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Thursday, March 31

Democrats Set to Reject Pick for U.N. - Los Angeles Times
Bush Is Keeping Cabinet Secretaries Close to Home - Washington Post
Supreme Court Removes Hurdle to Age Bias Suits - New York Times
Social Security Plan Meets Doubt in Iowa - Washington Post
Bush's Plunge in Polls Tied to Domestic Issues - Washington Times
Conservatives Strategize to Protect Majority Leader - Dallas Morning News
AL: Feingold Reveals His Southern Strategy - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
CA: Angelides Strives to Get Message Heard in Bid for Governor - Los Angeles Times
FL: Voting Glitches Found in 6 Recent Elections - Miami Herald
MA: State Senate OK's Research on Stem Cells - Boston Globe
MN: Pawlenty to Get a Boost from Karl Rove - Minneapolis Star Tribune
NJ: Corzine Puts Campaign Officially in Motion - Newark Star-Ledger
NJ: Religion Embraced in Race for N.J. Governor - Philadelphia Inquirer
NY: Bloomberg Might Endorse Clinton? Concern in G.O.P. - New York Times
PA: Rallying Democrats, Dean Blasts Santorum - Philadelphia Inquirer
RI: Rep. Kennedy Will Not Run for Chafee's Senate Seat - Providence Journal
WV: Obama Gives Big Boost to Byrd - Charleston Gazette

Wednesday, March 30

Bush Faces Decline in Approval Ratings - Christian Science Monitor
Three Were Told to Leave Bush Town Meeting - Washington Post
In Bush's Second Term, First Lady Gets Bolder - Baltimore Sun
Cheney's Daughter Says She'll Write Memoir - New York Times
U.S. Adds 500 to Patrol Arizona Border - Arizona Republic
Giuliani to Be Partner in Texas Law Firm - Houston Chronicle
Really Rich Rudy - New York Observer
FL: Democrats' S. Fla. Condo Base Dwindles - Miami Herald
KS: Gay Marriage Vote Sets Stage for Legal Battles - Kansas City Star
MA: Gay Marriage Foes Eye New Petition - Boston Globe
MD: Ehrlich Remains Quiet on Key Issues - Washington Post
NM: Gov. Richardson Suspected of Planning '08 Run - The Hill
NY: Alliances Out of Place in Mayoral Race - New York Times
OH: Pat DeWine Introduces Himself to 2nd District - Cincinnati Enquirer
PA: Democrats to Put Focus on Unseating Santorum - Philadelphia Inquirer
PA: Pennacchio Hopes to Blog His Way into Office - Philadelphia Inquirer
RI: Mom's Woes May Stunt Kennedy's Senate Hopes - Boston Herald
TX: Gov. Perry Calls Video Just Politics as Usual - Houston Chronicle
TX: Gov. Perry Accused of Hypocrisy on Clinton Issue - Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Tuesday, March 29

Partisan Polarization Intensified in 2004 Election - Washington Post
Congress Takes a Look at Disabled Rights - Associated Press
DeLay Challenged on Ethics, Life Support Stance - Houston Chronicle
Conservatives Splitting on Social Security - Washington Post
Sen. Schumer Now a D.C.Player - New York Post
AL: Feingold Mending Fences in Alabama - Birmingham News
AL: Harry Lyon to Make Another Bid For Governor - Associated Press
CA: LA Mayoral Candidates Spar on Questions of Character - Los Angeles Times
FL: 2 Issues Straining GOP Grip in Florida - Los Angeles Times
IA: Iowa Again Readies for Political Spotlight - Des Moines Register
MA: Senate Bill Sets Rules for Stem Cell Research - Boston Globe
MI: Detroit's Mayor Faces Stiff Challenge - Washington Times
NJ: Giuliani: A Leader Has Courage - Daily Record
NY: Pataki Won't Run for Governor Again, Report Says - New York Post
OH: GOP Trio Balancing Differences, Similarities - Cincinnati Post/AP
PA: Cheney Brings in Bucks for Bucks - Bucks County Courier Times
SC: Democrats Name New Executive Director - WLTX/AP
TX: Perry Letter Commending Clinton Found - Houston Chronicle
TX: Some GOP Power Brokers Pushing For Hutchinson to Run For Gov - AP

