Political News Stories

Monday, February 28, 2005

Blacks Courted on Social Security - Los Angeles Times
An Early Call for Compromise on Social Security - New York Times
Santorum Puts Rate Hike on Table - Los Angeles Times
Governors Urged to Reach Deal on Medicaid - Washington Post
Governors of 13 States Plan to Raise Standards in High Schools - New York Times
The Mayor's Race Is L.A.'s Traveling Circus - Los Angeles Times
Biden Calls Hillary Democrat to Beat - Washington Times
Donors Oppose Senate Choice Over Abortion - New York Times
The Ten Commandments Reach the Supreme Court - New York Times

Sunday, February 27, 2005

GOP May Seek a Deal on Accounts - Washington Post
GOP Governors Divided on Social Security - Los Angeles Times
Reid Battles Bush on Social Security - Boston Globe
For Bush, a Long Embrace of Social Security Plan - New York Times
Senate Seats, If 'Sold,' Prove Tough to Keep - Washington Times
2008 Presidential Race Gets Its First Cattle Call - Washington Post
Political Breezes Stirring a 'Draft Condi' Movement - Houston Chronicle
Romney Walking Political Tightrope - Boston Globe
Parties Sharply at Odds Over Election Reform - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Bush's Next Target: Malpractice Lawyers - New York Times

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Election Districts Drawing Attention - Washington Times
Frist, Hastert Differ in Style - Washington Post
Social Security Proposal's Gains Questioned - Boston Globe
Republicans Are Chastened About Social Security Plan - New York Times
Bush Plan Fuels GOP Insecurity - Chicago Tribune
At 9, He's Out Stumping for President's Social Security Plan - New York Times
CU Weighs Buyout for Churchill - Denver Post
At a Small Shop in Colorado, Wal-Mart Beats a Union Once More - New York Times

Friday, February 25, 2005

Senator Critical of Proposal on Filibusters - New York Times
Specter Warns Against Eliminating Filibusters on Court Nominees - Philadelphia Inquirer
Specter Partly Blames GOP - Washington Times
Schwarzenegger Far in Front in New Tally - San Francisco Chronicle
Schwarzenegger to Go on Road to Raise Funds - Los Angeles Times
L.A. Mayoral Hopefuls Ready for Ad Blitz - Los Angeles Times
Probe of Felon Voters Not Yet Started in Washington - Seattle Times
Group to Coordinate Attack on Bush Plan - Washington Post
Democrats Criticize Social Security Official - New York Times
Conn. Nears OK of Gay Civil Unions - Boston Globe

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Dems Not Sold on Bush Plan, Despite Courting - USA Today
Pelosi Calls Privatization Plan a 'Rip-Off' - San Francisco Chronicle
Competing Visions For Social Security - Washington Post
Model in Utah May Be Future for Medicaid - New York Times
Democrats for Life? - Washington Times
Feisty Biden Toying with Run for President - San Francisco Chronicle
Minnesota's Klobuchar to File Senate Candidacy Papers - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Washington GOP Mum on Felon-Voter Names - Seattle Times
Gays' Ouster Seen Leaving Gap in Military - Boston Globe
Friend Regrets Tapes of Bush - Washington Times

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Social Security Tactics Escalate - Washington Post
Appeal to Young on Pension Plan Gets the Attention of Their Elders - New York Times
Hoyer Calls for TV Spots by Perot - Washington Times
Gov. Schwarzenegger's Approval Falls in Latest Poll - San Francisco Chronicle
Perry Tries to Upstage Hutchison - Dallas Morning News
Romney's Stance on Civil Unions Draws Fire - Boston Globe
Democrats Trail Republicans in Fund-Raising, Filings Show - New York Times
Who Won Illegal Votes of Felons in Washington? - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Democrats Block Final Vote for Voter ID Bill in Wisconsin - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Governors Endorse High School Overhaul - Chicago Tribune

