Political News Stories

Friday, December 31, 2004

Doubts Linger as Governor-Elect Declared in Washington - Seattle Times
Watchdog Groups Criticize G.O.P. Plan on Ethics Complaints - New York Times
Bush Locks In Regional Federal Pay Raises - Washington Post
Social Security Underestimates Future Life Spans, Critics Say - New York Times
Third-party Candidates Ask for Another Recount of Ohio Vote - Cleveland Plain Dealer
Two Challenges Call for Frye to Be Named San Diego Mayor - San Diego Union-Tribune
Memo Redefines 'Torture' - Washington Post
Inauguration Tickets in Short Supply - Philadelphia Inquirer

Thursday, December 30, 2004

In Ads, AARP Criticizes Plan on Privatizing - New York Times
On Nov. 2, GOP Got More Bang For Its Billion, Analysis Shows - Washington Post
To Boost Party Support, Strategists Tell Democrats to Look West - Boston Globe
GOP's Soft Sell Swayed the Amish - Washington Post
GOP to Make Ethics Inquiries Harder to Begin - New York Times
In Washington, Rossi Calls for a Second Election - Seattle Times

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

House Ethics Panel Chief May Be Replaced - Washington Post
Director of Analysis Branch at the C.I.A. Is Being Removed - New York Times
Lobbying Tab Is $1.1 Billion for Half a Year - Los Angeles Times
House Ethics Committee to Investigate Rep. McDermott - Seattle Times
Puerto Rico Certifies Results in Election for Governor - New York Times
Skills of Governor-elect Face Test in Puerto Rico - Boston Globe
Washington Counties Oppose GOP Call to Reopen Governor Vote - Seattle Times
Ohio Recount Narrows Bush's Margin of Victory - Cleveland Plain Dealer
Group Holds Fast to Kerry Cause with Beacon Hill Vigil - Boston Globe

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Reelection Honeymoon With Voters Eludes Bush, Polls Say - Los Angeles Times
Bush Gala Has Big Donations Pouring in - Chicago Tribune
GOP Weighs Next Step After Washington Governor Recount - Seattle Times
Bush Expected To Delay Major Tax Overhaul - Washington Post
Pentagon Pressing to Bypass Environmental Laws for Arms Testing - New York Times
Bush Library Suitors Play it Cool - Dallas Morning News
Vitter Plans to Carve Own Path in Senate - Washington Times
Gov. Romney's Use of Veto Breaks with Routine - Boston Globe

Monday, December 27, 2004

New GOP Senators May Back Filibuster Limits - Los Angeles Times
GOP Sets Up Senate Collision on Judges - USA Today
For Bush, Key Foreign Policy Goals Intersect - Washington Post
Foes of Gay Marriage Press for More Bans - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Revival Rescues Christmas, McCarrick Says - Washington Times
Iraq, Critics Could Alter Bush Agenda - Dallas Morning News

Sunday, December 26, 2004

At Christmas, Bush Urges Aid to the Needy - Washington Post
Bush Team Prepares to Swing Budget Ax - Los Angeles Times
Governors Unite in Fight Against Medicaid Cuts - New York Times
Rossi Might Contest Washington Governor Election Results - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Politics Denied in Rumsfeld's Iraq Visit - Washington Times
Antiabortion Groups Hope for Senate Support - Los Angeles Times
Bush's Hispanic Vote Dissected - Washington Post

Friday, December 24, 2004

In Surprise Trip, Rumsfeld Visits U.S. Forces in Mosul - New York Times
It's Gregoire by 130; Is the Washington Governor's Race Over? - Seattle Times
Bush Tries Again on Court Choices Stalled in Senate - New York Times
Former Connecticut Governor Pleads Guilty - Washington Post
Voting Problems in Ohio Spur Call for Overhaul - New York Times
Jackson Says Kerry Conceded Too Quickly - Chicago Tribune
Powell Advised Bush to Add Iraq Troops - Washington Post

