Dems Begin to Realize Obama Decimated Their Party

Democrats are coming to grips with President Obama's failure as a party leader. The Democratic Party has lost majorities in the House and Senate and been obliterated by the Republicans at the state and local level since Obama assumed office in 2009. Democrats vying for leadership of the party are conceding Obama's role in this outcome, albeit gingerly, and are making fixing it a central plank in their sales pitch to insiders and the grassroots. Clearly, whatever the leadership of the Democratic Party has been doing over the last many years has failed, and we need fundamental change, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., said this week in a speech to progressive activists. Sanders spoke on behalf of Keith Ellison, his choice to serve as the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee. The Minnesota congressman's main competition is Labor Secretary Tom Perez, who joined the campaign on Thursday.

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