Sunday, September 12, 2004
David Broder attacks the Bush administration's policies in the Middle East and suggests John Kerry isn't much better in his Washington Post column today. He points to Michael Kraig of the Muscatine, Iowa-based Stanley Foundation as a person to look to for a better perspective. But I have to question the wisdom of this man's perspective when later on in the article he says:

In this context," Kraig wrote, "a serious question was raised: Why is so much international and global pressure exerted on Iran . . . while Israel, with its own alleged WMD arsenal, is forgotten?"

Maybe because Israel is a democracy. Maybe because Israel doesn't support and fund terrorism. Maybe because Israel didn't kidnap 54 Americans and hold them for 444 days. Maybe because Israel isn't run by theocratic fascists who just might be willing to nuke a city or two while chanting "Allah is Great."

I don't know how much "perspective" on Middle East policy I would want to get from a guy or group that doesn't understand why the world is concerned about the mullahs in Iran acquiring nuclear weapons and not Israel who has had nukes for over 30 years. J. McIntyre 1:41 pm Link | Email | Send to a Friend


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