Los Angeles Times
Ukrainian PM's Appeals Rejected - BBC
25 Insurgents Killed During Attack on U.S. Base in Mosul - New York Times
Improved Armor, Care Keep Wounded Troops Alive - USA Today
Suicide Bomber Attacks Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry - New York Times
Sharon Seals New Israel Coalition - BBC
U.S. to Permit Cattle Imports From Canada - New York Times

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Epidemics Feared As Disaster's Toll Tops 76,000 - Washington Post
Bush Announces Tsunami Aid Coalition - CNN
An Outpouring by Individuals for Relief Effort - Philadelphia Inquirer
Ukrainian Government Cancels Meeting Amid Protest - Washington Post
28 Die in Wave of Insurgent Attacks in Iraq - Los Angeles Times
Iraqi Insurgents Set Trap for Police, Killing 29 - Washington Post
Despite Chaos, Election Plans on Schedule in Iraq - Chicago Tribune
Top Advisor to Putin Calls Oil Takeover the 'Scam of the Year' - Los Angeles Times
Nuclear Capabilities May Elude Terrorists, Experts Say - Washington Post

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Reported Deaths in Asia Climb to 44,000 - New York Times
Nations, Relief Agencies Brace for `Unprecedented' Need - Chicago Tribune
California Not Prepared for a Tsunami - Los Angeles Times
Sunni Party Withdraws From Iraq Vote - Washington Post
With All Votes Counted in Ukraine, Yushchenko Wins 51.99 % - New York Times
Winning by Sheer Survival - Philadelphia Inquirer
Insurgents Launch Multiple Attacks on Iraqi Police Posts - BBC
Iraqis Urged to Boycott Jan. 30 National Election - Washington Post
China Uses Defense Report to Renew Warnings to Taiwan - New York Times
Fliers' Anger May Imperil US Airways - Philadelphia Inquirer

Monday, December 27, 2004

At Least 22,000 Die in Tsunami - Los Angeles Times
Bush and Other Leaders Quick to Offer Condolences and Aid - New York Times
Yushchenko Appears Headed for Win in Ukraine - Washington Post
Yushchenko Able to Serve, but Will Need Longtime Care - New York Times
Iraq: Mosul Bomber Not Soldier - Chicago Tribune
Blast Kills Up to 15 at Baghdad Political Office - New York Times
French Apartment Blast Kills 15 - BBC
Honduran Sees Massacre as a Warning - Los Angeles Times
A Gaza Strip Settlement Agrees to Pull Up Stakes - Los Angeles Times
CIA Resists Request for Abuse Data - Boston Globe

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Massive Tidal Waves Kill Thousands in Asia - New York Times
Ukrainians Go Back to Ballot Box - Washington Post
U.S. Is Suggesting Guaranteed Role for Iraq's Sunnis - New York Times
Toll From Tanker Blast Reaches 9 in Baghdad - New York Times
Fast Food Takes a Bite Out of Chinese Culture - Washington Post
Argentina's Economic Rally Defies Forecasts - New York Times
Mexico's Economy Is Vrooming - Los Angeles Times
Abbas Urges Israel to Free Arab Prisoners and End Occupation - New York Times
Arafat Looms Behind Would-Be Successors - Los Angeles Times
A Voice for Hussein's Victims - Boston Globe

Friday, December 24, 2004

In Surprise Trip, Rumsfeld Visits U.S. Forces in Mosul - New York Times
Bomber Likely in Iraqi Uniform - Washington Post
Invited Home, 900 Evacuees Revisit Falluja - New York Times
Putin Lashes Out At U.S. and E.U. - Washington Post
Novelty in Congo: U.N. Investigates a Massacre - New York Times
Final Campaign Day for Ukraine - BBC
Palestinian Voting Is Held Without Serious Incident - New York Times
New Cabinet in Afghanistan Includes More Technocrats, Fewer Warlords - New York Times
Gang Linked to Honduras Massacre - BBC

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Iraq Base Was Hit By Suicide Attack, U.S. General Says - Washington Post
Foreign Team Will Watch Vote in Iraq From Jordan - New York Times
Crowds Rally in Ukraine Ahead of Vote - USA Today
Palestinians Vote in First Municipal Elections in 28 Years - BBC
Russian Oil Firm Buys Mysterious Bid Winner - Washington Post
Tanzania Releases Man Held in '98 Bombing - New York Times
Labor OKs Alliance With Sharon - Los Angeles Times
Blair, in Mideast, Sees New Talks on Reforms - New York Times
U.S. Contractor Pulls Out of Rebuilding Project in Iraq - USA Today