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Washington Governor's Race In Doubt - Los Angeles Times
Rumsfeld Passionately Defends Himself as Caring - Washington Post
CIA Trapped in Cold War Mode, Ex-spy Says - USA Today
Senate Realigns Intelligence Procedures - Washington Post
Fight on WMDs Boasts Global Backing - Washington Times
Students to Bear More of the Cost of College - New York Times
Administration Overhauls Rules for U.S. Forests - New York Times

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Social Security Fix Favored - Washington Post
Washington Democrats: Gregoire Governor by 8 Votes - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Bush Task Force Opposes Rx Drug Imports - USA Today
Big Cities Will Get More in Antiterrorism Grants - New York Times
Hispanic Men Moved to Bush in 2004 - Washington Times
Bush Meets With NAACP Head for First Time - Washington Post
Teen Drug Use on Decline - USA Today

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Bush Confident of His Iraq Policy - Washington Post
Bush Says Iraqis Aren't Yet Able to Quell Rebels - New York Times
Wall Street on Social Security Sidelines - USA Today
Bush Says He Wants to Keep Ties With Putin - Washington Post
As Criticism Grows, Bush Offers Support of Rumsfeld - New York Times
Bush Presses for Reform on Border Policy - Washington Times
Two Opponents of Abortion Tapped for Senate Judiciary Panel - Washington Post
Conservatives Welcome 'New Day' - USA Today
Other Counties Added Votes in Washington Gov. Recount - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Monday, December 20, 2004

Republicans Debate Rumsfeld's Future - New York Times
McCain Revives Talk of Presidential Bid - Washington Post
Retiree Accounts Gaining Adherents - Boston Globe
Debate on Malpractice Looms for Senate - New York Times
Medicare's Troubles May Be Sleeping Giant - Los Angeles Times
Administration Looks to Curb Growth of Medicaid Spending - New York Times
White House Defends FDA as Drug Safety Debate Looms - Washington Post
Aggressive Congress Eyes Bush's Plans - Washington Post

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Bush Named 'Person of the Year' - Time
Battle Lines Form on Social Security - Los Angeles Times
Reid Vows to Stand Up to GOP - Washington Post
Democrats Eye Softer Image on Abortion - Boston Globe
Washington Ballot Checks Vary Across State - Seattle Times
FDA's Reliance On Unconfirmed Chiefs Is Faulted - Washington Post
Pentagon Pressed to Cut Its Budgets - Los Angeles Times

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Bush's Economic Vision - Washington Post
U.S. and Cuba Wage Battle of Billboards in Havana - Chicago Tribune
Washington Judge Blocks Count of 735 Ballots in Governor Race - Seattle Times
2 Agencies in Accord on Inquiries Into Spying - New York Times
Law Lets Passengers Appeal No-Fly List - Washington Post
Developer Elected to Head California Stem Cell Agency - Los Angeles Times
Shuttle Loss Proved 'Cathartic,' Departing NASA Leader Says - New York Times
Bush Establishes Committee to Set Policy on Oceans - Los Angeles Times
Senators Vow to End Tax Break on Easements - Washington Post

Friday, December 17, 2004

Bush Signs Sweeping Intelligence Reform - Los Angeles Times
Bush Lays Out Plan to Revise Social Security System - Washington Post
Privatization Would Have Safeguards, Bush Says - Philadelphia Inquirer
White House May Pick Fed Governor to Chair Economic Council - Washington Post
Grand Jury Probes Rich-Saddam Link - Washington Times
Rossi Leads WA Governor Race by 74; 3 Counties Left - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Lott Joins Republican Critics of Rumsfeld - Washington Post
Election Workers Still Counting in Ohio - Cleveland Plain Dealer
Time to Pass Torch, Younger Dems Say - USA Today

