Election 2004

November 30, 2004
Tom Ridge Steps Down as Chief of Homeland Security Dept. - New York Times
Gutierrez Is Pick for Commerce Secretary - Washington Post
Mfume Steps Down as Head of NAACP - Baltimore Sun
Little Excitement Expected on Canada Trip - Washington Post
White House Calls Deal on Iran Nukes 'a Start' - Washington Times
A Softer Tone From Bush on Ukraine Points to a Quandary for U.S. - New York Times
OH: Kerry Wins Cuyahoga County - Cleveland Plain Dealer

Supreme Court

States' Rights Defense Falters in Medical Marijuana Case - New York Times
High Court Declines to Hear Gay Marriage Case - Los Angeles Times
Civil Rights Leaders Urge Close Study of Gonzales - Washington Times
Senate GOP Eyes Counter Punches to Aid Boy Scouts - Washington Times
MA: Markey Pledges Battle on Rendition Practice - Boston Globe
WA: Sims Got Hundreds of Votes That Didn't Count - Seattle Times

November 29, 2004
Bush to Change Economic Team - Washington Post
House GOP Resistance Presents Bush a Clear Test of Leadership - Los Angeles Times
Beware Perils of Overreaching, GOP is Warned - Chicago Tribune
Die was Cast Back in Iowa for Kerry Defeat - Detroit Free-Press
U.S. Firm on Iraq Election Date in Face of Rising Concerns - New York Times

Bush's Money Men Pass the Hats One More Time - New York Times
'527' Donations are Difficult to Trace - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Skepticism Spawns Broad Effort to Push Voting Reform - San Francisco Chronicle

Stalling Intelligence Bill 'Risks Lives,' Kean Says - Washington Times
Bush Prodded to Intercede on Intelligence Bill - Los Angeles Times
For Democrats in Red States, 2006 Daunting - Washington Times

'Marriage' Issue Works its Way Through Courts - Washington Times
Marijuana, as a Flashpoint - Philadelphia Inquirer
Poor Leadership at ICE Cited as Security Threat - Washington Times

November 28, 2004
'04 Voting: Realignment -- Or a Tilt? - Washington Post
A Steamroller That May Lose Its Steam - New York Times

Bush's Social Security Plan Is Said to Require Vast Borrowing - New York Times
Social Security Plan May Put Bush in Saddle - Los Angeles Times
Colombian Tells of Marxist Plot Against Bush - New York Times

The Hill, Bush Differ on Counterterror Center - Washington Post
Keeping Politics Out of the Fed - New York Times
WA: No Governor Yet Does it Matter? - Seattle Times

High Court Cases Show 2 Sides of Conservatism - Los Angeles Times
Origin of Homosexuality Unresolved Despite Study - Washington Times

November 27, 2004
Democrats Debate Ins and Outs of Party Chairmanship - Washington Post
From Left, Religious Figures Make a Push - Boston Globe
Spending Increase Criticized - Washington Times

Bush Says World Is Watching Ukraine's Election Dispute - Washington Post
Simmering Trade Disputes Will Greet Bush in Canada - New York Times
OH: Blackwell Sued Over Cuyahoga Vote Tally - Cleveland Plain Dealer
OH: 1 in 5 Provisional Votes Rejected - Cincinnati Enquirer

Hastert Launches a Partisan Policy - Washington Post

Chief Justice Won't Return to the Court This Year - New York Times
FDA Post-market Role Criticized - Washington Times
W.T.O. Authorizes Trade Sanctions Against the United States - New York Times

November 26, 2004
Pollsters Debate Hispanics' Presidential Voting - Washington Post
Sizing Up Man Who Would Be Atty. Gen. - Los Angeles Times
Liberals Vow to Fight Gonzales Nomination - Washington Times

Bush's Social Security Plan a Tough Sell - Dallas Morning News
Bush's Victory was More Than 'Moral Values' - Minneapolis Star Tribune


GOP Sees Chance to Pass Faith Initiatives - Washington Times
Congress Seeks to Curb International Court - Washington Post
Lawmakers Push National Sales Tax - Washington Times
Futility Is the Norm Among Bills Introduced in Congress - Washington Post

Cities Ignore Ban, Sanction 'Oppressive Regimes' - Washington Times
Abortion Foes Put Faith in Congress - Chicago Tribune
After Victory, Crusader Against Same-Sex Marriage Thinks Big - New York Times
Gays Angry Over TV Report on a Murder - New York Times

