Saturday, April 30

String of Explosions Kills 50 in Iraq - Washington Post
113 Kurds Are Found In Mass Grave - Washington Post
60 Years Later, China Enemies End Their War - New York Times
U.S. Downplays Remarks on N. Korea's Arms Ability - Los Angeles Times
In Europe, Economic Pessimism Takes Hold - International Herald Tribune
Labour Fears for Its Majority - Financial Times
Senate Targets Probers of U.N. - Washington Times
Bride-to-Be Jennifer Wilbanks Found Alive - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Concern Over Debris Prompts Shuttle Delay - Miami Herald
Planet 'Seen' Around Distant Sun - BBC

Friday, April 29

Iraqi Assembly Approves Partial Cabinet - Washington Post
3 U.S. Troops Among 27 Killed in Iraq - CNN
Photos of War Dead Released by Pentagon - Los Angeles Times
U.S. Aide Sees Nuclear Arms Advance by North Korea - New York Times
Ex-Diplomat Warns EU on Arms Ban - International Herald Tribune
Putin Visits Israel and Tries to Allay Its Security Worries - New York Times
Sudan Valuable in War on Terrorism - Los Angeles Times
People Power Rattling Politics of Latin America - Christian Science Monitor
Thatcher Leaves the Country, Frustrated at Party's Failure - Times of London
How the President's News Conference Ended Up Live on Four Networks - New York Times

Thursday, April 28

Iraq's Assembly Overwhelmingly Approves New Government - New York Times
Iraqi Legislator Slain, Underscoring Danger - Washington Post
Russia Asserts Itself in Mideast - Christian Science Monitor
Iraq Leak Forces Blair to Publish Full Legal Advice - Times of London
Fox Moves to End Crisis in Mexico - Los Angeles Times
Annan Rebuffs India on Expanded UN Role - International Herald Tribune
Zimbabwe's Role in U.N. Rights Panel Angers U.S. - New York Times
Taliban Coming in from Cold - Christian Science Monitor
US GDP Growth Slows to 3.1 Percent - Financial Times
Radar Alert Sends Bush into White House Bunker - USA Today

Wednesday, April 27

US at Least Seizes Zarqawi's Laptop - Christian Science Monitor
Records Show Man in LAX Plot Gave U.S. Key Terrorist Details - Los Angeles Times
Iraqi Leaders Give 6 Cabinet Posts to Sunnis - Washington Post
Oil-for-Food Probe Has Not Cleared Annan, Volcker Says - Washington Times
Private Poll Reveals Labour Fears in Britain - The Guardian
Lib Dem Mood Is 'Best Since 1983' - BBC
CIA Can't Rule Out WMD Move to Syria - Washington Times
With Syria Out, Lebanon Clout Grows - Christian Science Monitor
Word of Togo Leader's Victory Ignites Clashes - New York Times
Europe Hails Maiden Flight of the Superjumbo - Times of London
HarperCollins to Publish Reagan's Personal Diary - Washington Post

Tuesday, April 26

Bush and Saudi Prince Discuss High Oil Prices in Ranch Meeting - New York Times
Saudi Gives Bush No Assurance on Short-Term Oil - Washington Times
Report Finds No Evidence Syria Hid Iraqi Arms - Washington Post
Oil-For-Food Probe Chief Denies Conflict - San Francisco Chronicle/AP
Labour Veteran Brian Sedgemore Defects to Lib Dems - The Guardian
Death Toll Rises in Japan Crash - Los Angeles Times
U.S. Drops Hammer on Who's Who of Mob - Chicago Tribune
Afghan Charged in $50m Heroin Smuggling - Boston Globe
Politics and Law Clash in Mexico City - Christian Science Monitor
U.S. Considers Toughening Stance Toward Venezuela - New York Times

Monday, April 25

Train Derailment in Japan Kills at Least 50 - CNN
Reaching Out, Pope Asks for Unity - Boston Globe
American Catholics Approve of Pope Benedict XVI - Washington Post
Clinton Makes Campaign Stop (via Satellite) to Back Blair - New York Times
British Voter Turnout Could Plunge to Century-Low 53 Percent - CS Monitor
EU Fears for Future as French and Dutch Threaten 'No' Vote - Times of London
Putin Deplores Collapse of USSR - BBC
Letting Passions Burn May Backfire on China - Los Angeles Times
N. Korea to 'Bolster' A-Weapons - International Herald Tribune
White House May Go to U.N. Over North Korean Shipments - New York Times
Abbas Mired in Struggle - Christian Science Monitor
Last Syrian Units Pack to Pull Out of Lebanon - New York Times