Thursday, December 16, 2004

President to Fill Ranks of New Intelligence Superstructure - Washington Post
Lawsuit Reform a Bush Priority - Washington Post
S.E.C. Says Fannie Mae Violated Accounting Rules - New York Times
NAACP Seen Having Partisan Ties - Washington Times
New Look at 573 Ballots May Close Gap in WA Governor Race - Seattle Times
It's Planes vs. Satellites in Debate on Spying - New York Times
GOP Gains Boost Chances of Alaska Drilling - Washington Post
House's Author of Drug Benefit Joins Lobbyists - New York Times

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Bush Gives Medal of Freedom to 'Pivotal' Ex-officials - Washington Times
Divisive Issues on State Agendas - USA Today
Missteps Cited in Kerik Vetting by White House - New York Times
Bonner, Townsend Seen as Top Picks for Homeland Security - Washington Times
Legislature Could Pick Governor in Washington - Seattle Times
Justice Dept. May Explore Leak on Spy Satellite Program - New York Times
San Diego Ballot Review Favors Frye for Mayor - San Diego Union-Tribune
Dems Gain in 'Hidden Election' - USA Today
Lawmaker Seeks Inquiry Into Ohio Vote - New York Times

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Bush Selects E.P.A. Head to Be Secretary of Health - New York Times
Error Discovery Could Give Gregoire Washington Election - Seattle Times
Ohio's Electors Officially Back Bush, Group Sues - Cleveland Plain Dealer
Protest Launched Against Sinclair - Los Angeles Times
Airlines Seeking Tax Relief May Face Chilly Welcome - USA Today
Rehnquist Won't Vote in Every Case Heard This Term - Washington Post
Democrats Say They'll Assume Watchdog Role - New York Times
Puerto Rican Candidates Take Case to Boston - Orlando Sentinel
White House to Push 'Clear Skies' Legislation - Washington Post

Monday, December 13, 2004

Search Resumes for New Homeland Security Chief - USA Today
Strain Is Seen in Giuliani Ties With President - New York Times
GOP May Target Use of Filibuster - Washington Post
Ohio Presidential Vote Recount Set to Begin - Cleveland Plain Dealer
Hillary Goes Conservative on Immigration - Washington Times
Hastert to Seek Funds For Cut Road Projects - Washington Post
Goss Mum About CIA Turmoil, Direction of Agency - USA Today
NASA Chief Is Resigning After 3 Years, Officials Say - New York Times

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Campaign for DNC Chief Begins - Washington Post
Nominee's Quick Exit Not a First for Bush - New York Times
Doctors Pronounce Bush Fit, a Bit Heavier - Washington Post
Immigration Debate Likely to Turn on Driver's Licenses - Los Angeles Times
Test Finds Inaccuracies in Help Line for Medicare - New York Times
For Some, Presidential Race Remains Far From Over - Los Angeles Times

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Homeland Security Nominee Kerik Pulls Out - Washington Post
Rehnquist to Swear in Bush - New York Times
New Spy Satellite Debated On Hill - Washington Post
Justices to Hear Case of Mexican on Death Row - New York Times
Economic Summit to Focus on Bush's Priorities - Los Angeles Times
DNC Chief Advises Learning From GOP - Washington Post
Rossi Keeps Slim Lead as Recount Crawls On - Seattle Times

Friday, December 10, 2004

A Domestic Policy in Sharp Focus - Washington Post
Bush Names New Energy Chief to His Second-Term Cabinet - New York Times
Bush Chooses Nicholson for Veterans Affairs - Washington Post
Debate on Secret Program Bursts Into Open - New York Times
Bush Rejects Tax Hike for Social Security - USA Today
President Reaches Out to Willing Democrats - Washington Times
Intelligence Bill Includes Disputed Anti-Terror Moves - Washington Post
New Votes Emerge in WA Governor Recount - Seattle Times