November 25, 2004
President Proclaims Day of Thanksgiving - Washington Post
Historical Presidential Thanksgiving Proclamations - Los Angeles Times
At Ranch, Bush Plays Host to Spanish King - Washington Post
Rumsfeld Denies Trying to Block Intelligence Bill - Los Angeles Times
2 Top Officials Are Reported to Quit C.I.A. - New York Times
Study Says Corporate PACs Favor GOP - Washington Post
It Was the Economy After All - New York Times

NM: Results Certified at Last, Bush Beat Kerry - Albuquerque Journal


Congress OKs Continuing Budget - Washington Times
Senators Form Hunger Caucus to Draw Attention to Issue - Washington Post
To Save DeLay, GOP Rejected Values, DA Says - Dallas Morning News
A Governor by Christmas? - Seattle Times
WA: Official has Doubt About Hand Tally - Seattle Times

Rumsfeld Supports Scouts Meeting on Military Bases - Washington Times

November 24, 2004
Bush Focused on 2nd Term - USA Today
Mehlman to Further Grass-roots Strategy - Washington Times
Bush's Political Family Can Count Many Blessings This Season - Dallas Morning News
Top Economic Adviser to Bush Is Leaving Post - Washington Post
NASA Chief Sees Mandate for Bush Space Program - New York Times
Bush-black Rapprochement Urged - Washington Times
Bush Orders the CIA To Hire More Spies - Washington Post
Federal Office to Probe Vote Procedures - Boston Globe

OH: Judge Rejects Suit to Speed Up Presidential Vote Recount - Cleveland Plain Dealer
OH: Ohio Democrats Offer Support for Recount Effort - Washington Post


In Congress, Growing Doubts on Spending Process - New York Times
Republican Resolve on Budget Tested - USA Today
Pet Projects Lay Deep Inside $388 Billion Spending Bill - New York Times
White House Seeks Deal to Save Intelligence Bill - New York Times
White House View of Stalled Bill in Doubt - Washington Post
Republican Rossi Wins in Recount of Governor's Race - Seattle Times

CBS' Rather to Sign Off as News Anchor - Chicago Tribune
Immigration Enforcement Grows Weaker - Washington Times

November 23, 2004
A Hint of Alignments Beyond Racial Politics - Boston Globe
Bush Wants Proof from Iran - Washington Times
Bush Wants Plan for Covert Pentagon Role - New York Times

Bush Stops in Colombia, Pledges Aid for Drug War - Washington Post
U.S. Role in Latin America Debated - Dallas Morning News
Melee in Chile Seen as 'Big Deal' - Washington Times
Democratic Maneuvering on Party Post - New York Times

Election Numbers Still Leave Questions for Some - Philadelphia Inquirer
Hispanic Vote Totals Divisive - Dallas Morning News
Americans Show Clear Concerns on Bush Agenda - New York Times
GOP Eyes Social Security Overhaul - Washington Post
Bush Plan for Moon, Mars Gets Support -
Philadelphia Inquirer

Spending Bill Held Up by Tax Provision - Washington Post

Big Spending Bill Makes a Winner of Mars Program, Losers Elsewhere - New York Times
Funds for Atomic Bomb Research Cut From Spending Bill - Washington Post
Angry Senators Have 'Poisoned' Intelligence Bill - Washington Times
Bush Urged to Get Pentagon to Back Spy Bill - New York Times
Intelligence Deal Remains Elusive - Washington Post
Hunter Used Myers Letter to Defeat Intelligence Bill - Washington Times
Pro-life Groups Celebrate 'Major Victory' in Congress - Washington Times

November 22, 2004
Bush Seeks to Rule The Bureaucracy - Washington Post
In the New Bush Cabinet, Loyalty Trumps Celebrity - New York Times
GOP Plants Flag on New Voting Frontier - Los Angeles Times
At Summit, Bush Sets Sights on Alliances - Washington Post
Battle Over Bush's Security Cancels Chilean State Dinner - Washington Times
Immigrant Plan Revived - Washington Times
Bush Readies Ambitious 2nd-term Domestic Agenda - San Francisco Chronicle
G.O.P. Constituencies Split on Tax Change - New York Times
CO: Democrats See Hope in Colorado Wins - Washington Post


G.O.P. Says Motive for Tax Clause in Budget Bill Was Misread - New York Times

Lawmakers Say Pentagon Halted Intelligence Bill - Washington Times
Bush Says He'll Seek to Revive Intelligence Bill House Blocked - New York Times
Passage of Intelligence Bill Called Doubtful - Washington Post

