Saturday, October 19

Lessons of a Nuclear North Korea - William Kristol, Weekly Standard
North Korea Has What Iraq Dreams Of - Andrew Coyne, National Post
A Post-Saddam Scenario -Robert Kaplan, The Atlantic
Attacking Iraq Would Be War - But Not Aggression - Jonathan Rauch, Nat'l Jrnl
Why Europeans Don't Want a Foreign Policy - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
How Saddam Manipulates the US Media - Frank Foer, The New Republic
Reins Of Power Up For Grabs - Kirk Victor, National Journal
Rove's Way - Matt Bai, NY Times Magazine
A Republican Senate in '02 - John Gizzi, Human Events
Five Ways To Help Dems Win The House - John Nichols, The Nation
Congress Going Home - Robert Novak, Townhall
Senators for Vote Fraud - Arnold Alhert, New York Post
Krugman v. Kinsley - Mickey Kaus, Slate

Appeasing North Korea No Longer An Option - Wall Street Journal
The Sniper 'Witness' and Justice - Washington Times

Radio Address by the President to the Nation

Friday, October 18

Call Their Bluff - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
They Want to Kill Us All - Mark Steyn, The Spectator
No Threat, No Attack - David Bonior, Detroit-Free Press
Impose vs. Develop Democracy - Daniel Schorr, CS Monitor
How Smart Are Our Smart Bombs? - Fred Kaplan, Slate
Bring North Korea in From the Cold - John Newhouse, Financial Times
Debating the Economy - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Abortion Not An Issue This Election Season - Nancy Coverdell, Atlanta JC
Nothing Moderate About McBride - Peter Brown, Orlando Sentinel
Race Card Still the Ace to Some - Ruben Navarrette, Indianapolis Star
Is Sharpton Running? Well, Sort of, Maybe - Clarence Page, Newsday
The Sniper: Reflections On a Murder Spree - David Gelernter, Wall Street Jrnl
How Reliable is 'Ballistic Fingerprinting'? - Steven Milloy, Fox News
Labeling the DC Killer - Caleb Carr, New York Post
The Nobel Prize: Peace At Any Cost - Peter Beinart, The New Republic
'Bowling For Columbine' Throws a Gutter Ball - Michael Medved, WorldNetDaily

North Korea's Nukes: Washington Times, Washington Post, New York Times, Times of London, LA Times, Boston Globe, The Korea Herald
Chuck and Hill vs. Cleaner Elections - NY Post

Thursday, October 17

European Anti-Americanism Reflects a Deeper Malaise - Paul Johnson, WSJ
Europe's Wake-Up Call - Jim Hoagland, New York Post
Iraq States Its Case - Iraqi UN Ambassador Mohammed Aldouri, New York Times
Who Will Lead the Anti-War Movement? - Todd Gitlin, Mother Jones
Why the Odds on War Are Just One in Three - A. Kaletsky, Times of London
Democrats' Plans For Economy Won't Win Election - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
Midwest Slippage for GOP - Donald Lambro, Washington Times
Close in California? - George Will,
Washington Post
Trouble in Hawaii Paradise for Democrats - John Fund, Wall Street Journal
GOP Wary of Chafee Defection - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
All Poll Numbers Are Not Created Equal - Stuart Rothenberg
, Roll Call
Troops on Our Soil Can Protect Our Security - James Pinkerton, Newsday
Where Have all the Federalists Gone? - Jesse Walker, Reason
What if Colin Had Attacked Harry? - Larry Elder, Townhall

Axis of Upheaval in South America - Financial Times
Pop-Up Nuisances - USA Today
Are All the Bases Covered? - Washington Times

Wednesday, October 16

Falwell's Fatal Words - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
The Trouble With Being the World's Only Superpower - F. Zakaria, New Yorker
Iraq Strike Justified - Newt Gingrich, USA Today
How The '30s Shadow Our Times - Hugh Hewitt, WorldNetDaily
Rehnquist And Company Need To Stand Up To Bush - S. Taylor, National Journal
The Gun Control Exploitation Society - David Limbaugh, Townhall
Social Security and the New Hampshire Senate Race - Walter Shapiro, USA Today
Dead Men Voting in the S. Dakota Senate Race - John Fund, Wall Street Journal
Game Clock's Ticking For Doug Forrester - Eric Fettmann, New York Post
Mrs. Dole Outduels Senate Foe - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
Election Balance Sheet Three Weeks Out - Bruce Bartlett, Washington Times
Campus Hypocrisy - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
How Would President Reagan Fight the War on Terror? - Peter Schweizer, NRO
A Nobel Idea of Peace - Michael Kelly, Washington Post
MP3 and Me - Lee Bockhorn, Weekly Standard

Sharon at the White House:  New York Times
Baltimore SunNew York Post
The Senate 's Homeland-Security Blockade -
Washington Times
Life Interrupted By a Bullet to the Head - Washington Post

Tuesday, October 15

Endangered Incumbents - Dick Morris, New York Post
Republicans Should be Losing Big, Here's Why They Aren't - Thomas Bray, WSJ
Threat of War Surest Route to U.S. Peace - John O'Sullivan, Chicago Sun-Times
Hitler's Disciple in Baghdad - Ted Stevens and John Warner
, Washington Times
Iraq Is No Stage for MacArthur-Japan Sequel - James Pinkerton, Newsday
Al Qaeda's Return - Steven Emerson & Evan Kohlmann, New York Post
The Bali Attack is a Sign of the Terrorists' Desperation - Ralph Peters, WSJ
Democracy in the Middle East - Victor Davis Hanson, Weekly Standard
Quick Tax Relief for an Ailing Economy - Robert Reich, New York Times
The Root Cause of Japanese Bad Debt - Nathan Lewis, Financial Times
Brazil’s New Global Fears - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek
Seeking Middle Ground on Privacy vs. Security - Amitai Etzioni, CS Monitor
Thank Goodness For Richard Armey - Jeffrey Rosen, New Republic
Psychopath or Terrorist, Sniper Lusts for Power - J. Kellerman, LA Times
How Science Solves Crimes - Jeffrey Kluger, Time

Fallout From Bali: New York Post,  Baltimore SunTimes of London
Wash Post
Brazil Crisis Deepens -
Financial Times

Monday, October 14

Bleeding Hearts Left Exposed as Fools - G. Henderson, Sydney Morning Herald
Can Democrats Put Focus on the Economy? - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
2002 Election Still Cloudy, Will History Repeat Itself? - R. Benedetto, USA Today
Issues in Search of a Campaign - Andrew Kohut, New York Times
Democrats Display Weakness by Bowing to Bush - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
A Necessary War - Reuel Marc Gerecht, Weekly Standard
Doctrine Of the 'Big Enchilada' - Max Boot, Washington Post
Time to Take On America’s Haters - Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek
Now What Do We Do in Iraq? - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Terrorism Goes Local - William Safire, New York Times
About Freedom in the Free World - Robert Bartley, Wall Street Journal
The Japan of the 1980's - Bruce Bartlett, Washington Times
The Competing Foundations of Democracy and Capitalism - Paul McCulley, Pimco
Services Can No Longer Hold Up Prices - Stephen Roach, Financial Times
Ignoble Laureates - Neil Kressel, New York Post
The Twilight of Free Speech at Colleges - Nat Hentoff, Washington Times

Terrorism in Bali: Washington Post,  Wall Street JournalTimes of London
Spitzer, The Reformer - New York Post
Healthy Economy Needs Honest, Competent Accountants - Houston Chronicle
Drugmakers' Gifts to Doctors Finally Get Needed Scrutiny - USA Today

Sunday, October 13

Democrats Can't Duck Security Issues - George Will, Detroit News
Playing By The Rules? - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
The ‘Anxiety Election’ - Howard Fineman, Newsweek
Will a Murderer Decide Who Leads Md.? - C. Fraser Smith, Baltimore Sun
Racing All Out to Win Maine - Ellen Goodman, Boston Globe
Bush Becomes Critical Factor in Texas Senate Race - Carolyn Barta, Dallas MN
Bush Sheds His Handlers - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
California Prop 52 Would Facilitate Illegal Voting - John Gizzi, Human Events
Face the Music - Ken Hamblin, Denver Post
A Hesitant 'Yes' - Larry Eichel, Philadelphia Inquirer
Misfiring in the War on Terror - Senator Bob Graham, Washington Post
Against Nukephobia - Leon Jaroff, Time
Now, Play the India Card - Lloyd Richardson, Policy Review

Exploiting Murder for Political Gain - Washington Times
Colin Powell's Grace Under Fire - NY Post
2 States Have an Opportunity to Make English the Lingua Franca - WSJ

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Saturday, October 12

From Truth to Deception - William Kristol, Washington Post
It's the War, Stupid - Frank Rich, New York Times
The State of the Democrats - David Tell, Weekly Standard
Vice President Cheney: The Point Man - Carl Cannon, National Journal
The Deadly Cocktail of High Borrowing and Falling Prices - The Economist
Has the Specter of German Nationalism Vanished? - Victor Davis Hanson, NRO
What Is a European - A.S. Byatt, New York Times Magazine
France's Unsplendid Isolation - Robert Graham, Financial Times
Zimbabwe: Anyone in America Give a Damn? - Nat Hentoff, Village Voice
Pressure Cuba's Dictatorship - HUD Secretary Mel Martínez, Miami Herald
How Left Idiocies Drove Me to Flee - Ron Rosenbaum, New York Observer
The Root of All Evil - Bill O'Reilly, Townhall

Cleaning Up Dodge: Morgenthau Shines While Pitt Blunders - WSJ
Turkey: Our Most Underappreciated Ally - Washington Times
Jimmy Carter, a Man of Peace - Denver Post

Radio Address by the President to the Nation

Friday, October 11

Cowards' Counsel - Ralph Peters, New York Post
How Will Saddam React to a U.S. Attack? - Jacob Sullum, Reason
‘Saddam Will Use Everything Within His Reach’ - Samir Zedan, Newsweek
Winning in Iraq Won't be a Cakewalk - Thomas McInerney, Wall Street Journal
Bush's Absurdly Confused Case For War - Michael Kinsley, Slate
Why Liberals Should Support the War - Jonathan Chait, New Republic
Weekly Dish: No War Without the U.N.? - Andrew Sullivan, Washington Times
What Matters on Election Day - E. J. Dionne Jr., Washington Post
The 2002 Election Paradox - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
The Hard Part for House Primary Upset Winners - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
Close Races for House Seats Scarce - Rhodes Cook, Newsday
Hillary's Bags Surface - Dick Morris, New York Post
An Economy Begging For Leadership - Lawrence Kudlow, Washington Times
PBS Goes Ballistic Over Missile Defense - John Miller, National Review
Another Lost Continent - Bret Stephens, Jerusalem Post

War-Fighting Strategy and Iraq - Washington Times
This Era Also Calls for US Commitment to Exploration - Houston Chronicle
An Abuse of Copyright - New York Times
Adjusting to the Intolerable Around D.C. - Washington Post

Thursday, October 10

Dysfunctional Senate Stalled on Nominees - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
The Kill-Everything Senate - John Fund, Wall Street Journal
Ready for War - Richard Cohen, Washington Post
Bush Studied Isreal's ’67 Pre-emptive Strike - Howard Fineman, Newsweek
New Global Warming Threat: Hot Air on Iraq - Ann Coulter, Townhall
Kerry Keeps Himself in the '04 Race - Wayne Woodlief, Boston Herald
Pataki's Test - George Will, New York Post
America is Not in Danger of Deflation - Glenn Hubbard, Financial Times
Lying 'Lie Detectors' - William Safire, New York Times
The Plan to Fight Smallpox - Geoffrey Cowley, Newsweek
Appropriate Role for Politics - David Limbaugh, Washington Times
The Enemies of Free Speech - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Rhyme, But no Reason, to Verses of Hate - Clarence Page, Houston Chronicle
Corporate Power, Patent Law, and Lone Inventors - Jesse Walker, Reason
Reversing White Flight - Jonathan Rauch, The Atlantic

A Portentous Problem at the Ports - Washington Times
Revenge of the Accountants - New York Times
McGreevey's Poet - New York Post

Wednesday, October 9

'Bush Doctrine' Warrants a Thorough Debate - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
The War Debate - Senator Robert C. Byrd, Los Angeles Times
Still Reeling From Vietnam - David Broder, Washington Post
Bush Beats Drums of Realism - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
Chicken à l'Iraq - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Whom Should the US Trust: Bush or Hussein? - John Hughes , CS Monitor
Facing War and Economic Drift, How Will Americans Vote - Pete DuPont, WSJ
Is Bush’s Economic Policy Enough? - William F. Buckley, National Review
A Jolt For Japan? - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Asbestos Suits: Worse Than Enron - James Lacey, New York Post
Jennifer Granholm and the New Woman Candidate - Jonathan Cohn, New Republic
The Immutable Laws of Maureen Dowd - Josh Chafetz, Weekly Standard
An NYPD Detective on the Best Chance to Nab the DC Sniper - Lucas Miller, Slate
Race Baiting Alive and Well - Armstrong Williams, Townhall
Drug Legalization Doesn't Work - Asa Hutchinson, Washington Post

Reopening the Ports - New York Times
Delays Play Into Saddam's Hands - Chicago Sun-Times
Profligate France - Times of London

Tuesday, October 8

Case Closed - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Bush May Shape History With This Doctrine - James Pinkerton, Newsday
Instability Nurtures Democracy - Graham Fuller, Miami Herald
The Hawks Are Scary, The Doves More Dangerous - Stuart Taylor, Nat'l Jrnl
The Maryland Sniper and the War on Terror - B. Miniter, Wall Street Journal
The Next Hotbed Of Islamic Radicalism - Paul Marshall, Washington Post
An Iraqi Man of Letters - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
The Times' Push Poll - Dick Morris, New York Post
The Longest Seat - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard
Political Breezes in the November Election - Godfrey Sperling, CS Monitor
A Cauldron of Democratic Discontent - Tod Lindberg, Washington Times
Blacks Can't Sit on Wallet and Expect Political Clout - Roland Martin, USA Today
Low Noon: The California Governor's Debate - G. Neumayr, American Prowler

President Somberly Calls on World to Act - Dallas Morning News
A New Level of Fear - Washington Post
'Game On' in New Jersey - NY Times

Monday, October 7

Battle For The Senate - Nancy Gibbs, Time
Dems Need Senate Open Seats To Swing Their Way - S. Rothenberg, Roll Call
Is American Politics Repeating Itself? - A. Sullivan, Times of London/
New Jersey Redraws Party Lines - John Judis & Ruy Teixeira, New York Times
No Easy Escape for Divided Democrats - Donald Lambro, Washington Times
Why Democrats Should Support the President on Iraq - Sen. Joe Lieberman, WSJ
What Good Is Delay? - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
What Bush Should Say Tonight - Michael Ledeen, New York Post
Saddam's Last Ploy - William Safire, New York Times
Are We Prepared to Pay the Price of Victory? - W. Rees-Mogg, Times of London
Hezbollah: More Dangerous Than Al Qaeda? - Jeffrey Goldberg, New Yorker
Bush Talks Lugar Out of Fight - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Clash With Iraq Begets a Clash of Administrations - Ron Brownstein, LA Times
Shadowy Struggle: The Intelligence Fight - Evan Thomas, Newsweek
Who Elected the U.N.? - Robert Bartley, Wall Street Journal
Biology vs. the Blank Slate - Steven Pinker, Ron Bailey & Nick Gillespie, Reason

Global Waterfront - Financial Times
Detention Without End - Washington Post

Sunday, October 6

Crisis and Political Character - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
Why Bush Drives The Democrats Crazy - Noemie Emery, Weekly Standard
Anyone Seen Any Democrats Lately? - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
To A Free World - Condoleezza Rice, New York Post
Latino Voters and American Politics - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Optimism and The Economy - George Will, Newsweek
Deflation Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Bill Gross, Pimco
History Versus the Federal Reserve - John Mauldin, Millennium Wave
Defeating Saddam - Stephen Peter Rosen, Wall Street Journal
Of Mongols and Men - Diane Wolff, Orlando Sentinel
The Strangest of Times - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Where Have All the New Meds Gone - Nicholas Thompson, New Republic
Brewing in Brazil - Deroy Murdock, Washington Times
The Judicial Route to Power - David Limbaugh, Townhall
City of Schemes - Kurt Anderson, New York Times Magazine

Building the Coalition - Washington Post
Both Parties Face Hurdles in Attracting Hispanic Voters - Houston Chronicle
Brazilians and Lula - Washington Times

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Saturday, October 5

Put Up or Shut Up - Mark Steyn, The Spectator
The Baghdad Democrats - Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard
The West Can't be Guided by Guilt - Hugh Segal, National Post
Blair's Secret Weapon is Revealed - Anatole Kaletsky, Times of London
Bill Clinton Wows the British Left - Quentin Letts, Wall Street Journal
Al Gore on the Comeback Trail - James Harding, Financial Times
What Paul Krugman Can't Admit, Part II - Mickey Kaus, Slate

The Iraq Buildup, II - Sydney J. Freedberg Jr., National Journal
Jersey Dems vs. Democracy - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Mr. President, Romney Really Needs Your Help - Howie Carr, Boston Herald
GOP Unites in CA for Final Push to Oust Gray Davis - John Gizzi, Human Events
Is Henry Kissinger a War Criminal? - David Denby, The New Yorker
The Best Way to Help Spanish-speaking Students - Linda Chavez, Philly Inquirer
Making America Safe - For Lawbreakers - Michelle Malkin, Houston Chronicle

The Iraq Coalition Coalesces - Wall Street Journal
Negative Al Gore - Washington Post
Russia Must Move to a New Iraq Policy - Times of London

Radio Address of the President to the Nation

Friday, October 4

Have Democrats Learned Anything? - Senator Zell Miller, Wall Street Journal
The Myth Of 'U.N. Support' - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Who Says We Never Strike First? - Max Boot, New York Times
War is Hell, So Why Are We So Hell-Bent? - Al Neuharth, USA Today
'Strategery' Triumphs - John Podhoretz, New York Post
The 'Baghdad Boys' Didn't Help Their Cause - E.J. Dionne, Seattle Times
How Kofi Annan Fooled the Bushies - Franklin Foer, New Republic
A Dangerous Trade - Senators Helms, Kyl, McCain, Shelby and Thompson, WT
The Stones of Baghdad - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Brewing Up a Recipe for Electoral Anarchy - George Will, Houston Chronicle
Torricelli's Problem? He Carries a Torch for Himself - Peggy Noonan, WSJ
Senator Torricelli's Departing Delusions - R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., Wash Times
Planes, Trains and Politicians - Allan Sloan, Newsweek
What Makes Wall Street's Bribery So Bad? - James Surowiecki, New Yorker
Tariffs Steal From the Poor and Give to the Rich - Jacob Sullum, Reason
The Angry Adolescent of Europe - Christopher Caldwell, Weekly Standard

China's Move on Hong Kong - Christian Science Monitor
Not Very Hidden Agendas - Baltimore Sun
Mexico's Pemex: Drilling Out Corruption - Los Angeles Times

Thursday, October 3

Election Through Litigation - John Fund, Wall Street Journal
The Jersey Bounce - William Safire, New York Times
Torricelli Done in by His Belligerence - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Dems to Torch: Only Crooks Who Can Win - Ann Coulter, FrontPage Magazine
Democrats’ Fortunes Unraveling? - Howard Fineman, Newsweek
Dems Will Need a Miracle to Win Back the House - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
It's Turnout, Stupid - Gary Andres, Washington Times
Note to Democrats: Get a Defense Policy - Gary Hart, New York Times
We Can Outmaneuver Saddam Hussein - Sandy Berger, Washington Post
Iraq's Political Fallout - Carl Leubsdorf, Dallas Morning News
Thoughts On a 9mm Ballot For Saddam - Austin Bay, Houston Chronicle
English 101 - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Time to Rethink Drug War Strategy - Jerry Oliver, Detroit News

Unfettered Access - Times of London
Get a Grip, Your Honor - Des Moines Register
Mistrust Fuels Arsenal Threat -USA Today

Wednesday, October 2

Money, Money, Money -- What Drove Bob Torricelli - Michael Barone, WSJ
The Old Switcheroo - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard
Don't Change the New Jersey Ballot - William Mayer, New York Times
Torricelli Leaves Bad Aftertaste - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
'The Torch' Ends in Tears (tee-hee-hee) - Cragg Hines, Houston Chronicle
President Daschle - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
Those Party Animals Just Can't Help Themselves - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
'Recovery'? Rhetoric vs. Reality - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Democracy Favors Lula da Silva in Brazil - Carlos Montaner, Miami Herald
No Man is an Island, Except Maybe Blair - Simon Jenkins, Times of London
Do the Iraqi People Want an Invasion? - John Hughes, Christian Science Monitor
Tone It Down a Notch - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
The Iraqi War is Not About Oil - Peter Beinart, New Republic
Race and IQ Scores - Thomas Sowell, Washington Times

Teddy Roosevelt's Enduring Legacy - Peter Chronis, Denver Post

More Torricelli: Baltimore Sun,  USA TodayBoston Herald,  Houston Chronicle
Deal for Limited Inspections in Iraq Falls Way Short - Newsday
Brazil Matters - Times of London
Robbing NASA - Orlando Sentinel

Tuesday, October 1

He Never Leveled With New Jersey - Eric Fettman, New York Post
Torricelli Is His Own Victim - Larry Eichel, Philadelphia Inquirer
The Torricelli Principle - William Saletan, Slate
Feeding Dem Chaos - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Useful Idiots in Baghdad - George Will, Washington Post
Pity Party: War Debate Make Dems Look Pathetic - T. Bray, Wall Street Journal
We're Already at War: Let's Win - Cal Thomas, Houston Chronicle
How Saddam Got Weapons of Mass Destruction - K. Timmerman, Insight Magazine
No Tolerance for an Arkansas Sinner - Wes Pruden, Washington Times
Ganske in Moderation - David Hogberg, American Prowler
Immigration Fight Strategy All Wrong - John O'Sullivan, Chicago Sun-Times
Hollywood's Silence on Israel - Dennis Prager, WorldNetDaily

No Third Way Out - Bret Stephens, Jerusalem Post
Make Our Ports More Secure - Fmr. Rep Tillie Fowler, Miami Herald

The Torch Is Out: Washington Post, WSJ, NY Times , NY Post , NJ Star-Ledger
Can Simon Make a Contest of It? - Orange County Register
Growing a Woman President - Christian Science Monitor

Monday, September 30

Antiwar Movement is Dead--and it's the Democrats' Albatross - R. Bartley, WSJ
War Talk Puts Dems in a Bind - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
The Last, Best Hope For Democrats In Endgame 2002 - S. Rothenberg, Roll Call
The Democrats' Tantrum - David Tell, Weekly Standard
Fighting Across the Aisle in Washington - Karen Tumulty, Time
The U.S., Russia And Iraqi Oil - Eugene Rumer, Washington Post
Selling Our Secrets - William Safire, New York Times
Don't Fear Arab Armies - James Lacey, New York Post
I’m a Conservative, But I’m Not a Hatemonger - Todd Werkhoven, Newsweek
How Organized Feminism Has Made Itself Irrelevant - Catherine Seipp, Reason
Anti-Semitism -- Where to Draw the Line? - Cathy Young, Boston Globe
The Other Powell - Nicholas Lemann, The New Yorker
A Protest Teach-in Spoiled by Facts - Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post
Homogenized Marketplace of Info, Entertainment - E. Wasserman, Miami Herald
'Barbershop' Isn't Bad; it's Reassuring - L. Wallace, Christian Science Monitor

The Democrats and War - Wall Street Journal
The UN Security Council Must Adopt a New Resolution - Times of London
Time to Revisit Costly Policy of Locking Up Drug Users - USA Today
Clinton's Economic Legacy - Washington Times

Sunday, September 29

Dems Irrelevant on Iraq - Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times
The Democrats' Dilemma - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
War Is Hell . . . For The Democrats - Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard
What Price Ethics? - David Broder, Washington Post
Unions Will be Hindrance to New Agency - Jim Wooten, Atlanta JC
Wanted: An Argument Worth Having - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
Wag The War - Howard Fineman, Newsweek
Tort Law Turns Into Extortion - George Will, Indianapolis Star
Pentagon and Press - Victoria Clarke, Columbia Journalism Review
Palestinians Left in the Dark - Mustafa Barghouti, Forward
A Life Spent Thinking Rules Don't Apply - Mitch Albom, Detroit Free-Press

Exploiting Estrada - Washington Post
Blair's Intelligence - Boston Globe
The Barbershop Duet - Sacramento Bee

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Saturday, September 28

Arguments Against "Regime Change" are Backward - Bernard Lewis, WSJ
Partisanship Powers Hispanic Caucus - Ruben Navarrette, Dallas Morning News
Holding a Hostage on the Hill - Linda Chavez, Washington Times
Estrada Ambushed by Judiciary Committee - Byron York, National Review
Harkin Waited Too Long to Talk - Rob Borsellino, Des Moines Register
Could Jeb Bush Be in Jeopardy? - John Gizzi, Human Events
Al Gore's Political Suicide - William Bennett, Wall Street Journal
Gephardt Has Problems With His Own - Robert Novak, Townhall
GOP Is One Vote Away From Total Control - N. Confessore, Washington Monthly
Congressional Accounting: Simply Shameless - John Maggs, National Journal
A Question of Labels - Linda Seebach, Raleigh News & Observer
Bush-Bashing Reflects Europe Trait - John Rosenthal, Newsday
Go Slow on Iraq - Senator Mark Dayton, Washington Post

Memo to Torricelli - New Jersey Star-Ledger
KKT Scores TKO in Round One - Baltimore Sun
Give Tancredo a One-way Ticket - Rocky Mountain News

Radio Address of the President to the Nation

Friday, September 27

Gore's Glass House - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Defend the Country, Not the Party - Rep. Richard Gephardt, New York Times
Democrats Are Politicizing Iraq - Senator Trent Lott, Washington Times
Gore's War: Can Al Gore Rouse The Democrats? - Joe Klein, Slate
Daschle's Breakdown - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Democrats Are a Party Divided - Howard Fineman, Newsweek
The Democrats' Fine Whine - Jonathan Last, Weekly Standard
Daschle's Tantrum Masks Union Agenda - Peter Brown, Orlando Sentinel
Ours Not To Reason Why - Michael Kinsley, Washington Post
What's Missing in The Iraq Debate - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
The New San Francisco Democrat - Jonah Goldberg, Townhall
Fighting Street to Street - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Economic Growth Stress Points - Lawrence Kudlow, Washington Times
Dotcom-opoly - Thomas Hazlett, Financial Times
Rumor and Gridlock Seize Venezuela - H.D.S. Greenway, Boston Globe

9/11 Doesn't Excuse Airlines' Bad Business Decisions - USA Today
International Monetary Failure? - Washington Post
Senate Democrats Put Union Votes Over National Security - Wall Street Journal
Saddam & Al Qaeda - New York Post

Thursday, September 26

The Senate Needs to Confirm Miguel Estrada - Alberto Gonzales, Washington Post
Bush Opponents Face Fallout in War Debate - James Pinkerton, Newsday
We Must Fight Iraq - Christopher Hitchens, The Mirror
The Dems Just Can't Stop Themselves - Dick Morris, New York Post
Democrats: Divide . . . and Lose - Donald Lambro, Washington Times
Gore Versus Blair - William Safire, New York Times
War Looms Over Minnesota Senate Race - Walter Shapiro, USA Today
President Bush Buries Liberal Multilateralism - Pete DuPont, WSJ
A Gathering of Incompetents - Gerard Baker, Financial Times
Summer's Truth-Telling - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Why Scott Ritter is Defending Saddam - Michael Crowley, Slate
Why We Hate Them - Ann Coulter, Townhall
Why Iraq Can't Be Deterred - Kenneth Pollack, New York Times
How Well Do You Know the First Amendment? - Cal Thomas, Miami Herald
The Twentieth Man? - Seymour Hersh, New Yorker

Will Miguel Estrada Face a Senate Star Chamber? - Wall Street Journal
Tom Daschle's War Game - New York Post
Al Gore Stood For Sensible Foreign Policy--Until This Week - New Republic
Germany Slowly Coming to Senses - Chicago Sun-Times

Wednesday, September 25

A Despicable Speech From a Contemptible Man - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
Gore's Gamble - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
The Stock Market: Not an Entitlement - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
The End of the Era of Excess - Lou Dobbs, US News & World Report
Dead End - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Two Concepts of Anti-Terrorism - William Saletan, Slate
Who Needs Jesse Jackson? - Rod Dreher, National Review
We've Done it Before, Could Do It Again - Cragg Hines, Houston Chronicle
The American Conservative - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
The Legacy of Abraham - David Van Biema, Time
Failsafe - Elaine Scarry, Boston Globe
Make The Homeless Work - Tony Coles, New York Post
I Don't Care Where My Food Comes From - Ronald Bailey, Reason

Carter, Conason, and the Iraq Debate - RealClearPolitics
Gore Debates Blair - Wall Street Journal
Al Gore Mouths Off Unhelpfully on Iraq - Boston Herald
A Chill Wind For Berlin - New York Post
Japan's Increasing Desperation: Washington Times,  Financial Times

Tuesday, September 24

Iraq's Faux Capitulation - Richard Spertzel, Wall Street Journal
The Real Foe is Middle Eastern Tyranny - Michael Ledeen, Financial Times
Where the Democrats Are - Thomas Oliphant, Boston Globe
Democratic Hawks for President in 2004 - Tod Lindberg, Washington Times
Another Sleeper in a Georgia Governor? - Godfrey Sperling, CS Monitor
Waiting to Hear From Saddam Hussein - Rep. Nick J. Rahall II, New York Times
Israel's Gift to Arafat - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Don't Give Arafat an Exit Strategy - Neill Lochery, National Post
Arafat's Last Stand? - Simon Robinson, Time
When Affirmative Action Is Nothing But Discrimination - S. Taylor, Nat'l Journal
War on Drugs Gets Meaner - Ethan Nadelmann, Orange County Register
'Settled' or 'Unsettling,' Abortion Issue Won't Fade - Terry Eastland, Dallas MN
Selective Enforcement - John O'Sullivan, Chicago Sun-Times
Pop Culture embraces Weird but Realistic Families - Michael Medved, USA Today
More Education Funding Now - Rep. C. Fattah & Sen. C. Dodd, Philly Inquirer