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

At Home, a Hard Sell On Social Security - Washington Post
In Eye of Social Security Storm, Quiet Power Broker Is Courted - New York Times
Romney Talks 'Right' on Social Issues in S.C. - Boston Globe
11 Challenge Matsui for Sacramento Congress Seat - San Francisco Chronicle
Clinton's Popularity Up in New York, Even Among Republicans - New York Times
Lawmakers Look to Mend Campaign, Balloting Flaws - Washington Times
Specter Braves Cancer, Political Flak - USA Today
US Sees Insurers as Possible Tool in Terror Fight - Boston Globe
Bush's '06 Budget Would Scrap or Reduce 154 Programs - Washington Post
New Round of Speculation About Rehnquist's Farewell - New York Times

Monday, February 21, 2005

Daily Papers Face Unprecedented Competition - Washington Post
Most Americans Ready for Woman to Be President - Albany Times Union
Sen. Hutchison Testing Governor Waters, Some Say - Dallas Morning News
Congress to Rally Constituents on Social Security - Houston Chronicle
Pfizer Is Neutral on Bush Plan - Los Angeles Times
Big Oil Steps Aside in Battle Over Arctic - New York Times
Elections in Washington Are Headed for Change - Seattle Times
Labor Dept. to Investigate Its Treatment of Wal-Mart - New York Times
Governor Schwarzenegger Fails to Curb Big Money - Los Angeles Times

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Democrats' Grass Roots Shift the Power - Washington Post
Battles Likely as GOP Plots Its Post-Bush Course - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Presidential Also-Ran Shows No Signs of Fading Away - Los Angeles Times
Democratic Hopefuls Descend on California - San Francisco Chronicle
Kennedy Seeking Clear Run in '06 - Boston Globe
The Pataki Problem: New York Blue and Getting Bluer - New York Times
Changing Numbers Call Washington's Election Accuracy to Question - Seattle Times
Democrats Sound a New Note on Abortion - Philadelphia Inquirer
Flaws in Drug Agency Put Consumer at Risk - Chicago Tribune
No Simple Fix for Tax System - Philadelphia Inquirer
In Secretly Taped Conversations, Glimpses of the Future President - New York Times

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Bush Signs Law Limiting Class-Action 'Junk Lawsuits' - Washington Times
Intelligence Nominee Comes Under Renewed Scrutiny on Human Rights - New York Times
GOP Takes to Heartland With Social Security Plan - Los Angeles Times
Poorest Face Most Risk on Social Security - Washington Post
Senators Seek to Sanction Russia - Washington Times
Rehnquist to Miss 2 Weeks on Bench - Washington Post
Judge Sides with GOP Over Election Lawsuit - Seattle Times
Jeff Gannon Admits Past 'Mistakes,' Berates Critics - Washington Post

Friday, February 18, 2005

Bush Aims to 'Move Beyond Differences' on Europe Trip - USA Today
Bush Urges Diplomatic Solutions to Conflicts - Washington Post
House Approves Class-Action Act - Washington Times
Bills Would Alter Election Procedures, Ease Balloting Task - Los Angeles Times
After November Defeat, Dems Still Lack Unified Stand on Iraq War - Philadelphia Inquirer
Summers Releases Debated Transcript - Boston Globe
Furor Lingers as Harvard Chief Gives Details of Talk on Women - New York Times
Bush: Much Work to Do to Push Social Security Plan - Chicago Tribune
Conservatives Put Off by Bush's Talk of Tax Hike - Los Angeles Times
2 Top G.O.P. Lawmakers Buck Bush on Social Security - New York Times

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Bush Names Iraq Envoy as Nation's 1st Intelligence Chief - New York Times
Some Skeptical as Bush Sells Social Security Plan - Boston Globe
Greenspan Backs Idea of Accounts for Retirement - New York Times
Bush Shifts Pension Stance - Los Angeles Times
National Sales Tax Among Ideas Floated by Bush Advisory Panel - Philadelphia Inquirer
Bills Renew Fight on Stem Cells - Washington Post
Bush Ultimatum Renews Debate on Amtrak's Fate - Philadelphia Inquirer
Conservatives and Rivals Press a Struggling PBS - New York Times
House Raises Penalties for Airing Indecency - Washington Post
Sen. Specter Has Hodgkin's, Is Upbeat on Recovery - Philadelphia Inquirer