GOP Governors Want a Seat at the Table - Washington Post
CA: Gov. Criticized Over Stance on Forest Roads - Los Angeles Times
WA: Judge Says No to GOP, Won't Halt Recount - Seattle Times
MoveOn Groups Asking, Where to? - San Francisco Chronicle
Medicinal Pot Before High Court - Washington Times

November 21, 2004
Bush Touts Allied Unity on Nukes- Washington Times
Bush Says Iran Speeds Output of A-Bomb Fuel - New York Times
Broad Influence for Justice Dept. Choice - New York Times
Rice's Power-Values Approach to Policy - Washington Post
In Role Reversal, President Rescues Secret Service Agent - Washington Times
CO: Democrats May Use Results in Colorado as Political Primer - Washington Post
OH: Voting-rights Groups Gather Evidence of Election Problems - Cleveland Plain Dealer


Congress Agrees on Tight Budget for U.S. - Washington Post
Filibuster Under Fire - New York Times
'Coach' Allen Savors GOP Senate Victories -Washington Times

AK: Alaska Above the Rest in Spending - New York Times
House GOP Stalls Intelligence Bill - Washington Times
TX: A Not-so-fond Farewell for 7 Texas Democrats - Dallas Morning News

WA: GOP Files Suit Over Recount in Governor's Race - Seattle Times
WA: Absentee-ballot Deadlines Face Scrutiny - Seattle Times
Key Battles Brewing Over Abortion - Philadelphia Inquirer
'Roe' Under Fire but is Thought Likely to Stand - Baltimore Sun

November 20, 2004
Hawk Sightings Could Be Premature - New York Times
Protesters Greet Bush In Santiago - Washington Post
Bush to Press Allies on N. Korea Talks - Chicago Tribune

Kerry Urges Democrats To Fight Values 'Assault' - Washington Post
GOP Preps Stage for Bush Agenda - Boston Globe
OH: Lawyers to Challenge Election in Ohio - Cleveland Plain Dealer


Retiring Senators Carve a Place in History -Washington Times
In Farewell, Daschle Puts Emphasis on Cooperation - Washington Post
Special-ed Budget Doubled in House - Washington Times
House, Senate Strike Deal on $388-Billion Spending Bill - Los Angeles Times
Ethics Charges Hurled in House - Washington Times
DeLay Asks Accuser to Pay Legal Bills - Dallas Morning News

CA: Gov.'s World Tour May Be a Presidential Campaign Trail - Los Angeles Times
MA: Romney Says New Post Won't Hinder Duties - Boston Globe
Dobson Fixing His Sight on a Higher Power
- Baltimore Sun

November 19, 2004
Unity Shines in the Rain at Clinton Library Dedication - Washington Post
Bush Campaign Manager Views the Electoral Divide - New York Times
Some Political Axioms Fall by Wayside in 2004 - USA Today
Some Democrats Decry Kerry's Unspent $16m - Boston Globe
Bush Plans Tax Code Overhaul - Washington Post
NH: So Far, N.H. Recount Reveals No Surprises - Boston Globe
OH: Democrats Take Up Fight Over Ballots - Cleveland Plain Dealer


Larger Majorities and the Itch to Stretch G.O.P. Muscles - New York Times
Judiciary Panel Backs Specter - Washington Post
Specter Survives 'Toughest' Battle of Career - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Debt Limit to Rise to $8.18 Trillion - Washington Post
GOP Governors Celebrate Party Wins - Washington Post
CA: Forget the White House, Schwarzenegger Needs Digs Now - New York Times
WA: State Workers Worry Election Will Mean a Job Search - Seattle Times
F.D.A. Failing in Drug Safety, Official Asserts - New York Times

November 18, 2004
Exit Poll Data Will Be Delayed - USA Today
Bush Crafting Cabinet Out of His Inner Circle - Los Angeles Times
Democrats Expect Gonzales to Be Confirmed for Justice Post - New York Times
Long Lines on Election Day Enhance Appeal of Early Voting - USA Today
Democrats are Looking Back for Hope - Dallas Morning News
Giuliani: Count Me Out of Administration Role - Chicago Tribune
Republicans Outnumbered in Academia, Studies Find - New York Times
OH: Democrats Take Up Fight Over Ballots - Cleveland Plain Dealer