The Politics of the EU After Schröder Re-election - Times of London
Foreign Students Must be Tracked - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
A Light in the Darkness - Boston Herald

Monday, September 23

The Fog of Peace - David Brooks, Weekly Standard
Schröder and Blair Are The Winners - Tim Hames, Times of London
Sharon's Hard Choice - William Safire, New York Times
Still a Few Dots to Connect in Iraq Domino Theory - Ron Brownstein, LA Times
'We Worry a Good Deal More...' - R. Wolffe and J. Harding, Financial Times
A National Need for Preventive Justice - Victoria Toensing, Washington Post
Antiwar Politicians Play to Americans' Fears - B. Miniter, Wall Street Journal
Gephardt Pushes Consensus Action Against Iraq - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
Democrats Line Up as Bush Moves Forward - Donald Lambro, Washington Times
Joe Biden Embraces War--Just Not Bush's War - S. Ackerman, New Republic
Bob Torricelli's Terror Problem - Adam Brodsky, New York Post
Winning Without a Vision - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
A Lawyer's Obligation When Client is Guilty - Cathy Young, Boston Globe
Culture of Achievement - William Raspberry, Washington Post
The Descent of Gould - H. Allen Orr, New Yorker

German Election: Wall Street Journal,  Times of London
Wake Up Mr. Greenspan - Washington Times
Twenty Years For Shaving? - Washington Post
Presidential Succession in Kenya - Baltimore Sun

Sunday, September 22

Place Blame Where it Belongs - Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times
The Lonesome Doves of Europe - Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek
Politics Over Principle - David Broder, Washington Post
Duty-dodging Democrats Deserve to Lose - Cynthia Tucker, Atlanta JC
This Election Won't Turn on Regime Change - Jeremy Rosner, Washington Post
High Anxiety for Democrats - Gloria Borger, US News & World Report
It's a Show of Strength, Not a Political Ploy - David Winston, Washington Post
Will Democrats Put UN Over U.S.? - Terry Jeffrey, Human Events
Spiking the Oil Weapon - R. James Woolsey, Wall Street Journal
Open Door For Terror - Michelle Malkin, New York Post
The Costs of Bursting Bubbles - Stephen Roach, New York Times
Justice System Failures are Outrageous - Bill O'Reilly, Boston Herald
Benazir Bhutto: Pakistan's Daughter of Destiny - S. Chapman, Chicago Tribune
Reversing White Flight - Jonathan Rauch, The Atlantic
Fire in the Hole - Aram Roston, Mother Jones

The Iraq Decision - Washington Post
Striking First Against Terror - New York Daily News
Europe Less Anti-U.S. Than Many Think - Manchester Union-Leader

Weekend Talk Show Transcripts

Saturday, September 21

American Economy Sputters - Alan Beattie, Financial Times
The Newest World Order Takes Shape - Noemie Emery, Weekly Standard
Paul Wolfowitz: The Sunshine Warrior - Bill Keller, New York Times Magazine
Baghdad Jane: Ritter of Arabia - Stephen Hayes, Wall Street Journal
The War And Iran - Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi, Washington Post
The Roaring Nineties - Joseph Stiglitz, The Atlantic
Bush is Boxing the Democrats on Iraq - E.J. Dionne, Jr., Boston Globe
Union and Homeland Security - Robert Novak, Townhall
Senator Bill Frist: Doc Politic - Kirk Victor, National Journal
Donald Rumsfeld's Curious Epistemology - Spencer Ackerman, New Republic
Intelligence? What Intelligence? - Michael Ledeen, National Journal
Why I'm Fighting Federal Drug Laws From City Hall - Chris Krohn, NY Times

The Bush Doctrine: New York Post,  Financial Times
North Korea-Japan Summit Reveals Sliver of Hope - Houston Chronicle

Radio Address by the President to the Nation

Friday, September 20

Muslims Demand Sensitivity. They Ought to Show Some Too - P. Noonan, WSJ
Is This the Way To Decide on Iraq? - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Bush Has Boxed in The U.N. - Dick Morris, New York Post
Answering the Same Old Iraq Questions - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
The Case for Toppling Saddam - Benjamin Netanyahu, Wall Street Journal
The Real Weakness of Europe - Philip Stephens, Financial Times
Demography as Destiny? - David Brooks, Weekly Standard
Bullish on Uncertainty: Don´t Expect Politics as Usual - D. Winston, Wash Times
The Man Who Could Beat Jeb - Jason Zengerle, New Republic
Why Don't They Fear Us? - Debra Saunders, Townhall
The Faces Of China's Future - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Helping the Jobless - Senator Hillary Clinton, New York Times
Mutilating the Truth - Michelle Malkin, Washington Times
September 11th and the American Soul - Louis Menand, New Yorker

Mr. McConnell Should Be Confirmed - Washington Post
Congress Must Act With Speed on Iraq - Boston Herald
The Bank of Japan is Squandering Money and Losing Face - Times of London
China's Cyberspace Censorship - New York Times

Thursday, September 19

'We Cannot Wish This Threat Away' - Donald Rumsfeld, New York Post
Congress Must Be Clear - Senator John Edwards, Washington Post
The German Problem - William Safire, New York Times
How Germany Became Saddam's Favorite State - Wolfgang Schäuble, WSJ
How Bush Hopes to Pin Saddam - Tony Karon, Time
America 's New Bargain - Gerard Baker, Financial Times
Koizumi's Korean Surprise - Jim Hoagland, Houston Chronicle
Starving Time in Zimbabwe - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Who’s For Real in Democrats’ Race - Howard Fineman, Newsweek
Bush's Power Play - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard
In Search of a War Scenario - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
How Can America Resist the Imperial Temptation? - Michael Young, Reason
GE's Welch Cut Back Down to Size - Ellen Goodman, Boston Globe
Stalling Pays on Terror Insurance Bill - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times

Intelligence Fails: USA TodayNew York Times
We Won't Get Fooled Again - Denver Post
The Perils of Valuing Lives - New York Times
CEO: Chief Exorbitance Officer - Christian Science Monitor

Wednesday, September 18

Iraq Agrees to Inspections? Don't Make Me Laugh - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
Iraq's 'Yes' Isn't Quite Good Enough - P. Gordon & M. O'Hanlon, LA Times
Iraq Offer is a Break for Bush - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
Saddam's Gambit - Roula Khalaf and Richard Wolffe, Financial Times
Iraq, Upside Down - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
An Attack Strategy to Win - Bernard Trainor, Washington Post
The Hagel Doctrine - David Broder, Washington Post
Questioning UN Legitimacy - George Will, Indianapolis Star
Saddam Knows the UN Better Than We Do - Linda Chavez, Townhall
Iraq Isn't the Only Country Making a Mockery of the U.N. - C. Rossett, WSJ
The Roots of European Appeasement - David Gelernter, Weekly Standard
The Torch and Tricky Dick - Eric Fettmann, New York Post
2 Former Clintonites Run in Vain - William O'Rourke, Chicago Sun-Times

Saddam Admits Inspectors: WSJ, Washington Post, NY Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Times of London, Arab News, Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald
The Bizarre Odyssey of Scott Ritter - Washington Times

President Discusses Iraq, Domestic Agenda with Congressional Leaders

Tuesday, September 17
U.S. Must Beat Saddam to the Punch - Benjamin Netanyahu, Chicago Sun-Times
Finish the War - Victor Davis Hanson, Wall Street Journal
Allied Against Terrorism - Prince Turki al-Faisal, Washington Post
Anti-War Games - John Podhoretz, New York Post
The Judiciary Committee as Political Killer - Douglas Kmiec, LA Times
Fla Democrats Have Only Themselves to Blame - M. Marquez, Orlando Sentinel
History Shows Us Midterm War Talk Works - James Pinkerton, Newsday
A Good Political Week for Bush - Godfrey Sperling, Christian Science Monitor
No Guns in Flight - Dave Barger, New York Times
Chrétien Caught in a Web of Confusion - Mark Steyn, National Post
Schröder to Voters: I Won't Talk About the War - June Thomas, Slate
The War on Campus - Daniel Pipes, New York Post
A Better Plan For the Forests - Interior Secretary Gale Norton, Wash Post
Savage Battle Changed Course of US History - L. Knutson, Miami Herald
Soldiers' Blood is Penance Paid For Sin of Slavery - R. Burke, Baltimore Sun

The Iraqi Chessboard - New York Times
Did Hussein Just Blink? - Chicago Tribune
Arabian Assent - Newsday
Same Swedes - Financial Times

Monday, September 16

While Bush Leads World Against Iraq, Dems Dither - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
The Democrats in a Box - Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard
A War We Can Afford - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek
Relying on Saddam - William Safire, New York Times
Powell's in the Catbird Seat - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
NATO's Iraq Summit - Jackson Diehl, Washington Post
Saddam or Social Security? Iraq or Enron? - Mathew Cooper, Time
No Independence on Senate Judiciary Committee - Nat Hentoff, Wash Times
Unity Against Sanctions - Philip Crane and Charles Rangel, Financial Times
Feminism's Slide Since Sept. 11 - Cathy Young, Boston Globe
A Presidential Wannabe’s Selective Amnesia - Doug Bandow, National Review
Anti-Incumbent Year for Governors Is Looking Bleaker - S. Rothenberg, Roll Call
They All Look Like Hard-Liners to the NY Times - Mickey Kaus, Slate
Japan's Koizumi Takes `Gamble' With N. Korea - Ralph Cossa, Orlando Sentinel

Homeland Security Bill:  New York TimesWashington Times
Big Drug Makers' Tactics - Washington Post
Bush's Tough Stance on Iraq Exposes U.N.'s Weakness - USA Today
Intifada Against Arafat - Christian Science Monitor

Sunday, September 15

The United Nations Route - James A. Baker III, Washington Post
Delay = Disaster - George F. Will, New York Post
Selling the World on War - T. Lipper, M. Brant and M. Hirsh, Newsweek
Going Our Way - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Making The Case - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
We Will Prevail - Theodore Olson, Wall Street Journal
Repentance Comes First - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Blind To Evil - Ronald Radosh, New York Post
Bush Gives the U.N. a Chance to Matter - Cragg Hines, Houston Chronicle
History Lessons for Wartime Presidents and Generals - S. Weisman, NY Times
The Absent Professors - John Leo, US News & World Report
Bubble, Bubble, Everywhere a Bubble - John Mauldin, Millennium Wave
Checkers Match - Arthur Hirsch, Baltimore Sun
When Politics is Personal - Deborah Sontag, New York Times Magazine

Don't Let bin Laden Turn Downtown New York Into a Cemetery - WSJ
Moscow Has Concerns of Its Own But Must Still Back Bush - Times of London
Courtside Tickets for Life - New York Times
Mr Greenspan's Tarnished Legacy - Financial Times

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Friday, September 13

Bush Roars Back - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Bush's Talk Leaves UN No Excuses - AM Rosenthal, NY Daily News
Now it's Up to the UN to Help Us Oust Saddam - Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe
Mr. Nice Guy at the UN - Ryan Lizza, The New Republic
Smooth Diplomacy - Martha Brandt, Newsweek
Appease This - William Saletan, Slate
The Democrats' War Plan - John Podhoretz, NY Post
What GOP Revolt Over War on Iraq? - Charles Krauthammer, Miami Herald
The Insiders' Iraq - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Where Iraq Fits in the War on Terror - Madeleine Albright, NY Times
Why Can't the CIA Keep Up with the New Yorker? - S. Hayes, Weekly Standard
Will Bloggers Rule the World? Nope. - Jonah Goldberg, The American Enterprise
End Sanctuary for Illegal Immigrants - Michelle Malkin, Townhall
Meltdown in the Judiciary Committee - Tom Jipping, WorldNetDaily

Bush's Speech to the UN: WashTimesNY TimesWash PostWall Street Jrnl, USA TodayTimes of LondonJerusalem PostFinancial TimesGlobe and Mail

Tuesday, September 10

Teaching September 11 - William Bennett, Wall Street Journal
The Elite War on Our 'Bigotry' - Heather MacDonald, New York Post
Before Iraq: Strengthen Allies, Weaken al-Qaeda-Gen. Wesley Clark, USA Today
The Iraq Ultimatum - P. Gordon, M. Indyk, and M. O'Hanlon, Slate
The Making of a Hawk - James Cramer, The
Innocence Lost - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Everything Changed - For a Time - Chris Weinkopf, LA Daily News
Detain 'Enemy Combatants' - But Give Them Hearings - Stuart Taylor, Nat'l Jrnl
Father's History Haunts the Bush Presidency - James Pinkerton, Newsday
What Sept. 11 did for President Bush - Godfrey Sperling, CS Monitor
America's Success Breeds Envy - Douglas Davis, Jerusalem Post
Targeted by a History of Hatred - Bernard Lewis, Washington Post
Looking Back on Chretien's Timid Response to 9/11 - B. Cooper, National Post
Politics and The ‘Ideopolis’ - George Will, Newsweek

Compensating the Survivors - Washington Post
A Sober Summary of the Threat Posed by Saddam - Times of London
Dead or Alive, bin Laden Far From End of Story - Houston Chronicle

Monday, September 9

The Revolt of Islam - Bernard Lewis, New Yorker
Thank You, New York - Prime Minister Tony Blair, New York Post
Iraq Must Be Dealt With - William Rees-Mogg, Times of London
A Laudable Instinct to Attack - Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post
What We Should Have Learned - Robert Bartley, Wall Street Journal
Will House GOP Need Hurricane Insurance? - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
GOP Hoping For a Reno Win Tomorrow - John Miller, National Review
Today’s Lesson: Risk and Greed - Allan Sloan, Newsweek
Reparations: A Scam Cloaked in Racial Pain - Jonathan Turley, LA Times
Freedom for Safety - Nick Gillespie, Reason
A Spirit Reborn - William Safire, New York Times
GOP Waving the White Flag - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
What Weapons Does Saddam Have? - Johanna McGeary, Time
Night Fell on a Different World - The Economist

One Year Later, Scattershot Fixes Hamper Air Security - USA Today
Homeland Security vs. Union Power - Washington Times
Religious Militants Are Anything But True to Their Faith - Houston Chronicle
Asbestos Damage - Financial Times

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Sunday, September 8

9/11 Forged a Nation More United, Realistic - Jim Hoagland, Seattle P-I
Don't Rebuild. Reimagine. - Herbert Muschamp, NY Times Magazine
If Only Dad Could Know - Michael Kuo, NY Daily News
The Day America Fought Back - Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times
The 9/11 Reminder - Leonard Pitts, Seattle Times
Lessons of 9/11 -- and 12/7 - George Will, Washington Post
Watershed or Footnote? - Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Denver Post
The First Day of the Rest of America's Life? - Bob Greene, Chicago Tribune
"Death To America" - Daniel Pipes, New York Post
Reflections on an America Transformed - The New York Times
Jimmy Carter's Fear of Hussein - Thomas Bray, Detroit News
Questions for the Commander in Chief - Senator Zell Miller, Washington Post
The Dem's Outrageous Treatment of Priscilla Owen - Jim Wooten, Atlanta JC
Political Peril Aplenty if Congress Gets to Vote - Jonathan Last, LA Times

America Must Rally Support for Iraq War - Detroit News
Coping With Terror, One Year Later - Indianapolis Star
Safer? Yes. But Still Much To Do - Dallas Morning News

Thursday, September 5

Twin Shadows of Election '02 - Dick Morris, New York Post
Will New Jersey Elect a Republican to the Senate? - George Will, Miami Herald
The Environmental Scorecard Scam - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal
Crunch Time in Washington - Ken Adelman, TechCentralStation
On 9/11, Government Let Us Down - Richard Cohen, NY Daily News
NYPD Takes on Federal Intelligence Work - Froma Harrop, Seattle Times
Will More Bureaucracy Mean More Security? - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
Thank Goodness Nothing Happened at the UN Summit - Gregg Easterbrook, TNR
'Sustainable' Development? There's No Such Thing- Mark Steyn, National Post
Beware the Hedgehogs - William Safire, New York Times
President's Oil Policy Has Business Spooked - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
U.S. Has a Stake in Rebuilding Afghanistan - Robert Finn, Newsday
The Troubling New Face of America - Jimmy Carter, Washington Post
I'll Have the Burger Deluxe, With a Side of Guilt - Norah Vincent, LA Times

UN Summits: A Spent Force - Christian Science Monitor
Blacklisting Steven Hatfill - Washington Post
If We Were Colin Powell - Orange County Register
Follow al-Qaida's Money Trail - KC Star

Wednesday, September 4

Taking Apart Iraq's Nuclear Threat - Ehud Barak, New York Times
The Road to Baghdad - Senator John McCain, Time
The War Won't End in Baghdad - Michael Ledeen, Wall Street Journal
The Perils of Ignoring Bubbles - Stephen Cecchetti, Financial Times
Deflation: The Global Economy's Downside - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
The Costs of Book-Cooking - C. Graham & R. Litan, Christian Science Monitor
9/11 Lesson Plan - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
It's a Matter of When, Not If on Iraq - Cal Thomas, Baltimore Sun
Secretary of the Status Quo - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
The State Department vs. Bush - Stephen F. Hayes, Weekly Standard
Bush - Same as He Ever Was - Howard Fineman and Tamara Lipper, Newsweek
Personal Best - Peter Beinart, New Republic
Cuomo Bows Out of the New York Governor’s Race - Rod Dreher, National Review
It's Decision Time for Labour on the Euro - Alice Miles, Times of London
Nightmare On Temple Mount - Daniel Pipes, New York Post

Appalled, and Not Looking for UN Help - Chicago Sun-Times
Building a Strong Coalition on Iraq - Financial Times
Time to Remind Allies of Saddam's Bullying Ways - USA Today

Tuesday, September 3

Power and Terror - Paul Kennedy, Financial Times
Year One: We Didn't Change After All - Charles Krauthammer, Weekly Standard
In Praise of the Bush Doctrine - Norman Podhoretz, Commentary Magazine
The Cartel of Good Intentions - William Easterly, Foreign Policy
Keeping Nukes Out of Terrorist Hands - M. Bunn & A. Wier, Boston Globe
The Extremists Are Losing - Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post
Our Saudi Friends Still Hold Americans Hostage - William McGurn, WSJ
Iraq Invasion Can't Wait For More Evidence - Robert Andrews, USA Today
General Ashcroft's Detention Camps - Nat Hentoff, The Village Voice
Passing the Buck - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Security Blueprint - Senator Joe Lieberman, Washington Post
Taking on 'The Torch' - Jamie Dettmer, Insight Magazine

NY Democratic Gubernatorial Hopefuls: Carl McCall, Andrew Cuomo

Pressing the Saudis on Abductees' Plight - Indianapolis Star
Don't Overdo 401K Controls - Dallas Morning News
Europe's Childish Opposition - Jerusalem Post

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Monday, September 2

Honoring the Labor of the Mind - Fredric Hamber, Philadelphia Inquirer
Question for Congress About the FISA Court - Nat Hentoff, Washington Times
Like Father, Unlike Son - William Safire, New York Times
A Year of Questioning God - Tunku Varadarajan, Wall Street Journal
NEA's Touchy-feely Approach to 9/11 Fails Kids - John Leo, New York Daily News
How Much Safer Are We? - Lee Hamilton, Indianapolis Star
AID's Egyptian Disgrace - Jackson Diehl, Washington Post
1st Amendment Protects Even the Ugliest Among Us - Jonatahan Turley, LA Times
GOP Choice: Woo Labor? - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Put Arafat on Trial - Alan Dershowitz, Ha'aretz Daily
Visiting Cuba Hurts Its People - Jeb Bush, Miami Herald
A World to the Wise - Kofi Annan, Washington Post
Masterful Job So Far by Hootie - Rick Telander, Chicago Sun-Times

The Labor Day Tradition - New York Post

A Day to Celebrate Labor's New Heroes - Boston Herald
In a Year, Nation Has Refocused on Defeating Evil - Houston Chronicle
A Fix That Won't Stick - Baltimore Sun

Sunday, September 1

Yes, America Has Changed - Andrew Sullivan, Time
How Terrorists Hatched Plan to Use Planes as Bombs - T. McDermott, LA Times
One Year Later: Their Faith and Fears - Evan Thomas, Newsweek
Iran's Sullen Young Majority - Tim Judah, New York Times Magazine
The Path to Unity - Bob Dole, Washington Post
Owned by the Saudis - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Iraq Without Saddam - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Sept. 11 is No Death of a Princess - Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times
After Bubbles, a Double Dip? - Mort Zuckerman, US News & World Report
A Person of Interest - Paul Craig Roberts, Washington Times
No Due Process for Enemy Combatants - Robert Turner, Wall Street Journal
Lessons From Rep. Cynthia McKinney's Defeat - Michael Barone, US News & WR
Our Crushing Personal Debt - David Broder, Washington Post
Explorers in Space for 25 Years - Michael Stroh, Baltimore Sun
Looking Outward at the Stars - George Will, New York Post

Congress Should Do No Harm - Baltimore Sun
Harvard Lets Our Troops Back on Campus, But Only for the Money - WSJ
Bosses of Big Labor Cash Out - Washington Times

Saturday, August 31

When Tolerance Mutates Into Bigotry - Jim Argo, Denver Post
Expanded Air Transit Critical to US - E. Bolen & J. Douglass, Chicago Sun-Times
Circuit Breakers - Cullen Murphy, The Atlantic
Facing Reality - Thomas Sowell, Washington Times
Raising a Red Flag - Jennifer Barrett, Newsweek
That Lonesome Road - Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard
How the Baseball Deal Works - Jayson Stark, ESPN
Is There Hope for Priscilla Owen? - Byron York, National Review
Sept. 11, 2002: A Time to Speak Up - Andrei Cherny, Washington Post
The Chickenhawk Defense - David Harsanyi, FrontPage Magazine
Mutual Funds and Conflicts of Interest - Arianna Huffington, Orlando Sentinel
Why Iran's President has Forced a Showdown - Azadeh Moaveni, Time
How Deadheads Ruined the Grateful Dead - Marc Weingarten, Slate

Baseball - New York Times,  Baltimore Sun,  Boston Globe,  Houston Chronicle
The Real Threat of Stagnation - Financial Times
Bush 'Steels' His Spine - New York Post
Europe and Iraq - Wall Street Journal

Radio Address of the President to the Nation

Friday, August 30

The Wisdom of Inaction - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Saddam's Best Bet to Stop the U.S. Military - Austin Bay, Houston Chronicle
Urban War, The Right Way - Mark Bowden, Los Angeles Times
Wilsonian Course for War - David Ignatius, Washington Post
The Fall After Sept. 11 - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
The Costs of a Baseball Strike - Mark Starr, Newsweek
Sweden's Ageing Model - Christopher Brown-Humes, Financial Times
Surer Way to Sustain the Planet - Stephen Moore, Washington Times
Reparations Movement Only Divides - Clarence Page, Baltimore Sun
Cyprus and the Clash of Civilizations - John Sitilides & Paul Glastris, Wash Post
Jackie Mason and a Palestinian Comic - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Tennessee May Stop Miami Football Repeat - Al Neuharth, USA Today

A Good Relationship With Russia Tested on Several Fronts - Pitt Post-Gazette
Sustaining the Poor's Development - The Economist
Liberal Domination on College Campuses is Unbelievable - Wall Street Journal

Thursday, August 29

The Terrible Logic of Nukes - Charles Krauthammer, Time
On Invading Iraq: Less Talk, More Unity - Alexander Haig Jr., Washington Post
President Should Listen to His Father's Advisers - William Pfaff, Seattle Times
Bush Needs Congress' Support on Iraq - George Will, Houston Chronicle
The Media and the Military - Thomas Sowell, Townhall
Iraq Too Tough? - Ralph Peters, New York Post
U.S. Funds Can't Heal the Losses of 9/11 - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Clinton, Cheney and Pop Culture - Suzanne Fields, Washington Times
FBI's Bullying Tactics Growing Tiresome - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Bush's Buddy Capitalism? - James Surowiecki, The New Yorker
Airlines Flying Away With Bailout Bundle - Christopher Elliott, Baltimore Sun
Where's The Anger? - Eric Fettmann, New York Post
Let's Misbehave - Bill O'Reilly, WorldNetDaily
The Post Buries a Scoop - Christopher Caldwell, Weekly Standard

Bush Should Get Congressional Resolution On Iraq - Wall Street Journal
Closing the Case, Moving Toward Iraq - National Review
Blair's Choice on Supporting Bush Over Iraq - Times of London
Cheney's Path to War - Financial Times

Wednesday, August 28

We Need Bush and Not Saddam Calling the Shots - Michael Gove, Times of London
A Terrorist Nation is a Bigger Threat Than al Qaeda - Ken Adelman, WSJ
Hawks, Doves and Dubya - Michael Hirsh, Newsweek
Iraq: Question Closed? Cheney’s Case - William F. Buckley Jr., National Review
The End of the Age of Inflation - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Cheap-and-Easy Justice and Black-Robe Preening - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
Logging Old-Growth is a Sham Issue - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
Sallie Mae's Spending Spree - Daniel Gross, Slate
Vietnam's Change of Heart - Amy Kazmin, Financial Times
Lifestyles of the Poor and Obscure - Katherine Mangu-Ward, Weekly Standard
What Energy Sources Will Drive the 21st Century? - Ronald Bailey, Reason
High Speed Cable Access - John Judis, New Republic
Cuomo's Collapse in New York - John Podhoretz, New York Post

Iraq - Chicago Sun-Times,  NY Times,  Boston Herald,  Christian Science Monitor
Rigged Voting Districts Rob Public of Choice - USA Today
Rich Countries Should Slash Their Agricultural Subsidies - Times of London
Papal Succession - Washington Times

Tuesday, August 27

Beware of 'Consensus Leadership' - Frank Gaffney Jr., Washington Times
Wimps on Iraq - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Bush's Quiet Green Light on Iraq - Godfrey Sperling, Christian Science Monitor
The Worst Argument Against Attacking Iraq - Peter Beinart, New Republic
Dangers Ignited by Overregulation - Amity Shlaes, Financial Times
Greens Would Rather See Forests Burn For the Trees - Thomas Bray, WSJ
Death Penalty Foes Thwart Majority Will - John O'Sullivan, Chicago Sun-Times
Cuomo's Primary Problem - E. J. Dionne Jr., Washington Post
Senate Races Cause Tension for Bush, GOP- Thomas Oliphant, Boston Globe
Something Rotten In Denmark? - Daniel Pipes & Lars Hedegaard, New York Post
Walking in Faith - Condoleezza Rice, Washington Times
Deterrence Doesn't Matter - Hans Allhoff, RealClearPolitics
America the Soft - Armstrong Williams, Townhall
Very Wrong on a Good Texas Judge - Steve Chapman, Baltimore Sun

Vice President Cheney's Speech - New York Post,  Washington Post
The USA-Saudi Divide - USA Today
Cutting the Cord - New York Times
McAuliffe's Options - Washington Times

Monday, August 26

Still Struggling With Stalin - Cathy Young, Boston Globe
Appeasement, Then and Now - Thomas Woodlock, Wall Street Journal
Of Turks and Kurds - William Safire, New York Times
Why Bush is the Issue This Fall - Ryan Lizza, New Republic
Why Wait for Reparations? - William Raspberry, Washington Post
A Shot Across the Bow From the Darkness - Jonathan Turley, Los Angeles Times
Focus Intelligence on Terrorism - Stansfield Turner, Christian Science Monitor
Europe Must Not Retreat - Dominique Moïsi, Financial Times
The Environmentalists Are Wrong - Bjorn Lomborg, New York Times
Demography and the West: Half a Billion Americans? - The Economist
GOP Rebels Fight Budget Battle - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Times vs. Times, Part II (B) - Mickey Kaus, Slate
Phony Tattoos Can Fake Out Fans - Michael Medved, USA Today

Strategy, Not Tactics, is Behind the U.S. Debate Over Iraq - Times of London
Ford Learns About Environmental Politics the Hard Way - Wall Street Journal
An Ambassador Comes By - Boston Herald
A Right To Welfare? N.Y. Needs A Decision - New York Post

Remarks by the Vice President to the Veterans of Foreign Wars

Sunday, August 25

The Right Way to Change a Regime - James Baker, New York Times
Is He Up to It? - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
Armed, Crazy and Dangerous - Mort Zuckerman, New York Daily News
Bush Must Finish Job in Iraq or Lose in '04 - David Yepsen, Des Moines Register
Protecting Citizens and Civil Liberties - P. Greenberg, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
Teaching 9/11 Lies - George Will, New York Post
Terrorism in the Classroom - Oliver North, Washington Times
Drowning Freedom in Oil - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Now They've Done It - Ken Hamblin, Denver Post
Denise Majette and the New Face of Politics - Cynthia Tucker, Atlanta JC
Holding On to Luke - Rebecca Johnson, New York Times Magazine
Democrats May be Too Optimistic in Texas - J. Smaby, Dallas Morning News
Help in Educating Kids With Tourette's - Richard Dreyfuss, Los Angeles Times

California's Liberal Flakeout - Wall Street Journal
Academic Freedom Has Limits - Boston Herald
John Sununu for Senate - Manchester Union-Leader

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Saturday, August 24

Talk-Show Tips for Bill Clinton - Ben Stein, New York Times
Why Challenge Bush in 2004? Look at History - David Kruh, Boston Globe
Lieberman Stuck With Silly Vow - Tom Roeser, Chicago Sun-Times
Teach the Truth About September 11 - Linda Chavez, Philadelphia Inquirer
The Educational Equivalent of Fool's Gold? - Edwin Feulner, Capitalism Magazine
Crackdown on Homeschooling - Michelle Malkin, Houston Chronicle
The Loyal Opposition - Bill Keller, New York Times
Analyzing the DeLay Doctrine - William Saletan, Slate
Inside Report: Comey a Would-be Giuliani - Robert Novak, Townhall
The Political Third Rail - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek

Another One of Those Eye-rolling, Only-in-Berkeley Things - LA Times
August 24, 1992 - Miami Herald
Enron Investigation Begins to Pay Dividends - Nashville Tennessean
Roberts Over Line of Propriety - Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