Monday, March 28

Potential '08 Candidates Look at Wide-Open Field - Baltimore Sun
Congress Ready to Again Debate End-of-Life Issues - New York Times
Bush Attends Easter Service at Fort Hood - Houston Chronicle
With Bush Safely Re-elected, Rove Turns Intensity to Policy - New York Times
CA: Schwarzenegger Prepares to Do Battle in Calif. - Washington Post
IA: '08 White House Race Draws Iowa's Interest - Associated Press
MD: With Sarbanes Retiring, Senate Interest Simmers - Washington Post
NH: Hopefuls Test the Presidential Waters - Sacramento Bee
NJ: Corzine Running in Rare Territory - Philadelphia Inquirer
WA: GOP Felon-Voter List Inspires Range of Reactions Statewide - Seattle Times

Saturday - Sunday, March 26 - 27

Bush's Back-and-Forth Reflects Rift in Party - Washington Post
GOP Acts Like Dems of Old - Denver Post
DeLay's Own Tragic Crossroads - Los Angeles Times
Business Sees Gain In GOP Takeover - Washington Post
CA: LA Mayoral Rivals Take Campaign to Key Blocs - Los Angeles Times
CO: Salazar Retreats from No-Filibuster Position - Washington Times
NH: Sullivan Files Papers to Challenge Bradley - Manchester Union-Leader
NY: Clinton's Move to the Middle - Newsday
SC: First-in-the-South Primary Status at Risk - The State
TX: Some Urging Hutchison to Stay in DC - Dallas Morning News
VA: In Va. Governor's Race, Spotlight on Taxes Again - Washington Post
VT: Jeffords Expects to Be GOP Bullseye - Brattleboro Reformer

Friday March 25, 2005

House Leaders Agree to Vote On Relaxing Stem Cell Limits - Washington Post
DeLay Goes on Offense in Ethics Battle - Associated Press
In Reid, Dean Sees Vestiges of Himself - Boston Globe
Conservatives Split in Debate on Curbing Illegal Immigration - Washington Post
Black Democrats Embrace Faith Issues - Washington Times
CA: Maxine Waters Endorses Hahn's Rival - Los Angeles Times
FL: In a Polarizing Case, Jeb Bush Cements His Political Stature - New York Times
IL: Spoilers Abound in Gov Race - Chicago Sun-Times
MD: Ehrlich Alleges 'Blackmail' By Former State Employee - Washington Post
NY: 'Burbs Bubbling With Talk of Gov Rudy - New York Post
TX: An Old Campaign Promise Might Weigh on Hutchison - Houston Chronicle
WA: 99 Felons Purged From Voter Rolls - Seattle Times

Thurdsay March 24, 2005

Bush, Fox, Martin Hold Summit; Divisive Issues Are Skirted - San Diego Union Tribune
Poll Finds Reduced Support on Soc. Sec. - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Edwards Starts Job at UNC Law School - Associated Press
MA: Dem Rival Gives Gov Run For His Money - Boston Herald
PA: Swann Launches Web Site; Piccola Wins Endorsement - Patriot News
PA: Santorum Re-Examining Death Penalty - Associated Press
TX: Hutchison-Perry Spat Heats Up - Austin American-Statesman
VA: Voters Promised a Voice on Taxes - Washington Post
VT: GOP Calls Jeffords 'Turncoat' - Burlington Free Press
WA: 99 Felons Purged From Voter Rolls - Seattle Times

Wednesday March 23, 2005

G.O.P. Right Is Splintered on Schiavo Intervention - New York Times
Bush Urges an End to Attacks on Plan - Los Angeles Times
US-Mexican Border As a Terror Risk - Christian Science Monitor
Coalition Forms to Oppose Parts of Antiterrorism Law - New York Times
Social Security Insolvent by 2041, Trustees Say - Washington Post
CA: Schwarzenegger Accused of Hypocrisy Over Fund-Raising - SJ Mercury-News
CO: Salazar Stirs Up Guv Race - Rocky Mountain News
GA: Senate Charts New Congressional Map - Macon Telegraph/AP
NJ: Corzine Vows to Take Sharp Knife to State Budget - NJ Star-Ledger
NM: Democrats Have Trouble Pinning Wilson Down - Albuquerque Tribune
PA: Santorum's Return is Number 1 GOP Goal - Philadelphia Inquirer
TN: Democrats Must Work in State to Win It, Dean Says - The Tennessean
TX: Clinton-Hutchison Meeting Becomes E-Mail Fodder - Austin American-Statesman

