Breitbart Confronts a Post-Bannon Landscape

Breitbart Confronts a Post-Bannon Landscape
AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

The Breitbart Embassy is closed.

If anything symbolized the end of an era for the scrappy, youthful crew of Breitbart News, it was the loss of Steve Bannon’s grand Capitol Hill town house. Once the de facto headquarters of Breitbart’s legendary ragers, it had more recently become the decorous nerve center for Bannon’s attempt to do the D.C. power-player thing—fete Washingtonians with Dean & DeLuca canapesand hold them captive with his megalomania. But when Bannon stepped down from Breitbart earlier this week after he seemed unable to outrun the comments he had made about Donald Trump Jr., among other things, in Michael Wolff’s book, he took its D.C. office in the divorce.

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