Radio Address of the President to the Nation

Friday, August 23

Deconstructing Osama in the Arab World - Bernard Lewis, Wall Street Journal
Why the Markets Can't Fix Themselves - George Soros, New Republic
Betting Against a Housing Bust - Daniel McGinn, Newsweek
Closing the Loan Book - Daniel Bögler, Financial Times
The Outrage Constraint - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Vision is as Important as Force in War - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
President Needs OK by Congress for Iraq War - Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe
No Time to be Weak-Kneed on Iraq - Zev Chafets, Orlando Sentinel
Leave No Public Library Behind - Helen Schary Motro, Christian Science Monitor
Losing the Recovery? - Paul Craig Roberts, Washington Times
Weak Wills Power Fast-Food Lawsuits - Clarence Page, Baltimore Sun
Why I'll Miss the "Worst Drug Warrior in Congress" - Jacob Sullum, Reason
How Vienna Inspired the Führer's Dreams - Peter Schgeldahl, The New Yorker

Your Privacy: Going, Going Sold! - USA Today
The Best Case For War With Hussein - The New Republic
Good Riddance, Rep. Mckinney - New York Post

Thursday, August 22

Buh-Bye Bob, So Long Cynthia - John Fund, Wall Street Journal
Can GOP Stave Off Normal Midterm Losses? - William Murchison, Dallas MN
If the Economy Slows More, GOP Heads Will Roll - Larry Kudlow, Wash Times
Saddam and Terror - William Safire, New York Times
Scowcroft: Honorable But Wrong - George Will, Indianapolis Star
U.S. Walking Saudi-Israel Tightrope - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Multiculturalists Are the Real Racists - Mark Steyn, National Post
The Imperative for Action - House Majority Whip Tom DeLay
Priscilla Owens' `Judicial Activism' - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
The Summit That Could Change Everything - Ronald Bailey, Reason
The Reparation Desperation - Larry Elder, Townhall
Revenge of the Tweezer People - Glenn Harland Reynolds, Fox News
Who Needs Baseball? Bring on the NFL - Sandy Grady, USA Today

The First Domino at Enron - New York Times
A Statesman Arises in Houston - Washington Times
Bush as General - Financial Times
Animal Extremism - Boston Globe

Wednesday, August 21

The Lost Summer of George W. Bush - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
Economic Blame Game - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Abu Nidal, September 11 and Saddam - Asla Aydintasbas, Wall Street Journal
Has Bush Been Mouse-Trapped Into War? - Pat Buchanan, WorldNetDaily
Bush's Mideast Sand Trap - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Saudi Arabia Must Seize Own Salvation - Jim Hoagland, Houston Chronicle
It's Not The Economy, Stupid - Dick Morris, New York Post
Are Happy Days Here Again For The Democrats? - Steve Neal, Chicago Sun-Times
Pension Fallout Anxieties - Arnold Beichman, Washington Times
Defend Your Profits -- or Perish - Alex Epstein, Miami Herald
In Vermont Washington's First Campaign Would Be Illegal - Pete DuPont, WSJ
Can Bush Save Baseball From Itself? - Jeff Greenfield, Slate
The New, Improved SAT - John Harper, Weekly Standard
Don’t Buy the Weekly Standard's SAT Defense - Stanley Kurtz, National Review
A Unique Space Odyssey With No End - Nigel Hawkes, Times of London

Handling the House of Saud - Financial Times
An Evil Career is Ended - Boston Herald
Striking Out in Baseball - Orlando Sentinel

Tuesday, August 20

Beyond Bush 41 - John Podhoretz, New York Post
'Doubts' of GOP Elders on Iraq Are Overstated - T. Oliphant, Boston Globe
GWB in 2002 Could Learn From JFK in 1962 - James Pinkerton, Newsday
Hopes Rise With the Fall of Abu Nidal - Ken Timmerman, Wall Street Journal
The Enemy Has Been Singled Out - Moshe Arens, Ha'aretz Daily
Management or Confrontation? - John Derbyshire, National Review
Suit Spotlights Broken Affirmative Action System - Terry Eastland, Dallas MN
Balkan Betrayal - President of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic, Washington Post
The Un-slap Heard Round the World - Kathleen Parker, Townhall
The Story of Torch and Chang - David Freddoso, Human Events
Bill Simon and the News in California - George Neumayr, American Prowler
The New Scientific Search for Immortality - Ronald Bailey, Reason
The Unheeded Wisdom of Nicholas Brady - Howard Gleckman, Business Week
Cops' Pay is City's Shame - Patrick Lynch, New York Daily News

The Right Message to Egypt - New York Times
Half Right on Mr. Hamdi - Washington Post

Monday, August 19

Greenspan Losing Control of Fed - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
A Legacy of Questions From This Heroic Pope - W. Rees-Mogg, Times of London
Reparations Buffoons in Washington - David Horowitz, FrontPage Magazine
Democracy's Quiet Victory - Joshua Muravchik, New York Times
Saddam's Arsenal - Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard
The Case Against War on Iraq - Howard Zinn, Boston Globe
Did al-Qaeda Do This? - Romesh Ratnesar and Douglas Waller, Time
Corn Dogs and Candidates - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Economic Anxiety Preoccupies Bush, Helps Democrats - M. Kondracke, Roll Call
Hillary, the Inevitable Candidate - David Bossie, Washington Times
Foreign Policy Infight - Morton Abramowitz, Washington Post
The Unfree Society of Michael Bloomberg - Pat Buchanan, WorldNetDaily
Move Iran Outside the 'Axis' - R.K. Ramazani, Christian Science Monitor

Yahoo's China Concession - Washington Post
U.S. Has Reason to Attack Saddam - Chicago Sun-Times
There is No Revolt in the GOP Against Bush's Iraq Policy - Wall Street Journal
The German Election - Financial Times

Sunday, August 18

Kidnapped by the Times - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
No Time for Equivocation - Mortimer Zuckerman, US News & World Report
Just Spell it Right Out: Saddam Must Go - Cragg Hines, Houston Chronicle
Fog of War - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
If We Must Fight - Zbigniew Brzezinski, Washington Post
An Obligation to Ask Hard Questions About Iraq - David Broder, Seattle Times
Credit Crunch Time - Lawrence Kudlow, Washington Times
Time to Roto Rooter the Lender-of-Last-Resort Function - Paul McCulley, PIMCO
The Free-Trade Fix - Tina Rosenberg, New York Times Magazine
Dick Gephardt Wants to Be Majority Leader - Karen Tumulty, Time
Politics In Paradise - George Will, New York Post
A Man On a Gray Horse - David Brooks, The Atlantic
Living in the Blog-osphere - Steven Levy, Newsweek
EU Fear-Mongers' Lethal Harvest - Ronald Bailey, Los Angeles Times

Saudis Now Must Answer in Court - Chicago Sun-Times
Blair Will Soon Have to Make the Public Case on Iraq - Times of London
Vote Sununu: The Conservative Choice in New Hampshire - National Review

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Saturday, August 17

The Axis of Appeasement - William Kristol, The Weekly Standard
Congress Already OK'd Iraq War - Rush Limbaugh, Wall Street Journal
War Critics Err Again - Bob Zelnick, New York Post
Alliances Key to Winning War on Terror - General Wesley Clark, Wash Monthly
On American Power - Paul Wolfowitz, New Perspectives Quarterly
The Left Has Lost Its Way & Lost Its Voice - Camille Paglia, Times of London
Inside Report: O'Neill on the Ropes - Robert Novak, Townhall
Grubman's Fate Sealed by Turn in Telecom's Tide - Scott Moritz, The
Another Kennedy, Another Campaign, Same Problem - K. Merida, Wash Post Mag
Feminists Wrong on 'Rights' Treaty - Tom Roeser, Chicago Sun-Times
Media Can Raise Bar on Campaign Coverage - Mike King, Atlanta JC

Jack Grubman's Last Deal - NY Times
Players and Owners on Dangerous Path - Boston Herald
Keep West Nile Virus in Perspective - Denver Post

Radio Address by the President to the Nation

Friday, August 16

Reparations March Lightyears From Dr. King's Vision-L. Chavez, Philly Inquirer
Invoking The Hamdi Rights - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
The Complainers - Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard
A More Practical Debt Solution For Brazil - George Soros, Miami Herald
What Now? - Michael Kelly, The Atlantic
Gore Will Be '04 Nominee - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Gore Redux Looks Like Sad Inevitability - Jonah Goldberg, Townhall
Why Is United Tanking? Blame the Employees - Daniel Gross, Slate
U.S. Not Ready to Cede Sovereignty - Yet - John Farmer, NJ Star-Ledger
Anthrax Suspect Turns Spotlight on the FBI - Daniel Schorr, CS Monitor
2nd Summer of Bush Presidency Echoes His Father's - C. Leubsdorf, Dallas MN
Will Dems Finally Get An Opinion on Iraq? - H. Myerson, The American Prospect
The King Still Reigns - Mark Steyn, National Post

Holding CEOs to Their Word Brings Payoff For Investors - USA Today
Stem Cell Workaround - San Jose Mercury News
Fast Train to Nowhere - NY Times

What Next for the Airlines? - Robert Crandall, Washington Post
Attacking Saddam Would Undermine Our Antiterror Efforts - B. Scowcroft, WSJ
Bush Begins Making Case for Iraq War - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
The U.S.-German Conversation - Claudia Winkler, Weekly Standard
A Mideast Specter: Modernity - George Will, Washington Post
Too Clever by Half - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Taking a Meat Axe to Microsoft - Thomas Hazlett, Financial Times
A Bid for the Truth in Reality TV - James Pinkerton, Boston Globe
The Growing Power of the Blog - Hugh Hewitt, WorldNetDaily
Ashcroft Overrun by Liberals - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Protecting Data From the Profiteers - Senator Joseph Biden Jr. , Baltimore Sun
Get Out Your Reparations Calculator - Michelle Malkin, Townhall
Al Gore: Party Drooper - Donald Lambro, Washington Times

Iran's Strategic Role - Boston Globe
Terry 'Stonewall' McAuliffe - Washington Times
China's Workers - Washington Post
Mistrust Now Dominates U.S. Views of Saudi Arabia - Times of London

News Coverage - Thursday, August 15

Wednesday, August 14

War Comes Closer - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
History and Logic Dictate War With Iraq - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
Why The FBI Missed 9/11 Clues - Joshua Micah Marshall, New York Post
Security Department Isn't a Job to Rush - David Broder, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
Has Ashcroft Gone Too Far? - Jonathan Turley, Los Angeles Times
Ashcroft Right in Terror Fight - Terry Jeffrey, Human Events
Where Freedom Reigns - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Can Brazil Be Saved? - Robert J. Samuelson, Washington Post
Bailing out Brazil -- or Robert Rubin? - Pat Buchanan, Townhall
President Bush needs a Growth Agenda - Fast - Pete DuPont, Wall Street Journal
Can-Do Thinking on the Everglades - Governor Jeb Bush, Washington Post
Bush Tack on Budget is Off - Senator Hillary Clinton, USA Today
President Fights a Downward Trend in the Polls - Byron York, National Review

Bush's Economic Forum: J. ChaitW. Buckley, Jr.W. Saletan

Economic Forum A Useful Show - Houston Chronicle
American Cutbacks - Dallas Morning News
Time to Lift Travel Ban to Cuba - Rocky Mountain News
Cardinal's Answers No Answer at All - Boston Herald

Tuesday, August 13

Europe is Soft in Head for Saddam - Richard Chesnoff, NY Daily News
U.S. Can Count on England - John O'Sullivan, Chicago Sun-Times
Bush and Iraq: Time is of the Essence - Godfrey Sperling, CS Monitor
First We Take Baghdad ... - Mark Steyn, National Post
Give Greenspan's Fed Its Share of the Blame - William Greider, Washington Post
Time For Fed to Loosen Up - Larry Kudlow, New York Post
Anniversary of the Reagan Triumph - Floyd Brown, Washington Times
Wading Deeper into Afghanistan Hole - Amir Taheri, LA Times
The Anthrax Files - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Excessive Jury Awards Endanger Medical System - Newt Gingrich, USA Today
Need Extra Cash? Try Suing - David Grimes, Miami Herald
An Attorney General With a Strong Agenda - Laura Sullivan, Chicago Tribune
Airlines Need Federal Aid - Jack Creighton, USA Today

Tale of Two Mosques - Seattle Times
Mr. Hatfill's Complaint - Washington Post
Britain Should Defend its Citizens in Zimbabwe - Times of London
Jeb Bush's Political Liability - Orlando Sentinel

Monday, August 12

No Democratic Tide This Year - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Dangerous Dozen Give Opportunities For House Dems - S. Rothenberg, Roll Call
The Stock Market vs. The War on Terror - John McIntyre, RealClearPolitics
Homeland Insecurity - Charles Mann, The Atlantic
Social Security Shell Game - Bob Kerrey and Warren Rudman, Washington Post
A Different Voice in Germany and Europe - Quentin Peel, Financial Times
A Tale of Two Chinas - Bei Ling, New York Times
The Saudi Way - Simon Henderson, Wall Street Journal
Backlash in Saudi Arabia - Nawaf Obaid, Christian Science Monitor
Baghdad Is Not Mogadishu - Gary Schmitt & Tom Donnelly, Weekly Standard
Bush Hears War Naysayers - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Slicing Into DLC's Tax Cut Position - Donald Lambro, Washington Times
Bush's Lost Continent - Tim Padgett and Andrew Downie, Time
Charlie's Song - Bob McManus, New York Post
Off the Books: The Benefits of Free Enterprise - W. M. Cox and R. Alm, Reason

The Clintonistas' Economic Reality Gap - Washington Times
Bush is Moving in a Deliberate Fashion on Iraq - Times of London
War - With No Armey? - New York Post
$outh of the Border - Baltimore Sun

Sunday, August 11

The Nature of Human Nature - George Will, Newsweek
India, Pakistan and G.E. - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Not If, But When to Take Action - Oliver North, Washington Times
Keep Small Business in Homeland Security - Senator John Kerry, Boston Herald
Karl Rove's Safety Net - David Broder, Washington Post
Arabs Ignore Palestinians' Plight - Marc Ginsberg, Wall Street Journal
Every Market Collapse Is Different - Nicholas Brady, New York Times
The Demise of the German Work Ethic - Jeffrey Gedmin, Weekly Standard
The Nobleness of Black Conservatives - David Limbaugh, Townhall
Illegal Drug Use is Abuse and Not 'Fun' - James McDonough, Orlando Sentinel
Is Smoking in Movies Really Killing Millions? - Nick Gillespie, Reason
Obstruction of Judges - Jeffrey Rosen, New York Times Magazine
Got Grease? - Barbara Ehrenreich, Los Angeles Times

History Informs Mideast Dilemma - Chicago Sun-Times
A World Haunted by Past Excess - Financial Times
Crime, Time & The Cuomos - New York Post
The Spoiled Boys of Summer - Wall Street Journal

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Saturday, August 10

Memo To Gore: We Love You. Now Get Lost - Bill Keller, New York Times
America Must Go It Alone - Victor Davis Hanson, Wall Street Journal
A Friendly Reminder - Bill O'Reilly, Townhall
How Saddam Plans to Thwart Bush - Tony Karon, Time
American Interests & Geopolitical Realignment - Thomas Henriksen, Hoover Inst.
Is Colombia Doomed to Repeat Its Past? - María Cristina Caballero, NY Times
The News You Haven’t Heard About Cheney - Byron York, National Review
History to the Left of Us - Larry Schweikart, The American Enterprise

Schools of Hatred - Times of London
Shaking Taiwan Out of Complacency - Taipei Times
The West Nile Virus - Washington Post
The Beginning of the End for Zimbabwe's White Citizens - The Independent

Radio Address of the President to the Nation

Cheney and the CEOs - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Bush's White Elephant - Grover Norquist, The American Enterprise
A Look Behind the Gore-Lieberman Feud - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Small Talk on Iraq - Peter Beinart, The New Republic
What Do Iraqis Think About Life After Hussein? - Michael Rubin, NY Times
Our Iraq Choice : Risky War or Nuclear Saddam - Trudy Rubin, Philly Inquirer
Our Saudi Friends, So Eager to Help - Wes Pruden, Washington Times
Don’t Make Saudi Friend Into Arab Foe - David Silverberg, The Hill
How About a Little Diversity of Thought? - Mark Steyn, National Post
Deciding Who Is Protected Against Smallpox - Senator Bill Frist, NY Times
Japan Directs a Route to Recovery - M. Nakamoto & D. Pilling, Financial Times
Bush's Economic Summit - Carl P. Leubsdorf, Dallas Morning News
Let Corporate America Punish Its Own - Russ Roberts, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

A Rescue for Brazil - Washington Post
Downsizing the Imperial C.E.O. - NY Times
Is Mugabe Africa's Pol Pot? - Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

News Coverage - Friday, August 9

Thursday, August 8

Judge Smith Goes to Washington - Jeffrey Lord, Weekly Standard
Our Enemies The Saudis (Continued) - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Declare War First - George Will, New York Post
Making Hussein Squirm - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
Fate of GOP Majority Rests on Handful Of Women Members - S. Rothenberg, RC
Did The Clinton Administration Cook the Books? - Bob Novak, Houston Chronicle
How Talk Radio Helped Kill a Tax in Tennessee - John Fund, Wall Street Journal

Why Dads Don't Count When it Comes to Abortion - Dahlia Lithwick, Slate
A Casualty of Cowardice - Alex Epstein, Washington Times
Nato's New Role - Charles Grant, Financial Times
Look Who’s Back With Bush - Martha Brandt, Newsweek
Will Dems Kill The Owen Nomination? - Byron York, National Review
Bin Laden's Innovations - Larry Seaquist, Christian Science Monitor

Cooler Coffee for 3 Million and Other Lawyer Bargains - M. McMenamin, Reason
Prohibition is Back? - R. Emmett Tyrrell, Townhall
Give Yourself a Little Pat of Butter - Michelle Cottle, New Republic

Bush's 'Secret' Detainees - Wall Street Journal
Outrageous Steel (Cont'd) -
Washington Post
Taiwan and China - Baltimore Sun

Wednesday, August 7

'And Then What?' No Defense Against Action in Iraq - T. Hames, Times of London
St. Alban's Guide to Populism - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
Moyers, Clinton, Gore and Lieberman - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
A Few Questions on Ethics for Gore - Cal Thomas, Miami Herald
Torch-Ured Ethics - Eric Fettmann, New York Post
Anybody But Gore? Sign Me Up - Mickey Kaus, Slate

Letter to Zell Miller - Hugh Hewitt, WorldNetDaily
Lessons From Sri Lanka - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
A Vision for the Americas - Richard Feinberg, Financial Times
The Nursing Bill: A Quiet Triumph - David Broder, Washington Post
The NY Times Wages War on an Iraq War - Benjamin Zycher, National Review
The Role of Genes in Antisocial Behavior - Ronald Bailey, Reason

Whole World Wise to Saddam's Game - Chicago Sun-Times
Secret Detentions Violate American Values - Seattle Times
The Next Voucher Battleground - Wall Street Journal
Taiwan-China Not a Pot That Should be Boiling Now - Houston Chronicle
Brazil and the Powell Doctrine -
Washington Post

Tuesday, August 6

Timely Example of Media Bias - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Why Saddam's Regime Must Go - John O'Sullivan, Chicago Sun-Times
Truth Massacred - Richard Cohen, Washington Post
UN Report Shatters Myth of Jenin - Richard Benedetto, USA Today
Al Gore Still Doesn't Get It - William Saletan, Slate
Al & Joe: Irreconcilable Differences - Noam Scheiber, The New Republic
Don't Write off McCain in 2004 - Godfrey Sperling, CS Monitor

A Confederacy of Democrats - Joe Klein, The New Yorker
Campaign 04: You'll Never Guess Whose Still Here - Howard Fineman, Newsweek
Trade 'Strategery' for a Trade Strategy - Tod Lindberg, Washington Times
Next Bubble on the Horizon: Home Sweet Home - James Pinkerton, Newsday
The Colonial Roots of American Taxation - Alvin Rabushka, Policy Review

Bloody Days - Washington Post
Clinton's Black Hawk History - Wall Street Journal
Class Warfare from Gore - Boston Herald

Monday, August 5

Daschle's Declining Senate - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Gore v. Bush: Who Do Americans Believe? - Byron York, National Review
Patio Man and the Sprawl People - David Brooks, Weekly Standard
Needing the Unnecessary: The Democratization of Luxury - J. Twitchell, Reason
Iran on the Brink - Elizabeth Wasserman, The Atlantic
The War Is Not Yet Won - Garry Kasparov, Wall Street Journal
No Time for Politics on Security - Mort Zuckerman, US News & World Report
Betrayed By The State Dept - Sherri Mandell, New York Post
The Supposed Secret History Before 9/11 - Michael Elliott, Time
A More United America - David Gergen and Karen House, Boston Globe
Rumors of War - John Barry and Roy Gutman, Newsweek
Redesigning Market Incentives - Bruce Bartlett, Washington Times
Americas Prepare for Trade on a Fast Track - Walter Russell Mead, NY Times
In the War on Drugs, Honesty is the Best Policy - Kathleen Parker, Baltimore Sun
It's Not the Cannabis, It's the Constitution - Jonathan Turley, Los Angeles Times

Latin America's Problems - Houston Chronicle
The Incredible Shrinking Massacre - New York Post
Give the Old Number a Rest - Christian Science Monitor

Sunday, August 4

Clarence Thomas' Supreme Discomfort - K. Merida & M. Fletcher, WP Magazine
Broken Promises and Political Deception - Al Gore, New York Times
New World Deferred - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
J. P. Morgan Rises Again - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek
A Liberal Dose of Nonsense - Richard Brookhiser, Chicago Sun-Times
Seeing Past Arafat - Rep. John Sweeney, New York Post
Wag the Dog Revisited - Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard
Explaining the Stalemate on Prescription Drugs - Larry Eichel, Philly Inquirer
Bush's Shame Over Egyptian Ibrahim - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Dems Catch Recess Fever - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
In Coveted SD Senate Race, All Politics is Local - Gloria Borger, US News & WP
Public Money for Private Schools? Absolutely. - Nancy Spence, Denver Post
A Father-phobic Nation - Leonard Pitts, Jr., Seattle Times
Ready or Not, Here Comes the 9/11 Anniversary - Mary Schmich, Chicago Tribune

The GOP's Immigration Fumble - Wall Street Journal
Divided Government - Baltimore Sun
The Iraq Debate - Washington Post

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Saturday, August 3

Moving Forward - Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, Washington Post
Iran's Coming Revolution - R. James Woolsey, Wall Street Journal
Time to Settle War Question - Tom Roeser, Chicago Sun-Times
Pencil in Iraq for This August - Mark Steyn, National Post
Invading Iraq is in Our National Interests - David Limbaugh, Townhall
Don't Underestimate Assad Jr. - Ze'ev Schiff, Ha'aretz Daily
Will Dems Put US Security Above Loyalty to Unions? - L. Chavez, Philly Inquirer
Senate Shields Torricelli With Double Standard - David Freddoso, Human Events
The Friends of James Ujaama - Michelle Malkin, Washington Times
Republicans Can Help Boot McKinney - Jim Wooten, Atlanta JC

Dark Day for Simon - Orange County Register
The Torch Admits He's Been Lying All Along - Wall Street Journal
Kathleen Townsend's Tirade - Washington Post

Radio Address by the President to the Nation

Wednesday, July 31

Debating Iraq - Joseph Biden and Richard Lugar, New York Times
America on the Hinge of Risk and Opportunity - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
Leaks or Disinformation? - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
Are Lunatics Running the Asylum Policy? - Claudia Rosett, Wall Street Journal
A Legacy of Shame - Hugh Hewitt, WorldNetDaily
The Next Kennedy - Matt Labash, Weekly Standard

Retirement Delayed -- Maybe for the Better - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
A Day In the Life of the Dow - Gersh Kuntzman, Newsweek
Do Saudi Words Have Consequences? Egyptian? - William F. Buckley, NRO
$6 or $60 - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Double Dose of Legal Lunacy - Cal Thomas, Baltimore Sun
Springsteen Rising - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Star Athletes Trample on Mere Mortals - Dave Kindred, USA Today

Brazil's Descent - Financial Times
The Uphill Fight for Trade - Boston Herald
The Shame of Egypt - New York Times
Rumors of Peace in Congo - Baltimore Sun

Tuesday, July 30

Law Isn't Enough - Charles Colson, Washington Post
Regime Change in Iran? - Reuel Marc Gerecht, Weekly Standard
The Latest Israeli "Atrocity" in Gaza - Martin Peretz, New Republic
Immersed in an Immigrant Mess - John O'Sullivan, Chicago Sun-Times
The Good News Bears - John Podhoretz, New York Post

Will the Democrats Miss This Opportunity? - E. J. Dionne Jr., Washington Post

Why the Public is Sticking With Bush - G. Sperling, Christian Science Monitor

No Economic Security Without Economic Growth - Jack Kemp, Townhall
Fox Making Headway Against Corruption in Mexico - M. Barone, US News & WR
Who's Trashing Ashcroft? - Frank Gaffney Jr., Washington Times
You Do Not Have A Right To Remain Silent - Stuart Taylor Jr., National Journal
Michigan Democrats Embrace Gun Rights - Thomas Bray, Wall Street Journal
Hysteria Shouldn't Trample the Presumption of Innocence - Cathy Young, Reason
The Last Generation To Live on the Edge - Robb Moretti, Newsweek
Boeing Challenges the Laws of Physics - Nick Cook, Financial Times

Showtime For The Senate - Baltimore Sun
Lieberman's Continuing Stonewall - Washington Times
Trade Authority At Last....Hopefully - Miami Herald
Asia Faces Up to The Challenge of Terrorism - Times of London

Monday, July 29

Bush Not as Vulnerable as Democrats Think - Richard Benedetto, USA Today
European Paradoxes: The War That Divides Us - Victor Davis Hanson, NRO
Kids Won't Learn if We Expect Failure - William Raspberry, Boston Globe
Anti-Market Populism vs. Crony Capitalism - Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post
Inside the Mind of the CEO President - J. Carney & J. Dickerson, Time
For More Honesty With Stock Options - Sanford Jacoby, CS Monitor
An American Terrorist - Ira Silverman, The New Yorker

IRS Reveals Smoking Gun - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Medicare Well Running Dry - Dr. Gary Cowan, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
Congress Could Pass Medicare Bill This Year - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
Liberal Lunacy Always Blames Things, Not People - M. Medved, WorldNetDaily
Flying the Unfriendly Skies - George McGovern, Wall Street Journal
Mind the Gap - Rep. Saxby Chambliss, Washington Times
The Trashing of Our Immigration Policies - Dennis Byrne, Chicago Tribune

Up From Darkness - New York Times
Jordan's Example - Times of London
A Report and Its Lessons on Cloning - National Review

Sunday, July 28

The Upside of the Down Market - P.J. O'Rourke, The Weekly Standard
A Day of Reckoning - J.Allen, N. Neusner, & J. Pethokoukis, US News & WR
A State of 401(k) Shock - William Neikirk, Chicago Tribune
The Next to Fall? Europe. - Richard Medley, Newsweek
Getting Off the Dime - Mort Zuckerman, NY Daily News
Investor, Can You Spare a Dime? - Dave Barry, Detroit Free-Press
The Real Extremists - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Mr. Lucky of California Politics - Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, LA Times
We Must Do This One Right - J. Podesta & K. Duberstein, Washington Post
Bush Doesn't Need Congress' OK to Attack Iraq - D. Rivkin & L. Casey, WSJ
Disillusioned Iranians Longing for Freedom - Daniel Pipes, Chicago Sun-Times
Sharon Undercuts Bush Diplomacy With Settlements - Jackson Diehl, Dallas MN
Creating Synergy Out of Thin Air - Rob Walker, NY Times
Power & Weakness - Robert Kagan, Policy Review

Gephardt's Immigrant Game - NY Post
Tough times for KKT - Washington Times
The Case Against Mr. Hamdi - Washington Post

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Saturday, July 27

Civilian Casualties: No Apology Needed - Ralph Peters, Wall Street Journal
Costs of Targeting Civilians - Caleb Carr, New York Times
Beyond Arafat - James Kitfield, National Journal
Weapons in the War on Terrorism - P. Anderson & V. Lafleur, Boston Globe
Bush's Polls and the Law of Gravity - John Zogby, Chrisitan Science Monitor
Belief in Those Occupying Positions of Trust - Linda Chavez, Philly Inquirer
Just Where Is Bob Rubin These Days? - Andrew Sullivan, New York Sun
Edwards Blames Big Business; Bush Blames Lawyers - William Saletan, Slate
Democrats' Hopes Rest on Dixie - Ron Brownstein, Los Angeles Times
The DHS: A Dept We Will Spend a Lifetime Criticizing - Kate O'Bierne, NRO
Good Numbers, Bad Standards - Richard Rahn, United Press International
Pope Like a Father and 'Fathers Don't Resign' - Richard Halicks, Atlanta JC
Cut Out milkshakes? Fat Chance - Sam Ryan, Chicago Tribune
Capitol Q& A: The Dems' Abortion Litmus Test - Human Events

The Fat Police Are Here - Boston Herald
The Moussaoui Mess - Washington Post
Torrecelli's Fix - New York Post

Radio Address of the President to the Nation

Friday, July 26

Risk-Takers, Look Out - David Ignatius, Washington Post
The Evil Ones - William Powers, National Journal
A Time of Lore - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Democrats Foster Illegal Immigration - William F. Buckley, Houston Chronicle
Civil Warrior: Capitalism and Friedman - Jacob Sullum, Reason
For Bush, It's Time to Let a Head (Or Two) Roll - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
How Bush Tied His Fate to the Dow - Ryan Lizza, New Republic
No-Respect Politics - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Airport Disaster - Robert Poole, New York Post
Moyers Gets the Hook - Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard
Pitt's Flight From Political Reality - Gerard Baker, Financial Times
Affirmative Action Benchscars - Paul Greenberg, Washington Times
Democrats' Ties To Trial Lawyers Deserve Debate - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
What Are Liberals Upset About? - Ann Coulter, Townhall
Betcha Can't Sue Just One - Jonathan Turley, Los Angeles Times

Enron's Accomplices - Newsday
Questions for Rubin on Enron - Washington Times
On the Stock Market and the Economy - National Review
Challenges in South America - Financial Times

