Ruth Marcus & the Morality of the Ruling Class

Ruth Marcus, the Washington Post’s deputy editorial page editor who last week loudly defended eugenics against the disabled, often joins the chorus of ruling-class liberals disturbed by Trump’s salty talk. As NBC’s Chuck Todd recently put it, “When he uses vulgarity to talk about individuals, what are [parents] supposed to tell their kids?” Todd had been stung by Trump’s description of him as a “sleeping son of a bitch.” No doubt Marcus nodded approvingly as Todd asked that question of Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. But Todd’s question sounds a bit anachronistic in the rancid culture establishment liberals have spent decades normalizing. How can Trump corrupt their children any more than they have? The mythical little Johnny presumed in Todd’s question is probably too busy sexting his friends or smoking pot to care about Trump’s foul language, which pales in comparison to the obscene movies his parents send him off to see.

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