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Away From Liberalism: Ahmari's 'The Unbroken Thread'

With The Unbroken Thread, New York Post op-ed editor Sohrab Ahmari has given us a beautifully written book that makes classical and Christian thought intelligible, relevant, and attractive to contemporary readers. He begins the book with a nightmarish vision of his now-young son returning home as an adult to visit Ahmari and his wife. In the nightmare, his son has been formed by the culture of America’s managerial elite. The ambient cultural mores are not obviously hedonistic or destructive. His son is successful by most contemporary cultural measures. At the same time, his life’s ambitions and the modes of his thought are completely contained by the horizons of philosophic and political liberalism. He is suspicious of any way of thinking that might impinge on his autonomy and finds it difficult to make commitments.

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