Thursday, July 25

GOP: Get Over Panic - John Fund, Wall Street Journal
Retreat Not Sweet for GOP - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Blame Iacocca - James Surowiecki, Slate
Bring Back Reagan's Rx - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Conservative "Dismay" at the Times - Jonathan Last, Weekly Standard
GOP Searches for 1 Vote for Owen - Byron York, National Review
U.S., Russia and Global Entente - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
Visas For Terror Suspects - Joel Mowbray, New York Post
GOP Must Crack Immigrant Code for Survival - Dick Morris, The Hill
The Human Wrongs Commission - Joshua Muravchik, FrontPage Magazine
Sinn Fein Still Threatens Peace in Ulster - David Trimble, London Telegraph
Raving Lunacy - Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Fox News
Sharpton Can't Get Off High Wire - Stanley Crouch, NY Daily News

Up, Down and All Around - New York Times
Israel Misfires - Times of London
The Army on the Home Front - CS Monitor

Wednesday, July 24

Who Really Cooks the Books? - Warren Buffett, New York Times
Keep the Tax Cut - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard
Hamas Kills Its Own - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Iran and Syria Open a Second Mideast Front - Dennis Ross, Wall Street Journal
Democrats Work to Kill Another Judicial Nominee - Byron York, National Review
Which Democrat do the Scandals Help? - Michael Crowley, New Republic
More CIA Leadership Failures - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
We're Hurting Our Kids and Ourselves by Living in Fear - D. Prager, LA Times
We Filled the Prescription - Dan Rostenkowski, Washington Post
Do Senate Democrats Want a Prescription Plan or an Issue? - Pete DuPont, WSJ
Curbing the CEO Cult - William Greider, The Nation
A Comeback for Protectionism? - Stephen Moore, Washington Times
The Panic of 2002 - Patrick Buchanan, WorldNetDaily
Fixing Baseball - Jeremy Dauber, Christian Science Monitor

The Owen Nomination - Washington Post
Targeting Terror - New York Post
The Torricelli Bob-and-Weave - New York Times

Thursday, July 25

GOP: Get Over Panic - John Fund, Wall Street Journal
Retreat Not Sweet for GOP - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Blame Iacocca - James Surowiecki, Slate
Bring Back Reagan's Rx - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Conservative "Dismay" at the Times - Jonathan Last, Weekly Standard
GOP Searches for 1 Vote for Owen - Byron York, National Review
U.S., Russia and Global Entente - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
Visas For Terror Suspects - Joel Mowbray, New York Post
GOP Must Crack Immigrant Code for Survival - Dick Morris, The Hill
The Human Wrongs Commission - Joshua Muravchik, FrontPage Magazine
Sinn Fein Still Threatens Peace in Ulster - David Trimble, London Telegraph
Raving Lunacy - Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Fox News
Sharpton Can't Get Off High Wire - Stanley Crouch, NY Daily News

Up, Down and All Around - New York Times
Israel Misfires - Times of London
The Army on the Home Front - CS Monitor

Wednesday, July 24

Who Really Cooks the Books? - Warren Buffett, New York Times
Keep the Tax Cut - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard
Hamas Kills Its Own - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Iran and Syria Open a Second Mideast Front - Dennis Ross, Wall Street Journal
Democrats Work to Kill Another Judicial Nominee - Byron York, National Review
Which Democrat do the Scandals Help? - Michael Crowley, New Republic
More CIA Leadership Failures - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
We're Hurting Our Kids and Ourselves by Living in Fear - D. Prager, LA Times
We Filled the Prescription - Dan Rostenkowski, Washington Post
Do Senate Democrats Want a Prescription Plan or an Issue? - Pete DuPont, WSJ
Curbing the CEO Cult - William Greider, The Nation
A Comeback for Protectionism? - Stephen Moore, Washington Times
The Panic of 2002 - Patrick Buchanan, WorldNetDaily
Fixing Baseball - Jeremy Dauber, Christian Science Monitor

The Owen Nomination - Washington Post
Targeting Terror - New York Post
The Torricelli Bob-and-Weave - New York Times

Tuesday, July 23

Joe Lieberman’s Cover-Up - Mark Levin, National Review
'Good Guy' Firms Work to Keep Public Trust - Lawrence Mitchell, USA Today
Wall Street Secret: Nobody Knows Anything - James Pinkerton, Newsday
The Other Powell in the Spotlight - Jane Black, Business Week
Homeland Security: Do It Right - Mitch Daniels, Washington Post
The Coming War With Saddam - Stephen Hayes, The Weekly Standard
Interview With a Humanoid - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Work For the Chain Gang - Edwin Meese & Eric Holder, Washington Times
A Challenge to White Readers - Joyce King, CS Monitor
Why Blacks Don’t Need Leaders - John McWhorter, City Journal
Labor's Farewell - Moshe Arens, Ha'aretz Daily
Election 2002: Advantage Dems - Dick Morris, New York Post
Democrats Are Making a Bid in South - William McKenzie, Dallas Morning News
Young Conservatives Score Victory for Taxpayers - Terry Jeffrey, Human Events

The Lessons of WorldCom - Washington Post
There's No Need to Call in Troops - Chicago Sun-Times
Israel Hurts its Cause - Boston Herald

Monday, July 22

The Real Price of the Market Slide - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek
Time For Bush to Step Up to the Plate - David Gergen, US News & World Report
Why Republicans Should Be Afraid - David Brooks, Weekly Standard
Market Drop Endangers GOP Election Prospects - Mort Kondracke
, Roll Call
Are You Ever Going to Be Able to Retire? - Daniel Kadlec, Time
The Truth About Stock Options - James Higgins, New York Post
Let's Not Allow A Fiat To Undermine The Bill Of Rights - S. Taylor, Nat'l Journal
Lindhs' Blind Devotion Ill-Serves Errant Son - Cathy Young, Boston Globe
Do Democrats Really Want to Play the Integrity Game? - Cal Thomas, Townhall
Drug Prices: A Much-Needed Primer - Robert Bartley, Wall Street Journal
The NY Times' Poll: Slanted Again - Andrew Sullivan,
The Straits of Gibraltar - William Rees-Mogg, Times of London
In Latin America a New Form of Populism - Richard Lapper, Financial Times
Fear Should Paralyze City's Thugs, Not its People - Gregory Kane, Baltimore Sun

Raising Fannie Mae's Shades - Christian Science Monitor
Clinton-Gore: See No Evil - Washington Times
Schröder Suddenly Looks Like a Loser in Germany - Times of London

Sunday, July 21

To Regain Confidence - Robert Rubin, Washington Post
Stocks Are Only Part of the Story - Alan Blinder, New York Times
They Can't Pin This One on Bush - Mark Steyn, National Post
The Best Way to Spread the Wealth - Senator Joe Lieberman, New York Times
Smoking Guns in California Energy Heist - Daniel Weintraub, Sacramento Bee
Hail, Little Caesar - Debra Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle
Mind-bending Science Raises Ethical Concerns - Ronald Kotulak,Chicago Tribune
Spies Everywhere - Kathleen Parker, Orlando Sentinel
The Church Ladies Are After Cardinal Law - Margery Eagan, Boston Herald
It Only Looks Like Vietnam - Donovan Webster, NY Times Magazine
Iraq: The Day After - Robert Kagan, Washington Post
Philadelphia School Reform,1 Year Later - Mayor John Street, Philly Inquirer
The IRA's Troubled Apology - Patrick Michael Rucker, Baltimore Sun

A Step Toward Reality for AOL Time Warner - Seattle Times
Making a Race of Simon-Davis Battle - Orange County Register

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Saturday, July 20

Will the Stock Market Give Congress to the Dems? - M. Barone, US News & WR
The Bulls Hide Out on Main Street - Vincent Boland, Financial Times
Loss of Investments Leads to Loss of Faith in the Market - Floyd Norris, NY Times
The Economy: To The Rescue? - Julie Kosterlitz, National Journal
The Great Telecoms Crash and it's Impact on the Stock Market - The Economist
How Big Media Missed the Big Story - Orville Schell, Newsweek
The Coming War with Saddam - Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard
Attacking Terrorism At Its Roots - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Palestinians Should Learn From Turkey - Joel Sprayregen, Chicago Sun-Times
The NAACP's Decline and Fall - Ward Connerly, Wall Street Journal
Alienated by Raised Ante on a Race Card - Clarence Page, Washington Times
Inside Report: Hillary for VP? - Robert Novak, Townhall

The Taste Business - Michael Kelly, The Atlantic

Who Cares About Trade? - Washington Post
Transportation Security Shake-Up - Wall Street Journal
No National ID Card - Washington Times

Radio Address of the President to the Nation

Friday, July 19

Dems Praying For Someone Other Than Gore - Erin Sheley, Weekly Standard
Fire Terry McAuliffe, He's a Liability - Richard Reeves, Detroit Free-Press
The Democrats Find a Theme - E.J. Dionne, Philadelphia Inquirer
Stock Options and the Decline of the New Democrat - The New Republic
We Shouldn't Make Arafat the Issue - Senator Chuck Hagel, Washington Post
Shimon Peres: A Failed Modern-day Prophet - J. Schvindlerman, Miami Herald What Next for Israel? - Tony Karon, Time
U.S. Values Will Be on Trial With Moussaoui - Jonathan Turley, LA Times
Zacarias Moussaoui's Homer Simpson Defense - Dahlia Lithwick, Slate
Bush Plan Will Make America Less Vulnerable- Senator Zell Miller, Atlanta JC
Terror-fighting TIPS From North Korea - Wes Pruden, Washington Times
The Nightmare and the Dreams - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Parsley War a Farce With Lessons - Charles Krauthammer, Houston Chronicle

Case of the Missing Anthrax - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times

Moussaoui's Plea - Washington Post
Homeland Security Measures vs. The Public's Right to Information - Newsday
Sorrow, Outrage at Samantha's Murder - Orange County Register

Dow Falls 400 Points, Leading Average Hits Four-Year Low

Wednesday, July 17

Stigmatizing Business - Andrew Grove, Washington Post
The Reform Stampede - Robert Samuelson, New York Post
Will Real Economy Follow the Stock Market? - Robert Kuttner, Boston Globe
Greenspan the Great! - Jude Wanniski, Townhall
Professors Who See No Evil- John Leo,
US News & World Report
Just Say No to Snitches! - Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily
Congress' Spending Spree Puts U.S. in Red - Cal Thomas, Baltimore Sun
Two-Edged Weapon - Michael Kelly, Washington Post
An Open Letter to the People of Pakistan - Judea Pearl, Wall Street Journal
What the Kass Commission Got Right - Wesley Smith, National Review
Reckless Decisions of the Kass Council - Ronald Bailey, Reason
Hog Heaven: Harley at 100 - George Will, Newsweek
No More Strikes for America's Pastime - Senator Jim Bunning, New York Times

Expensing the Golden Goose - Christian Science Monitor
Washington Masks Deficits Using Accounting Tricks - USA Today
Justice in Pakistan - Miami Herald
The Madness of a Baseball Strike - Seattle Times

Monday, July 15

Too Soft on Stock Options - Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post
Coca-Cola: Refreshing on Options - Cosmo Macero, Boston Herald

The Criminalization of Business - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
No Sign Scandals Have Hurt GOP, But Economy Might - M. Kondracke, Roll Call
Bush Should Release the Harken Papers - Byron York, National Review
The Kass Council's Good Counsel - William Kristol, Weekly Standard
Bush Has Given the World Leadership - Michael Barone, US News & WR
Endless Playing of the Race Card - Pat Buchanan, Townhall
Demonization in the Mirror - Cathy Young, Boston Globe
Hypocrites! -
Michael Meyers, New York Post
Finding Cures for an Ailing Argentina - Martin Wolf, Financial Times
Lessons from Gettysburg and Omaha Beach - R. Bartley, Wall Street Journal
Two Who Altered Tax Dynamics - Bruce Bartlett, Washington Times
Pakistan's Leader May Have the World's Toughest Job - Anthony Spaeth, Time
Offbeat Cities Are the New Growth Cities- Neal Pierce, Houston Chronicle
Hence, Loathed Melancholy - William Safire, New York Times

Corporate Reform Moves On -
Washington Post
For Turkey's Stability, Prime Minister Must Step Down - Newsday

Deficit in Sincerity -
Washington Times

Sunday, July 14

America's Tycoons: Beloved or Reviled - Michael Hill, Baltimore Sun
Increasingly, It's the Economy That Scares Us - Andrew Kohut,
New York Times

Celebrating an Intellectual Dynamo - George Will, Washington Post
Europe's Heads in Arafat's Sand - Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times
Osama Bin Laden, Meet Your Closest Kin: Karl Marx - J. Rauch, National Journal
How Bush's World Turned Upside Down - James Carney, Time

Bush and the Bear - Kenneth Walsh, US News & World Report
Why Cheney Is Absent From Reform Debate - A. Sloan & J. Roberts, Newsweek
America's Hate-Filled Muslim Press - Stephen Schwartz, Weekly Standard
The Privacy Fight Over Right to Sell Personal Info - Jim Hightower, The Nation
The Case for Eating Like a Caveman - Lionel Tiger, Wall Street Journal
Saddam's War Plan - Arnaud de Borchgrave, Washington Times
Arm The Pilots! - Deroy Murdock, New York Post
Andrew Cuomo: In the Game of the Father- Adam Nagourney, NY Times Magazine
Master of the Senate, by Robert Caro - Ronald Steel, The Atlantic

Time For McCain to Temper Demands - Boston Herald
Gale Warnings in Washington - New York Times
Don't Let Turf Wars Threaten Homeland Security - Newsday

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Saturday, July 13

Big Business's Bad Behavior - Irwin Stelzer, Weekly Standard
Turkey's Choice -
Leyla Boulton and Quentin Peel, Financial Times
Gov't Spending: Finding It Hard to Say 'No' - David Baumann, National Journal
Corporate Scandals: No Pain, No Gain - Noam Scheiber, New Republic
Person of the Week: The American Investor - Tony Karon, Time
Airline Security is One Big Joke On Us - Michelle Malkin, Houston Chronicle
Airports: Where Nonsense Prevails - Walter Williams, Washington Times
The Atheist Civil-Liberty Union? - Michael Novak, National Review
More Money Hasn't Made Public Schools Better - Russell Roberts, St. Louis PD
A Space in Time - Michael Benson, The Atlantic Monthly
A Diet Rich in Partial Truths - Dean Ornish, New York Times
So Much for Hormone 'Salvation' - Ellen Goodman, Washington Post
Spin This - The Trouble with Bill O'Reilly - Cathy Young, Reason

Inside Report: Ex-Sen. McCain? - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times

Turkey's Fever -
Washington Post
NAACP's Scare Tactics - Wall Street Journal
The Expanding Smallpox Plan - New York Times
A Chance for Choice - National Review

Radio Address by the President to the Nation

Friday, July 12

Privileged to Serve - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
How Stock Options Lead to Scandal - Walter Cadette, NY Times
Harvey Pitt: Scapegoat - Josh Marshall, New York Post
Why the Corporate Scandals Won't Hurt Republicans - Fred Barnes, WSJ
If Accounting Is Problem, the Feds Are No Answer - Robert Robb, AZ Republic
When Modern Medicine Fails - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Democrats' War On Drug Firms Will Hurt Elderly - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
The Fight Over Biotechnology - Justin Gerdes, Mother Jones
Rising Threat of Hindu Extremism - HDS Greenway, Boston Globe
Dinner at Granita - Michael Barone, US News & World Report

Postmodern Treacheries - David Horowitz, Frontpage Magazine

The Harken Energy Distraction - Washington Post
Rodney King, Deja Vu? - New York Post
Turkey Needs a New Leader - LA Times

Thursday, July 11

Just Send Scoundrels to Jail - Lawrence J. McQuillan, USA Today
Corporate Scandal is Dems Dream Issue - Dick Morris, New York Post
There's More Than Corporate Fraud - Robert Tracinski, Philly Inquirer
Real & Phony Fixes for Corporate Corruption - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
Will Scandals Hurt President Bush? - Carl P. Leubsdorf, Dallas Morning News
Democrats Scraping the Bottom - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
The Death of bin Ladenism - Amir Taheri, New York Times
Call a Terrorist a Terrorist - Norah Vincent, LA Times
Whatever You Do, Don't Call it a Hate Crime - Mark Steyn, National Post
The McCain Mutiny--Part II - John Fund, Wall Street Journal
McCain Remains Bush’s Top Nemesis - Howard Fineman, Newsweek
The Black Cops You Never Hear About - Heather MacDonald, City Journal
Vouchers and Civil Rights - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
'Up From' Accountability - George Will, Washington Post
Unmasking Arafat - Dennis Ross, Foreign Policy Magazine

Yucca Mountain:
Boston Herald, Las Vegas Sun
Where Farrakhan and Saddam Agree - Chicago Sun-Times
The Wrong Target - New York Times

Wednesday, July 10

Put a War With Iraq in the Diary for January - Tim Hames, Times of London
Why the Battle for the Court Will Be Nasty - Brian Anderson, City Journal
Does Bush Finally Get It? - Michael Kelly, New York Post
Pray for Gridlock on Prescription Drugs - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
2004 Nomination is Gore's for the Taking - Steve Neal, Chicago Sun-Times
A Judge Makes the Perfect the Enemy of the Constitution - Pete DuPont, WSJ
Congress Should Not Rush Homeland Security - T. Blankley, Washington Times
Bush Is Right to Refuse World Court - Michael Elliot, Time
The American Eagle Has Not Crashed - John Hughes, Christian Science Monitor
Crackpots Like Kevin Phillips - Bruce Bartlett, Townhall
Determined to Give D.C. Kids a Choice - Judd Gregg and Dick Armey, Wash Post
The Favorite Energy Source of Greens is Unsustainable - Ronald Bailey, Reason
The New Golden Age of Radio - Hugh Hewitt, WorldNetDaily
How Lance Armstrong Made it Back - Michael Specter, The New Yorker

President's Speech on Corporate Fraud: USA TodayWashington PostNY Post,
 Wall Street Journal, Times of LondonBoston GlobeFinancial Times,
      Seattle TimesHouston ChronicleChristian Science MonitorNY Times 
Mr. Moran's Bad Credit - Washington Post

Tuesday, July 9

Dubya'$ Dilemma - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Garbage In, Regulation Out - Thomas Bray, Wall Street Journal
Sharansky’s Quiet Role - Dan Ephron and Tamara Lipper, Newsweek
Hurt Feelings Aren't Enough Of A Reason - Stuart Taylor, National Journal
The Washington Post's Yucca Mountain Scare - Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard
Truth and the Infamous Baby-Bomber Photograph - S. Ackerman, New Republic
Twice In One Day - Nathan Wirtschafter, RealClearPolitics
The Democrats' Bad Boy the Press Ignores - Michelle Malkin, Washington Times
Whitewashing War - Clearing the Fog Around Atrocities - M. Owens, NRO
Pious Pledgers All - Richard Cohen, Washington Post
Dearth of Good Judges - Armstrong Williams, Townhall
The Perfectionist at the Plate - David Halberstam, New York Times

Bush's Opportunity - Baltimore Sun
A Critical Vote on Nuclear Waste - New York Times
Central Bankers - Flying Blind? - Financial Times
Californians Are At It Again - Washington Times

Monday, July 8

The Free Market Needs New Rules - Senator John McCain, New York Times
Clown Princes of Accounting - Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post
Bush Cracks Down on Corporate America - M. Brant and M. Isikoff, Newsweek
Economic Worries, '401(k) Factor' May Help Democrats - M. Kondracke, Roll Call
Democrats Hope Greed Yields Votes - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
It Was No 'Scare' - Ronald Radosh, New York Post
The July 4th Surrender - Pat Buchanan, WorldNetDaily
Escapees From a Vicious Cycle - Jackson Diehl, Washington Post
Liberals Versus Religion - Peter Berkowitz, Weekly Standard
School-Choice Opponents Fail Truth Test - Donald Lambro, Washington Times
Myth America 2002 - William Safire, New York Times
Yucca Mountain Showdown in Senate - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Don't Underestimate the Enemy, Don't Underestimate Us Either - V. Royster, WSJ
Baseball Has Been Very Bad To Us - Charles Krauthammer, Houston Chronicle
Remembering Ted Williams - George Will, Townhall

The President's Choice - Washington Post
Derail The Saudi Visa Express - Washington Times
Arabs and Democracy - Wall Street Journal

Sunday, July 7

A Tsunami of Scandal - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
Capitalism Depends on Character - Jean Strouse, New York Times
Don't Blame Only CEOs - Jon Housman, Newsday
Our Herd Mentality Proves Costly - Daniel Yergin, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
Bush's Toughest Speech - John Dickerson, Time
A Court for Chaos - George Will, New York Post
Dangers of the International Criminal Court - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
Steely Heart, Open Hand - Sec. of State Colin Powell, Philly Inquirer
A U.S. Constitution for Palestine? - Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times
The Liberal Voucher Opportunity - Matthew Miller, Wall Street Journal
Voucher Lines - David Broder, Seattle Times
Axis of Evil World Tour 2002 - Mitchell Koss, LA Times

Incumbents Try to Exploit The War to Stay in Office - Wall Street Journal
Security Fear Must Not Trump Freedom - Indianapolis Star
Eight and Out for Watts - Nashville Tennessean
Amtrak Must Spend Wisely - San Jose Mercury News

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Saturday, July 6

Flickering Scandal - John Judis, The New Republic
Quit Picking on Harvey Pitt - Chris Suellentrop, Slate
The Bush Doctrine Comes to Cuba - Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard
SAT Reform Fails the Needy - Charles Murray, Wall Street Journal
Inside Report: Going After Bush - Robert Novak, Townhall
Approximating Life - Clive Thompson, New York Times Magazine
Fourth More Than Holiday, a Renewal - John Temple, Rocky Mountain News
Housing Returns to Political Limelight - Neal Peirce, Charlotte Observer
Our Enemies, the Saudis - Victor Davis Hanson, Commentary Magazine
Freedom vs. Security - Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek
Environment is Gore's Key to Victory in '04 - S. Mencimer, Washington Monthly

Airports: More Hassles But No More Security - Sacramento Bee
Meet the New (New) Gore - NY Post
US Must Act With Care And Candour in Afghanistan - Times of London

President's Radio Address

Friday, July 5

Will Corruption Be Gray Davis's Downfall? - John Fund, Wall Street Journal
Will the Real Al Gore Please Sit Down - Crispin Sartwell, LA Times
Al Gore Seeks to Reinvent Himself ... Again - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
Winning Friends In the Arab World - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Suppressing Terrorism a Prerequisite to Peace - Robert Robb, Arizona Republic
City Hall Goes to War - Richard Riordan & Amy Zegart, New York Times
What About Promise of 'One Nation'?
- Michelle Malkin, Houston Chronicle
Our Commercial Side, Our Democratic Side - E.J. Dionne, Boston Globe
The Anthrax Term - Kenneth Starr, Wall Street Journal
IRS Has Come a Long Way - Rep. Rob Portman, USA Today
We Can Defeat AIDS - Melinda Gates, Dallas Morning News

The Backlash Against Business - The Economist
Washington's Holding Pattern - New York Post
Democracy's Geometry - Christian Science Monitor

Thursday, July 4

How Freedom Rings - Dinesh D'Souza, New York Post
Bold Men in Ruffled Shirts - David McCullough, New York Times
The Founders and God - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Washington's Legacy to All of Us - George Will, Houston Chronicle
Born on the Fourth of July - Richard Cohen, Washington Post
Europe's Dirty Little Secret - Norah Vincent, LA Times
Playing a Lame Blame Game - Donald Lambro, Washington Times
A Victory for Ordered Liberty - William Bennett, Wall Street Journal
He's bin Laiden to Rest ... Trust Me - Mark Steyn, National Post
Best Response to 9/ll: A Big Voter Turnout - M. Racicot & T. McAuliffe, NYDN
Yet Another Version of Gore - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Justice O'Connor Swings a Mighty Vote - Jonathan Turley, LA Times

The 4th of July: Balt Sun, Newsday, Chicago Tribune , Philly Inquirer, NY Times
Adversity Makes Nation Stronger - Chicago Sun-Times

The Declaration of Independence

Wednesday, July 3

Thank You, America - Jan Nowak, Washington Post
Let's Celebrate All That's Right With Our Great Country - Peggy Noonan, WSJ
For God and Country - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
Do Judges Have Too Much Power? - George Will, Newsweek
Arabs at the Crossroads - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Disoriented Daschle Misfires - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
Gore's Conceit Masks Inevitable Defeat - Jonah Goldberg, Townhall
Why Watts Is Really Leaving - Timothy Carney, National Review
Democrats Will Miss Watts Too - Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune
Sleaze and the Slump - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Only Religion Can Form Basis For Morality - William Murchison, Dallas MN
U.S. Is Right to Spurn Int'l Criminal Court - Zev Chafets, NY Daily News
Changing Hoop Dreams - Phil Taylor, Sports Illustrated

Arabs Look Their Enemy in Mirror - Chicago Sun-Times
Message for North Korea - Boston Herald
Death Sentence Faces Powerful Argument - Washington Times

Tuesday, July 2
The Market Can Transform Our Schools - Milton Friedman, New York Times
No Surprise in U.S. Stand on Int'l Court - John O'Sullivan, Chicago Sun-Times
SEC Chairman: 'The People Have Lost Confidence' - Harvey Pitt, USA Today
As Congress Shrinks, Bush and the Court Fill the Void - S. Taylor, Nat'l Journal
Greed Isn't Good - Gregg Easterbrook, New Republic
The Hype of Corporate Corruption- and its Roots - A. Sullivan,
Vouchers: Constitutional and Inevitable - Terry Moe, Christian Science Monitor
Challenges Still Lie Ahead For School-Choice Proponents - Thomas Bray, WSJ
The New Old Al - Richard Cohen, Washington Post
Stupid Aptitude Test - Down With Merit! - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Pledge Decision is Judicial Activism - Senator Orrin Hatch, Washington Times
America's World Role - Bill Emmott, The Economist
The War For Dubya's Soul - Dick Morris, New York Post

The Supreme Court's Ruling on School Drug Testing - Nick Gillespie, Reason
Dick Gephardt, Wannabe Deadbeat Son - Joel Mowbray, Townhall

J.C. Watts Retirement: New York PostNew York Times
Corporate Scandals: Washington TimesChristian Science Monitor
The Enemy Among Us - New York Post
Bumbling Screeners Waste Time, Stretch Passengers' Patience - USA Today

Monday, July 1
Religion and the Constitution - Thomas Sowell, Washington Times
Reaping What Liberal Jurisprudence Has Sown - T. Eastland, Weekly Standard
One Nation, Under ... Who? - Howard Fineman, Newsweek
A Promise Long Deferred - Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Washington Post
To Invade Iraq: Send In The 'Experts'! - Ralph Peters, New York Post
The Genius of a Mideast Fresh Start - Mort Zuckerman, US News & World Report
Bush is Becoming a Wilsonian Interventionist - Max Boot, Wall Street Journal
WorldCon - Daniel Kadlec, Time
The Costs of Corporate Stonewalling - Amitai Etzioni, Christian Science Monitor
Relax, 1929 Was Long Ago and Far Away - William Rees Mogg, Times of London
Can GOP Moderates Hold Their Numbers in Nov? - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
Strike Would Halt Baseball's Post-9/11 Goodwill - Dave Kindred, USA Today
Impractical And Ideal - Michael Kinsley, Washington Post

Arafat is Mideast's Catch-22 - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Mideast Needs New Mediator - Jimmy Carter, USA Today

Drug Tests in Schools: Chicago Sun-TimesWashington Post
John McCain's Snit - New York Post
Islamic Jihad and Academic Freedom - Washington Times
New Approach to Africa - USA Today

Sunday, June 30
Europeans Courting International Disaster - Robert Kagan, Washington Post
The End of Something - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Profits Without Honour - John Kay, Financial Times
A Better Way to Run a Railroad - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Bush vs. Bureaucracy - George Melloan, Wall Street Journal
Come See the Shanghai Bubble - David Ignatius, Washington Post
The Most Wanted Palestinian - Elizabeth Rubin, New York Times Magazine
The Summit of All Fears - Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times
Boycott Vermont! - Hugh Hewitt, Weekly Standard
Here, Queer And Armed - Deroy Murdock, New York Post

After 226 Years, An Independence Day Like No Other - J. Rauch, National Journal
Veiled Threat: The limits of Religious Freedom - Jacob Sullum, Reason
Long Live the Ox: The Quiet One Dies - Kevin Cherry, National Review

Give Vouchers a Chance - Miami Herald
Argentina's Contagion - New York Times
Too Much Democracy - Washington Post
Bob Torricelli's Secret - New York Post

Weekend Talk Show Transcripts

Saturday, June 29
Port Insecurity - James Kitfield, National Journal
What’s Next for School Choice? - John Miller, National Review
Vouchers Won't Help the GOP - William Saletan, Slate
The View From London - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Well Before Sept. 11, Congress Overtaxed the FBI - Dick Thornburgh, NY Times
Finance Guru Looks at Wall Street Scandals-Warren Rogers, Washington Times
Anthony Kennedy Must Not Be Chief Justice - Thomas Jipping, Human Events
In God We Trust-Calif. Judges Are Another Story - Joe Fitzgerald, Boston Herald
Penny's Run Another Test for Third-Party Politics - Matt Miller, Philly Inquirer

Corporate Crime Calls for Tough Prosecution - Wall Street Journal
United's Shaky Loan Bid - Chicago Tribune

Radio Address by the President to the Nation

Friday, June 28

A Win for America's Children - Education Secretary Rod Paige, Washington Post
Kids Win, Snooty Liberals Lose - George Will, New York Post
Opening the Schoolhouse Door - John Fund, Wall Street Journal
Competition Can Lead to Better Education - James Pinkerton, Newsday
Democracy Key in Bush's Mideast Plan - Charles Krauthammer, Philly Inquirer
Only When Terror is Worse Than America - Salman Rushdie, Washington Post
The Wall: Israel Loses Its Faith in the World - Yossi Klein Halevi, New Republic
Capitalism Betrayed - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Generally Accepted Accounting Abuses - M. Granof & S. Zeff, NY Times
Just Say No to the Chess Club - Jonathan Turley, LA Times
Losing the Value of Life - Star Parker, USA Today
A Commitment to Afghan Security - Senator Joe Biden, Boston Globe
Sept. 11 — Mandate For Big Government? - David Keene, The Hill

School Vouchers:
Cleveland Plain Dealer, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post, NY Times, NY Post, Milwaukee JS, Boston Globe
3.8 Billion Reasons for Corporate Accounting Reform - Newsday
Back Off, Senator McCain - Miami Herald