Sunday, April 24

Mass Held to Install Pope Benedict XVI - Washington Post
Memory of John Paul II Surrounds Installation - New York Times
Tory Fury as BBC Sends Hecklers to Bait Howard - Sunday Telegraph
Iraq Returns as an Election Issue in Britain - The Guardian
Chinese Leader Tightens Party's Grip On Power - Washington Post
China and Japan Try to Ease Strain - Los Angeles Times
Leadership Void Fuels Disarray in Iraq - Los Angeles Times
US Military Worried Over Change in Iraq Attacks - Boston Globe
6 Arrested in Downing of Iraq Copter - New York Times
U.N. Chief's Record Comes Under Fire - Washington Post
Political Backfire Burns Vicente Fox - Chicago Tribune

Saturday, April 23

Four Top Officers Cleared by Army in Prison Abuses - New York Times
Questions Linger on Moussaoui's Role in 9/11 - Washington Post
Pope Thanks Media for Coverage - BBC
Pope May Have Received the Most Votes Ever - Daily Telegraph
Berlusconi Forms New Government in Italy - CNN
Bush Taps Pace For Joint Chiefs - New York Times
Videos Show Downing of Helicopter, Killing in Iraq - Los Angeles Times
Kurds' Leaders Said to Attempt to Block Shiite - New York Times
North Korea Seen Readying Its First Nuclear Arms Test - Washington Times
In Vietnam, A Dark Side To Good News On Bird Flu - Washington Post

Friday, April 22

Benedict Retains Team of Last Pope - Boston Globe
Stocks Surge, but Investors Remain Cautious - New York Times
Moussaoui: a Window on Terror Trials - Christian Science Monitor
Sept. 11 Suspects Go on Trial In Madrid - Washington Post
U.S. Says It Must End 2 Major Terror Cases - Seattle Times
Blair Attacks 'One-Issue' Tories Over Immigration Tactics - Times of London
Tory Letter Exposes Party Fears - The Guardian
Japanese Leader Apologizes For the Past - Washington Post
China Tries to Patch Its Torn Image - Christian Science Monitor
Reform Hinges on Syria's Leader - Chicago Tribune
Vital Nuclear Parts Missing - Los Angeles Times
Annan's Future Clouded, U.S. Says - Washington Times

Thursday, April 21

Fears of Rising Inflation Send Shares to New Lows for '05 - New York Times

Economic Worries Aren't Resonating on Hill - Washington Post
At Conclave, A Prediction And Promise - Washington Post
Benedict Promises a Papacy Marked by Openness, Dialogue - Los Angeles Times
Benedict XVI Will Test Religion's 'Red-Blue' Divide - Christian Science Monitor
Two Oil-For-Food Investigators Resign - Associated Press
Six Americans Among 9 Dead in Iraq Copter Crash - CNN
Rice Tells Putin U.S. Is No Threat in Region - New York Times
Two Paths Back from Tsunami - Christian Science Monitor
Global Drug Scam Broken - Philadelphia Inquirer
2030 Forecast: Mostly Gray - USA Today

Wednesday, April 20

Benedict XVI: A 'Humble Worker' - Boston Globe

An Agenda, Certainly, but Which? - Los Angeles Times
An Evangelizer on the Right, With His Eye on the Future - New York Times

Berlusconi Resigns to Plan New Government - BBC
Schröder's Party Pitches to Left - International Herald Tribune
Officials: 70 Bodies Found in Iraq - CNN
Reports Reveal Zarqawi Nuclear Threat - Washington Times
Rice, Headed to See Putin, Cites 'Worrying' Trends in Russia - Washington Post
Bush Celebrates Lincoln with Call for World Liberty - Chicago Tribune
Bush to Name Marine To Lead Joint Chiefs - Washington Post
How Long Can the Big Airlines Survive? - Christian Science Monitor
Government Audit of TSA Finds Money Wasted - USA Today

Tuesday, April 19

Germany's Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger Will Be Pope Benedict XVI - USA Today

Moussaoui Planning To Admit 9/11 Role - Washington Post
Iraqi Party Demands Death Penalty for Saddam - Washington Times
U.S. Marks Anniversary of Oklahoma City Bombing - The Oklahoman
Minuteman Project Plans to Patrol More States - Arizona Republic
Berlusconi Facing No-Confidence Vote - International Herald Tribune
Iran Closes al-Jazeera Offices - The Guardian
Soldier Blogs Bring the Front Line to the Folks at Home - Christian Science Monitor
Guiding China’s Missiles - International Herald Tribune
Wall St Gains as GM Beats Low Expectations - Financial Times
Landfall in Manhattan, After a 70-Foot Wave - New York Times