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Seeking a Rallying Cry, Democrats Use Louder Voices - Los Angeles Times
For Democrats, Rethinking Abortion Runs Risks - New York Times
U.S. Sees Dead People on Farm Subsidy Rolls - Chicago Tribune
Greenspan Urges Fiscal Discipline - Washington Post
GOP Senators Say Go Slow on Social Security - Chicago Tribune
To the Debate Over Social Security, Add One More Variable: Immigration - NY Times
Senate Unanimously Confirms Chertoff as Security Chief - New York Times
Judicial Nominee Criticized - Washington Post
Kennedy Rips Romney Over Stem Cell Policy - Boston Globe
As Promised, Kerry Proposes Measure to Add 40,000 Troops - Los Angeles Times
The CBS Three Won’t Slink Off; Hiring Lawyers - New York Observer

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bush Resends Judicial Picks - Washington Times
Bush Asks for $82B Extra, Most of It for Pentagon - USA Today
War Budget Request Loaded With Extras - Chicago Tribune
GI Death Benefit Debated - Dallas Morning News
Bush Renews Call to Extend Patriot Act - New York Times
Bush Nominates FDA Acting Chief To Be Permanent Head of Agency - Washington Post
Pataki's Rating Declines Sharply in Poll of State - New York Times
Looking at Romney in a More National Light - Boston Globe
Voting Gaps Found Elsewhere in Wisconsin - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Blog 'Til You Drop - Washington Post

Monday, February 14, 2005

Democrats Mobilizing on Social Security - Washington Post
Frist Has Necessary Votes to Change Filibuster Rules - Washington Times
After Bush Leaves Office, His Budget's Costs Balloon - Washington Post
Refugees Tell Bush Their Stories - Los Angeles Times
New U.S. Secretary Showing Flexibility on 'No Child' Act - New York Times
States Fall Behind on Voting-System Improvements - USA Today
Rangel Belittles 'Success' of Iraq Vote - Washington Times
Senate Investigators Say Iraq Bribed Inspector in U.N. Program - New York Times
At PBS, a Fragile State of Balance - Los Angeles Times
Urge to Rant Propelling Blogs to Status of Mainstream Media - Seattle Times
Resignation at CNN Shows the Growing Influence of Blogs - New York Times

Sunday, February 13, 2005

At DNC Helm, Dean Tasked With Rebuilding - Washington Post
Looking to Design a Fairer Map - Los Angeles Times
Bush Agenda Perplexes GOP - Philadelphia Inquirer
Conservatives Join Forces for Bush Plans - Washington Post
Senate's New Math May Aid Stalled Judicial Nominees - New York Times
Another Energy Push Planned - Washington Post
Sen. Clinton Offers Abortion Solution - Denver Post
Tennessee's Gov. Phil Bredesen May Be Presidential Material - Wall Street Journal
Romney Campaign Coffers Growing - Boston Globe
Mighty Shuffle Could Be Ahead in '06 Minnesota Elections - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Senate May Open Inquiry Into C.I.A.'s Handling of Suspects - New York Times

Saturday, February 12, 2005

CNN's Jordan Resigns Over Iraq Remarks - Washington Post
Bush Draws Line on Medicare - Los Angeles Times
Dean Tries On DNC Chairmanship - Washington Post
Top Democrats Keep Up Attacks on Bush Tax Cuts - Washington Times
Bush Budget Cuts Hit Democratic States, Analysis Finds - Boston Globe
Previously Untargeted Programs at Risk - Washington Post
Fundraising Doubts, Poll Ratings Led to Dayton's Decision - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Kennedy First Out of Gate to Chase U.S. Senate Seat - St. Paul Pioneer Press
Ehrlich Denies Wholesale Firings of Democrats - Baltimore Sun
Gov. Schwarzenegger Names GOP Legislator New Sec. of State - Los Angeles Times
Problems Cited in Absentee Voting - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
'01 Memo to Rice Warned of Qaeda and Offered Plan - New York Times