Specter Gains Support in Talks with Full Caucus - Philadelphia Inquirer

Specter Hoping to Calm Critics - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Senate GOP Retains Its Top Leaders - Washington Post
House GOP Changes Rule That Could Remove DeLay - Washington Post
NJ: Codey Basks Onstage as Corzine Hovers in Wings - Philadelphia Inquirer
WA: It's Rossi by 261, Recount is Next - Seattle Times
WA: State Sets Guidelines to Conduct Recount - Seattle Times
Bishops Approve Marriage Initiative - Washington Times
CA: 'Amend for Arnold' Campaign Launched - San Francisco Chronicle
MD: Maryland Churches to Rally for Marriage - Washington Times

November 17, 2004
After the Race, John Kerry Climbs Back Up the Hill - Washington Post
Some Democrats Believe the Party Should Get Religion - New York Times
If You're Available Jan. 20... - Washington Post
Young Voters Could Have Elected Kerry - Dallas Morning News
Young Voters Flex Their Muscle - Chicago Tribune
Media Accused of Ignoring Election Irregularities - Boston Globe
Right-Wing Wins Take Wind Out of Talk-Show Hosts - Washington Post
OH: 1,200 Provisional Ballots Rejected - Cleveland Plain Dealer
OH: 'Official' Election Tally a Tedious Task - Cincinnati Enquirer


Key Senators Back Specter for Panel Post - Philadelphia Inquirer

Senate Democrats Pick Nevada's Reid as Leader - Washington Post
Dole Defeats Coleman for Senate Campaign Post - Minneapolis Star Tribune
CA: Feinstein's Moderate Posture Portends a Re-election in 2006 - San Francisco Chronicle
NY: Aides Say Senator Clinton Seeks 2nd Term - New York Times
GOP Pushes Rule Change to Protect DeLay's Post - Washington Post
CA: Governor Sets Money-raising Record - San Francisco Chronicle
WA: Governor's Race in Turmoil - Seattle Times
WA: "Sudden" County Ballots Were There All Along - Seattle Times

November 16, 2004
Bush No Longer Needs Star Power in Cabinet - Chicago Tribune
In Post-Election Washington, Everyone's Got an Exit Strategy - Washington Post
'Changed Forever,' Kerry Returns to His Senate Role - USA Today
Bush Taps Campaign Manager to Lead Party - Washington Post
OH: Ohio Voters Tell of Election Day Troubles at Hearing - Cleveland Plain-Dealer
WV: West Virginia Heads Down a Political Road Less Taken - New York Times


Reid Set to Lead Senate Democrats - Washington Post
Specter Decision Could Come Today - Philadelphia Inquirer

Schumer to Stay Put - Washington Post
Coleman, Dole Claim Edge for Post - Minneapolis Star Tribune
New Faces Won't Ease Tax Battle - Washington Times
MA: GOP Governors Eye Romney for Post - Boston Globe
WA: Waiting for a Governor in Washington - Los Angeles Times

November 15, 2004
Bush's Mandate is Subject of Debate - Philadelphia Inquirer
The Making of a Non-President - Washington Post
Kerry Sees Place for a Big Role in Future - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
'Moral Values' Become Hot Political Currency - Minneapolis Star Tribune
GOP's Future Sits Precariously on Small Cushion of Victory - Los Angeles Times
After Election, France Rings Late, but No Hard Feelings - New York Times
The Political Veteran: Could Chuck Hagel Take the White House? - Washington Post
At Opening of Clinton Library, Democrats to Talk Strategy - Washington Post

Southern Democrats' Decline Is Eroding the Political Center - New York Times
Moderate Voices Retain Sway in Bolstered GOP - Boston Globe
Frist Withholds Specter Support - Washington Times

November 14, 2004
On the Trail of Kerry's Failed Dream - Boston Globe
Can Bush Deliver a Conservative Court? - New York Times
Chief of Staff Makes 'Big Difference in This White House' - Philadelphia Inquirer
Social Conservatives Skeptical of Romney's Viability in 2008 - Boston Globe
Speculation Grows On Presidential Bid For Warner in 2008 - Washington Post
Scandals, Not Health, Led to Replacement of Earlier No. 2s - Los Angeles Times
Beyond Red and Blue (Again) - Boston Globe
At 2nd Glance, Youth Vote Looks Better - Hartford Courant
Congress Ponders How 527s Add Up in Wake of Election - Washington Times