Monday, April 18

In Vast Secrecy, Cardinals Meet Today to Elect a Pope - New York Times

Major Tests Confronting Next Pontiff - Christian Science Monitor
Blair Retreats from EU Vote - The Guardian
Mr. Howard Details Tory Pension Plans - Daily Telegraph
Iraqi Alliance Seeks to Oust Top Officials of Hussein Era - Washington Post
'No Hostages Found' in Iraqi Town - BBC
N. Korea May Seek Enlarged Arsenal - International Herald Tribune
India-Pakistan Talks Yield Hope - Los Angeles Times
Sudden Bearish Sentiment Underlines Fears on Economy - New York Times
Bush to Speak on High Gas Prices - USA Today
In Oklahoma, a Week of Remembrance - New York Times

Sunday, April 17

Tories Close Poll Gap to One Point - Sunday Times

Blair Heads for a Third Landslide with 10-Point Lead - Sunday Telegraph

Anti-Japan Protests Sweep Across China - International Herald Tribune
China Rejects Calls for Apology - BBC
Arms Equipment Plundered in 2003 Is Surfacing in Iraq - New York Times
Iraqi Leaders Flexing Muscles - Los Angeles Times

Sunnis Seize Hostages in Iraq - Philadelphia Inquirer

A New Power Rises Across Mideast - Washington Post

Cardinals Align as Time Nears to Select Pope - New York Times
DCF Files Show No Abuse of Schiavo - Orlando Sentinel

Saturday, April 16

Stocks Plunge to Lowest Point Since Election - New York Times
Auto Earnings Reports to Confirm Bad News - Detroit Free Press
Rice Stresses Need for Democracy - Boston Globe

Swiss Investigates Possibility of Bribery in U.N. Contract - New York Times

Iraqi Cleric Hails Amnesty Idea - Washington Post
Berlusconi Coalition at Risk of Collapse - Financial Times

Chirac's EU Push Sways Few Voters - International Herald Tribune
Paris Fire Victims Leap to Street - Washington Post
Pro-Syrian Legislator Is Named Lebanon's Next Prime Minister - New York Times
Survey of BP Blast Zone Reveals a Snarled Mess - Houston Chronicle

Friday, April 15

Texan Is Indicted in Iraq Oil Sales by Hussein Aides - New York Times

Row Deepens Over UN Oil Scandal - BBC
10,000 Fugitives Are Captured In Huge Dragnet - Washington Post
Iraqis Find Graves Thought to Hold Hussein's Victims - New York Times
Gains in Iraq, but No 'Tipping Point' - Christian Science Monitor
Long-Sought D.C. Team Wins Home Opener - Washington Post

China Is Pushing and Scripting Anti-Japanese Protests - New York Times

Chirac Pulls Out the Stops for Vote on EU Constitution - Times of London
Berlusconi Coalition Starts to Unravel - The Guardian
On-Off Presidential Pardon Roils Mexico Mayor Case - Chicago Tribune
In Catholic Stronghold, the Case for a Latin Pope - Christian Science Monitor
In Latin America, a Religious Turf War - Los Angeles Times

Thursday, April 14

3 Indicted in U.N. Oil-For-Food Scandal - New York Times
At Least 18 Killed After Car Bombs Explode in Baghdad - Washington Post
Insurgents Come Looking for Deals to Enter Politics - USA Today

In Jeans or Veils, Iraqi Women Are Split on New Political Power - New York Times
Sharon Denies Any Plan to Bomb Iranian Nuclear Plants - Los Angeles Times
Beijing and Tokyo Keep Tension High - International Herald Tribune
Asian Economic Ties Likely to Weather Political Strains - Los Angeles Times
North Korea's Border Trade Getting Busier - Christian Science Monitor
We Ignore Internet at Our Peril, Murdoch Warns Editors - The Guardian
Welcome Home, Nationals - Washington Times

Wednesday, April 13

Sharon Asks U.S. to Pressure Iran to Give Up Its Nuclear Program - New York Times
Blair Launches Labour's Manifesto - The Guardian
Video Shows U.S. Hostage in Iraq - CNN
Marking 2 Years in Iraq, Bush Offers Thanks to Troops - Washington Post
In Iraq, a Push for Political Momentum - Christian Science Monitor
New Forces Converge Over China Arms Ban - International Herald Tribune
Chinese Step Up Criticism of Japan - Washington Post
In Push to Declare Pope a Saint, Hints About Succession Politics - New York Times
Sudan Gets $4.5 Billion in Aid - Christian Science Monitor
Volcker Committee Was Manipulated, A Lawyer Charges - New York Sun