Friday, February 11, 2005

Senate OKs Tort Reform Measure - Washington Times
House Votes to Restrict Immigration Laws - Dallas Morning News
Bush Vows to Veto Any Change to Medicare Bill - Washington Post
Hastert: Public Not Sold on Social Security Plans - Chicago Tribune
Ailing Democrats Put Their Faith in Dr. Dean - Washington Post
Dems Say They Should Be Firm but Flexible - USA Today
Bush Courts Young and Older in Pa. Visit - Philadelphia Inquirer
Bush's N.C. Visit Pleases Allies - Raleigh News and Observer
Jury Finds Montgomery Guilty in St. Louis Vote Fraud Case - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Democrats Want Investigation of Reporter Using Fake Name - New York Times
The Ins, Outs, Maybes of the Minnesota Senate Race - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Al Franken Says He Won't Run - St. Paul Pioneer Press
Kennedy Announces Candidacy - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Cost Estimates Fuel Debate Over Medicare Drugs - Boston Globe
Democrats Call for Medicare Drug Inquiry - Washington Post
Dayton Out; Minnesota Senate Race Open - Minneapolis Star Tribune
With Eye on ’08, Giuliani Visits South Carolina - The State
Kerry Donates $1m to Democrats - Boston Globe
Santorum Talks Up Fight He'd Relish - Philadelphia Inquirer
Voter Logs Turn Up More Problems in Milwaukee - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Social Security Problems Not a Crisis, Poll Says - Washington Post
RNC Challenges Ads Criticizing Bush's Social Security Plan - USA Today
Bush Holds Event to Back Curbs on Class-Action Lawsuits - New York Times
With White House Support, House Likely to OK Migrant Restrictions - LA Times
Pentagon To Retool Personnel System - Washington Post

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Bush Shows Highest Approval Ratings in a Year - USA Today
Budget Blueprint Calls for Bigger, More Powerful Government - Washington Post
In Detroit, Bush Challenges Congress - Detroit Free Press
Baltimore Mayor Likens Bush's Proposed Cuts to Sept. 11 Attacks - Washington Post
Republicans Raise Possibility of Bush Veto to Pass Budget - New York Times
Bush Continues Outreach to Blacks - Washington Times
Poll: Tap Wealthy on Social Security - USA Today
Medicare Drug Benefit May Cost $1.2 Trillion - Washington Post
Ward Churchill Defends Essay in Fiery Speech - Denver Post
Some Duplicate Voter Records Defy Explanation in Wisconsin - Milwaukee JS
With Promotion, Rove Assumes Greater Policy Role - Washington Times
Reid Slammed in Republican E-mail - Las Vegas Sun

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Eason Jordan, Quote, Unquote - Washington Post
CNN Executive Says G.I.s in Iraq Target Journalists - New York Sun
Bush Aims to Tighten Belt - Chicago Tribune
Bush Offers Budget that 'Sets Priorities' - Washington Times
Budget Proposal Gives Dollar a Lift - USA Today
Specter to Fight Cuts for Amtrak, Vets - Philadelphia Inquirer
Specter Wary of 'Nuclear Option' - Washington Times
GOP Fears a Redistricting Backfire in California - Los Angeles Times
Senate Takes Up Class-Action Restrictions - Washington Post
Rossi Declares Himself Winner in Latest Round of Washingon Court Fight - Seattle Times
Democrats Align Behind Dean to Champion Party - San Francisco Chronicle
Campaign '08, Already - Philadelphia Inquirer

Monday, February 7, 2005

Bush Seeks Deep Spending Cuts - Washington Post
Bush's Deficit Plan Is All in the Math - Los Angeles Times
DeLay Urges Conservatives to Stick to Guns on Budget, Social Issues - Washington Post
States See Growing Campaign to Change Redistricting Laws - New York Times
Social Security Lobbying War Hits Airwaves - USA Today
Dems Seek Broader Appeal on Abortion Issue - San Francisco Chronicle
Kerry Carves Out Life After Loss - Washington Times
Kennedy Sticks to War Criticism - Boston Globe
GOP Takes Another Stab at Drilling in Alaska Refuge - San Francisco Chronicle
Increasingly Popular Blogs Give Voice to 'e' the People - St. Paul Pioneer Press

Sunday, February 6, 2005

Bush to Propose Billions in Cuts - Los Angeles Times
Bush Said to Seek Sharp Cuts in Subsidy Payments to Farmers - New York Times
Thomas Takes Reins on Social Security - Washington Times
Dean Confident He Has Lock on DNC Chair - Chicago Tribune
From Ashes of '04 Effort, Dean Reinvents Himself - New York Times
Back in N.H., Edwards Is Mum on 2008 Run - Washington Post
No Clear Favorite in Race for L.A. Mayor - Los Angeles Times
Mayor Newsom Still Defensive About Gay Marriage Decision - San Francisco Chronicle
Catholics Slightly Favored Bush According to New Study - Dallas Morning News
Weighing Defeat, Kerry Sees Lessons to Guide Future - Boston Globe

