Did the Real GOP Nominee Just Stand Up?

By Robert Tracinski, The Federalist - September 21, 2015

Last week, I highlighted a number of things to look for in the second Republican debate. The only really important one was: will the real nominee please stand up?

My premise is that the three people at the top of the polls right now have never been elected to or served in public office, and that makes them highly unlikely to be the eventual nominee. Outsiders are appealing, but they never get the nomination, and probably for good reason. Not only do they have no experience running campaigns and winning elections, they also have no direct track record we can look to if we want to guess how they will really vote and make decisions under the pressures of public office. This early, a few months into the primary race, we don’t even know whether they have the discipline and commitment to see a campaign out to the end, or whether they will decide the actual lifestyle of a politician isn’t worth living.

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