Tuesday, April 12

Innovations Could Alter Balance of Power in Asia - Washington Post
India, China Hoping to 'Reshape the World Order' Together - Washington Post

U.S. Indicts 3 Men in Alleged Terrorist Plot - CNN
Rumsfeld, in Talks in Iraq, Warns About Corruption - New York Times
Man's Claims May Be a Look at Dark Side of War on Terror - Los Angeles Times
Bush Tells Sharon to Stick to Peace Plan - Chicago Tribune
Law Says a Mass for John Paul II - Boston Globe
Oil Booms, but Investors Flee Russia - Christian Science Monitor
Videos Challenge Accounts of Convention Unrest - New York Times

Monday, April 11

Bush and Israeli Leader Begin Meeting at Crawford Ranch - New York Times
US, Israeli Leaders Talk Differences - Christian Science Monitor
Iraqi Proposes Broader Amnesty - Washington Post
Sadr Loyalists Plan Campaign to Oust US - Financial Times
Zarqawi Had a Close Call with Marines - Washington Times
Blogs Incensed Over Pulitzer Photo Award - New York Times
U.S. Aims to Spend Money in Iran - USA Today
Anti-Japan Protests Jar an Uneasy Asia - Christian Science Monitor
India and China Sign Pact on 'Peace and Prosperity' - International Herald Tribune
Britain's Elephant in the Room: Europe - New York Times
Church's Influence Waning in Once Fervently Catholic Spain - Washington Post

Tiger Sinks DiMarco with Birdie in Masters Playoff - USA Today

Sunday, April 10

China Bolsters Its Forces, US Says - Boston Globe
India and China Are Poised to Share Defining Moment - New York Times
Anti-Japan March Floods Beijing - Los Angeles Times
Cardinals Hint at Profile of New Pope: Presence Preferred - New York Times
Catholics Divided On Role Of Laity - Washington Post
Livid Iraq Protesters Tell U.S. to Get Out - Los Angeles Times
Most D.C. Terrorism Funding Not Spent - Washington Post
U.S. Seeks Access to Bank Records to Deter Terror - New York Times
France Could Throw EU into Crisis - The Guardian
Scandal Anger Mounts in Canada - BBC

Nicklaus: Master Says Goodbye - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Saturday, April 9

A Time for Mourning, but Also for Study and Very Quiet Politics - New York Times
Bush: 'I Didn't Realize How Moved I Would Be By The Service' - Los Angeles Times
Charles and Camilla Wed - The Guardian
Two Clerics Call for Protests in Baghdad - Washington Post
Gaza Violence Jeopardises Truce - BBC
Settlement Dispute on Bush-Sharon Agenda - New York Times

Olympic Bombing Suspect to Plead Guilty - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

North Korea Said to Reject China's Bid on Nuclear Talks - New York Times
Another Russian Revolution? - Washington Post

Ford Cuts Earnings Outlook as Costs Soar - Detroit Free Press
Scientists Watch the Skies - Washington Post

Friday, April 8

World Mourns Pope at Rome Funeral - BBC
German Cardinal Has a Major Voice at the Funeral - New York Times
Thorny Issues Loom for Iraq Leaders - Christian Science Monitor
Bus Line Bridges Kashmiri Divide - Los Angeles Times
First the US, Now China Tries to Woo India - Christian Science Monitor
Chinese Navy Buildup Gives Pentagon New Worries - New York Times
IMF Warns on Risk of ‘Permanent Oil Shock’ - Financial Times
U.S. Report Sees Gasoline Prices Moving Higher Still - New York Times
Transportation Security Director to Step Down - Washington Post
US Unready for Rising Threat of 'Moles' - Christian Science Monitor

Thursday, April 7

Vatican Releases Details of Pontiff's Will - CNN
High Homage to the Pope - Washington Times
New Iraqi President Sworn In; Jaafari Is Named Prime Minister - New York Times
Saddam 'Upset' at Kurd's Election - The Guardian
U.S. Copter Crash Kills 16 In Afghanistan - Washington Post
Fear of Political Unrest Roils Mexican Markets - Los Angeles Times
Report Claims Evidence of Mugabe Rigging - The Guardian
Oil Prices Pinch Other Spending - Christian Science Monitor
Hale Gets 40 Years for Plot to Kill Judge - Chicago Tribune