For Bush, No Cakewalk in Congress - Boston Globe
NY: The Political Conversion of New York's Evangelicals - New York Times


Losing Its Middlemen, Senate Shifts to Right - Los Angeles Times
New Democratic Leader in Senate Is Atypical Choice - New York Times

PA: Specter in Fight to Chair Judiciary Panel - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
MT: Montana Democrats Reflect on Success - New York Times
WA: Parties Chase After Every Vote - Seattle Times

Sobered Gay Rights Groups Vow to Change Public's Mind - New York Times
GOP to Press for Gay-marriage Ban - Boston Globe
CA: Calif. Stem Cell Initiative Could Backfire Nationally - Washington Post

November 13, 2004
Can Washington Cope With the Post-election Slowdown? - USA Today
Still Smarting, Kerry Supporters Find Sites for Their Sore Eyes - Boston Globe
Election Map Makers, Exercising Some Latitude
- Washington Post
Consumers Resume Optimistic Spending - Washington Times

Looking for Voter Reform, Groups Keep Eyes on Ohio - Los Angeles Times

WA: Rossi Leading; Gregoire Allies Win in Court - Seattle Times

CA: TV Ads Advocate 'Amend for Arnold' - Los Angeles Times

November 12, 2004
Whither John Kerry? - Washington Post
Some Still Fighting Election Outcome - Philadelphia Inquirer
Vote Fraud Theories, Spread by Blogs, Are Quickly Buried - New York Times
Mostly Good Reviews for Electronic Voting - New York Times
Left Out, Democrats Look for New Direction - Dallas Morning News
Electorate Comes in Only One Flavor: Hot - Washington Times

Election Outcome Has Some Looking Northward to Canada - Seattle Times

$350,000 Siphoned From Democrats' Senate Campaign Fund - Los Angeles Times
PA: Now, Santorum's Under Fire - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
WA: Governor Race May End Up in Court - Seattle Times

Caution in Court for Gay Rights Groups - New York Times
CA: California Looks for Gold Rush to Stem-cell Research - Washington Times

November 11, 2004
Dems Must Decide Which Faction Will Revive Them - USA Today
What Did Bush Win? - Washington Post
G.O.P. Adviser Says Bush's Evangelical Strategy Split Country - New York Times
Latest Conspiracy Theory -- Kerry Won -- Hits the Ether - Washington Post
Ignore Voting Conspiracies and Move On - Orlando Sentinel
Gonzales Nomination May Signal Shift in Style - USA Today
Hispanic Voters Paint a New Picture - USA Today
Falwell to Form 'Faith' Coalition - Washington Times
New Group to Tout Democrats' Centrist Values - Washington Post
Americans Feel Upbeat, Poll Finds - Washington Times
A 51 Percent Mandate? - Washington Post

FL: Kerry Made Inroads Into Hispanic Vote - Miami Herald
OH: Kerry Campaign Scrutinizes Ohio - Cleveland Plain Dealer
OH: Campaign Begins for an Easier Election - Cleveland Plain Dealer

MA: Romney Rules Out Bush Cabinet Post - Boston Globe
WA: Rossi Maintains Lead, Gregoire Holds Out Hope - Seattle Times

Arctic Oil Drilling Looks More Likely - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

November 10, 2004
Reading Into the Red and Blue State of Our Country - Boston Globe
Karl Rove Says He's Done Last Presidential Campaign - Dallas Morning News
Democrats Vow to Hold Bush Accountable - Washington Post
'Moral Values' Carried Bush, Rove Says - New York Times
Moderates, Liberals Hear Call to Morality Debate - Los Angeles Times
Liberal Christians Challenge 'Values Vote' - Washington Post
Election Conspiracy Theories Persist - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Internet Buzz on Vote Fraud Dismissed - Boston Globe
Press 'Blew' Election Coverage - Washington Times
NH: Losing by 335,000 in N.H., Nader Demands a Recount - Washington Post

Judiciary Panel Seen as Tinderbox - Washington Times
Majority Leader Faces Balancing Act in Senate - Los Angeles Times
PA: Specter Presses Campaign for Chairmanship - Philadelphia Inquirer

CO-3: Campaign With No Candidate Keeps Racking Up Expenses - Washington Post


Puerto Rico in Limbo After Race - Orlando Sentinel

Arizona Immigration Initiative Inspires Others - Washington Times
Immigration Change a Priority, Powell Tells Mexico - Chicago Tribune