Thursday, June 27
Welcome to Pledge War II - John Podhoretz, New York Post
The Accounting Trick That's Killing WorldCom - Daniel Gross, Slate
First the Hype, Now the Pain - Dean Baker, Los Angeles Times
Corporate Corruption Steams Bush - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Post-Oslo Mideast - William Safire, New York Times
The Wall Will Work - Dick Morris, New York Post
Prerequisite to Mideast Peace - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Europe's Anti-Israel Excuse - Abraham Foxman, Washington Post
As War Changes, Our Tactics Change, Too - Richard Brookhiser, NY Observer
Congress Should Hold Debate Over Policy on Iraq - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
No Common Sense and No Love of Country - Suzanne Fields, Washington Times
Railroading Congress - Mike Lynch, Reason
Are Swing Voters a Myth? - Jonathan Chait, The New Republic

Pledge of Allegiance: Wash Post, NY Times, NY Post, NY Daily News, LA Times
Politics vs. Purity - Charlotte Observer

Wednesday, June 26

Making Bush's Vision Realistic - Dennis Ross, New York Times
Bush's Plan Clear-sighted, Doable - George Will, Miami Herald
Thorny Details to Come - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
Arafat at Bay - Roula Khalaf & Richard Wolffe, Financial Times
Bush Takes U.S. Out of Mideast Fraud Game - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
Palestinians Do Need New Leaders - William Murchison, Dallas Morning News
Bush Dares to Create a New Middle East - Rich Lowry, National Review
International Criminal Court Would Shred the Constitution - Pete DuPont, WSJ
Tight Security for Missile Defense Makes Sense - Pete Aldridge, USA Today
How to Fix US Intelligence - Richard Stubbing & Melvin Goodman, CS Monitor
Tough Times for GOP Beyond Beltway - David Broder, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
The End Is Nigh, Again - Ronald Bailey, Reason

The WorldCom Debacle - Chicago Tribune
Saudi Arabia's Role - Washington Times
Amtrak: Fix It or Forget It - Des Moines Register

Tuesday, June 25

Bush's MidEast Shift - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Keeping It Simple - David Brooks, The Weekly Standard
Power Politics in the Middle East - Tod Lindberg, Washington Times
Bombers Are Neither Hopeless Nor Victims - Michael Gove, Times of London
The Choice Is Theirs: Arafat or Statehood - Robert Stewart, LA Times
Bush, Belatedly, Gets Middle East Right - Cragg Hines, Houston Chronicle
When is a State Not a State? When its Palestinian - William Saletan, Slate
Maybe Military Should Have Kept John Walker Lindh - Stuart Taylor, Nat'l Jrnl
Fulfillment Diplomacy - Newt Gingrich, Washington Times
Terror Issues Need Airing at G-8 - Joseph Nye, Jr., Newsday
Daschle’s Judiciary Blockade - Byron York, National Review
Euro Could be Blair's Undoing - John O'Sullivan, Chicago Sun-Times
How the Media Influenced Our Economic Situation - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek
The Kashmir Crisis - Peter Beinart, The New Republic

Bush's Middle East Plan:
Wash Post,WSJ, NY Times, Wash Times, NY Post, NY Daily News, Newsday, USA Today, Boston Globe, Chicago Sun-Times, Dallas MN

Monday, June 24

Evangelizing for Evil In Our Prisons - Chuck Colson, Wall Street Journal
They Hate Your Mommy - John Leo, US News & World Report
The Rest of the Hart-Rudman Report - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
On a Big Issue, Bush Goes Wobbly - Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard
Bad Neighbors, Good Fence - Alan Keyes, WorldNetDaily
Defending Homeland Security - Senator Judd Gregg, Washington Times
Osama Bin Laden: Dead Or Alive? - Romesh Ratnesar, Time

Bellicose Foreign Policy Irks Friends, Incites Foes - Pat Buchanan, USA Today
Africa's New Realism - South African President Thabo Mbeki, NY Times
Inside Iran, a Rift Between People and Clerics - James O'Shea, Chicago Tribune
Who's Running Colombia? - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Brazil: Situation Critical - Richard Lapper and Raymond Colitt, Financial Times
Lessons for Cuba After Communism - Anders Åslund & John Hewko, CS Monitor
Big Food Fight - John Berlau, Insight Magazine

When the World Courts Abuse - NY Post
Amtrak: Running Out of Rail - Investor's Business Daily
Redirect Crusader Funds Wisely - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Sunday, June 23

Gagged by the Left - George Will, New York Post
Rightward March? - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Why Few Senators Become Presidents - David Broder, Washington Post
Multiculturalism's Volatile Mix - George Jonas, National Post
It's Time For Faith-based Charities to Take to the Courts - John DiIulio,Jr., WSJ
Helping People Who Help Others - Senator Rick Santorum, Washington Times
Re-engineering the Drug Business - Matthew Brzezinski, NY Times Magazine
Drug War's End Could Provide Anti-terror Ammo - Cynthia Tucker, Atlanta JC
Loopy Notions About War and Civil Liberties - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
Due Process for Terrorists? - David Tell, Weekly Standard
Much Ado About a Dirty Bomb - Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times
Iran by the Numbers - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Trying to Exorcise a GOP Demon in California - Frank Del Olmo, LA Times
Farmers Harvest Your Tax Dollars - Dave Barry, Detroit Free-Press
Protect Agriculture From Terrorism - Senator Pat Roberts, Kansas City Star

Terror Leaves Its Mark - Baltimore Sun
Windows on the War - Washington Post
Treat Enron Employees Fairly - Orlando Sentinel

Saturday, June 22

Why Terrorists Love Criminals - Mark Almond, Wall Street Journal
Inside the Suicide Strategy - Ralph Reiland, The American Enterprise
A Brief History of Yasir Arafat - David Brooks, The Atlantic Monthly
What 'The Fence' Can Do For Israel - Bob Zelnick, Boston Globe
Saudi Arabia: The Real Nazis - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Hitting Saddam First Makes Sense - Ruben Navarrette, Dallas Morning News
Flimsy Case for Attacking Iraq - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
Campaign '02: It's The Local Issues, Stupid - Carl Cannon, National Journal
Campaign '04: Will the Dems Notice Howard Dean? Jonathan Cohn, TNR
Dallas Not Last Word on Clergy Scandal - Terry Jeffrey, Human Events
Bush and Business - Robert Novak, Townhall
Domestic Crime and the F.B.I. - Ernie Allen, New York Times
Why Isn't Louis Freeh Testifying Before Congress? - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek

US Soccer Team Ends Great Run: NY Times, Detroit FP, NY Post, SF Chronicle
Who's Minding the Cargo? - Washington Post
Bush's Push for Minority Home Ownership - Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Portfolio Politics - E. J. Dionne, Washington Post
High Court Ignore the Constitution in Atkins - Richard Garnett, National Review
Yes, the Death Penalty Deters - William Tucker, Wall Street Journal
Watch What You Say - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Blair Should Take Note of Europe's Shift Right - R. Righter,Times of London
White House Eyes Cheney Successors - Howard Fineman, Newsweek
Will The Democrats Notice Howard Dean? - Jonathan Cohn, New Republic
Stop Scaring Senior Citizens - James Martin, Miami Herald
"The Body" Impolitic: Jesse Ventura's Appeal - Jacob Sullum, Reason
Religious Impulses, Good and Bad - David Brooks, Weekly Standard
Palestinians´ Culture of Martyrdom - Diana West, Washington Times
The Bush Doctrine - Richard Wolffe, Financial Times
A Call to Service - Oliver North, Townhall
The Way to Chechen Peace - Brzezinski, Haig & Kampelman, Washington Post
Little-Publicized Speech Gets to Heart of Bush - Richard Benedetto, USA Today

Ending Audit Self-Regulation - Financial Times
Congress' Loose Lips - New York Post
Social Security Falsehoods - Washington Times

News Coverage -Friday, June 21

Thursday, June 20

Israel to Terrorists: Take Our Peace, Lose Your Land - William Saletan, Slate
A Guarantee of More Violence - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
American Ground: Unbuilding the WTC - W. Langewiesche, The Atlantic Monthly
Faith in the USA Flourishes as Citizen Service Grows - Bill Clinton, USA Today
Market Crisis Management - Hedrick Smith, New York Times
Frisking the Innocent - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Tyranny, Shmyranny - Putting Things in Perspective - Jonah Goldberg, NRO
Calling it Quits: A Rebel Governor Surrenders - Mike Lynch, Reason
Stirring The Security Pot - Jack Kelly, New York Post
Radical Recruiting in America's Prisons - Cal Thomas, Townhall
Window on the Enemy - Richard Cohen, Washington Post
Rewriting the History Books - Suzanne Fields, Washington Times
An Election Year with No Races - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard

Israel Under Attack - Washington TimesNew York TimesUSA Today
Audit Reform - Up From the Dead - Washington Post
Tort Terrorism - Fearing Trial Lawyers, More Than Another Attack - WSJ
Goodbye to Gov. Ventura - Boston Herald

Wednesday, June 19

The Search for Scapegoats - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Get Off Martha's Back, You Nattering Saps - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
Europe: To the Right, But to What Effect - Cragg Hines, Houston Chronicle
The Turner Diatribes - Eric Fettmann, New York Post
Iran and the War of Ideas - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Israel Terror Sharpens Bush's Dilemma - Tony Karon, Time
Keating's Challenge - Hugh Hewitt, WorldNetDaily
Biotech Loses Its Innocence - Eric Cohen, Weekly Standard
The End of a Treaty and an Era - J.D. Crouch, Washington Times
Hate Crime Laws Criminalize Thought - Don Feder, Boston Herald
American Politics Will be Duller Without Jesse Ventura - John Fund, WSJ
Can Europe Survive German Nationalism? - John Judis, New Republic
It’s Time For George Tenet To Go - Frank Gafney, National Review
The Decline of Garry Trudeau -- and of Baby Boom Liberalism - J. Walker, Reason
A World Without F's - Michelle Malkin, Townhall

Palestinian Terrorism - Chicago Sun-TimesNew York Post
Crisis in Accounting - New York TimesUSA Today
The Public Health Priesthood - Wall Street Journal

Tuesday, June 18

Death Images Hide the Truth of Danny Pearl - Judea Pearl, New York Times
The Big Politics of Bush's Security Plan - Godfrey Sperling, CS Monitor
How We Can Fight Terrorism and Avoid Martial Law - Stuart Taylor, Nat'l Jrnl
Going Soft in the Head - John Leo, US News & World Report
What's Tenet Doing in the Middle East? - Peter Beinart, The New Republic
America's Unsettled Score With Yasser Arafat - Scott Johnson, RealClearPolitics
Gephardt's Shot at Gore - Seth Gitell, Boston Phoenix
Straight-talk Express - William Murchison, Washington Times
History Confirms It: The Bull Market Is Over - James Pinkerton, Newsday
U.S. Talks Iraq but Thinks Iran - Ranan Lurie, Los Angeles Times
In Dallas, a First Step - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Learning to Love the Feds - Dick Morris, New York Post
Disorder in the 6th Circuit - Thomas Bray, Wall Street Journal
My Plan for Peace in Mideast - Mario Cuomo, New York Daily News

New Bush 'Active Defense' Doctrine Will Deter Attack - Newsday
What to Do About Yasir Arafat - New York Times
Saddam Must not Mistake U.S. Resolve - Boston Herald

Monday, June 17

Don't Go Wobbly, Saddam Must Go - Margaret Thatcher, Wall Street Journal
Time to Crack Down on Corporate Accounting - Mort Zuckerman, US News & WR
Powell's Mideast Trial Balloon - William Safire, New York Times
The Next Wave From al-Qaeda - Michael Elliot, Time
Ground Zero: Think Grand - Senator Charles Schumer, New York Post
Golden Days Are Past, As the Dollar Declines - W. Rees-Mogg, Times of London
Containment is Dead, Now We Have the Bush Doctrine - Robert Bartley, WSJ
Upping the FDIC Ante . . . and Risks - Bruce Bartlett, Washington Times
Lessons in Imperialism - Joseph Nye, Financial Times
Sharon Surprises Senators - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Amtrak Must Die - John Tierney, New York Times Magazine
When Do We Get Our Rights Back?- Jonathan Foreman, New York Post
Armed Citizens Can Defuse Terrorist Threat - John Lott, USA Today
From Taco Bell To Al Qaeda - A. Campo-Flores and D. Johnson, Newsweek
Major League Baseball Today: The Phony Game - Phil Boas, Arizona Republic
The Problem With Enemies - William Raspberry, Washington Post

Andersen Verdict Ignores Industrywide Lapses - USA Today
Free the Saudi Captives - Washington Times
Equities: The Painful Return to Reality - Financial Times
World Hunger: Stop Blaming the Weather - The Economist

Sunday, June 16

Al Qaeda's Not the Only Danger - Khidhir Hamza, Wall Street Journal
Iran's Third Wave - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Terror's New Face Jolts Us - Reuben Navarrette, Dallas Morning News
To Secure the Homeland, Go On the Attack - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Bush's Homeland Gambit - Simendinger, Freedberg Jr., & Gorman, Nat'l Jrnl
Bush Holds the Aces - Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Who's Afraid of Investing? - Karl Zinsmeister, The American Enterprise
The International Court's on Trial - Debra Saunders, SF Chronicle
Jerry Brown's Urban Practicalities - George Will, Washington Post
Principles Take a Holiday - Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times
General Rove & the Coast Campaign - Cragg Hines, Houston Chronicle

Father's Day: Malkin, Beckham, Wright, Barnicle

The New Politics of Antiterrorism - New York Times
Will The New Department Work? - Human Events

Weekend Talk Show Transcripts

Saturday, June 15

The Problem with K Street Conservatism - David Brooks, Weekly Standard
In the New War, Deterrance Gives Way to Pre-Emption - Loren Thompson, WSJ
Fear Factor - Bill Keller, New York Times
Add in Intelligence in Redoing Security - William F. Buckley, Houston Chronicle
Fight Small! It's the True American Way of War - Jonathan Rauch, Nat'l Journal
The European Intrusion - Bill O'Reilly, Townhall
The Roots of Our Discontent - Michael Oren, Atlantic Monthly
The Loyal Opposition - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
New Generation of Book Burners - Paul Greenberg, Washington Times
Here’s How the Media Handles a Church Scandal - Thomas Hibbs, National Review
Mick Jagger, Knighthood, and the Death of Rock 'n' Roll - Nick Gillespie, Reason
Dad Got Smarter As I Grew Older - Mark Franek, Miami Herald
A Father's Gift to His Children - Steve Neal, Chicago Sun-Times

U.S. Bishops Settle for Half Measures - Boston Herald
An Uncertain Period For Consumers and Economists - Times of London
Why You Should Watch the Daniel Pearl Video - New Republic

Radio Address by the President to the Nation

Friday, June 14

The Constitution Doesn't Protect al Qaeda - Ruth Wedgwood, Wall Street Journal
Shall We Talk About Due Process Today? - Uri Dromi, Miami Herald
Citizenship Doesn't Matter - Victoria Toensing, USA Today
War vs. Liberties - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Padilla's Rights Violated or Not? - Jonah Goldberg, Philly Inquirer
Stepping Back From the Edge - David Ignatius, Washington Post
August 1914 in Pakistan - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
India's Reckless Threats - HDS Greenway, Boston Globe
Reaganizing the Republicans - Grover Norquist, The American Enterprise
In Israel, Old Despair, Young Defy - Charles Krauthammer, Houston Chronicle
How Bush Learned to Love Big Government - Ryan Lizza, The New Republic
Rudy's Duty - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
What Happens to the FBI and CIA Now? - David Brooks, The Weekly Standard
Where's the Debate on Social Security? - Matt Moore, Washington Times
California Governor in Another Dark Hole - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
Why Card’s Star Is On the Rise - Howard Fineman, Newsweek

Moral Victory in Afghanistan - CS Monitor
The Israeli-Palestinian Horizon - Washington Post
Bishops Should Send a Brave Signal to Pope - Dallas Morning News
Visa Screening Plan a Sensible Precaution - Detroit News

Remarks by the President at Ohio State University Commencement

Thursday, June 13
Ashcroft Puts a Big Scare in White House - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Restructuring for Security - Warren Rudman and Gary Hart, New York Times
Who Says the Catholic Church Can't Change? - Andrew Sullivan, Time
Can America's Bishops End the Sex-Abuse Crisis? - J. Sheler, US News & WR

Europe's Leaders Need to Declare Independence - A. Kaletsky, Times of London
Funding for Missile Shield Must Be Restored - Sen. Jon Kyl, Washington Times
Will the Intelligence Community Get Religion? - Michelle Cottle, New Republic

Dirty Bomb Plot Turns Into Attack on the Constitution - Mike Lynch, Reason
Pearl Video Brings The Horror Home - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
A New Tone for New Times - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
I'm Seeing Red Over a Black Word - Myriam Marquez, Orlando Sentinel
The Return of Gold as Money - Doug Casey, WorldNetDaily
Why the Catholic Church Forsakes Its Own - Thomas Keneally, New Yorker
Hollywood Whitewashes Islamic Terrorism - Ben Shapiro, Townhall

We Need to Know the Wartime Rules - Chicago Sun-TimesWashington Post
Bishops Fail to Address Coverups - USA Today
Brazil's Political Left - Financial Times
Secret 'Holds' in the Senate - Christian Science Monitor
John Gotti's World Was Squalid, Not Romantic - Houston Chronicle

Wednesday, June 12
The Politics of National Protection - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
Throw the Net Worldwide - Ashton Carter, Washington Post
Unnecessary Worries Over Necessary Acts - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
The Best of Enemies? - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Hiding the Dirty Bomber From the U.S. Constitution - Dahlia Lithwick, Slate
No Surprise Bush Has Redirected His Priorities - Carl Leubsdorf , Dallas MN

School Choice Is a Civil-rights Issue - P. Peterson & W. Howell, Miami Herald
A Report From Siberia - Pete DuPont, Wall Street Journal
Europe Tries to Hold Up the Traffic - J. Eaglesham & M. Mann, Financial Times
Constitutional Questions in Cyberspace - Leonard Pitts, Jr., Detroit Free-Press
P.C. Hollywood Distorts Terror War Realities - Michael Medved, WorldNetDaily

U.S. Brings India & Pakistan Back From the Brink - Times of London
War on Terrorism Fails to Defeat Political Pork - USA Today
Killing Death Taxes - Orange County Register
Nukes: Al-Qaeda's Weapon of Choice - Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Tuesday, June 11

Bush's Vision for the Spread of Freedom - Tod Lindberg, Washington Times
Why Hillary Clinton Will Run For President - Godfrey Sperling, CSM
Too Smart to Be a Judge - Benjamin Wittes, Washington Post
The Dirty Bomber Deserves Military Justice - Victoria Toensing, National Review
The First Sign Of A Fifth Column? - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Don't Panic About the Dirty Bomb - William Saletan, Slate
The Dirty Bomb Scenario - Tony Karon, Time
Europe Fails to See Terror's Threat - Amity Shlaes, Financial Times

Kristol's Unwelcome Message to Europe - Richard Cohen, Washington Post
Partisanship in Insecure Times - Ramesh Ponnuru, New York Times
The Political Reeducation of George Pataki - Noam Scheiber, New Republic
What Blair and Clinton Shouldn't Forget - Andrew Sullivan,
Secrets of the Service - C. Ragavan and C. Schmitt, US News & World Report
Soccer and the New World Order - Michael Young, Reason
In Gandhi's Name - Hendrik Hertzberg, The New Yorker

Al-Qaeda's Dirty-Bomb: USA Today, Wash Times, NY Times, Chicago Sun-Times
First Strikes: A Necessity - New York Post
India and Pakistan: Back From the Brink - Boston Globe

Monday, June 10

The FBI & The CIA Are Not The Biggest Problems - Stuart Taylor, Nat'l Journal
Fire Somebody, Dubya
- Arnold Ahlert, New York Post
Homeland Security Can't Coexist With Bureaucratic Security - B. Miniter, WSJ
Can Bush Fix It?- Romesh Ratnesar, James Carney and John Dickerson, Time
The Plan From PEOC - William Safire, New York Times
The Road to Baghdad - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Dems Up to Old Tricks Again - Don Feder, Boston Herald
Democrats Should Sound Populist Themes This Year - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
A Worm at the Core of Capitalism - Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post
Heads I Win, Tails I Win - Roger Lowenstein, New York Times Magazine
The Best Business Reform is Self-Correction - Bob Bartley, Wall Street Journal

Patriotism in Academia - Cathy Young, Boston Globe
Blame America Firsters - David Bossie, Washington Times
Break the Cloning Deadlock - Richard Hayes, Christian Science Monitor
Darwin Would Love This Debate - B. Chapman and S. Meyer, Seattle Times

Gaming the Drug Patent System - New York Times
The Bureaucratic Mind - Wall Street Journal
Security At Home - Investor's Business Daily
What the Bishops Do in Dallas - Washington Post
When Public Trust is Eroded - Financial Times

Text - Attorney General Ashcroft Announces Arrest of 'Dirty Bomb' Plot Suspect

Sunday, June 9

The Way Forward in the Middle East - Israeli PM Ariel Sharon, New York Times
Resigned to Separation - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
Turn Swords Into Ballots - Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek
The Specter of Terrorism - David Tell, Weekly Standard
Why the U.S. Will Always Be Rich - David Brooks, New York Times Magazine
The AIDS Fear Factor - George Will, New York Post
Rove Rip Piques President - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Blame Liberals For FBI's Failure - Herbert Romerstein, Human Events
Bush's Role for U.S.: The World's Top Cop - William Schneider, LA Times
Was Nixon a Closet Liberal? - Dean Kotlowski, Baltimore Sun
Where the Buck Stops - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Can the Osprey Do the Job? - Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
If Cousin Mike Were a Kennedy, He'd Be a Free Man - Howie Carr, Boston Herald
Remembering a Man and His Kite - Dennis Wint, Philadelphia Inquirer

FBI Follies Continue - Washington Times
The President's Security Plan - Miami Herald
Safe and Free - Washington Post

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Saturday, June 8

When Lawyers Go Bad - Edwin Messe III & Paul Rosezweig, New York Post
Bush's Big Speech - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard
'New World Order' Begets Violence - Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Newsday
No Quick Fix for the Israel-Palestinian Conflict - Ehud Barak, Washington Post
America Needs a Strategy for Toppling Iran's Ayatollahs - Michael Ledeen, WSJ
House Democrats After Gephardt - Richard Cohen, National Journal
The Lesson in California Scheming - Mark Laney, Chicago Sun-Times
What Does Bono Want From Us? - Bill O'Reilly, Townhall
A Crisis in the Financial System - Henry Paulson, Miami Herald
Kashmir - Ancient Symbol of Peace and Tolerance - B. MacIntyre, Times of London
Traveling with Defense Secretary Rumsfeld - Mark Mazzetti, US News & WR
The Bush Administration and Pervez Musharraf - Lawrence Kaplan, New Republic
It’s Time We Get Ourselves to Mars - Jonah Goldberg, National Review

Someone Tell Christie Whitman That Al Gore Lost The Election - WSJ
Insuring Against Terrorism - New York Times
Airport Chaos? - Orlando Sentinel
Triple Crown?: Boston GlobeSeattle TimesNew York Times

Radio Address by the President to the Nation

Friday, June 7

Obsessing Over 9/11 Distracts Us From Next Attack - Peggy Noonan, WSJ
Can Homeland Security Plan Work? - M. O'Hanlon & P. Orszag, LA Times
The Job Is Impossible - John Miller, New York Post
Third Way Sinks, Right Way Surges - Iain Duncan Smith, Times of London
Freethinkers Risk Racial Putdowns - Jackie Cissell, USA Today
'Under War, Everything Happens' - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Arafat's Fault, Sharon's Responsibility - Yoel Marcus, Ha'aretz Daily
World War II's Ghosts Still Haunt Europe - HDS Greenway, Boston Globe
Number of Abortion Doctors Shrinking - Michelle Malkin, Houston Chronicle
Whole World Doesn't Hate Us, After All - Leonard Pitts, Jr., Detroit Free-Press
Reparations, Dershowitz, and Racism - David Horowitz, Frontpage Magazine
Big Fat Lie - Jacob Sullum, Reason

Homeland Security: New York TimesBoston HeraldWashington Post
Tracking Visitors to the US - Christian Science Monitor

Thursday, June 6

The Blame Game - William Saletan, Slate
What Else Are We Missing? - William Safire, New York Times
True Tossups Will Be Hard to Find This Year - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
Bush's Domestic Gamble - Tom Bevan, RealClearPolitics
Answers. Now. - Larry Kudlow, Townhall
Even Conservatives Support Real Business Reform - Bruce Freed, The Hill
How to Make Global Trade Work for Everyone - Pat Holt, CS Monitor
Flying While Arab - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Midway & Today - Victor Davis Hanson, New York Post
Democrats On a New Track - Donald Lambro, Washington Times
Democrats Should Be the War Party - Richard Tofel, Wall Street Journal
A Dying Breed of Pro-lifers - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Capital Punishment Saves Lives - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
On Internet Speech, Librarians to the Rescue - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune

Arafat's Final Days? - New York Post
The Role of Congress - New York Times
A Heroic Whistleblower - Washington Times

Wednesday, June 5

It's Time for Bush to Stand Up to California's Senators - John Fund, WSJ
Testing the '04 Waters - David Broder, Washington Post
Church's Latest Effort Spares the Missing Guilty - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
Time to Seize the Offensive - Cal Thomas, Washington Times
Egypt: The Land of Denial - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Kashmir, Terrorism, and Hypocrisy - Peter Beinart, The New Republic
Important New Steps in the Bush Doctrine - Rich Lowry, National Review
The Cowards of Academe - David Skinner, Weekly Standard
Educational Insensitivity - Diane Ravitch, New York Times
Phantoms of Lost Liberty - David Limbaugh, Townhall
Organic Farming Could Kill Billions of People - Ronald Bailey, Reason
Rebuilding the Asian Economy - John Thornhill, Financial Times
Nuclear Poker, South Asian-Style - Michael Moran, MSNBC

Next Steps on Steel - Washington Post
An Answer to Abuse - Boston Globe
Batty Policy on Climate Change - Washington Times
The Gift of the Masai - Miami Herald

Tuesday, June 4

Wartime Distractions - John Podhoretz, New York Post
The Overstretched FBI - Norm Ornstein, Washington Post
Bush Should Smack, Not Hug FBI and CIA - James Pinkerton, Newsday
Uncuff the FBI - Mark Riebling, Wall Street Journal
What Is George Tenet Doing Anyway? - Michael Ledeen, National Review
Reforming the FBI - Terry Eastland, The Weekly Standard
Richard Shelby's Criticisms - Michael Crowley, The New Republic
Whirl is King - George Will, Newsweek
The American Flag Stands for Freedom - Tod Lindberg, Washington Times
Engaging Iran, Slowly - Amitai Etzioni, Christian Science Monitor
Rebuild the Hope - James Zogby, Baltimore Sun
Sinking Fast - Andrew Hill and Richard Waters, Financial Times
Greed Is Bad - Paul Krugman, New York Times

Taking the Offensive - Washington Post
Palestinian Case Illustrates Complexity of Issues - Houston Chronicle
The Right 9/11 Probe - New York Post

Monday, June 3

The Hijackers We Let Escape - Michael Isikoff and Daniel Klaidman, Newsweek
Ashcroft, FBI Running Scared - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Weighing an Attack on Iraq
- Fred Hiatt, Washington Post
Going Nowhere Fast on Iraq - Richard Wolffe, Financial Times
J. Edgar Mueller - William Safire, New York Times
The Law Is a Ass - David Tell, Weekly Standard
India-Pakistan War Would Ruin Bush's Foreign Policy Image - M. Kondracke, RC
Israel Can't Do Business With Terrorists - Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert, WSJ
The Man Behind the Pope - Jeff Israely, Time
Howard Dean: In the Footsteps of Jimmy Carter? - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
Harvard's Radical Islamic Embrace - Pat Collins, Washington Times
The Big-Gov't GOP - Stephen Moore, New York Post
Can Affirmative Action be Reconciled With Individualism? - Rich Epstein, Reason
The Frozen Oceans of Mars - Michelle Thaller, Christian Science Monitor

A Warning to Predators - Washington Times
Small Planes Remain Serious Threat After 9/11 - USA Today
In Defense of U.S. Freedoms - Financial Times
Fugitive Billions - Washington Post

Sunday, June 2

The Law vs. Good Sense - George Will, New York Post
Stopping the Next Sept. 11 - Fred Iklé, Wall Street Journal
Heading Off Terrorism - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
Doomsday Theories Implode - Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times
Japan's Koizumi and the Yen for Reform - Cragg Hines, Houston Chronicle
Japan Looks for a New Direction - D. Pilling and B. Rahman, Financial Times
Sending Poor Kids to 'Burbs a Bad Idea - Ken Hamblin, Denver Post
The Myth of Executing 'Children' - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Border Blunders - Oliver North, Washington Times
War of Ideas - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
How the CIA Unintentionally Aids Terrorism - R. M. Gerecht, Weekly Standard
In the Time of Hugo Chávez - Deborah Sontag, New York Times Magazine

Proposed FBI Reforms Bear Close Constitutional Scrutiny - Houston Chronicle
Why the Country Needs Yucca Mountain Approval - Seattle Times
Why the World Needs Pakistan's Dictator to Survive - The Economist
An Arms Deal Worth Crowing About - Washington Times

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Saturday, June 1

Libertarianism Lives - E. Crane & R. Pilon, Wall Street Journal
Still Time for an Investigation - Bill Kristol & Robert Kagan, Weekly Standard
Knowledge (and Power) - Christopher Hitchens, The Nation
The Democrats’ Hypocrisy Problem - Byron York, National Review
Late Democratic Convention? - Robert Novak, Townhall
Bomb Saddam? - Joshua Micah Marshall, Washington Monthly
Musharraf Outmuscles Democracy - George Bruno, Boston Herald
Costs of Medicines Still Hurt - Senator Zell Miller, New York Times
The Peculiar Duplicity of Ari Fleischer - Jonathan Chait, The New Republic
Does Political Correctness Kill? - Mark Steyn, National Post