Tuesday March 22, 2005

Cheney Joins the Social Security Campaign - Washington Post
Is GOP Out of Step With Public on Schiavo Case? Los Angeles Times | Washington Post
Analysis: Small Law, Big Implications - New York Times
Analysis: DeLay Under Fire Over Ethics - San Francisco Chronicle/AP
Frist Treads a Delicate Path in Citing Medical Background - Los Angeles Times
Giuliani at Center of Speculation - Albany Times-Union
Another Top Treasury Official Announces Resignation Plans - New York Times
Senate Ethics Committee Gears Up For Leak Investigation - Mobile Register
CO: McInnis Hints At Run For Governor - Rocky Mountain News
CT: State Probes Continue as Rowland Prepares For Prison - Boston Globe/AP
IL: Topinka Set to Run? 'I'm Looking At It' - Chicago Sun-Times
KY: Speaker Says He Won't Run For Governor - Lexington Herald-Leader
MA: Dem Patrick Vows to Run Friendlier Race for Gov - Boston Herald
TN: GOP Uses Dean's Nashville Visit to Tweak Bredesen - The Tennesseean
VT: Leahy Campaign Manager to Work For Jeffords - Boston Globe/AP

Monday March 21, 2005

Congress Enters Schiavo Case - USA Today
Supporters Praise Bush's Swift Return to Washington - New York Times
Ailing Rehnquist Returns to Bench - Washington Post/AP
Social Security 'Add Ons' May Not Be Viable Sum - Los Angeles Times
Supreme Court Declines to Intervene on Recess Appointments - CS Monitor
Negroponte's Time In Honduras at Issue - Washington Post
A Few GOP Govs Eliminate State Employees' Bargaining Rights - Boston Herald/AP
Democrats Take Aim at Western Sportsmen Vote - Rocky Mountain News
States Counted 62% Of Provisional Ballots - Washington Post
CA: Schwarzenegger Diminished, but Dems Risk Looking Small - SJ Mercury-News/AP
CO: Interview With Governor Owens - Denver Post
IL: Topinka Taking Aim at Blagojevich - Chicago Sun-Times
KS: Phill Kline: A Kansan With Conviction - Washington Post
KY: Critics Bemoan Fletcher's 'Historic' Tax Legislation - Kentucky Post/AP
MD: Steele Giving Real Thought to Campaign for Senate - Baltimore Sun
NJ: GOP Field: No Runaway, No One Leaving the Race - Trenton Times
NJ: Disarray in GOP Clouding Election - Philadelphia Inquirer
NJ: Republican Horse Race for Governor Nomination - Trenton Times
OH: GOP Everyman Pete Draganic Eyes Governorship - Akron Beacon-Journal
VA: Kilgore to Kick Off Gubernatorial Bid Today - Washington Post
WA: Strategies in Governor's Contest Now Clearer - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Friday March 18, 2005

In Blow to Bush, Senators Reject Cuts to Medicaid - New York Times | Roll Call Vote
Renominated Judicial Nominee Clears Senate Panel - Reuters
Kerry Intensifies Attack on Bush - Los Angeles Times
Rep. Portman Named Next U.S. Trade Representative - Washington Post
Edwards Mum On Political Future - San Francisco Chronicle
AR: Hutchinson Names Campaign Manager For Gubernatorial Bid - AP
CO: Convservatives Peeved As Owens Waffles on Tax Increase - Denver Post
CT: Former Governor Rowland Awaits Fate - USA Today/AP
NJ: Codey's Approval Rating Slips - Philadelphia Inquirer | Full Poll Results
NY: Giuliani Back Bloomberg For 2nd Term - AP
VA: Fitch Aims to Give Kilgore Competition - Washington Post
WA: Democrats Still Looking For Votes -- Just In Case - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Thursday March 17, 2005