November 9, 2004
2008 Run Among Kerry's Options - Los Angeles Times
Hispanic Voters Declared Their Independence - New York Times
Vote or Die? Well, They Did Vote - Washington Post
Rove Speaks Out on Bush's Win - USA Today
Card Will Stay On as Chief of Staff - New York Times
Blue States Buzz Over Secession - Washington Times
Kerry Advisers Point Fingers at Iraq and Social Issues - New York Times
Democratic Party Must Be 'Born Again,' Carville Says - Washington Times
OH: Ohio Is Set to Count Outstanding Ballots - Los Angeles Times

'Fired Up' Kerry Returning to Senate - Washington Post
Specter Pushes for Judiciary Chair -
USA Today

NJ: McGreevey Says Goodbye, With Many Apologies - Philadelphia Inquirer
NJ: GOP Rivals Start Jockeying - Philadelphia Inquirer
WA: Provisional Ballots May Decide Governor Race - Seattle Times
States Lining Up to Outlaw Same-sex 'Marriage' - Washington Times

November 8, 2004
Let the Explaining Begin! - Washington Post
Democrats Need a Red-Blooded Candidate to Stanch Losses - Los Angeles Times
President Feels Emboldened, Not Accidental, After Victory - New York Times
Evangelicals Say They Led Charge For the GOP - Washington Post
Exit Poll Data Inconclusive on Increase in Evangelical Voters - Washington Post
Business Groups Invested in Races, Now Wait for Returns - Los Angeles Times
G.O.P. Plans to Give Environment Rules a Free-Market Tilt - New York Times
Bush Share of Hispanic Vote Rose to 44 Percent - Washington Times
Politics Has Been a Blood Sport Before, Literally - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
VOA Tops Election Viewership - Washington Times
Dejected Voters Find Themselves in an Even Bluer State - Los Angeles Times
Bulge Affair Has President's Tailor Miffed - New York Times
CA: Rural Voters in CA More Conservative - San Francisco Chronicle
PA: In Pennsylvania, Red Counties Get Redder, Blue Ones Bluer - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

DeLay Seen Secure in House Post - Washington Times
President's Domestic Agenda to Include Marriage Amendment - Washington Times

November 7, 2004
How Americans Voted: A Political Portrait - New York Times
Four More Years Attributed to Rove's Strategy - Washington Post
'Genius' or 'Nerd,' Rove Was Key to the GOP Win - Baltimore Sun
The Real Divide: Waterside Voters Versus Inlanders - New York Times
Broad Turnout Strategy Gave Bush Coveted Edge - Chicago Tribune
"Values Voters" Seek Their Reward in Policy - Philadelphia Inquirer
For the President, a Vote of Full Faith and Credit - Washington Post
Maybe Same-Sex Marriage Didn't Make the Difference - New York Times
For Bush, the Next Race is Against Time - Dallas Morning News
Bush Charts His Legacy, Battles Jinx of 2nd Term - Philadelphia Inquirer
Election Seen as an Endorsement - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Now That the Dust Has Settled - New York Times
FL: Bush Secured Victory in Florida by Veering From Beaten Path - New York Times
OH: Voting Problems in Ohio Set Off an Alarm - New York Times
PA: Rural Voters Rose Up and Chose Bush - Philadelphia Inquirer
Senate Orientation Aims to Bridge Gap - Washington Post
Top Democrat Will Fight by the Rules - Los Angeles Times

NJ: Liberated McGreevey Seeks a Jersey Legacy - Philadelphia Inquirer
Gay-marriage Ruling Pushed Voters - Boston Globe
New Marriage Laws Facing Court Tests - Washington Times
CA: Calif. Grabs Spotlight in Stem-cell Research - Denver Post

November 6, 2004
Democrats Map Out a Different Strategy - Los Angeles Times
Democrats Skeptical of Bush Offer - Washington Post
Poll Question Stirs Debate on Meaning of 'Values' - New York Times
John Kerry's Talk With Black Clergy a Portent of Fate - Baltimore Sun
Analysts See Edwards as a Strong Contender in 2008 - Los Angeles Times
Kerry Kept Money Coming With the Internet as His ATM - New York Times
At the End, Pro-GOP '527s' Outspent Their Counterparts - Washington Post
Kerry Campaign 'Misunderestimated' Bush Team - Washington Times
Nader Is Left With Fewer Votes, and Friends, After '04 Race - New York Times
But They're Famous - Los Angeles Times
Europe Seeks Unity on New Bush Term - New York Times
IA: 3 Days Late, Bush Is Awarded Iowa - Washington Post
Advisers Urge Kerry to Flex Power in Senate and Party - New York Times
Durbin Captures Votes for Whip - Washington Times
Senate Can Limit Bush Plans - Chicago Tribune
New Congress is Most Diverse Ever - Boston Globe