From Camp X-Ray to Eggshell City - Washington Times
Surreality TV - Baltimore Sun
Airline Idiocy - New York Post

Radio Address by the President to the Nation

Friday, May 31

Liberal Reality Check - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Russia Not Equal, But a Partner No Less - C. Krauthammer, Houston Chronicle
A World Of Different Rhythm - Michael Kelly, New York Post
Deconstructing Daschle - Kirk Victor, National Journal
Did the FBI Bungle the Moussaoui Investigation--or Worse? - Peggy Noonan, WSJ
Fighting Evil - Bill O'Reilly, WorldNetDaily
Sharon's Wild Cards - David Ignatius, Washington Post
A Dollar Short - Peronet Despeignes and Christopher Swann, Financial Times
A Joust With History in War on Terror - H.D.S. Greenway, Boston Globe
Convention Calculation - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
Will McCain-Feingold Spark a Democratic Civil War? - F. Foer, New Republic
Reagan, 'Hero in History' - Arnold Beichman, Washington Times
International Hoops - Alexander Wolff, New York Times
Freedom of Speech and Symbols of Hatred - Jacob Sullum, Reason
Truth's Silent Footsteps - Jeffrey Shaffer, Christian Science Monitor

Reforming the FBI:
Wash TimesWall Street JournalWash PostNY Times
Pricey Copycat Drugs Bring Profits, Not Cures - USA Today
Marginalizing the Militants - Financial Times
Design for Lower Manhattan: Take Time to Do It Right - Newsday

Thursday, May 30

Bush Finds Friends in Unlikely Places - Tim Hames, Times of London
Al Qaeda Provoking War - William Safire, New York Times
Bono and O’Neill's Road Show - Mike Lynch, Reason
Racially Profiling in the Classroom? - Roger Clegg, National Review
Libya Can't Buy Us Off - Daniel and Susan Cohen, Wall Street Journal
The FBI: What's Wrong - Ralph Peters, New York Post
The FBI: America's Most Criticized - Edward Alden, Financial Times
India, Pakistan Embroiled in High-Stakes Rumble - J. Babbin, Washington Times
The Most Dangerous Place in the World - Salmon Rushdie, New York Times
Bush is Focused on Cuban Freedom - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Great America - Thomas Sowell, Townhall
Clumsiness Crisis - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
Cockpit `Cowboys' Reason to Bar Guns - George Will, Houston Chronicle
The Next New Thing - Mortimer Zuckerman, US News & World Report

Ground Zero:
New York PostWashington PostNew York Times
FBI Reorganization:
USA TodayBoston HeraldChristian Science Monitor
Compensation Should Not Let Libya Off The Hook - Times of London
Russian Bear Now Gets to Sit at the West's Big Table - Houston Chronicle

Remarks by the President at Conclusion of Cabinet Meeting

Wednesday, May 29

Progress on Many Fronts - Dir. of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, USA Today
War Is Likely if Musharraf Stays - Benazir Bhutto, LA Times
Will India and Pakistan Nuke Each Other? - Anne Applebaum, Slate
Time to Answer Terror's Tough Questions - Cal Thomas, Baltimore Sun
Bismarck's Lessons for Bush - Josee Joffe, New York Times
Dems' Race Exploitation - Peter Beinart, The New Republic
Labor's Clinton Problem - Robert Novak, Townhall
We're Ready to Fight Iraq - Michael O'Hanlon, Wall Street Journal
Iraq or Bust - Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard
Not Invading Iraq Will Be a Catastrophe - Rich Lowry, National Review
Trying to Understand John McCain - Robert Robb, Arizona Republic
Why '04 Looks Tough For Liberal Dems - Dick Morris, New York Post
Democrats Wait For Gore's Move - Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe
Congress Should Investigate Ashcroft's Detentions - Stuart Taylor, National Jrnl
Old Guard Out of Step With Today's Youth - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
The Future Is Looking Good - Mark Steyn, National Post

United in Disarray - Washington Post
Columbia's New Start - Miami Herald
FISA and the Moussaoui Debacle - Washington Times

Monday, May 27

Their Monument Is America - Ralph Peters, New York Post
The Rowley Memo - William Safire, New York Times
Our Enemies the Saudis - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
In Russia, A Grudging Consensus - Masha Lipman, Washington Post
Sealing a New Era in U.S.-Russian Relations - Dmitry Trenin, The Moscow Times
Pentagon Civil War - Robert Novak, Townhall
New Follies on the Mideast - Robert Saltoff, Financial Times
Democracy in Palestine - Eli Lake, The Weekly Standard
Bush Is a Quick Learner - William Rees-Mogg, Times of London
How Clinton Failed - Ralph Reiland, The American Enterprise
Optional Reparations - William Raspberry, Washington Post

Memorial Day:
Boston Herald, New York Times, Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, New York Post

Sunday, May 26

Nuclear Nightmares - Bill Keller, New York Times Magazine
Civil-Rights Realist - George Will, New York Post
What Congress Knew - David Freddoso, Human Events
Going Wobbly? - Bill Kristol & Robert Kagan, The Weekly Standard
Democrats Just Won't Let Go - Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times
Europe: Make Peace With War - Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek
Quietly Fearful - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
Fact-Finding and Its Limits - Michael Beschloss, New York Times
Our Airports Aren't Secure, Just Tedious - Mitch Albom, Detroit Free-Press
Memorial Day, From Civil War to 9-11 - Michael Hill, Baltimore Sun
The Center Falls Out of Kashmir - Paula Newberg, Los Angeles Times
Rebuild NYC From the Ashes Like Ancient Athens - J. Connelly, NY Daily News
An Open Letter to Yasir Arafat - Rev. Jesse Jackson, Chicago Sun-Times
Reflecting On The Cost of War And Peace - Cragg Hines, Houston Chronicle
Boris and Bill - Strobe Talbott, Washington Post Magazine

Brinkmanship, With Nukes - Washington Post
Guns or F-16s? - Wall Street Journal
The FBI's Failure - Boston Globe

Saturday, May 25

Bush Will Always Be a Mystery in Europe - Ben MacIntyre, Times of London
Making the Case - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
The Tinderbox Called Kashmir - Adil Najam, Boston Globe
India vs. Pakistan: Nearing Doom - Jim Hoagland, New York Post
It's Easy to Say 'I Told You So' - Robert Baer, Wall Street Journal
Toward Sounder Immigration Policy - William Murchison, Washington Times
Profile Racially to Find Terrorists in US - William F. Buckley, Houston Chronicle
The U.S. and Europe: Drifting Apart - Gerard Baker, Financial Times
Some Like It Hot - William Powers, National Journal
Bovine Badinage - David Limbaugh, Townhall
A True Veterans' Hero - Steve Neal, Chicago Sun-Times
New! Improved! And Still 100 Percent Fake - Jay Dixit, Washington Post
What’s So Special About Danny Pearl? - Jonah Goldberg, National Review

Brinkmanship, With Nukes - Washington Post
FBI Needs Make-Over - Denver Post
Why The FBI Failed - New Republic
Knocking at the Rich Man's Door - Financial Times

Friday, May 24

Bush's Message in Berlin - Open Your Eyes - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Re-Imagining NATO - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Can John Kerry Make People Like Him? - Michael Crowley, New Republic
Who Deserves to be Blamed? - Herbert Romerstein, Washington Times
How America Should Wield its Power - Joseph Nye, The Economist
The "No-Whites-Need-Apply" Caucus - Pat Buchanan, WorldNetDaily
Our European Problem - William Hawkins, National Review
At Michigan, Race Preferences vs. Diversity - Steve Chapman, Townhall
We're All Conservatives Now - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
The Media's Use of "Extremism" - Patrick Chisholm, Christian Science Monitor
Here in the Age of Fanaticism - H.D.S. Greenway, Boston Globe
Why Didn't the FBI Fully Investigate Moussaoui? - Michael Weisskopf, Time
Hysterical Pot Shots Discredit Drug Czar - Clarence Page, Baltimore Sun

The Estrada Gambit - Wall Street Journal
Why Bush is Right to be Putting Russia Before Europe - Times of London
India-Pakistan Confrontation is More Than Urgent - Houston Chronicle
Bush's Straight Talk in Berlin - Financial Times
Arming Pilots Has Merit - Denver Post

President Bush, Russian President Putin Sign Nuclear Arms Treaty

Thursday, May 23

Making Reform A Reality - Dennis Ross, Washington Post
Testing Putin on Iran - William Safire, New York Times
Bush Must Not Block Putin's Vision for Russia - James Klurfeld, Newsday
A New Approach to the Middle East - Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard
The Message in the Palestinian Maps - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
September 11, 1863 - Tom Wheeler, USA Today
Carter Surprisingly Uninformed - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Partisan Sniping Over Terror War Hurts the Country - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
What do Democrats Know Now? - Ann Coulter, Frontpage Magazine
GOP Bidding for Union Support - Donald Lambro, Washington Times
The Trouble with Democracy - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Traveling Under the Shadow of Anti-Americanism - Norah Vincent, LA Times
Democratic Self-destruction - Dick Morris, The Hill
The First Lady Warms Up Europe - Martha Brandt, Newsweek

Bush/Putin Summit: NY Times, Boston Globe, Wash Times, Chicago Sun-Times
Election 2000 Lawsuits in Florida - Miami Herald
Untimely Warnings - Washington Post

Wednesday, May 22

Political Gods and Monsters - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
Probe Deep, and Fairly - Senator John McCain, Washington Post
The Right 9/11 Probe - George Will, New York Post
Racial Profiling Might Have Prevented Sept. 11 - John Fund, Wall Street Journal
Cool It! - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
GOP is Winner in Blame Game - Cal Thomas, Miami Herald
Piling on the President - Pat Buchanan, Townhall
Vladimir Putin: Our New Best Friend? - James Carney, Time
Conservatives Keep Winning, But Not For Long - Robert Kuttner, Boston Globe
The Democrats Dodge a Bullet - Lee Bockhorn, Weekly Standard
Alberto Gonzales's High-Wire Act - Ryan Lizza, New Republic
Lieberman v. Bush - Byron York, National Review
Rebuild It Big! - Ronald Bailey, Reason
Europe Grows Irrelevant - Don Feder, Boston Herald

War Between India and Pakistan - New York Times
Guns in the Cockpit - Washington Times
Good Food Fight Against Obesity - Boston Globe

Tuesday, May 21

Still Missing: A Nuclear Strategy - S. Nunn, W. Perry & E. Habiger, Wash Post
Foiling the Next Attack - R. James Woolsey, Wall Street Journal
Cuba Embargo Creates Leverage - Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, USA Today
Let's Face It, We're Superior - Mark Steyn, National Post
Blame Bush for 9/11? Easier Said Than Done - William Saletan, Slate
What Clinton Knew - Dick Morris, New York Post
Search for Accountability Need Not be Partisan - E.J. Dionne, Seattle Times
Right Questions, Wrong President - Lawrence Kaplan, The New Republic
Our Homeland Securitizers Should Read More - James Pinkerton, Newsday
Around the Table With Secretary Rumsfeld - Godfrey Sperling, CS Monitor
Doomed Decision - Bruce Fein, Washington Times
Mrs. Daschle, Big Business Lobbyist - David Freddoso, Human Events
A Train Wreck Called Title IX - George Will, Newsweek
Mary Robinson, War Criminal? - Michael Rubin, National Review

Bush on Cuba: Miami HeraldNY PostNY TimesWashington Times, LA Times
Harsh Spotlight on Congress - Washington Post

Monday, May 20

A Racial Quota That Will Be DOA at the High Court - Stuart Taylor, Nat'l Journal
As U.S. Streets Get Safer, Crime in Europe Soars - Eli Lehrer, Weekly Standard
Sept. 11's Echoes of 1969 - Brendan Miniter,
Wall Street Journal
The Williams Memo - William Safire, New York Times
How the U.S. Missed the Clues - Michael Elliot, Time
The Overclass - Andrew Sullivan,
The NATO Alliance Is Doomed - Jeffrey Gedmin,
Washington Post
Feeding at the Trough - Gloria Borger, US News & World Report
Bush’s Battle at Home - Howard Fineman, Newsweek
McAuliffe May Be Democrats' Nut-and-Bolts Savior - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
Meanderings on Money - Robert Bartley,
Wall Street Journal
CBS Was Right to Air Pearl Video - John Podhoretz, New York Post
The Left Always Loses the Plot in the Last Reel - Tim Hames, Times of London

Terror Warnings and Politics -
Wall Street Journal
Near Misses, FAA Shortfalls Expose Runway Dangers -
USA Today
Fast Track To Tariffs -
Investors Business Daily
Jimmy Carter in Cuba - National Review

Sunday, May 19

Honk if You Knew About 9-11 - Kathleen Parker, Orlando Sentinel
A Failure to Imagine - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
What Went Wrong - Michael Hirsh and Michael Isikoff, Newsweek
Feminist Fallacies - George Will, New York Post
Bush Team Misplays the Popularity Card - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Surplus Politics - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Why Europeans Just Don't Get America - Mark Steyn, London Spectator
NATO: An Alliance With a Future - Vaclav Havel,
Washington Post
The Terror of Islam - Stanley Kurtz, Weekly Standard
Bankruptcy-'Reform' Bill Deserves a Slow Death - David Broder, Seattle Times
Black, Successful--and Typical - Jason Riley,
Wall Street Journal
Cynthia McKinney is Still an Idiot - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Political Report: Powell Denies Ripping Rove - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times

McCain's True Colors -
Washington Times
Swoosh Goes the First Amendment -
Wall Street Journal
Daschle and Gephardt Choose Politics Over Science - New Republic

Weekend Talk Show Transcripts

Saturday, May 18

Time For a Real Investigation - Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan, Weekly Standard
Blame Game Tells Us Nothing About 9/11 - Clarence Page, Houston Chronicle
So How Come Nobody’s Been Fired Yet? - Michael Ledeen, National Review
Should White House Foreseen Suicide Hijackings? - M. Crowley, New Republic
Photo-Partisanship - David Limbaugh, Townhall
The Culture of Martyrdom - David Brooks, The Atlantic Monthly
Israel Needn't Worry About a Population Implosion - Ben Wattenberg, WSJ
Vladimir Putin, Russia, and the West - The Economist
Has a Last-Minute Deal Saved a Bush Judicial Nominee - Byron York, NRO
America's Poor Accounting Standards - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Socialism by a Landslide - Henry Lamb, WorldNetDaily
Exile on Wall Street - David Denby, The New Yorker

The New Economy: Dream or Reality - Financial Times
Dems' Political Ploy a High-Risk Game - Boston Herald
Just Call Him Lyndon Baines Bush - Wall Street Journal
A Middle East Moment - Washington Post
Afghanistan, the India-Pakistan Border and Nepal - Times of London

Radio Address by the President to the Nation

Friday, May 17

Dubya's New Deal - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Pressure on Arafat Now Comes From Within - Fawaz Gerges, New York Times
No One Knew Enough - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Bush Must Heed Sense, Not Static - James Pinkerton, Newsday
When All Else Fails, Find a Panic Button - Wes Pruden, Washington Times
The Hezbollah Model - James Kitfield, National Journal
Uncle Sam Buys an Airplane
- James Fallows, The Atlantic Monthly
The Middle East - Sandy Berger, Washington Post
The Middle East - Brent Scowcroft, Washington Post
Giving McCain Enough Rope - George Will, Townhall
Globalism Reaches Deep Into Our Lives - HDS Greenway, Boston Globe
The Legal Fiction of "Diversity" - Dahlia Lithwick, Slate
Second Reading - Jacob Sullum, Reason
Bill is More and More the Clintons' Past - Mark Steyn, National Post

9/11 Warnings:
Washington PostNew York TimesWashington Times,
      USA TodayNew York Post, NY Daily News, Chicago Sun-Times
Wheel of Fortuyn - Times of London

Thursday, May 16

A Choice to Transform the Military - Donald Rumsfeld, Washington Post
12 Close House Races, Six Months Out - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
Bush Tradeoff Strategy On Issues - Donald Lambro, Washington Times
The But-What-if Factor - William Safire, New York Times
The Cul-de-Sac of Arms Control - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Who'll Draw the Line? - Thomas Bray, Wall Street Journal
At the Bottom of Pandora’s Box - Victor Davis Hansen, National Review
Senator Leahy's Bizarre World - Hugh Hewitt, WorldNetDaily
America's Ascendancy, Europe's Despondency - James Ceaser, Weekly Standard
The Moderate Voices of Islam - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Crusader - Big Gun, Big Lie$ - Ralph Peters, New York Post
Why We Need Crusader - Gordon Sullivan, Washington Post
The Better Story Behind the Cheney Letter - Howard Fineman, Newsweek
Cory Booker, Standard Bearer of the New Politics - Daniel Baer, CSM

Race Quotas in Universities: Boston HeraldWashington Post
In Cuba: Live and Uncensored - Miami Herald
The Kashmir Crisis - Financial Times

Wednesday, May 15

Procedural Funny Business in a Racial-Preference Case - John Fund, WSJ
Cold War Afterthought - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
Arms Treaty Showcases Bush's Solid Values -Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
Nine Wars Too Many - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Israel Has Right to Expand Settlements - Michael Freund, Chicago Sun-Times
Why They Fight - Because it Works - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Donald Rumsfeld Remakes the Military - John Barry, Newsweek
Domestic Drift - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard
Lessons of History - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
El Jefe Basks in Carter's Light - Laura Ingraham, Los Angeles Times
Why Reports of Amazon's Death Were Premature - J. Surowiecki, New Yorker
Sponsors of Terrorism - Michelle Malkin, Miami Herald
Conservatives, Ideals & George Pataki - Eric Fettmann, New York Post

Gray Davis Uses Enron as a Political Scapegoat - Wall Street Journal
Crusader: Vehicle of Choice for Military Pork - USA Today
How Welfare Was Reformed - Washington Times

Tuesday, May 14

New Arms Pact Puts us Beyond Cold War -Robert Stewart, Boston Globe
Cheering for Suicide Bombers in Virginia - Linda Chavez, Townhall
In Defense of Elitism - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
American Views of the Mideast Conflict - Andrew Kohut, New York Times
Why Israel's War on Terrorism is Working - Jonathan Chait, Slate
Rethinking the Second Amendment - Terry Eastland, The Weekly Standard
U.N. Program Abets China Travesties - Rep. Chris Smith, Atlanta JC
Cuban Foul Ball - Matt Welch, Reason
Why The Dems May Take Texas - Nicholas Confessore, The American Prospect
In Search of 'Moral Clarity' on the MidEast - Tod Lindberg, Washington Times
Doing Race to Death - William Tucker, New York Post
The American Way of War - Michael Kelly, The Atlantic Monthly
Gunning for A Bad Book - George Will, Newsweek

The Bush-Putin Arms Deal: Washington Post, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Washington Times
The Sharon-Netanyahu Struggle is Real Israeli Election - Times of London
Should San Fernando Valley Secede from Los Angeles? - CS Monitor

Monday, May 13

Calling Arabs' Bluff - William Safire, New York Times
On Atta, Prague and Iraq - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Enough Already! Confirm The Worthy Nominees - Stuart Taylor, National Journal
Partisan Paralysis - Senator Don Nickles, Washington Times
A Taste of Rummy's Way - Michael Duffy, Time
Cincinnati: A City Subverts Itself - Mark Singer, The New Yorker
World Law or Institutionalized Hypocrisy? - Robert Bartley, Wall Street Jrnl
UC Berkeley: A Safe Harbor For Hate - Rory Miller, Frontpage Magazine
Mr. President, Veto the Farm Bill - Stephen Moore, New York Post
Colombia Off the Back Burner - Jackson Diehl, Washington Post
Tommy Thompson Floats New Tobacco Tax - Terry Jeffrey, Human Events
Intent Is Key to Pipe-bomber's Defense - Susan Estrich, USA Today
Profiles in Courage Are The Exception - Bill O'Reilly, Boston Herald
The Chicken, the Egg and the TV - FCC Chairman Michael Powell, Wash Post

The Senate's Trade Torpedo - Washington Post
Another Blow to Peace - The Economist
Russia and the War - Baltimore Sun
Bahrain Women Get the Vote - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Sunday, May 12

Hypocrisy in the Extreme - Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times
The Fight for the Soul of the 21st Century - Bill Clinton, New Perspectives Qtrly
Global Village Idiocy - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
The Last Crusader - Mackubin Thomas Owens, Wall Street Journal
Shielded From Reality - Herbert Gold, Los Angeles Times
Showdown in Vegas - George Will, New York Post
An Abiding Goal: Topple Hussein - Susan Baer, Baltimore Sun
Running Away With the Law - John Leo, US News & World Report
Hallowed Ground of Flight 93 - Peter Perl, Washington Post Magazine
Ashcroft Is On Target With View of Gun Rights - Michael Brown, Philly Inquirer
Marriage Makes a Comeback - B. Dafoe Whitehead & D. Popenoe, Boston Globe
An Impossible Occupation - Scott Anderson, New York Times Magazine
Learning to Become Fellow Americans - Lisa Lugo, Miami Herald
Confusion in the War on Terror - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post

Mother's Day: Gayle Allen Cox, Mitch Albom, Bob Greene, Nancy O'Brien

Ms. Berry, It's Time to Go - New York Post
Bush Court Picks Worth Fighting For - Boston Herald

Saturday, May 11

The Saudi-Terror Subsidy - David Tell, The Weekly Standard
Schumer’s Conspiracy World - Byron York, National Review
How Dumb Is The Network News? - Rob Walker, The New Republic
Inside Report: Not Trusting Bush - Robert Novak, Townhall
The Booing of Wolfowitz - Frank Rich, New York Times
New York: The City That Won't Die - Karl Zinsmeister, The American Enterprise
Why I Refuse to Fight for Sharon's Settlements - David Zonsheine, Wash Post
The Magic of Redistricting - Mitch Frank, Time
The Intifada Curriculum - Rober Kimball, Wall Street Journal
The Real David Brock - Christopher Hitchens, The Nation
Fundraising Scandals Scathe Davis - David Freddoso, Human Events
Enron's Lessons for the Energy Market - Governor Gray Davis, New York Times

Spreading Terror To New Countries - Boston Herald
Scandal and Havoc Spreading Throughout Energy Sector - Houston Chronicle
Crusader Vanquished - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Friday, May 10

Why America Likes President Bush - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Research Cloning? No - Charles Krauthammer,
Washington Post
Militarism's Lethal Logic - James Pinkerton, Los Angeles Times
A Win For American Democracy- Jeffrey Kuhner,
Washington Times
Deadly Tolerance -
Jonathan Foreman, New York Post
See John Edwards Run, See John Edwards Fall - Asher Price, New Republic
The Trouble With Shrum - Joe Klein, Slate
The Image of Terrorism - H.D.S. Greenway, Boston Globe
The Kashmir Time Bomb - David Ignatius
, Washington Post
Panel Puts Aliens' Rights Over Our Lives - Michelle Malkin, Houston Chronicle
Celebrating Life on Mother's Day - Oliver North, Townhall

The Individual Right to Bear Arms - Washington Times
Building Arms for the Wrong War - New York Times
Quayle on Parenting: Take 2 - USA Today
Find Better Ways to Improve Airport Security - Tampa Tribune

Thursday, May 9

Sharon's Peace-Processing - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
There's a Deadly Method To Hamas' Madness - Stanley Crouch, NY Daily News
Who'll Stop Gore in '04? - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Edwards Must Improve To Be a Contender - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
Establishing the "Tat"on Judicial Nominees - Terry Eastland, Weekly Standard
Leahy's Legal Mind vs. Miguel Estrada - Ann Coulter, Frontpage Magazine
Rumsfeld Right to Dump Crusader - Michael O'Hanlon, LA Times
Farming for Subsidies - Mike Lynch, Reason
The Pork Game: Congress Hasn't Changed a Thing - Peter Cary, US News & WR
Mr. Atta Goes to Prague - William Safire, New York Times
Cato Turns 25 - John Fund, Wall Street Journal
Naysayers Attack Welfare Reform - Again - Linda Chavez, Philadelphia Inquirer
Cuba's Jailed Heroes - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
After Strom - Joe Klein, The New Yorker

Patrick Leahy's Obstructionism - Washington Times
Cuba's Bio-Weapons Threat - Miami Herald
Terror in Pakistan - Times of London

Relax: It's Just A Stall - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Israel's Phony 'Partner' - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
Fortuyn Told of Europe's Future - Jonah Goldberg, Washington Times
The Real Pim Fortuyn - Charles Paul Freund, Reason
Is Time Running Out For the Dollar? - Paul Craig Roberts
, Townhall
Pelosi and Delay, Whipping up a Fight - Douglas Walker
, Time
Peace Process is a Mad Tea Party - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
The War on What? - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Indonesia At a Crossroads - John Hughes, Christian Science Monitor
Welfare: Not the Feds' Job - Jesse Ventura
, Washington Post
Evangelicals, Jews Build Bridges - Samuel Freedman, USA Today
Stop Packing Prisons With Two-Bit Crack Users - Stuart Taylor, Nat'l Journal
Over Stated - Bush Can Avoid California in 2004 - Bill Whalen, National Review
On Thin Moral Ice - John Fund, MSNBC

The Middle East: New York TimesWashington Times
Bush is Right: Skip International Court - Seattle Times
The Crusader -
Washington Post

Tuesday, May 7

Anti-Catholicism at the New York Times - Pat Buchanan, WorldNetDaily
Piling on the Catholic Church - Cal Thomas, Townhall
Extremes Now Meet in Our Common EU Home - Michael Gove, Times of London
Doing Nothing is Something - Anna Quindlen, Newsweek
Missile Defense Micromanagers - Frank Gaffney, Washington Times
Behind the Terrorists - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
U.S. Must Stand With Israel - William Bennett, Jerusalem Post
Diplomacy Put Israel on a Dangerous Road - Daniel Pipes, Boston Herald
Our Friends The Saudis - Joshua Micah Marshall, New York Post
Ardor Day: Environmentalism Has Become a Religion - Thomas Bray, WSJ
Cashing In On the Post-9/11 Defense Build-Up - Julian Barnes, US News & WR
House Calls, Close Calls - The Elections, Six Months Out - John Miller, NRO
A Hotbed of Voter Contentment - Godfrey Sperling, Christian Science Monitor
GOP Should Aim to Keep Congressional Majority - Tod Lindberg, Wash Times
The Terror In Nepal - Maura Moynihan
, Washington Post

Dutch Assassination - Times of London
Bush Must Deal With Naked Truth - Chicago Sun-Times
Good News and Bad on the US Economy - Washington Times
How the Towers Collapsed - New York Times

Remarks by President Bush and Prime Minister Sharon

Monday, May 6

Paul O'Neill and the US Dollar - Alan Beattie and Edward Alden, Financial Times
Senator Leahy Fails His Own Fairness Test - John Nowacki, Washington Times
Senate Should Act So Judges Get Their Day in Court - Ron Brownstein, LA Times
Inside Saddam's World - Johanna McGeary, Time
Sizing up the 2002 Races - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
The Trials of John Edwards - Byron York, National Review
John Edwards: A Tax to Grind - Jonathan Cohn, New Republic
How Will Media Consultants Deal With Sept. 11? - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
Chirac Has Won Big But it Will Mean So Little - Tim Hames, Times of London
Tony Blair: The Can-Do Brit - Sebastian Mallaby
, Washington Post
Stereotypes Can Pay, If You Aren't White - Michelle Malkin, Houston Chronicle
For More Balance On Campuses - Christina Sommers, Christian Science Monitor
Unwomen, "Happy" Marriage, and Women’s Studies - Cathy Young, Reason
Arafat's Failure May Offer Seeds of Hope - Daniel Pipes, Los Angeles Times
One Kind Word to a Good Priest Goes a Long Way - Joe Fitzgerald, Boston Herald

A Mideast Summer of Hope - Christian Science Monitor
Arafat and His Enablers - Washington Times
Farm Folly in the U.S. - Financial Times

Sunday, May 5

Why Americans Detest the Idea of a National ID Card - Walter Kirn, The Atlantic
America Knows Who Its Friends Are - Andrew Sullivan, Sunday Times
The Home Office of Extremism - Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times
What Are the Odds for Ron Kirk? - George Will, Washington Post
Kofi's Choice - Charles Krauthammer, Weekly Standard
When Europeans and Americans Disagree - Peter Schneider, New York Times
Peace Processes - Thomas Sowell, Washington Times
Bush Critics Tread Lightly - Jonathan Last, Los Angeles Times
Conservatism's Glass: Half Empty or Half Full - David Limbaugh, Townhall
FDA's Drug Policy Bad For Our Health - Dave Tuerk , Boston Herald
Listening to the Future? - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
The Business Mighty Are Now Fallen - Andrew Hill, Financial Times
The Middle East is a Disaster, But Not an Emergency - J. Rauch, National Journal

An Energy Compromise? - Boston Herald
Moving Toward Immigration Reform - Minneapolis Star
Changing China - Boston Globe

Weekend Talk Show Transcripts

Saturday, May 4

Judges Delayed - Terry Eastland, The Weekly Standard
Inside Report: Al & Joe is '04 - Robert Novak, Townhall
Gun Control Misfires in Europe - John Lott, Jr., Wall Street Journal
Bush Bets Big on California - John Gizzi, Human Events
The President's Two Track Agenda - Ryan Lizza, The New Republic
Give Billy His TV Show - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Who Counts? - Julie Kosterlitz, National Journal
Hearts, Minds, & the War On Terror - Joshua Muravchik, Commentary Magazine
Daschle's Ethanol Bill More Like Snake Oil - C. John Mann, Chicago Sun-Times
The Eggshell Question - Ralph Reiland, The American Enterprise
This Throne of Kings - Michael Kinsley, Washington Post
Bush and the Christian Right - Nina Easton, The American Prospect

A Skittish Recovery - NY Times
Hillary Backs Responsibility - NY Post
Bush's Farm Bill Could Come Home to Roost - Globe and Mail

Radio Address by the President to the Nation

Friday, May 3

Miguel Estrada: A Fine Judicial Nominee - Raquel Rodríguez, Miami Herald
Jenin: The Truth - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Foreign Policy Is King - David Brooks, Weekly Standard
Will Clinton Talk? - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Why TV News Loves A Liar - John Podhoretz, New York Post
The Malign Nine vs. Microsoft - Robert Levy,
Washington Times
Aiding Colombia's War on Terrorism - Luis Alberto Moreno,
New York Times
Egypt: Past the Pyramids - Lawrence Wright, The New Yorker
A Tour of the Front - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Welfare Backsliding - Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman, Washington Post
Militant Muslims Aren't Just a Problem in the Middle East - Doug Bandow, WSJ
Japan's First Steps on a Long Journey - Glenn Hubbard, Financial Times
Japan's Embrace of "Recession Chic" - Hanna Rosin, New Republic