Saturday, February 5, 2005

Bush to Seek $419.3 Billion for Defense - Washington Post
Budget Calls for Cuts in Health Services - New York Times
Senators Urge Bush to Slow Bid on Social Security Reform - Boston Globe
Bush Targets Wavering Democrats - Washington Times
Bush Pitches Plan in Nebraska - Lincoln Journal Star
President Pushes His Plan in Florida - Tampa Tribune
Judge: No Revote in Washington Governor Dispute - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley Resigns - Sacramento Bee
Judge's Ruling Opens Window for Gay Marriage in New York City - New York Times
Keep on Fighting, Caring, Kerry Tells Campaign Workers - Boston Globe

Friday, February 4, 2005

Dems Brace for Dean Return - USA Today
Bush Shops Social Security Plan - Washington Post
President Pleases Fargo Crowd with Speech on Social Security - Fargo Forum
Personal Accounts Highlight President's Proposal in Montana - Great Falls Tribune
White House Woos Nebraska Democrat to Back Bush Plan - Los Angeles Times
Gonzales Is Confirmed in a Closer Vote Than Expected - New York Times
GOP Seizes on Opposition to Gonzales - Washington Times
Laura Bush Promotes Effort to Protect Youths - Philadelphia Inquirer
Bush Plans to Broaden Health Care - Washington Post
Rumsfeld Says He Twice Offered to Quit - New York Times
Washington Democrats to Seek Dismissal of Governor Election Challenge - Seattle Times
Feingold Sizes Up Presidential Race - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Thursday, February 3, 2005

State of the Union Mixes New Flexibility, Old Ambition - Los Angles Times
Confident, Diplomatic Presentation of Plans - Boston Globe
Iraqi Woman, Marine's Mom Share Moment - Washington Times
Bush Offers Plan to Reduce Gang Violence, Combat AIDS - San Francisco Chronicle
Bush Makes Case for Social Security Plan - Washington Post
Democrats Take Aim at Social Security Proposal - New York Times
Gonzales Likely to Win Approval Today - Philadelphia Inquirer
Ridge's Likely Successor Welcomed - Los Angeles Times
Rep. Hastings to Head House Ethics Committee - Seattle Times
Bush Takes Social Security Push on the Road - USA Today

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Bush Speech to Press Agenda - Washington Times
Dominance on Agenda for GOP - Los Angles Times
Dean Leads Pack in Race for Democratic Chairmanship - Boston Globe
Democrats Can't Block Gonzales as Attorney General Pick - San Francisco Chronicle
Chertoff Apt to Face Questions on Ethics - Washington Post
Democrats Claim Votes to Halt Social Security Plan - Washington Post
For Frist, Tough Agenda and Conflicting Pressure - New York Times
Some Sites Show Huge Vote Gaps in Milwaukee - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Florida's Uncounted Ballots Declined in 2004 Vote - Miami Herald
Medical Bills Linked to Bankruptcies, Study Says - Chicago Tribune
Professor Disinvited to Speak at Hamilton College - Washington Times

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Bush Seeks Support in Iraqi Political Process - USA Today
Reid, Pelosi Reject Kennedy's Calls for Set Iraq Withdrawal - Washington Times
Bush May Back Curbs on Social Security Accounts - Washington Post
Despite Fainting Spell, Sen. Clinton Pushes Ahead with Speech - Buffalo News
As Clinton Shifts Themes, Debate Arises on Her Motives - New York Times
State Chairs Endorse Dean for DNC Chief - Washington Post
Codey Defers to Corzine in Next Race for NJ Governor - New Jersey Star-Ledger
PAC Backing Romney Pumps Cash in Key States - Boston Globe
New Fight Over Privatizing TSA Screeners - USA Today
GOP Sees a Future in Black Churches - Los Angeles Times
Rumsfeld Seeks to Revive Burrowing Nuclear Bomb - Washington Post