51-49 Senate Vote Backs Arctic Oil Drilling - Washington Post
Tax Cut Plan Withstands a Challenge in the Senate - New York Times
US House OK's Bill on Schiavo Dispute - Boston Globe/AP
Bush Says Personal Accounts Aren't Permanent Solution - USA Today
NJ: Corzine Way Ahead in New Jersey Poll - New York Post | Full Poll Results
CT: Politics Professor Considering Challenging Lieberman - Newsday
WA: GOP's Felon List May Be Way Off - Seattle Times
MD: Ehrlich Declares Himself, First Lady Out of Senate Race - Baltimore Sun
MA: Romney Softens Tone on Gay Marriage - Boston Globe
MI: Michigan Conservative Says Mitt Romney Is Too Liberal - AP
FL: Democratic Chairman Will Seek State Office - St. Petersburg Times/AP
OR: Public Opinon Mixed About Governor - Salem Statesman-Journal
IA: Leach Exit Would Give Dems Opening - The Hill

Wednesday March 16, 2005

Senate Near Meltdown Over Judges - Christian Science Monitor
Democrats Threaten Shutdown - Washington Times
Senate Splits in Test Vote on Social Security - New York Times
'01 Tax Cuts Were Justified, Greenspan Maintains - Washington Post
Lockyer, Angelides First Democrats in California Governor's Race - San Francisco Chron
John Kerry and John Edwards Rivals Once Again - New York Times
Gov. Warner Urges Party to Broaden Base - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Michigan Group Sees Romney in Liberal Light - Boston Globe
Democrats Furiously Fight Move into ANWR - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
DeLay Defends Trip and Vote, Attacks Critics - Washington Post
Giambi Given Pass to Avoid Testifying - New York Times

Tuesday March 15, 2005

Skepticism of Bush's Social Security Plan Is Growing - Washington Post
GOP Sees Momentum in Ending Judicial Filibusters - Boston Globe
DeLay's Ethics Woes Could Slow GOP Plans - Chicago Tribune
Karen Hughes Picked to Polish U.S. Image Abroad - Houston Chronicle
Scalia Showing His Softer Side - Washington Post
Selig to Testify, but Players Still Resist - New York Times
Pro-Choice View an Obstacle for GOP Hopefuls - Washington Times
Governor Schwarzenegger Says He Will Call Special Election - San Francisco Chronicle
Rep. Hyde Ready to Call It a Career? - Chicago Sun-Times
Tally of Mishandled Ballots Grows in Washington - Seattle Times
Study Finds Press Negative on Bush - Washington Times

Monday March 14, 2005

Mfume to Seek U.S. Senate Seat in '06 - Baltimore Sun
A Run in 2008? No, No, No, Says Rice - Los Angeles Times
Daschle Moving to K Street - Washington Post
DeLay Faces Noisy Debate on Ethics - Houston Chronicle
Business, RNC Lend Hand to Bush Blitz - Chicago Tribune
Liberal Bloggers Reaching Out to Major Media - New York Times
Congress Raises Stakes Over Baseball Subpoenas - San Francisco Chronicle
Can Justices Be Fair on Washington Election Case? - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Ward Churchill Buyout Appears to Be DOA - Rocky Mountain News
Churchill Buyout Revisited - Denver Post
Starr, in New Role, Gives Hope To a Needy Death Row Inmate - Washington Post

Sunday March 13, 2005

Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged Television News - New York Times
Values Lobbyists Have White House's Ear - Dallas Morning News
Election Flaws Are Obvious, but Only Through Open Records - Milwaukee JS
Asa Hutchinson to Enter Arkansas Governorís Race - Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Pawlenty Presidential Buzz, Bumps in Minnesota - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Frist Test Drives the '08 Trail - Nashville Tennessean
Frist Keeps His Options Open - Philadelphia Inquirer
McCain Commits on Fund-Raisers, Not Presidency - Detroit News
Risk of Run Is Worth It, Casey Says - Philadelphia Inquirer
Massachusetts Poll Backs Research on Stem Cells - Boston Globe

Saturday March 12, 2005

2008 Run, Abortion Engage Rice Politically - Washington Times
First-in-Nation Status of Iowa, N.H. May Be Up for Grabs - Washington Post
Cheney Takes Offensive on Social Security - Charlotte Observer
Bush's Push for Accounts Grabs Spotlight, but... - Philadelphia Inquirer
Social Security: On With the Show - Washington Post
Schilling to Testify at Steroid Hearing - Boston Globe
Records Raise New Questions About 40 Washington Voters - Seattle Times
Review of Records in Governor Race Resolves Little - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Bush Nominates Physicist to Lead Space Agency - New York Times
Bush Adviser Accepts State Department Post - Dallas Morning News