WA: Earlier Deadline Urged for Absentee Ballots - Seattle Times

November 5, 2004
Bush: Vote Is Mandate - Chicago Tribune
President to Consider Cabinet Changes for New Term - Washington Post
Late Polls Are Seen as Largely Accurate - Boston Globe
Report Says Problems Led to Skewed Surveying Data - New York Times
In Reversal From 2000, Bush Got Catholic Vote - Philadelphia Inquirer
Would-be Candidates Preparing for 2008 - USA Today
Campaign Strategist Is in Position to Consolidate Republican Majority - New York Times
How the President Won Ohio, 2nd Term - Cleveland Plain Dealer
Democrats Question What Went Wrong - Washington Times
Election Reveals America's Political Slant - Miami Herald
Election Attracts Fewer Viewers - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Some Democrats Blame One of Their Own - New York Times
Specter Denies Warning Bush Over Court Nominees - Washington Post
Insurers and Drug Makers See Gain in Bush Victory - New York Times
Kerry Could Be Party's Top Voice - Boston Globe
Bigger GOP Caucus Hopes to Break Senate Impasse - Washington Times
GOP Senate Improves Odds for Bush's Energy Plan - Los Angeles Times
IL: From Keyes, No Congratulations - Chicago Tribune
After Road to Re-election, DeLay Eager to Assert Role as House Leader - New York Times
WA: Washington State Governor's Race Is Still Squeaking
- New York Times

November 4, 2004
Bush Team Sees Clearer Mandate - Washington Post
Caution: Specter Says President Has No Mandate - Philadelphia Inquirer
Bush Rides Moral Issues, Terror Fears to 2nd Term - Chicago Tribune
Republicans Complain Exit Polls Were Erroneous - Washington Times
Bloggers Accused of Misreading Exit Polls - San Francisco Chronicle
Who Comes, Who Goes, Who Stays in a New Bush Council - New York Times
Bush's Economic Challenge
- USA Today
Leaders Jostle to Shape Agenda for a New Term - New York Times
Democrats' Losses Go Far Beyond One Defeat - Los Angeles Times
President Promises To Unite - Washington Post
For Kerry, a Two-Year Quest Ends - Washington Post
Bush Snags Much More of the Latino Vote, Exit Polls Show - Los Angeles Times
Hillary in 2008? - New York Times
Write-Ins And Write-Offs - Washington Post
FL: It Was Our Turnout, Governor Bush Says - New York Times
Rightward Shift May Squeeze Centrists - Washington Post
Leader's Defeat Means New Face for Democrats - Washington Post
LA: Louisiana Runoffs Set in 2 House Races - Washington Times
Defeated After 1 Term, N.H. Governor Fades Out - Boston Globe
Same-Sex Marriage Issue Key to Some G.O.P. Races
- New York Times

November 3, 2004
Bush Plans to Address Nation After Kerry Speaks in Boston - New York Times
A Lot of Traffic, but Little Trouble at the Polls - Washington Post
President Seems Poised to Claim a New Mandate - New York Times
Exit Polls Bog Down the Blogs - Los Angeles Times
4 Years Later, Voters More Deeply Split - Washington Post
Our Nation's Electoral College Stands Test of Time - Los Angeles Times
Terrorism, Iraq War Shaped Campaigns - Washington Times
Terrorism Fears Unrealized at Nation's Polls - Washington Post
TV Cautiously Made Calls - Los Angeles Times
GOP Majorities Grow in Senate and House - Washington Times
AK: Sen. Murkowski Close to Win for First Full Term - Juneau Empire
CO: Salazar Edges Coors for Senate - Rocky Mountain News
IL: Obama Sails to Senate Win - Chicago Tribune
FL: Castor Concedes U.S. Senate Seat to Republican Martinez - Miami Herald
GA: Isakson Charges to Decisive Win - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
KY: Bunning Hangs on to His U.S. Senate Seat - Lexington Herald-Leader
LA: Vitter Wins Senate Seat Outright, Avoids Runoff - Times-Picayune
NC: GOP's Burr Slips Past Bowles - Charlotte Observer
OH: Voinovich Cruises to Second Senate Term - Cleveland Plain Dealer
SC: DeMint, GOP Take Longtime Democratic Seat - Charlotte Observer
SD: Daschle, Democratic Senate Leader, Is Beaten - New York Times
IL-8: Democrat Bean Topples 18-term Congressman - Chicago Tribune
KY-4: Davis Beats Clooney for Congressional Seat - Cincinnati Enquirer
TX-32: Sessions Defeats Frost in Texas - Washington Times
Parties Trade Governorships in Several States
- USA Today
IN: Ex-Bush Adviser Prevails in Bitter Indiana Race - Chicago Tribune
Same-Sex Marriage Measures Succeed
- Washington Post
CA: Key Ballot Measures Go Governor's Way - Los Angeles Times
CO: Amend 36 Backers Concede Defeat - Denver Post