Bill Clinton: The Next Oprah? - Washington Post
Dumping on the Dollar - Wall Street Journal

Settlements: A Point For Pressure on Sharon - Minneapolis Star
The Hubble Achievement - New York Times
Paul Begala's Smear Campaign -
Washington Times

Thursday, May 2

The Fall of the Libertarians - Francis Fukuyama, Wall Street Journal
Sell USA's Virtue to Muslim World - Dinesh D'Souza, USA Today
The War on Terror Enters Phase 2 - Vincent Cannistraro, New York Times
Anti-Semitism's Boom - George Will, New York Post
This Terrible Farm Bill - Reps. John Boehner & Cal Dooley, Washington Post
Failed Coup a Cover for Vendetta - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Trotting Out the Big Scare - Donald Lambro, Washington Times
Daschle Corners His Own Party - Terry Jeffrey, Human Events
Israelis Play Rough, But They Have No Choice - Stanley Crouch, NY Daily News
Israelis Held Hostage by Settlements - Tom Ackerman, Baltimore Sun
Moussaoui Hijacks the Legal System - Dahlia Lithwick, Slate
The Intrusion Explosion - William Safire, New York Times
U.S. Conservatives Should Condemn Le Pen - Richard Bond, Newsday
Clinton Dishes Out Advice For Dems - O. Ricardo Pimentel, Arizona Republic

Stop the Farm Bill - Washington Post
A Russian Role in NATO - New York Times
Need to Fix Flaws in Disability Law - Orange County Register

Wednesday, May 1

The Recovery's Soft Underbelly - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
An Earful on War From America's 'Allies' - A. Etzioni, Christian Science Monitor
Darkness is Better For Illusions - Tony Blankley,
Washington Times
Profit and Loss - Gerard Baker and Peter Spiegel, Financial Times
Socialism: On History's Ash Heap - Pete DuPont, Wall Street Journal
How the EU is Putting Itself Out of Business - John Sainsbury, Times of London
The True Fascists of the New Europe - Pat Buchanan, Townhall
Politics Trumps Security in Ridge Flap - Walter Shapiro, USA Today
Republicans Despair Over the Judicial-Nominee Stalemate - Byron York, NRO
How to Attack the Judicial Blockade
- Hugh Hewitt, WorldNetDaily
Privacy and National ID Cards - Robert Kuttner, Boston Globe
The Myth of 'Harmless' Marijuana - John Walters, Washington Post
Al Qaeda Detainees: Don't Prosecute, Don't Release - Stuart Taylor, Nat'l Journal
Arafat: A Spent Force in Steep Decline - Michael Moran, MSNBC

Democrats, the Environment, and the Truth - New Republic
Calming the Steel Spat - Washington Post
Guns in the Cockpit - Wall Street Journal
WCOM: The Fall of a Telecom Gunslinger - New York Times

Tuesday, April 30

Jim Jeffords Wants to Run Your Local Zoning Board - Thomas Bray, WSJ
Being Green At Ben & Jerry’s - George Will, Newsweek
No 'Leader' in New Chinese Leader - James Mann, Newsday
Assessing China's New Leadership: - P. Saunders& Jing-Dong Yuan, LA Times
Arming Pilots the Surest Route to Safer Skies - Senator Zell Miller, Atlanta JC
Saddam Tries to Divert Our Attention - Peter Schweizer, USA Today
The U.N.'s Israel Obsession - David Tell, Weekly Standard
There's a New Culture in the East - Simon S.C. Tay, Miami Herald
Fix Immigration Laws - Dick Morris, New York Post
King for a Day - Benjamin Soskis, New Republic
Forgotten Angels of L.A.'s Riots - Michelle Malkin, Washington Times
The French Connection - Chris Matthews, MSNBC
Who's Anti-Semitic? - Richard Cohen, Washington Post

The Deal in Ramallah: LA Times, NY Times, USA Today, NY Post, Wash Times
Battle of Yucca Mountain - Washington Post

Monday, April 29

Bush's Seven Freedoms - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Walking Back the Cat - William Safire, New York Times
The Arab World is Hopeless, But the Muslim World Isn't - Ralph Peters, WSJ
From Jerusalem to Jenin - David Remnick, The New Yorker
Tom Daschle's Tax Problem - Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard
Compromise Possible On Social Security- But When? - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
Amnesty International Travesty - Heather MacDonald, City Journal
China's Heir Apparent - Ezra Vogel, Washington Post
The Chinese Regime's Heir Apparent - Bates Gill, New York Times
Has Pakistan Tamed its Spies? - Tim McGirk, Time
Saddam’s Game For Survival, Can it Work? - Joshua Hammer, Newsweek
What We're Fighting For - Brendan Miniter, Wall Street Journal
Hollywood vs. the Internet - Mike Godwin, Reason
Privatizing Schools: The Philadelphia Experiment - Ron Brownstein, LA Times

Reforming Fannie and Freddie - Christian Science Monitor
Duhalde's Test in Argentina - Financial Times
The Musharraf Referendum - Washington Times
Fried Carcinogens - New York Times

Sunday, April 28

Tale of 2 Lawsuits - George Will, New York Post
Reeling, but Ready - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Who Will Watch the Watchdogs? - Dov Fischer, Jerusalem Post
The 3 Strikes Deterrent - California Sec. of State Bill Jones, Washington Post
Daschle's Dash Home - Robert Novak, Townhall
Disturbing Funding News for the Nation's Schools - David Broder, Seattle Times
The Eurosnots Learn Nothing - Mark Steyn, National Post
Air War: Another Legacy of Vietnam - Michael Kelly, Atlantic Monthly
A Wave of Jew-bashing in Europe - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
A Failure of Leadership From U.S. Cardinals - Mike Barnicle, NY Daily News
Parishes Still Blessed With Good Priests - Gregory Kane, Baltimore Sun
Lies of the Cardinals - Gary Wills, New York Times
Priestly Abuse of Kids is More Than a Sin - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune

The Veto is Ready - Washington Times
In Preparation for the UN Mission - Ha'aretz Daily
Bioterror Merits State of Alert - Indianapolis Star

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Saturday, April 27

What Did Abdullah's Trip to Texas Accomplish? - Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard
How Political Correctness Boosts Le Pen - Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal
Le Pen May be Old, But He's Still Dangerous - Ben MacIntyre, Times of London
Death & Taxes: Issue Democrats Just Can't Dodge - Mike Crowley, New Republic
What Really Happened? The Myth of Jenin Grows - Marcus Gee, Globe and Mail
How Should the Israel Defense Forces be Judged? - Jacob Sullum, Reason
The CIA Was in Serious Trouble, Then Came 9/11
- Evan Thomas, Newsweek
Saddam Hussein: It's Not Easy Being Mean - Mark Bowden, The Atlantic
Saudi Visit Deepens Bush's Mideast Dilemma - Tony Karon, Time
On Board an Aircraft Carrier in the Arabian Sea - Alan Cabal, New York Press
The Sanctity of Smut - Robert Bork, Wall Street Journal
Perpetuating Lies - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Church Still Defensive, Not Penitent - Mary McGrory, Boston Globe

The Dollar's Precarious Perch - Financial Times
The New Black Flight - Wall Street Journal
U.S. and Canada: Best Friends, Like It or Not - Los Angeles Times
What Did Rome Accomplish? - Washington Post

Radio Address of the President to the Nation

Friday, April 26

Kowtowing to "Moderate" Arabs may Embolden bin Laden - Bernard Lewis, WSJ
Not Tough Enough - E.J. Dionne, New York Post
In Praise of American Empire - Dinesh D'Souza, Christian Science Monitor
Shifting Blame in Jenin - Robert Hochman, The New Republic
Israel's Right and Left Converge - Yoram Hazony, New York Times
European Anti-Semitism on Display - Charles Krauthammer, Houston Chronicle

Arab Schools Must Stop Teaching Hatred
- Rep. Steve Israel, Newsday
Put Blame for Scandal at Church's Door - Leonard Pitts, Detroit Free-Press
Gray Davis Joins the Race-Baiting Left - David Horowitz, FrontPage Magazine
United in Freedom - Senator John McCain, Wall Street Journal
Choosing Between Friends - Pat Buchanan, WorldNetDaily
France: Dangerous Illusions . . . - Salman Rushdie, Washington Post
Social Security Reform Still a Leaky Boat - Robert Robb, Arizona Republic
The "Enron Nine" - William Greider, The Nation

The Saudi Message - Boston Globe
Israel's Historic Miscalculation - New York Times
No Splitting Hairs; Abusers Must Go - Chicago Sun-Times

Thursday, April 25

Three Hard Roads to Peace - Dennis Ross, Washington Post
Conservatives Need Not Fret About Bush - George Will, Houston Chronicle
Hughes Practices Family Values - Cal Thomas, Miami Herald
Karen Hughes: Exit the High Prophet - James Carney, Time
Stabilize South America - José and Alejandro Moreno, Christian Science Monitor
Le Pen Happens When Nations Ignore Immigration - Froma Harrop, Seattle Times
Abdullah’s Bluff - Call It - Rich Lowry, National Review
Bush Should Talk Some Sense Into the Crown Prince - James Klurfeld,
Meet the Intellectual Father of Osama's Jihad - Dinesh D'Souza, Weekly Standard
The Inside Skinny on the Bush Administration - William Safire, New York Times
War on Iraq Won't be 'Cakewalk' - Robert Novak,
Chicago Sun-Times
Six-plus Degrees of Separation - Tony Blankley, Washington Times

Vatican Deliberations: USA TodayBoston GlobeNew York Post
The Prince and the President: New York TimesThe Economist
UN Fact-Finders Ignoring Obvious - Chicago Sun-Times
Fox vs. Castro: Democracy Trumps Tyranny
- Miami Herald
AOL and Time Warner's Merger Misery - Financial Times

Wednesday, April 24

What Day Is It? - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Law Must Go - William Bennett, Boston Globe
The International Kangaroo Court - Jeremy Rabkin, Weekly Standard
Will France's Elites Learn Their Lessons? - John Fund, Wall Street Journal
Le Pen Terrifies Europe by Violating Its Political Taboos - Anne Applebaum, Slate
Karen, We Hardly Knew Ye - Martha Brandt, Newsweek
No, Karl Didn't Ice Her - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
It's the War, Stupid - Dick Morris, New York Post
A New Job For Tom Ridge - Sen. Bob Graham & Paul Light, Washington Post
Debt to the World - Martin Wolf, Financial Times
Is Democracy Always Worth the Trouble? - Angel Rabasa, Los Angeles Times
Israeli Soldiers Risk Death to Save Enemies' Lives - Michael Oren, USA Today

Hughes Quits - New York Times
Terrorism and Nationalism - Washington Post
Probe Jenin - But Do It With an Impartial Panel - Newsday
More Saudi Lies - Washington Times

Tuesday, April 23

A Secular Argument Against Cloning - Charles Krauthammer, The New Republic
A Conservative Blind Spot - John Corry, American Prowler
'Slave of Allah' Wounds Justice - Jonathan Turley, Los Angeles Times
Is Daschle the New Gingrich - Thomas Bray, Wall Street Journal
Mideast Reporting Flunks Fairness Test - John Leo, New York Daily News
N. Korea: What a Big Stick Can Do - Fred Hiatt, Washington Post
Flunking Schools in Philadelphia - Cal Thomas, Townhall
Colin Powell’s Humiliation - Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek
The Senate Judiciary Committee’s Opportunity - Peter Berkowitz, National Review
Time for OAS to Curb Chávez - Peter Romero, Miami Herald

Powell and the Mideast - Philadelphia Inquirer
U.S. Miscalculates in Venezuela 'Coup' - Arizona Republic

Le Pen's Shocking Victory
Columns: HoaglandPinkertonKrugmanDionneLedeenGordonPruden,
Wash PostBoston HeraldNY TimesHa'aretz,  The Independent,
Times of LondonCS Monitor,  Newsday,  National PostBoston Globe
Profile of Le Pen: Philip Gourevitch, The New Yorker

Monday, April 22

Bush Faces a Fork in the Road - Ronald Brownstein, Los Angeles Times
The War Crimes Lie -
John Podhoretz, New York Post
Who Can Beat Bush in '04? - Roger Simon, US News & World Report
What Will Dems Be Seeking In Their '04 Candidate? - S. Rothenberg, Roll Call

Le Pen and the New French Left - Christopher Caldwell, Weekly Standard
What's the Meaning of Le Pen's Success? - Tim Hames, Times of London
France's Strange Resentments - Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post

Jordan's Nightmare Scenario - Danny Rubinstein, Ha'aretz Daily
Church's True `Enemies' Are Within - Bill O'Reilly, Boston Herald
The Danger of False Accusations - Cathy Young, Boston Globe
The President's Troublesome Tongue - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
The People vs. Cloning - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Suffering Steel Tariff Side Effects - Bruce Bartlett, Washington Times
Ralph Nader Fudges the Truth Just Like a Real Politician - Matt Welch, Reason

Colin Powell's Trip to the Middle East - Orlando Sentinel
Le Pen's Victory -
Times of London
Rising Health Costs Signal Problems Ahead -
USA Today

Sunday, April 21

Playing With Energy - George Will, Washington Post
The Selling of an Energy Policy - Albert Gore, New York Times
Waste of Energy - Gregg Easterbrook, New Republic
How Florida Became the New California - Michael Paterniti, NY Times Magazine
A Brittle Mood Abroad - Jim Hoagland
, Washington Post
U.S. Foreign Policy: The American Gambit - Richard Wolffe, Financial Times
America Can Persuade Israel to Make a Just Peace - Jimmy Carter, NY Times
'We People of Faith Stand Firmly With Israel' - Ralph Reed, Los Angeles Times
Don't Send US Troops on a Fool's Errand - Eliot Cohen, Wall Street Journal
Bush Faces His Own Middle East Crisis - Tony Karon, Time
Hugo Chávez: The Revolutionary - Jon Lee Anderson, The New Yorker
Keep Feds Out of Sex Education - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Old Ways Die Hard - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Anti-Bush Voices Up The Volume - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek

Can Self-Fulfillment Build Character? - David Brooks, Atlantic Monthly

The Arafat Obstacle -
Boston Globe
Nuclear Waste on the Highways -
New York Times
The Do-Nothing Senate -
Wall Street Journal
World Economy: Easy Money and Frayed Nerves - Financial Times

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Saturday, April 20

Back on Track? - Robert Kagan & William Kristol, Weekly Standard
Picking Sununu - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
It's Time to Snap Out of Arab Fantasy Land - Mark Steyn, National Post

Cynthia McKinney: The Craziest Women in Congress - Chris Suellentrop, Slate
Themes for an Opposition - Bill Keller, New York Times

A Bad Rap: Cornel West's Theatrics - John McWhorter, Wall Street Journal
Yes to Palestine, No to Terror - Marcus Gee, Globe and Mail
More Unintended Consequences of Campaign Reform - Matt Miller, Philly Inquirer
Supporting Venezuela's Democracy - Sec. of State Colin Powell, Miami Herald
The Real Problem With Physician-assisted Suicide - Jacob Sullum, Reason
Conserving Private Land Benefits All - Interior Sec. Gale Norton, New York Times
Problems With Slavery Reparations Lawsuit - Gregory Kane, Baltimore Sun

The Fate of Palestinian Moderates - Wall Street Journal
The Cloning Question - National Review
Plodding Toward Pluto - Boston Globe

Radio Address by the President to the Nation

Friday, April 19

Root Cause of Terrorism Is Tyranny - Benjamin Netanyahu, Wall Street Journal
The Public Life of Private Struggles - Marianne Pearl, New York Times
The U.S. Isn't Wedded to Saudi Oil - Stanley A. Weiss, Los Angeles Times
Two Flawed Men Fuel Middle East Crisis - HDS Greenway, Boston Globe
We Can't Blow It Again - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Dems Jeer Jeb, Hesitate on Janet - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
A Criminal Imbalance - Senators D. Feinstein & J. Kyl, Washington Times
Baghdad By the Bay - Brandon Bosworth, The American Enterprise
Jenin: The Big Lie - Ariel Cohen, Miami Herald
See Dick and Jane Weep - Michelle Malkin, Townhall
Coloring the News at CNN - Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard
Can the Pope Save the American Church? - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal

Playing the Tape of Flight 93 - USA Today
MidEast is Muddy Detour for Bush Agenda - Arizona Republic
Inspecting Iraq - Christian Science Monitor
Do Your Job, Mr. Ashcroft - Los Angeles Times

Thursday, April 18

'Legalized Larceny' - Rep. Dick Armey, Washington Times
2004 Democrats Offered Few Ideas At Florida Rally - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
The UN Gives Aid & Comfort to Terrorists - Michael Rubin, Wall Street Journal
Justice Turns Blind Eye to IRS - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Can NATO Patrol Palestine? - Robert Kagan, Washington Post
Nuclear Freedom - William Tucker, New York Post
Criminal Priests & the Commandments - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Righting Pedophiles' 5-sided Wrongs - Rev. John Langan, Baltimore Sun
Barbarians in the Church - Bill O'Reilly, WorldNetDaily
SCOTUS Tells Congress to Read the Damn Constitution - Mike Lynch, Reason
Taxation by Way of Madison Avenue - Amity Shlaes, Financial Times

Powell's Trip Ends: Washington Post, NY Times, Baltimore Sun, CS Monitor
The President's War Briefing - New York Post

Thursday, April 18

'Legalized Larceny' - Rep. Dick Armey, Washington Times
2004 Democrats Offered Few Ideas At Florida Rally - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
The UN Gives Aid & Comfort to Terrorists - Michael Rubin, Wall Street Journal
Justice Turns Blind Eye to IRS - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Can NATO Patrol Palestine? - Robert Kagan, Washington Post
Nuclear Freedom - William Tucker, New York Post
Criminal Priests & the Commandments - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Righting Pedophiles' 5-sided Wrongs - Rev. John Langan, Baltimore Sun
Barbarians in the Church - Bill O'Reilly, WorldNetDaily
SCOTUS Tells Congress to Read the Damn Constitution - Mike Lynch, Reason
Taxation by Way of Madison Avenue - Amity Shlaes, Financial Times

Powell's Trip Ends: Washington Post, NY Times, Baltimore Sun, CS Monitor
The President's War Briefing - New York Post

Wednesday, April 17

George W. Sadat - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
The 3 Islamic Faces of Suicide Bombing - Amir Taheri, Los Angeles Times
Why Aren't Arab Nations Pushing Arafat? - Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe
Will Al Gore Become the New Nixon? - John Fund, Wall Street Journal
Redefining America's Place In a Dangerous World - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
100 Reasons to Eliminate Death Penalty - Leonard Pitts, Jr., Detroit Free-Press
The Godfather of Jihad - Chris Suellentrop, Slate
King George's Tax Code - Rep. John Linder, Washington Times
John McCain: Democrats' Best Hope for '04 - Jonathan Chait, The New Republic
Justice Delayed: The Judge Holdup -Todd Gaziano & Rich Tucker, National Review
Health Care in a 'Death Cycle' - David Broder, Washington Post

Suddenly the White House Sems Bumbling and Cynical - Wall Street Journal
The Massacre That Wasn't - New York Post
Vatican `Guidelines' Aren't the Answer - Boston Herald
Did the White House Push the Venezuelan Coup? - Newsday

Tuesday, April 16

Leading the Mideast - Senator Joseph Biden Jr., New York Times
Confounded Are The Peacemakers - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Black and White, or Shades of Gray? - Cal Thomas, Townhall
Arguing With the Insane - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Behind the Rage - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Vapid Venezuela - Tunku Varadarajan, Wall Street Journal
Chavez: A Crucifix of Convenience? - Myriam Marquez, Orlando Sentinel
Pseudo-Intellectuals and Pseudo-Populists Duke it Out - Cathy Young, Reason
Senate Stall on Energy - James Martin, Washington Times
Democrats, Don't Mess With Bush - Godfrey Sperling, Christian Science Monitor
Maybe Gore Isn't Dead After All - Noam Scheiber, New Republic
World Government Rising - Patrick Buchanan, WorldNetDaily
FDA Needs to Help Not Hurt - Mort Zuckerman, US News & World Report

The Vatican's Role - Boston Globe

Nuclear Nightmare - Washington Times
Recent History Does Not Help the Former Vice-President - Times of London
Bush Blinks as 'Bibi' Blitzes - Christian Science Monitor

Monday, April 15

Freedom's Forever Worth the Fight - Don Feder, Boston Herald
The Elian Cover-up - Christopher Caldwell, Weekly Standard
The Agenda of Ideological Environmentalism - Ron Bailey, Reason
The Democrats: The Second Coming - Howard Fineman, Newsweek
No Substitute for Victory - Newt Gingrich, Washington Times
To Solve the Crisis - William Raspberry, Washington Post
Who Will Blink First? - Romesh Ratnesar and Massimo Calibresi, Time
Bush's Vichy Gamble - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Pro-Israel Conservatives Bash Bush - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Congress Should Allow and Control 'Research Cloning' - M. Kondracke, Roll Call
Israel's Right to Defense - Alan Keyes, WorldNetDaily
The U.S.'s Mideast Disconnect - Shibley Telhami, Christian Science Monitor
Make The Saudis Pay For Terror - Daniel Pipes, New York Post
The Bleakest Weeks - One Way Out - David Remnick, The New Yorker

Coup and Counter-coup in Venezuela: Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, CSM
Trapped in Servitude to the Government - Investors Business Daily
The IRS: Far From Fair - Orlando Sentinel
The Powell Mission - New York Times

Sunday, April 14

Why We Fight - Bill Bennett, New York Daily News
Israel's Security Requires a Sturdy Fence - Ehud Barak, New York Times
War is Best Road to Peace - Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times
Consequences of Protectionism - George Will, New York Post
Victory in Iraq Will Bring Peace in Israel - Andrew Sullivan, The Sunday Times
Slavery Isn't the Issue - Juan Williams, Wall Street Journal
NATO Now - Gideon Levy, Ha'aretz Daily
Falling Behind on Free Trade - Robert Zoellick, New York Times
Let Israel Fight Its Way to Peace - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
A New Disconnect With Europe - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
From Inside Iraq, A Plea for U.S. Action - Michael Rubin, Los Angeles Times
Silicon Valley's Spy Game - Jeffrey Rosen, New York Times Magazine
What Simon Says on Abortion - Debra Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle
Kennedy Proves He's Just a 'Dumb Slicker' - David Yepsen, Des Moines Register

Saddam's Really Stupid and Futile Gesture - Wall Street Journal
Traficant's Fall - Cleveland Plain Dealer
Using Yucca Mountain - Boston Herald

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Saturday, April 13

Why All Wars on Terrorism Are Not The Same - Peter Beinart, New Republic
Sharon Has Wounded the State of Israel - William F. Buckley, Houston Chronicle
Lost in the Wilderness - William Kristol & Robert Kagan, Weekly Standard

The Bush Doctrine, R.I.P. - Frank Rich, New York Times

Arab Despots Threaten Chaos, They're Bluffing - Fouad Ajami, WSJ
Pray for Peace, Polish the Weapons - Bill O'Reilly, Townhall
Cynthia McKinney’s Insanity and Hypocrisy - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Do We Want Mexifornia? - Victor Davis Hanson, City Journal
Inside Report: Bibi's Nuclear Warning - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Israel's War - Efraim Karsh, Commentary
Ending the Death Dance - Richard Falk, The Nation
The Splendor of Angkor - Jamie James, Atlantic Monthly

Venezuela: Washington PostNew York TimesTimes of London
The Good News on Race in America - Wall Street Journal
Time to Separate Our Allies, Ingrates - Chicago Sun-Times
Detachment at the Vatican - New York Times
Orgy at the Federal Trough - Washington Times

Radio Address of the President to the Nation

Friday, April 12

It’s a Mad, Mad World - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
A Look Toward 2004 - E. J. Dionne Jr., Washington Post
The Shortlist to Replace Cheney in 2004 - Howard Fineman, Newsweek

The Mau-Mauing at Harvard - John McWhorter, City Journal

Saddam is Not Waiting - William Hawkins, Washington Times
Why Israel's Mission Must Continue - Nitsan Alon, New York Times
By Weakening Arafat, Will Israel Strengthen Hamas? - The New Republic
Powell's Epic Mission in the Mideast - H.D.S. Greenway, Boston Globe
Bush Strategy in Shambles - Patrick Buchanan, WorldNetDaily
To Win, Palestinians Must Adopt a Nonviolent Strategy - M. Awad, Miami Herald
Europe Loves Hate - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Global Injustice - Oliver North, Townhall
Our Blind Spot About Drugs - Jonathan Zimmerman, Washington Post

Middle East: Wall Street JournalNew York TimesThe New RepublicThe EconomistChristian Science Monitor
The Two Faces of Saudi Arabia - Washington Times
Population Bomb Could Fizzle - Des Moines Register

Powell Press Conference With Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

Thursday, April 11

U.S. Must Reject International Court - Senators Jesse Helms and Zell Miller, WT
Arafat's One Last Chance to Be a Leader - Dennis Ross, Los Angeles Times
Powell Should Tell Arafat: 'It's Now or Never' - Morton Kondracke, Roll Call

Welfare Reform, New and Improved - Speaker Dennis Hastert, New York Times
The Slavery Reparations Hustle - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Not Ready For Human Cloning - Senator Bill Frist, Washington Post
Time to Stop the War on Terrorism - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Middle East: Strength and Diplomacy - Charles Hill, Financial Times
The Big Israeli Victory You Haven't Heard About - Seth Gitell, New Republic
Latest Campus Cause: Solidarity With Arab Terrorists - Collin Levey, WSJ
Evil's Advantage Over Conscience - Norman Doidge, Weekly Standard
Bush Army Chief Under Fire - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Can Dems Benefit From the Problems in the Mideast? - S. Rothenberg, Roll Call
Bush Versus the Democratic Senate - Martha Brant, Newsweek

Corruption on Wall Street: Washington PostNew York Times
Powell's Mission: Boston GlobeWashington TimesWeekly Standard

Powell Press Conference With Jordanian Foreign Minister Marwan Muasher

Wednesday, April 10

Fascism, Communism, and Jihadism - Yehuda Mirsky, The New Republic
Lebanon: The Fuse for Armageddon - Charles Krauthammer, Houston Chronicle
Playing to an Audience of Fools - Tony Blankley, Washington Times

Life Under Siege - Allegra Pacheco, New York Times
Know Your History! - Hugh Hewitt, WorldNetDaily
When ‘Nuance' Excuses Terror - George Will, New York Post
Arafat as Peace Partner? - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
US Energy Policy & the Mideast - Gerard Baker & Nancy Dunne, Financial Times
The Pressure Is On to Play the Oil Card - Jeremy Rifkin, Los Angeles Times
Only One Real Way to Simplify the Tax Code - Pete DuPont, Wall Street Journal
The Greater Peril? - Paul Craig Roberts, Townhall
A Pol Who Doesn't Blow Smoke - Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe
Margaret Thatcher: The Lioness in Winter - John O'Sullivan, Washington Times

Terrorists and Their Lawyers - Wall Street Journal
Misleading Stock Analysis - USA Today
The Perils of Tony Blair - Washington Times
Losing Faith in Cardinal Law - Boston Globe

Tuesday, April 9

Stock Options and Common Sense - Warren Buffett, Washington Post
Fatal Delusions - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Middle East Madness - Thomas Sowell, Townhall
Among the Bourgeoisophobes - David Brooks, Weekly Standard
Better Late Than Never - Michael Duffy, Time
Israel's Righteous Fight - Mort Zuckerman, US News & World Report
True Friends of Israel Oppose Sharon's War - Yossi Beilin, Boston Globe
If We Want Peace, Stop Asking Who is Right - Amitai Etzioni, USA Today
Sharon 1, Bush 0 - Patrick Buchanan, WorldNetDaily
Bush's Unease With Ambiguity - David Broder, Washington Post
Israel's Liberal Values, Both its Virtue and its Weakness - Cathy Young, Reason
IBM: Big Blues - Richard Waters, Financial Times
Bumbling Gumbel - Peter Roff, Washington Times

America's Oil Card - Investors Business Daily
A Call to the Arab World - Los Angeles Times
Ariel Sharon's Costly Defiance - New York Times
A Defensible Defense Budget - Washington Times

Monday, April 8

A Week That Will Change the World - William Rees-Mogg, Times of London
Peace Without the Territories - David Kimche, Jerusalem Post
Saddam's Offensive - William Safire, New York Times
Only Help of Parents Will Improve Schools - Education Sec. Rod Paige, USA Today
The Poisonous Cult of Martyrdom - Nat Hentoff, Washington Times
Developmental Disability - Michael Lynch, Reason
Only War Can Stop Suicide Bombers - Reuel Marc Gerecht, Wall Street Journal
The Dems' New Idea: Freeze Tax Cuts on Top 2% - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
Reparations? More Like Extortion - John Leo, New York Daily News
Grading America's War - Daniel Pipes & Jonathan Schanzer, New York Post
The 3rd Rail of N.H. Politics - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
General Principles, Specific Actions - Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post
Dignified Death? Yes - Allen Saxe, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Tony Blair Showed Skill and Bravery in Crawford - Times of London
Mr. Powell's Mission - Miami Herald
Detour Around Arafat - Christian Science Monitor
Reforming Welfare Reform - New York Times

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Sunday, April 7

Lifelines to the Future - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Remember the Bush Doctrine - Robert Kagan & Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard
Racial Profiling, Meet Your Alter Ego: Affirmative Action - The Atlantic Monthly
Little for Palestinians in Bush Rhetoric - Hussein Ibish, Boston Globe
Moral Duty, National Interest - Zbigniew Brzezinski, New York Times
Complicating Powell's Trip - Oliver North, Washington Times
In Israel's History Are Seeds of Hope - Tom Segev, Los Angeles Times
Give War A Chance - Jack Kelly, New York Post
Needed: A Wartime Defense Budget - Fred Kagan, Wall Street Journal
The Democrats Punt - David Broder, Washington Post
Judges' Fate in Lott's Hands, Gore in '04? - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Wellstone’s Folly and the Downfall of McCain-Feingold - Mickey Kaus, Slate
From Tree-Hugger to Terrorist - Bruce Barcott, New York Times Magazine
Stephen Hawking on Black Holes, Unified Field Theory - Gregory Benford, Reason

