Thursday September 8 2005
Perhaps I'm being oversensitive, but is anyone else struck by the fact that the design for the memorial unveiled yesterday in Pennsylvania to commemorate the crash of UAL Flight 93 on 9/11 bears a striking resemblance to one of the major symbols of Islam? Take a look:

The red crescent moon is the symbol of the The Red Crescent Society, the arm of the International Federation of The Red Cross dedicated to serving Islamic countries and the crescent moon with a star is the internationally-recognized symbol of the faith of Islam. It is featured prominently in some variation on the flags of most Islamic states:

Is this really the sort of symbol we want commemorating the crash of UAL Flight 93?

UPDATE: I've been called an "ethical monster" for making this observation because a couple of family members from victims of Flight 93 were involved in the selection process. After all, if the victims' families like it, who are we to question them? Far from trying to disrespect the families or the process, however, I guess the question I have is whether the subject of sybolism ever came up with regard to the crescent. Maybe it did and no one had a problem. Fine. Then again, maybe it didn't. And if it is something that escaped observation, should it be discussed now?

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