Friday, March 11, 2005

Senate OKs Tougher Bankruptcy Rules - Chicago Tribune
Senators May Block Social Security Vote - Washington Post
Bush Tries to Ease Seniors' Fears - Los Angeles Times
Obama Slams Bush for Linking Accounts to Blacks' Life Span - Chicago Tribune
House Panel Warns Ballplayers, League to Testify on Steroids - Boston Globe
Forecasts Favor Democrats in Fall - Washington Times
The Man Who Democrats Hope Can Take That Hill - Christian Science Monitor
Maryland Sen. Sarbanes to Forgo Another Senate Term - Washington Post
Beauprez-for-Governor Web Site Registered in Colorado - Rocky Mountain News
Dods Rules Out í06 Run for Hawaii Gov - Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Poll Shows Romney Bid for President Faces Hurdles - Boston Globe
Clinton Presidential Bid Bolstered by Appointment of Ickes - New York Sun

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Six Men Who'll Shape the Future - USA Today
Bush to Push Social Security Plan - Washington Post
G.O.P. Senators Balk at Tax Cuts in Bush's Budget - New York Times
U.S. Blocks Drugs Sent from Canada - Chicago Tribune
Bush Makes Renewed Push for Strategy on Energy - New York Times
S. Korean Group Sponsored DeLay Trip - Washington Post
Villaraigosa, Hahn Kick Off Rematch With Sharp Words - Los Angeles Times
Potential Gubernatorial Candidates Begin Wooing Boston Voters - Boston Globe
Hayworth Says He Won't Run for Governor in Arizona - Arizona Republic
Baseball Fights Inquiry into Steroids - San Francisco Chronicle

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Rather Says Goodbye - Washington Post
In New Era of Reporting, Blogs Take a Seat at the Media Table - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Bankruptcy Bill Nears Final Senate Vote - Washington Post
Senate Gearing Up for Fight Over Oil Drilling in Alaska - New York Times
Graham Says GOP Erred By Focusing on Accounts - Washington Post
Documents Suggest Bigger DeLay Role in Donations - New York Times
Villaraigosa Emerges From Pack in Mayor's Race - Los Angeles Times
Matsui Wins Election to Late Husband's Seat - San Francisco Chronicle
Voter-List Purge Targets 99 Felons in Washington - Seattle Times
Governor Schwarzenegger Fattens Kitty with D.C. Cash - San Francisco Chronicle

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Social Security Stance Risky, Democrats Told - Washington Post
Minimum Wage Hikes Die in Senate - Boston Globe
Bush Selects Bolton as New U.N. Ambassador - USA Today
Bankruptcy Bill Is Arena for Abortion Fight - New York Times
Push Begins to Strengthen Patriot Act - Chicago Tribune
Amid Conservative Fire, Specter's Cool, Friends Say - Philadelphia Inquirer
53 Percent Would Re-Elect Feinstein - San Francisco Chronicle
Pawlenty Backs Kennedy for US Senate in Minnesota, Fuels Tiff - Minneapolis Star Tribune LA Mayoral Candidates Opt for Ground Game on Last Day - Los Angeles Times
Cronkite Takes a Shot at Rather - Washington Post

Monday, March 7, 2005

Clash on Judicial Nominees Could Spill Into Lawmaking - New York Times
Democrats Vow No Negotiation on Plan to Alter Retirement Program - Boston Globe
In Haggling Over Social Security, Even the Middle Is Perilous - New York Times
Democrats Have Doubts About Joe Lieberman - Hartford Courant
Tax Cut May Strain Retirees' Safety Nets - Dallas Morning News
Tax Cuts Lose Spot On GOP Agenda - Washington Post
GOP Begins Courtship of '08 - Philadelphia Inquirer
Romney Gets Campaign Boost from Out of State - Boston Globe
As L.A. Election Looms, Voters Uncertain, Unmoved - Los Angeles Times
Kennedy Reversal Swings Court Against Juvenile Death Penalty - Washington Post