Powell's Trip: Chicago TribuneNew York TimesSeattle Times
NATO's Expansion - Washington Post
Fannie Mae Takes Steps to Improve Disclosure - Wall Street Journal

Saturday April 6

The Mideast Mission - William Cohen, Washington Post
UN Wants to Shakedown US - Thomas P. Kilgannon, Human Events
Trying to Understand Black Anti-nationalism - Joseph Phillips, Newsweek
The Crescent Moon in the Classroom - Herbert London, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
Bush Fights Back Over Owen Nomination - Byron York, National Review
Bush Takes a Risk; How Could He Not? - Vossi Sarid, Boston Globe
Enviros Twisted Thinking Behind the Cloning Issue - Michael Kinsley, Slate
Myths of the Crusades Hard to Kill - Vincent Carroll, Rocky Mountain News
Behavior Modification at the USAF - James Fallows, Atlantic Monthly
Bush Slaps the State Department - Jim Hoagland, New York Post
The Limits of American Influence - Lawrence Kaplan, The New Republic

Flirting with Protectionism - Washington Times
Insecurity at the FBI - Washington Post
A Master Terrorist Is Nabbed - New York Times

Radio Address by the President to the Nation

Friday April 5

Bush Makes the Right Move - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Why Bush Changed His Tone in Middle East - Tony Karon, Time
Appeasing Arab Hate Puts the Lie to 'Never Again' - Mark Steyn, National Post
Bush Yields to Reality in the Mideast - James Pinkerton, Newsday
Arafat's Political Epitaph - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Why Israel Must Stop The Terror - Bandar bin Sultan, Washington Post
Slaughter in the Holy Land - Charles Krauthammer, Townhall
After Peace - Leon Wieseltier, The New Republic
Missing: Realistic Take on Arafat - Daniel Pipes, Los Angeles Times
Kids With Bombs - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Saudi Arabia's Opportunity - Clifford May, Washington Times
A Clash of Delusions - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
Amnesty Insanity - James Edwards, Jr., National Review
Where's Al? - E.J. Dionne, Jr., Washington Post
GOP's Smith Battles to Save Job - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
Against Rev. Jackson and Reparations - Jesse Lee Peterson, WorldNetDaily
Should We Torture Zubaydah? - Matt Miller, Philadelphia Inquirer

Bush Steps In: NY Times, Wash Times, Boston Globe, Wash Post, WSJ, NY Post, Boston Herald, NY Daily News, LA Times, Atlanta JC, Chicago ST, Detroit FP

Thursday April 4

Optimism Has No Place in Accounting - Charles Munger, Washington Post
Europe Won't Stay in U.S. Science Shadow - James Pinkerton, Newsday
Europeans for the U.S. - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
What's Bush's Next Move in Mideast? - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
U.S. Enemies Use Mideast Terror To Protect Iraq - Morton Kondracke, Roll Call
The Road to Peace in the Mideast is Crooked - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
Why Suicide Terrorism Takes Root - Shibley Telhami, New York Times
The Road to War in the Mideast - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Bush Learning on the Job in the Mideast - Howard Fineman, Newsweek
A Clash of Delusions - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
Electoral Numbers Game Favors Bush in 2004 - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
Antidote to the Liberal Monotone: Blogging - Norah Vincent, Los Angeles Times

Need for Corporate, Financial Reforms Remains Urgent - Houston Chronicle

Ukraine's Move West - Washington Times
There is a Way Back From the Brink in the Middle East - Times of London

Japan's Reform - Financial Times

Wednesday April 3

The Hard Truth - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
A Peace Activist Supports War - Raphael Cohen-Almagor, Miami Herald
Why the Caged Palestinian Rages - Riad Z. Abdelkarim, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Promises but Never Peace - Michael Kelly, Washington Post
U.S. Must Look Beyond Latest Suicide Bombing - Daoud Kuttab, Seattle Times
Don't Blame Bush:"Peace Process" Was Already Dead - Robert Satloff, LA Times
Will Californians Vote to Join Human Race? - Pete DuPont, Wall Street Journal
Stop the Dream of an 'Arab Bomb'- Ranan Lurie, LA Times
Bush Has Reason to Campaign - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
Modest Man At HUD - David Broder, Washington Post
Lawyers Set Sights On 'Big Food' - Bruce Bartlett, Washington Times

Middle East: Washington Post, Newsday, NY Times, Atlanta JC, SA Express-News
'Three Strikes' Laws Not Unconstitutional - Manchester Union-Leader
March Madness, April Fools - Nashville Tennessean

Tuesday April 2

Harder Than McKinley - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Facing an Enemy Determined to Destroy Us - Benjamin Netanyahu, LA Times
The Path From Oslo to War - Raja Shehadeh, New York Times
New Israeli Settlements Block the Path to Peace- Neve Gordon, Baltimore Sun
It's Tiny Israel That Faces a Pitiless Goliath - Thomas Bray, Wall Street Journal
The Zionist Example - Gideon Rose, Slate
Key to Education Reform is Self-motivation - David Perlmutter, Atlanta JC
True Economic Recovery Proves Elusive - Lester Thurow, USA Today
Restructuring INS Imperative for U.S. Security - Doris Meissner, Miami Herald
School Alibis - Michael Myers, New York Post
Bush Should Heed Lessons of World War I - James Pinkerton, Newsday

Time for American Leadership - New York Times
The Bush-Blair Meeting Will Test Their Leadership - Times of London
Embattled Perceptions - Christian Science Monitor
Still Bill - New York Post

Monday April 1

Bush: Beyond the Bad Patch? - Robert Bartley, Wall Street Journal
A Deepening Disorder - David Gergen, US News & World Report
Season of Revenge, How Israel Imprisoned Arafat - Romesh Ratnesar, Time
Mideast: All Attack, No Endgame - Cameron Barr, Christian Science Monitor
U.S. Could Hold the Key to Mideast Peace - Ronald Brownstein, Los Angeles Times
Media See Liberals as the Mainstream - Bernard Goldberg, Miami Herald
A Talk With Sharon - William Safire, New York Times
The Hubris Of No Fences - Gershom Gorenberg, Washington Post
Alice and the White Rabbit Lead Israel to Ruin - Don Feder, Townhall
Anger and Action in Jerusalem - Michael Rubin, New Republic
What's Left of the Political Left? - Andrew Sullivan, Sunday Times of London
Reparations, Paid in Blood - Alan Keyes, WorldNetDaily
Reform Could be a Boon for Bush - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun

A Misfire on Slavery Reparations - Chicago Tribune
Mideast Bloodshed Intensifies Need for Peace - USA Today
Sharon and History - Boston Globe
The Mideast's Tactics of Tragedy - Financial Times

Sunday, March 31

Easter: Hope Rises, Despite All - Rev. Donna Schaper, Miami Herald
The Deepest Impasse - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
The Struggle With Celibacy - Lorenzo Albacete, New York Times Magazine
Bush Looks Lost Dealing With Mideast - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Suicidal Lies - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Politics Remain Stalemated - William Schneider, Los Angeles Times
'Reforming' Free Speech - George Will, Washington Post
Arabia vs. the World - Jonathan Foreman, New York Post
Sliding Back Into Welfare - Heather MacDonald, New York Daily News
Musharraf's Faustian Bargain - Mansoor Ijaz, Los Angeles Times
Bush vs. the Right - Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Battling Bioterrorism - Albert Yates, Denver Post
Rejecting Government as a Marriage Broker - David Broder, Seattle Times

Easter Sunday: Houston Chronicle, Boston Herald, Philadelphia Inquirer
Sen. Byrd's Unholy Alliance - Wall Street Journal

Weekend Talk Show Transcripts

Saturday, March 30

The Air-Power Revolution - Michael Kelly, The Atlantic Monthly
Don't Wobble on Immigration - Ben Wattenberg,
Washington Post
Appeasing Arab Dictators - Reuel Marc Gerecht, Weekly Standard
The New Amorality in the Middle East - Victor Davis Hanson
, National Review
Crown Prince Abdullah: Arabia's Acceptable Face - Roula Khalaf,
Financial Times
Will U.S. Run With the Arab League's Peace Proposal? - Michael Young, Reason
Intractable Foes, Warring Narratives - Eric Alterman, MSNBC
Arafat's War - Eric Fettman, New York Post
Drinks All Around, In Praise of Alcohol - Michael Judge, Wall Street Journal
Spring Break on South Padre Island - Rebecca Mead, The New Yorker
Shameful, This Epidemic of Modernity - Michelle Malkin, Houston Chronicle
The Wimps of War - Frank Rich, New York Times

Middle East Turmoil: Washington PostChicago TribuneNew York Times
When Death is Appropriate - Boston Herald
A Long Winter for Equities - Financial Times

Friday, March 29

The Burden On Bush And Blair - David Ignatius, Washington Post
No Stopping the Intifada - Fawaz Gerges, Los Angeles Times
John McCain: Enemy of the First Amendment - Jacob Sullum, Reason
Abortion Isn't Always the Deciding Factor - Thomas Keane Jr., Boston Herald
Tyranny of the Majority - David Limbaugh, WorldNetDaily
Labour Pains Shouldn't Worry Blair - Mary Ann Sieghart, Times of London
Explaining the Cult of Theodore Roosevelt - David Greenberg, Slate
Marty Meehan's T
urnaround - Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe
What RICO Lawsuits Could Mean for the Church - Rod Dreher, National Review
Justice à la Carte - Michael Kinsley, Washington Post
Bush vs. Nietzsche: The Politics of Evil - James Ceaser, Weekly Standard

Middle East Crisis: CS MonitorNY TimesBaltimore Sun LA TimesMiami HeraldOC RegisterHouston ChronicleMilwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Nuclear Plant Security - Charlotte Observer

Thursday, March 28

The New Shakedown - Ward Connerly and Edward Blum, Washington Times
A Waste of Energy? - Gloria Borger, US News & World Report
Feingold a Thorn in Democrats' Side - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
The Clinton Revisionists Are Back - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
If al Qaeda Goes Guerrilla - John Ringo, New York Post
U.S., Israel Do Not Share Same Fate - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
The Arab Summit: It's About Nothing - Daniel Pipes, New Republic
Saudi Plan Could Reshape Mideast - Shibley Telhami, Newsday
Forget the "Arab Street" - Reuel Marc Gerecht
, Weekly Standard
Foreign Editorials - The Arab Summit - Miami Herald
Crisis in the Catholic Church - Cal Thomas, Townhall
David Brock, Liar: A Lifelong Habit Proves Hard to Break - Timothy Noah, Slate

The Passover Massacre - Chicago Tribune,  Washington Times
The Houses That Saved the World - The Economist
Slavery and the Courts - Financial Times
Steel Tariffs - Their Harm is Beginning to Show - Minneapolis Star

Wednesday, March 27

Five Things That Have Changed - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard
Stranglehold on Speech - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Kerry's Uphill Battle for the Presidency - Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe
The Free-Speech Bind - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Profiling Myth Smashed - Heather MacDonald, New York Post
Tom Daschle Blames the Founding Fathers - Ramesh Ponnuru, National Review
Clinton's Special Gift for Abusing Power - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
The Good, the Bad and the Gallic Shrug - Mark Steyn, National Post
Chasing the Republicans, Empty-Handed - John Balzar, Los Angeles Times
Europe Wants to Know Why Bush is After Iraq - David Broder, Miami Herald
GOP Should Make Use of Filibuster - John Fund, Wall Street Journal
McCain's Unintended Consequence - Robert Robb, Arizona Republic
Unlikely Allies Against Cloning - Bill McKibben, New York Times

Arafat's Inaction Cost Him Summit - Chicago Sun-Times
Bush's "Smart Aid" is On Target - Detroit Free-Press
Carter Goes to Cuba - Houston Chronicle

Tuesday, March 26

The Case for Yucca Mountain - Energy Sec. Spence Abraham, Washington Post
The Next Target for the Judiciary Committee - Byron York, National Review
"Disturbing Statistics" - James Glassman, RealClearPolitics
US Can't Buy Love - Cal Thomas, Townhall
Is it Time Yet to Let Bush be Bush? - Wes Pruden, Washington Times
Cardinal's Letter: Cold Comfort - Rod Dreher, New York Post
Military Tribunal Rules Put Our Values to Test - Jonathan Turley, Baltimore Sun
Arafat's Harvest of Hate - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Bush-Rice 2004? The Rise and Rise of Condi - Andrew Sullivan, Times of London

Scandals Will End When Penalties Fit Crimes - Amitai Etzioni, USA Today
Greens Don't See Forest for the Trees - Patrick Moore, Los Angeles Times
Race for the Oscars - Tunku Varadarajan, Wall Street Journal
The Oscar for Shameless Self-Congratulation Goes to... - James Poniewozik, Time

Let Arafat Go To Beirut - New York Times
On the Edge of Calamity in Middle East - Washington Post
Schröder in Trouble as German Elections Approach - Times of London

Monday, March 25

What We Can Do - Henry Kissinger, Newsweek
Cheney Trips Up - William Kristol and Robert Kagan, Weekly Standard
The Next World Order - Nicholas Lemann, The New Yorker
Bush-Bashing by Bill Bennett - Pat Buchanan, Townhall
The 1930s, A Hard Rain is Going to Fall - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Catholicism in Crisis - Johanna McGeary, Time
Republicans Are Swaggering, Democrats Look Lost - Ron Brownstein, LA Times
Are Highly Charged GOP Ideological Battles Over? - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
Can Illinois Republicans Regroup in Time? - Tom Bevan, RealClearPolitics
Campaign 'Reform,' Boon for Rich and Powerful - Newt Gingrich, SF Chronicle
Choosing Celibacy - Rev. James Martin, New York Times
Denver Goes AWOL in the War - Brendan Miniter, Wall Street Journal
U.S. Arabs' Firebrand -
Daniel Pipes, New York Post

The Rising Price of New US Tariffs on Steel Imports - Newsday

Reining in Japan's Private Banks - Financial Times
Europe and Human Rights -
Washington Post

Sunday, March 24

The Noose Tightens Around Saddam - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
Bush's Hispanic Strategy Comes Unraveled - John O’Sullivan, National Review

What the Teamsters Want From George W. - John Judis, New Republic
Sad to Say, Some Women Can't Have It All - Carol Richards, Newsday
The Government-Induced Doctor Shortage - Debra Saunders, SF Chronicle
We Cannot Turn Away - Senator Jesse Helms, Washington Post
Hail NASA, Explorer of the Universe - George Will, Chicago Sun-Times
The Power of Talk Radio - Terry Eastland, Weekly Standard
Religion, Violence Forever Intertwined?- Michael Hill, Baltimore Sun
The Courts Don't Own the Constitution - David Limbaugh, Townhall
Deadly Myths Blind us in Peace Process - Conn Hallinan, San Francisco Examiner
Confronting the Cold, Hard Truth - Oliver North, Washington Times
What Are Your Five Movies for a Desert Island? - Bob Greene, Chicago Tribune

The Catholic Church and Child Abuse: Chicago TribuneNew York Post
Campaign Finance Reform: Wall Street JournalBoston Globe
This Time Around, Hold the Exuberance - Baltimore Sun
Margaret Thatcher: A Voice Quieted - Times of London

Weekend Talk Show Transcripts

Saturday, March 23

Tip of the Visitor Visa Iceberg - Linda Chavez, Washington Times
Jane Swift: No More Governor Mom - Margaret Carlson, Time
Washington on a War Footing? - Mark Steyn, National Post
Court Will Surely Scrub Reform Law - Vincent Carroll, Rocky Moutain News
More Bias in the Newsroom - Jeff Rodriguez, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
Who Killed Global Crossing? - William Buckley, National Review
The Politician's Wife - Chris Suellentrop, Slate
Don't Count on 'Accountability' in INS - Michelle Malkin, Houston Chronicle
The Bay State Needs a Reagan - Seth Gitell, Wall Street Journal
In Saddam's Shadow - Jeffrey Goldberg, New Yorker Q&A

Foreign Aid, With Strings: Boston GlobeLA Times
Cut the Fat, Save the Food - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Wall Street Weak - Seattle Times

Radio Address by the President to the Nation

Friday, March 22

Politics on the Great Plains - Jake Tapper, New York Times
Peering Into the Bottomless Aid Hole - Cragg Hines, Houston Chronicle
What Cheney Learned on his Mideast Tour - Henry Precht, CS Monitor
The Pope's First Statement - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
They Splutter Through The War - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
White House Control in the Extreme - Ryan Lizza, The New Republic
America is the Picture of Irreverence - Leonard Pitts, Detroit Free Press
Terror is Terror - Rep. John Sweeney, New York Post
Yucca Moutain is Radioactive Issue - Jonah Goldberg, Washington Times
Campaign Reform: The Next Steps - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Taking Clinton to Task - Svetlana Meyerzon, Harvard Crimson

Military Tribunals: NY Times, Wall St Jrnl, NY Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune
President Will Betray Values by Signing Campaign Bill - Washington Times
The Pope Speaks - Boston Herald
A Whitewater Farewell, at Last - Washington Post

Thursday, March 21

The 20/20 Foresight of Margaret Thatcher - Cal Thomas, Townhall
The U.S. Embargo and Cuba's Future - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
China's Economic Facade - Arthur Waldron, Washington Post
A Fear of the Nuclear - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
Is War the Only Way to Bring Peace in the Mideast? - James Klurfeld, Newsday
Bring Back the Horror - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Drug War vs. U.S. Constitution - Debra Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle
Bush Instincts Right for Latin America - Myriam Marquez, Orlando Sentinel
No Fat Tax - Russell Roberts, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Engineering Humans: Upholding Social Norms - Francis Fukuyama, Reason
Engineering Humans: Biotech Tyranny - Gregory Stock, Reason
How Bush Pushes Personal Politics to a New Level - Howard Fineman, Newsweek

Secretary of State Rove - Wall Street Journal
Japan's False Dawn? - Financial Times
A Better Nuclear Posture - National Review
The Drug-School Question - Denver Post

Wednesday, March 20

Billy Graham, Anti-Semitic?Hardly. - William Buckley, National Review
Scripted Outcome in Monterrey Won't Help Poor - Robert Robb, Arizona Republic
Time to Put Troops In Afghanistan & Israel - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Shadow Over Pakistan - Husain Haqqani, Boston Globe
The Systematic Corruption of a Powerful Institution - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
Where Bush Rewards Terror - William Bennett, Washington Post
American Politics Should be Uglier - Michael Medved, Wall Street Journal
Wedge Out Immigrant-Bashing - Richard Bond, Los Angeles Times
Mugabe Puts His Country in Tough Spot - Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune
Mrs. Gore's Decision a Wise One - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
Simon May be GOP's Last Chance to Win CA - John Fund, Wall Street Journal

Expanded Aid Should be Tied to Real Reforms - Houston Chronicle
Recognizing Mugabe's Fraud - Times of London
A Tragic Crisis for the Church - New York Times
Contradictions of 'Market Stalinism' - Baltimore Sun
Swift Is Out: Howie Carr, Scot Lehigh, Margery Eagan, Globe, Herald

Tuesday, March 19

Dropping The ‘One Drop’ Rule - George Will, Newsweek
Monterrey: A Turning Point - President of Mexico Vicente Fox, Washington Post
Trade and Aid in a Changed World - UN Sec. Gen. Kofi Annan, New York Times
Message for the GOP: Take on the Imperial Judiciary - Thomas Bray, WSJ
Bush Term-Limited - By War? -Dick Morris, New York Post
The Power Politics of Missile Defense - John Miller, National Review
Snakebitten Church Needs Redemption - Bill O'Reilly, Boston Herald
Church and Children - Richard Cohen, Washington Post
Clean House in the Catholic Church - David Limbaugh, WorldNetDaily
Does Bush Respect the Nonreligious? - Peter Beinart, New Republic
Engineering Humans: Sensible Restrictions on Cloning - F. Fukuyama, Reason
Engineering Humans: Go Ahead and Clone - Gregory Stock, Reason
Kausfiles Has Seen Bill Clinton's Future! - Mickey Kaus, Slate

Funny Business at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - Wall Street Journal
Let Japanese Women Soar - Christian Science Monitor
Copyright War: Find a Truce - Los Angeles Times

Monday, March 18

The Common Good - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Never Forget - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard
Protecting Saddam - William Safire, New York Times
Bush Not About to Forget 'Working Families' - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
The Bottom Line on the Battle of Shah-e-Kot? - John Ringo, New York Post
Why Bush Entered the Fray in the Mideast - Romesh Ratnesar, Time
Palestinian Pretense & Israeli Reality - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Claims of Moral Equivalence Insult Terror's Victims - Ben Stein, USA Today
Does the U.S. Media Have a Pro-Israeli Bias? - Ramzy Baroud, Palestine Chronicle
Beyond Blindfolds: New Strategies, New Challenges - J. Bersia, Orlando Sentinel
Civil Rights Failure - William Raspberry, Washington Post
Post-Clinton Standards - Robert Bartley, Wall Street Journal
9 Angry States Versus Microsoft - P. Abrahams & F. Guerrera, Financial Times
How the Army Ditched the Powell Doctrine - Lawrence Kaplan , New Republic

The Proliferation of Frivolous Lawsuits in America - Financial Times
Immigrants and Terrorists - Wall Street Journal

Sunday, March 17

If Congress Were Attacked - Tom Foley & Newt Gingrich, Washington Post
Boardroom & Battlefield Honor - Uwe Reinhardt, Wall Street Journal
A Tale of Two Candidates - George Will, New York Post
An Accounting of the War - Bernard F. Trainor, Boston Globe
Haiti:Devastation, Destitution, Desperation- Senator Mike DeWine, Miami Herald
Israel, Palestinians - At the Abyss - G. Jefferson Price, Baltimore Sun
What's At Stake This Year - Jim Wooten, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Family Ties Drive Politics - David Broder, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
The Mainstreaming of Latino Politics - Gregory Rodriguez, Los Angeles Times
Action Plan: Bush vs. Bush on Iraq - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
On 9/11, A Small Bit of Irish Luck - Mike Barnicle, New York Daily News
Putting Clinton's Legacy to a Vote - Joe Klein, New York Times

A Sacred Trust - Baltimore Sun
Leftist Politics - Winston-Salem Journal
Settling Saddam - Cleveland Plain Dealer
INS Defines Incompetence - Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Move Ahead on Yucca Mountain - Des Moines Register

Weekend Talk Show Transcripts

Saturday, March 16

What Can America Do in the MidEast? - Dennis Ross, Washington Post
Steel Tariff Backfire - Robert Novak, Townhall
Israel Under Seige - Ehud Olmert, Wall Street Journal
It's a Bad Case of Homeland Insecurity - Mark Steyn, National Post
Cover-up Cooked Andersen's Goose - Marianne Means, Houston Chronicle
A Plan for Social Security - Rep. Dick Armey, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
'Shadow Gov' Hid Right Before Daschle's Eyes - David Freddoso, Human Events
Lessons from Afghanistan - Joseph Nye, Jr., Boston Globe
Fame Can't Excuse a Plagiarist - Lynne McTaggart, New York Times
Throttling Both History and the Truth - Vince Carroll, Rocky Mountain News
Russell Yates Was Responsible, Too - Andrea Peyser, New York Post

The First Enron Indictment - New York Times
Mugabe's Tainted Victory - Boston Globe
Bush Must Fight for His Judgeships - Boston Herald

Radio Address by the President to the Nation

Thursday, March 14

The Case for Profiling - Charles Krauthammer, Time
A Walk in Havana - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
War Effort Turns to Feeding Frenzy - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Six Months Later, Public Backs Long War on Terror - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
A Truce: It's Worth A Try - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post
Rewarding Terror - Eric Fettmann, New York Post
Relief From Imports, For as Long as it Takes - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
Chuck Hagel, The Senate's Newest Wise Man - Lawrence Kaplan, New Republic
Illiberal Education in Ohio Schools - Sen. Rick Santorum, Washington Times
Naming Names - Thomas Sowell, Townhall
Homosexuality and the Catholic Church - Rod Dreher, National Review
Commercial Culture Liberates Islam -- and the West - Charles Freund, Reason

Israel's Unwise Offensive - New York Times
The Moment of Truth for Arabs - Chicago Tribune
Mugabe's Villainy and Africa's Cynical Complicity - Times of London
Blunder at the INS - Washington Post

Wednesday, March 13

Gazing Into the Nuclear Night - Tony Blankley, Washington Times
Say That Again? - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Israel Needs to Adopt Yasser Arafat's Strategy - Michael Kelly, Seattle Times
Steel -- Just a Symptom - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
The Reigning Champions of Free Trade - Robert Zoellick, Financial Times
Bush Didn't Hang Tough Over Pickering - Don Feder, Boston Herald
Cheney's Mideast Visit Poses a What If? - Jim Hoagland, Houston Chronicle
It's Time to Draw the Line on Gerrymandering - John Fund, Wall Street Journal
Calamity Shouldn't Bring Shift in Power - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
America the Rogue? - Rich Lowry, National Review
Europe's Problem - Dick Morris, New York Post
Cars in Utopia - Brock Yates, RealClearPolitics
A Beautiful Man Is Besmirched by Enquiring Minds - Sylvia Nasar, LA Times

No Hope for Peace Until Arabs Want It - Chicago Sun-Times
A Line Crossed by Israel? - Baltimore Sun
Alerts, With Meaning - Christian Science Monitor

Transcript of President Bush's Press Conference

Tuesday, March 12

Old-fashioned Values Return Since Sept. 11 - George Will, Boston Globe
In Retrospect, We Were Very Fortunate on 9/11 - Tim Hames, Times of London
Adults Address the Unthinkable - Frank Gaffney Jr., Townhall
Nuclear War Plans Don't Mean an End to Peace - James Pinkerton, Newsday
Saudi Peace Plan in Best Interest of All Sides - Jimmy Carter, USA Today
Israel's Endurance Against Perilous Odds - Terry Eastland, Washington Times
Sharon's Dilemma--and Israel's - Yossi Klein Halevi, New Republic
‘No Neutrality’ - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Seat-by-Seat Challenge - E. J. Dionne Jr., Washington Post
A Socialist Utopia Has Wealth and Poverty--but no Freedom - Max Boot, WSJ
Daschle Wanting it Both Ways - Hugh Hewitt, WorldNetDaily
Sucking the Oxygen Out of a Cave - Victorino Matus, Weekly Standard

Nuclear Posture Review: Washington TimesBoston GlobeNew York Post
Bush Makes the Case for International Action on Terror - Times of London
The War's Next Stage - Washington Post
A Boost for Taiwan - Boston Herald

Monday, March 11

Time for Senate GOP to Toughen Up - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
President Bush - Man on a Mission - Mort Zuckerman, US News & World Report
A Rising Tide of Blood in the Mideast - Joshua Hammer, Newsweek
Domestic Drift From the GOP- David Brooks, Weekly Standard
Change of Heart for Labor's Affection? - Donald Lambro, Washington Times
Human Rights Can't Rule Foreign Policy - Don Feder, Boston Herald
A Lonely Lawmaker on the Left Fights the War - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
China's Insecurity Complex - Fred Hiatt, Washington Post
India Must Save its Secular Legacy - Tunku Varadarajan, Wall Street Journal
Inside the Battle of Shah-i-Kot - Michael Elliott, Time
On a Slippery Tariff Slope - Bruce Bartlett, Washington Times
Bush Takes a Stand for America First - Pat Buchanan, Townhall

Six Months Later: New York TimesWashington TimesHouston Chronicle
The Cheney Challenge - Times of London
Cheney's Trip - Target Iraq - Washington Times
So Long, Vietnam Syndrome - New York Post

Weekend Talk Show Transcripts

Sunday, March 10

How to Combat Europe's Toothless Anti-Americanism - Charles Moore, WSJ
Victory From the Ashes - Rudy Giuliani, New York Daily News
In War, Grownups Can't Play Silly Games - Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times
The Appearance of Corruption - George Will, New York Post
Fightin' Democrats - Robert Kaplan, Washington Post
A Foul Wind - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Army's Race, Gender Policies on Trial - Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune
Simon's Best Hope: Be a New Riordan - Tony Quinn, Los Angeles Times
Democrats Struggle for Political Theme -Karen Hosler, Baltimore Sun
With Bias Toward All - John Leo, US News & World Report

Fixing Corporate Disclosure - Washington Post
Inspecting Iraq - New York Times
Zinni's New Opportunity - Ha'aretz Daily

Saturday, March 9

Inside Report: Is Lazio Coming Back? - Robert Novak, Townhall
Looking Ahead to Simon v. Davis - Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Democrats Reverse Field On Defense - David Freddoso, Human Events
The Graying of California - Joel Kotkin, Wall Street Journal
Will Fingerprinting Stand Up in Court? Neufeld &Scheck, New York Times
On Bill Simon’s Spectacular Victory - William Buckley, National Review
Bush Plays Steel Card Cleverly - Tom Roeser, Chicago Sun-Times
Where Are Bold Defenders of an Embattled Faith? - Joe Fitzgerald, Boston Herald
Clueless Monica - Mark Davis, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Bush's Trade Betrayal - New York Post
New Leadership Needed in Zimbabwe - Minneapolis Star
Restoring Class to Class Actions - Washington Post
Nations Must Quell Middle East Chaos - San Antonio Express-News

Friday, March 8

Slaughter in the Name of God - Salman Rushdie, Washington Post
Let's Face It, Marriage Is a Good Thing - Leonard Pitts, Jr., Detroit Free-Press
Trading Positions - Jacob Sullum, Reason
Hello, Brothers & Sisters - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
GOP Surrender - Byron York, National Review
Louima Case Is About Rage, Not Racism - Stanley Crouch, NY Daily News
Dems Suffer From Speech Impediment - Michael Crowley, The New Republic
Pickering Fight is a Mere Skirmish - Howard Fineman, Newsweek
So Much for Free Trade - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Watching 9/11 - Lee Bockhorn, Weekly Standard
Report on Clinton Leaves Affair Unresolved - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
Debate on Saddam Rages Inside Administration - Seymour Hersh, New Yorker

The President and Enron - Washington Post
Time Up for Iraq - Times of London
Bush His Word to NY - New York Post


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