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House Dems Promised No 'Partisan Pitchforks.' They Lied.

House Dems Promised No 'Partisan Pitchforks.' They Lied.

“This has never been about impeachment,” Democrat Cindy Axne declared the day after the people of Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District elected her. 

It was about “health care, schools, money in people’s pockets, better-paying jobs, helping our agriculture sector, those types of things," Axne assured us. 

This refrain was repeated throughout the country in swing districts last year. 

“It would be inappropriate to use the ‘I’ word,” said Angie Craig, then running for Minnesota 2nd District. Elissa Slotkin, in Michigan’s 8th, described herself as a “Midwestern Democrat.” Impeachment wasn’t the focus, we were told. It was the economy and the middle class. 

“I believe in order to actually get things done, we do need to buckle down and often reach across the aisle,” Slotkin said

Xochitl Torres Small ran gun-toting ads in New Mexico’s 2nd District. “New Mexicans don't care which party gets the credit or the blame," she said. "We just want someone to deliver." 

Max Rose, the Democrat candidate for New York’s 11th District, “stuck to nonpartisan issues” like infrastructure and fighting opioid addiction. 

“I’m not going to D.C. with a partisan pitchfork in my hand,” Rose (pictured) promised. “I think back to some of the things Donald Trump ran on. … He ran on draining the swamp, he ran on infrastructure. … That’s a Democratic agenda. And I’m ready to work with him on those things.” 

And Andy Kim, during his debate against incumbent Rep. Tom MacArthur in New Jersey’s 3rd District, emphasized getting things done in Washington. 

“What my campaign has been about from day one is working for a government that’s going have solutions,” Kim said

MacArthur’s counter to sending Democrats like Kim to Washington was simple: “We don’t need a House that’s obsessed with impeachment.” 

One of them was right. 

All of these Democrats, and dozens more, promised to work for us. Instead they turned their backs on their constituents and enlisted in the impeachment crusade led by Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

Nancy Pelosi’s House has just eight more days left in session this calendar year. And how are they choosing to spend it? Not on infrastructure. Not on health care. And not on bipartisan deals like the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement that would create 176,000 new jobs. 

Instead of picking up the USMCA off Pelosi’s desk and bringing it to the House floor, Democrats picked up their “partisan pitchforks.” Instead of pivoting from jobs to health care, they pivoted from a Russia collusion hoax to one about Ukrainian aid. 

We elected President Trump because we were sick and tired of the empty promises like those Democrats made in 2018. They promised bipartisanship. They promised “solutions.” They promised to “get things done.” 

While Democrats work tirelessly on endless impeachment in search of a crime, President Trump is delivering. 

In the 10 weeks since the Democrats’ partisan inquisition began, the Trump administration broke ground on new border wall in the Rio Grande Valley, the busiest sector in the nation, and border apprehensions dropped in October for the first time in seven years. But that’s not all. The administration finalized a new transparency rule to lower hospital and insurance costs; negotiated a cease-fire in Syria; secured a major trade concession with China on intellectual property; flipped the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals with Republican-appointed judges; saw African American unemployment hit another record low; collected 882,919 pounds of unused prescription drugs to fight opioid addiction; and saw the stock market hit multiple new highs. 

Oh, and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead. 

What did the Democrats accomplish? We’ll wait. 

All House Democrats can take credit for is joining the impeachment mob that has been out to get this president since day one. We didn’t need a House obsessed with impeachment last November. We don’t need one now. 

Rep. Torres Small was right. “We just want someone to deliver.” We haven’t gotten that from House Democrats. We’re getting that from President Trump. 

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