November 2, 2004
Day of decision - Chicago Tribune
Election-Return Junkie's Guide to Tonight's Show - Minneapolis Star Tribune
The Election Season That Burst into Flame - Los Angeles Times
Parties Brace for All Election Eventualities - Washington Post
Bush, Kerry Battle Down to Wire - Washington Times
When Polls Raise More Questions Than Answers - Boston Globe
Mother Nature Kind to Voters - USA Today
Once-Bitten Networks Vow Not to Make Hasty Calls - New York Times
Terror Top Voter Issue; Bush Leads Most Polls - Washington Times
Silence of the Wolves, and Their Ilk, in Swing States - Los Angeles Times
Bin Laden's Words Echo US Politics - Boston Globe
Early Voters Out in Droves - Washington Times
Elephants Are Red, Donkeys Are Blue - Washington Post
FL: Early Voting Goes Well in Fla. - USA Today
FL: Floridians Gird for Another Close One - New York Times
HI: Hawaii Emerges in Polls as Surprise Tossup State - Washington Times
OH: Court in Ohio Clears Way for Voting Challengers - Washington Post
OH: In This Battleground, Well-Orchestrated Noise - Washington Post
Lobbyists Rain Largess on Senate Incumbents - Washington Post
CO: Coors Borrows Broncos' Spotlight - Rocky Mountain News
CO: For Last Sprint, Salazar Heads Home - Rocky Mountain News
FL: Castor, Martinez Tour State to Make Last Pitch - Miami Herald
SD: Judge Orders GOP to Halt Poll Tactics - Argus Leader
GOP Looking Good in the House - USA Today
TX: Parties Battle for Congress - Dallas Morning News
TX-32: Sessions Gets Boost from Bush - Dallas Morning News

November 1, 2004
Kerry, Bush Begin Last Day Campaign Frenzy - Washington Post
Frantic Presidential Race Ends With a Flood of Ads - New York Times
Bush, Kerry Virtually Tied - USA Today
Campaigns Clash Over Bin Laden - Washington Times
Evangelicals See Bush as One of Them, but Will They Vote? - New York Times
After 4 Years, Bush Is No Closer to Building a GOP Majority - Los Angeles Times
Nail-Biter or Not? What to Watch For - Denver Post
Study Finds Press Pro-Kerry - Washington Times
TV: No Rush to Declare Winner - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
In Final Days, Divided Electorate Expresses Anxiety - New York Times
Hispanics May Be Key to Race - Washington Times
AR: Clinton Returns to Arkansas to Stump for Kerry - Washington Post
CO: Bush Retains His Lead in State - Denver Post
HI: Cheney Makes a Quick Stop in Hawaii - Washington Post
PA: Ingredients in Place for Pa. Mess - Philadelphia Inquirer
TX: Bush Victory Seems Certain; Margin Doesn't - New York Times
TX: Bush's Support in State Hasn't Waned - Dallas Morning News
WI: In Church Bulletin, Some Voting Advice From Wisconsin Bishop - Washington Post
GOP Expected to Hold House; Senate at Stake - Washington Times
GOP Aims to Conquer Dixie - USA Today
FL: Castor, Martinez Rally With Presidential Rivals - Miami Herald
GA: Majette, Isakson Battle to the Bell - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
SD: Daschle Struggles to Retain His Seat - Washington Times
KY-4: In Ky. House Race, Star Power and a Tough Battle - Washington Post
IN: Former Bush Aide Has Governor on Ropes - Chicago Tribune
CA: Prop. 66 in Tough Fight - Los Angeles

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