Sunday, March 6, 2005

Bush Library Going to SMU? - New York Daily News
Republicans Float Ideas for Social Security - Washington Post
Bush Trying to Sell Urgency for Action - Chicago Tribune
GOP Courting the Black Vote on Moral Issues, with Success - Philadelphia Inquirer
Black Churches Struggle Over Their Role in Politics - New York Times
Father's Path Not Lost on Romney - Boston Globe
As Clinton Wins G.O.P. Friends, Her Rivals' Task Toughens - New York Times
LA Mayoral Race Has 48 Hours to Go - Los Angeles Times
Reid and Kerry, With Swords Drawn - Washington Post
F.E.C. to Consider Internet Politicking - New York Times

Saturday, March 5, 2005

Redrawing Rules and Boundaries - Los Angeles Times
For Bush and Foes, Dueling Social Security Efforts - Washington Post
Conservatives Want Scalias, Not Souters on Court - Houston Chronicle
Reid Sticks by Greenspan Comments - Washington Times
Casey to Take on Santorum for U.S. Senate - Philadelphia Inquirer
Charges Fly Between Hahn and Hertzberg - Los Angeles Times
Washington GOP Illegal-Vote List Errs, Democrats Say - Seattle Times
TRMPAC Trial Ends with Focus on DeLay, Craddick - Houston Chronicle
Bush's EPA Nominee Draws Praise from Industry, Environmentalists - Phil. Inquirer

Friday, March 4, 2005

Frist Revises Social Security Remarks, Urges Prompt Action - Washington Post
Greenspan Floats Idea of National Sales Tax
- Chicago Tribune
Senate Democratic Leader Blasts Greenspan - Washington Post
Hahn Ad Sets Off Brawl on LA Airwaves - Los Angeles Times
Romney Won't Discuss Electoral Plans - Boston Globe
Public Skirmish Erupts Between Republicans Hutchinson, Perry - Dallas Morning News
Minnesota's Gutknecht Says He Won't Run for US Senate - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Rossi Team Issues List of "Felon" Voters in Washington Election - Seattle Times
Senate Rejects Efforts to Alter Bankruptcy Legislation - New York Times
House Approves Speedy Election in Case of Disaster - Chicago Tribune
Bush Eases Fears of CIA Workers on Intelligence Reform - Washington Times

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Greenspan Says Federal Budget Deficits Are 'Unsustainable' - New York Times
Bush Rejects Delay, Prepares Escalated Social Security Push - Washington Post
White House May Accept Benefits Shift - New York Times
Display of Scripture May Split Justices - Los Angeles Times
Bush Wielding Secrecy Privilege to End Suits - Chicago Tribune
DeLay Moves To Protect His Political Base Back in Texas - Washington Post
House OKs Bill on Faith-Based Jobs - Los Angeles Times
Survey: Illegal Immigrants Back Bush Worker Plan - Philadelphia Inquirer
Massachusetts Stem Cell Bill Seen Heading to Passage - Boston Globe
Tillie Fowler, 62, a Former House Leader, Dies - New York Times

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Social Security Vote May Be Delayed - Washington Post
For President's Social Security Proposal, Many Hurdles - New York Times
Singapore's Plan for Retirees Offers Lessons for U.S. - Chicago Tribune
Senate Renews Fight Over Bush Judicial Nominees - USA Today
Democrats on Senate Panel Pummel Judicial Nominee - New York Times
Milwaukee Elections Director Resigns Under Criticism - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Boxer to Keep Claws Out During Second Bush Term - Washington Times
Gov. Schwarzenegger Takes Key Step Toward Special Election - San Francisco Chronicle
Churchill Defends Essay in Speech at UW-Whitewater - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Bush Urges Congress to Empower Faith-Based Groups - USA Today

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

What's Next for High Court? - USA Today
Debate Resumes on Court Picks - Washington Post
Gonzales Steps Into Fray Over Judges - Chicago Tribune
Arkansas Gov. Huckabee Says U.S. in Spending Mode - Washington Times
2 Rivals Eroding Hahn's Strengths in LA Mayoral Race - Los Angeles Times
Aide to Mrs. Clinton Derides Pataki's Presidential Chances - New York Times
Negroponte's First Job Is Showing Who's Boss - Washington Post
Public Views on Social Security Need to Swing Soon, Senator Says - New York Times
Dems Say Social Security Agency Growing Partisan - USA Today
States Resist Bush's Appeal for Fast Deal on Medicaid - New York Times