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

French Journalists Freed After 4 Months of Captivity in Iraq - Los Angeles Times
Precision of Mosul Base Attack Worries Military Experts - Washington Post
Troops: Building Was a Target - USA Today
Annan Says Oil-for-Food Produced a Bad Year - New York Times
Gang Steals $39 Million From Belfast Bank in Complex Heist - Los Angeles Times
Chief Is Ousted at Fannie Mae Under Pressure - New York Times
Putin: Sale Of Yukos Unit Legal - Washington Post
European Court Rules Against Microsoft on Windows - New York Times
New Papers Suggest Detainee Abuse Was Widespread - Washington Post

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

At Least 22 Killed in Mosul Attack - Washington Post
Top Iraqi Politicians Show They're in Campaign Mode - Los Angeles Times
Lottery Sets Order Of Ballot in Iraq - Washington Post
UN Troops Sent to End Congo Clash - BBC
Settler Group Backs Resistance to Gaza Plan - Washington Post
Ukraine Candidates Clash in Televised Debate - CNN
Corruption Spotlight Now on Panama - Los Angeles Times
Washington Post to Buy - New York Times
Accord Reached on D.C. Stadium - Washington Times

Monday, December 20, 2004

50 Suspects Held in Najaf After Rebels Strike in 3 Iraqi Cities - New York Times
Ukraine Rivals to Meet in Debate - BBC
Lebanese Wary of a Rising Hezbollah - Washington Post
Israel Says It Will Release 170 Palestinians to Please Egypt - New York Times
Soldiers Who Led Iraq Invasion Must Return - USA Today
Surprise Bidder Buys Yukos Unit - Washington Post
New Fighting in Eastern Congo, Rwanda Withdraws Threat - BBC

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Two Deadly Bombings Kill Dozens in Iraq - Washington Post
Iraqi Judge Questions Aides of Hussein With Lawyers - New York Times
Al Qaeda Shifts Strategy in Saudi Arabia - Washington Post
Bush Camp Cautious on Post-Arafat Support - Boston Globe
Move by Chinese Congress Alarms Taiwan - Los Angles Times
Putin's Efforts at Home Falter on World Stage - New York Times
Pentagon Seeks to Expand Role in Intelligence-Collecting - New York Times
Stem-cell Research Rush Set for California - Boston Globe

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Ukrainian Premier Defied on Own Turf - Washington Post
Divided Turkey Faces Long Road to EU Membership - Boston Globe
China Planning to Enact Law Against Secession - Washington Post
Ukraine Revote Now Hinges on Printing of Ballots - Los Angles Times
8 Are Killed as Inmates Try to Escape Kabul Prison - New York Times
Missile Defense System Won't Be Launched This Year - Los Angeles Times
Sharon Negotiates a Coalition With Labor - New York Times
Israel Kills 8 in Gaza After Palestinian Attacks - New York Times
D.C. Officials Seek Meeting to Save MLB Package - Washington Times
FDA Warns of Celebrex Heart Risk - Los Angeles Times

Friday, December 17, 2004

Europe Asks Turkey to Hold Membership Talks Next Year - New York Times
Iraqi Insurgents Directed From Syria, General Says - Washington Post
Arms Reductions, Troop Increase Eyed - Boston Globe
Ukrainian Premier Foresees New Crisis - Washington Post
Libya's Leader Says His Pledge on Weapons Re-elected Bush - New York Times
National Guard Reports Difficulty in Recruitment - USA Today
High Court Delivers Blow to British Anti-Terror Law - Los Angeles Times
Donors Consider Large Increase in Aid to Palestinians - New York Times
On Tape, Bin Laden Tries New Approach - Washington Post

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Purported New Bin Laden Tape Criticizes Saudi Royals - CNN
Bombing Kills 10 Near Shiite Shrine - Washington Post
Insurgents in Iraq Using Roadside Bombs More Effectively, General Says - New York Times
U.N. to Increase Its Staff in Iraq for Elections - New York Times
Army Spending $4.1B to Rush Armored Vehicles to Iraq - USA Today
EU Hesitating on Turkey Admission - Los Angeles Times
Hostage Takers Give Up After 18-Hour Standoff in Greece - New York Times
Baseball Rejects Terms for Washington D.C. Stadium - Washington Post
Defense Missile for U.S. System Fails to Launch - Los Angeles Times
Important Ally Quits Blair's Cabinet - New York Times
Yanukovich Stokes Backers' Fears - Los Angeles Times
Mother of Al Gore Dies at 92 - The Tennessean

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Hearing Set for Aides of Hussein - Washington Post
Allawi to Stand in Iraq Elections - BBC
Abbas Says Violence by Palestinians Should End - Washington Post
Bus With 26 Aboard Hijacked Outside Athens - New York Times
Fed Boosts Short-term Rates 1/4 Point - USA Today
War Funding Request May Hit $100 Billion - Boston Globe
Missile Defense Shield Test Fails - BBC
Details of Prisoner Abuse Revealed - Los Angeles Times