Thursday, December 9, 2004

Intelligence Bill Clears Congress, Bush Expected to Sign Next Week - Washington Post
Candidates Abound for New Intelligence Czar - Washington Times
House Speaker Draws Fire for Hardball Move - Chicago Tribune
Bush Completes Cabinet as 4 Members Agree to Remain - New York Times
Treasury Secretary Is Asked to Stay, Bush Considered Others - Washington Post
Debate Over Direction, Focus as Democrats Meet - Philadelphia Inquirer
Don't Lurch Right, Dean Urges Party - Washington Post
Congressman Wants 'Raw' Exit Poll Data - USA Today

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Senate to Vote on Intelligence Bill Today - New York Times
Border Security Up Next, Bush Says - Washington Times
Interior Department's No. 2 Resigns After Controversial Tenure - Washington Post
Bush Offers Sober Assessment of War in Iraq - San Francisco Chronicle
Schwarzenegger Lends Women His Muscle - Washington Post
Activists Hold Forum Spotlighting Voting Issues in Election - Los Angeles Times
Rejected Ballots Take Center Stage in WA Governor Race - Seattle Times

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Deal in Place to Overhaul Intelligence - Boston Globe
House Republicans Call for Annan to Step Down - Washington Times
Reid Comments Anger Liberals And Thomas Supporters - Washington Post
Bush Replaces Head of Panel on Civil Rights - New York Times
Tax-Return Provision in Spending Bill Dropped - Washington Post
U.S. Settles on Regions for Dispensing Medicare Drug Benefits - New York Times
Social Security Tops Bush Domestic Plan - Washington Times
As Questions Keep Coming, Ohio Certifies Its Vote Count - New York Times
DNC to Investigate Ohio Voting Irregularities - Washington Post

December 6, 2004
How to Sell a Candidate to a Porsche-Driving, Leno-Loving Nascar Fan - New York Times
Iraqi President Pushes for January Elections, Will Meet with Bush - Washington Times
Treasury Secretary Is Likely to Leave Soon - New York Times
A Foreign-born President? Some Say It's Time - Philadelphia Inquirer
OH: Ohio Weighs Electronic, Punch Voting - Cleveland Plain Dealer
DeLay's Push Helps Deliver NASA Funds - Washington Post
With Recess Imminent, Intelligence Bill Remains Tied Up - New York Times
Reid: Democrats Will Fight on Key Issues - Washington Post
IL: Obama Shows Media He's a Stand-up Guy - Chicago Tribune
LA-3: Congressman's Son Trails in Close Race - New York Times
McCain Calls for Tougher Testing Policy - New York Times
The Successor to Greenspan Has a Very Tough Act to Follow - New York Times

December 5, 2004
Reaching Out, Bush Hews to Stance - Boston Globe
Revived Foreign Policy Traveling Abroad - Washington Post
Bush Pushes Bill on Intelligence - Washington Times
Democrats' Dilemma: How to Take Back the Nation - San Francisco Chronicle
Kerry Creates PAC to Back Candidates - Boston Globe
Climate Talks Bring Bush's Policy to Forefront - Washington Post
OH: Conspiracy Theories on Ohio Vote Refuse to Die - Cleveland Plain Dealer
OH: Untangling the Voting Controversies - Cleveland Plain Dealer
Intel Bill Foe Holds Out - Washington Post
Incoming Democratic Leader Eases Into Higher Profile - New York Times
Minnesotan Named to Lead New Senate Dem 'War Room' - Minneapolis Star Tribune
LA: GOP, Democrats Trade House Seats in La. Runoffs - New Orleans Times-Picayune

WA: Top Vote-getter? We May Never Truly Know - Seattle Times
Players Union Moves Steroids Up on Its Agenda - New York Times

December 4, 2004
Rumsfeld To Remain At Pentagon, Thompson Quits at HHS - Washington Post
Big Changes Seen in Choice for Homeland Security - New York Times
Bush Picks for Cabinet have Shared Trait: Grit - Chicago Tribune
Bush Goes to Canada and Speaks His Mind - USA Today
OH: Narrower Bush Win Seen in Ohio - Washington Post
Lame Ducks Not All in a Row on Intelligence Czar - Los Angeles Times
New Legislators Told of Sand Traps on Hill - Washington Post
Mission to Mandate Teaching of Constitution Inserted Into Bill - Los Angeles Times
LA: Louisianians to Vote on Last 2 House Seats - New York Times