A Blog Written From Minneapolis Rattles Canada's Liberal Party - New York Times

Wednesday, April 6

Influx of Pilgrims to See Pope Puts Strains on the Italians - New York Times
Breaking Deadlock, Iraqis Pick President and 2 Other Officials - New York Times
Returns from Improved US-Europe Relations - Christian Science Monitor
UK Election: Tories Are Closing the Gap - The Independent
Blair Hints Brown Will Stay Chancellor - The Guardian
Regional Election Results Bode Ill for Berlusconi - International Herald Tribune
Under Fire, the UN Looks to Retool - Christian Science Monitor
Sharon Meets With Settlers From the Gaza Strip - Los Angeles Times
Monaco Announces Death of Prince Rainier - Financial Times
Border Watchers Have Eyes on Texas - Houston Chronicle

Peter Jennings Has Lung Cancer - Washington Post

Tuesday, April 5

Pope Takes Final Journey - Los Angeles Times
Global South as Growing Force in Catholic Church - Christian Science Monitor
Blair Sets May 5 as Election Date - BBC
Bush Pledges to Back Ukraine - Los Angeles Times
The Story of Sgt. Smith's Last Hours - Christian Science Monitor
U.S. Drones Crowd Iraq's Skies to Fight Insurgents - New York Times
Zarqawi Said to Be Behind Iraq Raid - Washington Post
China Lobbies EU Over Arms Embargo - International Herald Tribune
Backing Seen Weakening for Abbas - Boston Globe
Old Foe of U.S. Trying for a Comeback in Nicaragua - New York Times
Tar Heels Crush Illini's Dream - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Monday, April 4

Pope's Funeral Set for Friday - CNN
Rome Prepares to Host Millions at Papal Funeral - Washington Post
Papal Funeral Forces Prince Charles to Delay Wedding - Times of London
Iraq Breaks One Political Logjam - Christian Science Monitor
Zimbabwe Demonstrations Ruled Out - Washington Post
Syria Vows to Exit Lebanon This Month - Los Angeles Times
Kyrgyz President Resigns - The Guardian
Ukraine Visit Highlights Hope for Democracy - Christian Science Monitor
ChevronTexaco to Acquire Unocal for $16.4 Billion - New York Times
Private Volunteers Patrol a Porous Border - Christian Science Monitor
Scientists Push to Keep Scouting Mars - San Francisco Chronicle
At CBS News, Some Temporary Changes May Stick - New York Times

Sunday, April 3

The Church Loses Its Light - Washington Post
Pope's Body Laid Out in Vatican - BBC
Pontiff's Road Map Will Guide Selection - Washington Post
Ousted Kyrgyz President May Resign From Abroad - Los Angeles Times
Mugabe Claims Poll Landslide Has Sent a Message to Blair - The Guardian
At Least 20 U.S. Troops Wounded in Attack on Iraqi Prison - New York Times
Panel: U.S. Ignored Work of U.N. Arms Inspectors - Washington Post
Terri Schiavo's Remains Cremated After Autopsy - Tampa Tribune
Protesters Lend Hand to Entrant in Distress - Arizona Daily Star
Baseball Back Where it Belongs - On the Field - Philadelphia Inquirer

Saturday, April 2

As His Church Prays, Weakened Pope Nears Death - New York Times
After Resolute Leadership, an Uncertain Path - Washington Post
'Curveball' Debacle Reignites CIA Feud - Los Angeles Times
Darfur Atrocities to Be Referred to ICC - Financial Times
Mugabe Party Wins Zimbabwe Vote - Boston Globe
Hope Fades for Further Quake Survivors - The Guardian
Others Aware of Red Lake Plans, Officials Say - Washington Post
Central American Presidents Seek Help in Gang Battle - Los Angeles Times
Help Wanted: China Finds Itself With a Labor Shortage - New York Times
ANWR's Effect on Oil Prices Debated - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Illinois Drugstores Required to Fill Birth Control Prescriptions - Chicago Tribune
Perdue's Pioneering Efforts Remolded Poultry Industry - Baltimore Sun

Friday, April 1

Vatican: Pope's Condition 'Very Serious' - CNN
Panel Faults Spy Agencies for Claims of Iraqi Weapons - Boston Globe
A Final Verdict on Prewar Intelligence Is Still Elusive - New York Times
Zimbabweans Vote Amid Relative Calm - Christian Science Monitor
Zimbabwe Election 'Being Rigged' - BBC
World Bank Vote Confirms Wolfowitz Unanimously - New York Times
Loyalists Picked for Pentagon Posts - Los Angeles Times
Unlikely Threat to EU Charter? The French - Christian Science Monitor
TV Deal Partners Orioles, Nationals - Washington Times
AIG in Damage Control - Washington Post

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