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Iraqi Premier Says Trials for Ex-Leaders to Start Next Week - New York Times
Blacklisted Russian Tied to Iraq Deals - Los Angeles Times
U.S. Presses for New Director of the U.N.'s Atomic Agency - New York Times
China Detains 3 Who Criticized Government - Washington Post
Sharon Raps Abbas Over Violence - Los Angeles Times
Google Announces Library Deal - Washington Post
Chilean Judge Says Pinochet Is Fit for Trial - New York Times
Jurors Say Scott Peterson Should Die - Los Angeles Times

Monday, December 13, 2004

8 U.S. Troops, 11 Iraqis Killed in Latest Violence - Washington Post
Rate of Guard Deaths Higher than Active-duty Soldiers - USA Today
9/11 Cases Proving Difficult in Germany - Washington Post
Barghouti Pulls Out of Race for Palestinian Presidency - New York Times
Tunnel Bomb Kills 5 Israeli Soldiers - Los Angeles Times
Ukraine Reopens Probe Into Poisoning - Washington Post
Oracle Ups Offer, Buys PeopleSoft for $10.3 Billion - New York Times

Sunday, December 12, 2004

IAEA Leader's Phone Tapped - Washington Post
Ex-Taliban Figure Questioned About Kidnappings - Los Angeles Times
Russia Policy Under Review - Los Angeles Times
Yushchenko Wants Investigation of Poisoning - CNN
Taiwan Leader Pushes the Envelope on Identity - Chicago Tribune
U.S. and Europe at Odds Again, This Time Over Iran - New York Times
Philippines Market Blast Kills 14 - BBC

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Ukraine Candidate 'Was Poisoned' - BBC
Pakistan Arrests Key Afghan Militant - New York Times
Taiwan Opposition Groups Claim Victory - Washington Post
Italy's Premier Cleared of Charges - Los Angeles Times
Series of Insurgent Attacks Leaves 4 Iraqi Policemen Dead - New York Times
Army Orders Increase in Armor Production - Boston Globe
Slaying Stuns Heavy Metal Fans - Chicago Tribune
Sharon Invites Labor for Talks - Los Angeles Times

Friday, December 10, 2004

U.S., in Public Statement, Backs Annan in His U.N. Post - New York Times
Iraq Shiites Offer Election Slate - Los Angeles Times
Mortar Strike Kills 3 on Baghdad Street - Washington Post
U.S. Vows to Supply More Armor - Chicago Tribune
Reporter Behind GI's Question to Rumsfeld - Chicago Tribune
Japan Extends Iraq Mission Up to a Year - Washington Post
Sharon, Bolstered by Vote, Reaches Out to Labor Party - New York Times
Canada Can Allow Same-Sex Marriages - Los Angeles Times

Thursday, December 9, 2004

Rumsfeld Says Airing Concerns was Healthy - USA Today
Powell Urges Europeans to Reconcile With U.S. - Washington Post
Annan: Part of the Problem, or Its Solution? - Los Angeles Times
Ukrainians Enact Reforms, Clearing Way for New Vote - New York Times
Yushchenko Vows to Prosecute Political Crimes if Elected - Washington Post
Kim Ousts Key Relative, Potential Rival, From N. Korean Government - Los Angeles Times
Libya Said to Lift Death Penalty of 6 Convicted in H.I.V. Case - New York Times
Leaders Map Out Concept for Peace in N. Ireland - Boston Globe
Final Score: 5 Pacers, 5 Fans Charged in Detroit Brawl - Indianapolis Star

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

History Made as Karzai Sworn In - Boston Globe
Karzai Pledges to Target Afghan Drug Trade - Los Angeles Times
Freed Captive Tells of Ordeal in Attack on Consulate in Jidda - New York Times
Iraq Rebels Aided By Allies in Syria, U.S. Says - Washington Post
Bush Praises Marines for Fighting Terror - Los Angeles Times
Iraq, Jordan See Threat To Election From Iran - Washington Post
Ukraine Parliament Votes for Sweeping Electoral Changes - New York Times
Powell Says Putin Wrong on Ukraine - Chicago Tribune
5 Pacers, 5 Fans Face Charges Today in NBA Brawl - USA Today

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Militants Kill Five at U.S. Consulate in Saudi Arabia - Los Angeles Times
Bush Ties Attack in Saudi Arabia to Iraqi Elections - Washington Post
Karzai Sworn in as Afghanistan's President - Los Angeles Times
U.S., Russia Spar Over Ukraine Election - Washington Post
Putin Says He Will Accept the Will of the Ukrainian People - New York Times
Iraq's Shiite Clergy Push To Get Out The Vote - Washington Post
2 C.I.A. Reports Offer Warnings on Iraq's Path - New York Times
Chicago High-Rise Fire Injures 25 - Chicago Tribune