Governors Seek Easing of Endangered Species Act - Los Angeles Times
MA: Key Fund-raisers Back Reilly Bid - Boston Globe
WA: Statewide Recount Next Week, Dems Sue Over Rejected Ballots - Seattle Times
2 Stem Cell Options Presented - Washington Post

December 3, 2004
Bush Nominates Kerik for Homeland Security - Washington Post
A Street Cop's Rise - New York Times
Bush Seeks 'Full Disclosure' at U.N. - Washington Times
Bush Dismisses Talk of Delaying Iraq Vote - Washington Post
From Bush Aide, Warning on Social Security - New York Times
Theoretically, Tax Reform Should Fly - Washington Post
Fundraising Records Broken by Both Major Political Parties - Washington Post
OH: Final Count in Ohio Gives Kerry 18,000 More Votes - Cleveland Plain Dealer
General Says He No Longer Objects to Bill on Spy Post - New York Times
Aide Takes Blame for Tax Return Provision - Washington Post
Republicans Warn of Party Split Over Immigration - Washington Times

Democratic Governors Take Lead - Washington Post
CA: Should the Constitution be Amended for Arnold? - USA Today

WA: Gregoire Wants Full Recount, or None - Seattle Times
Danforth Steps Down from U.N. Position - USA Today
Lesbian Minister Defrocked - Philadelphia Inquirer
What Bonds, and Others, Told BALCO Grand Jury - San Francisco Chronicle

December 2, 2004
Bush Nominates Johanns for Agriculture Secretary - Washington Post
Hearing Wrestles with Boundaries of War on Terror - USA Today
President Outlines Foreign Policy - Washington Post
Energy Still Challenge for Bush - Dallas Morning News
Social Security Reform Mulled - Washington Times
Bush's Plan to Halve Federal Deficit Seen as Unlikely - Boston Globe
Hillary Presidency Still Far Off - Washington Times
OH: Groups Still Fighting Ohio Election Results - Philadelphia Inquirer
Gonzales to Steer Clear of C.I.A. Leak Inquiry - New York Times
Tenet Criticizes Intelligence Bill - Washington Post
Changing Senate Looks Better to Abortion Foes - New York Times
LA: Cheney Lends Hand in Louisiana Races - Washington Times

CA: Governor Considers a Special Election - Los Angeles Times

Tom Brokaw Signs Off Humbly, with Gratitude - USA Today
Democrat's Report Calls Abstinence Plans 'Misleading' - Washington Times

December 1, 2004
U.N. Panel Rejects Bush Stance on Military Action - Washington Post
Bush Thanks Canadians for Post-9/11 Aid - USA Today
Bush Defends Foreign Policy in Canada Trip - Washington Times
Backers Urge Swift Action on Intelligence Bill - Chicago Tribune
Bush Vows Action on Intelligence Bill - Washington Post
Bush Faces Quandary in Ukraine - San Francisco Chronicle
Plenty of Good Job Options Await Ridge After Cabinet - Philadelphia Inquirer
Voting Errors Tallied Nationwide - Boston Globe
OH: Kerry Team Seeks to Join Fight to Get Ohio County to Recount - Washington Post
Intelligence Bill Slipping Away, but Foe Won't Budge - Los Angeles Times
NJ: Corzine to Seek Governorship - Washington Post
VA: Warner Urges End To Limit Of 1 Term - Washington Post
WA: Rossi Named Governor-elect; Funds Flowing for New Count - Seattle Times

Pentagon, Analysts Hit Anti-U.S. Bias at Red Cross - Washington Times
Support of Gays Pushed in Schools - Washington Times